UTB August 2008…the second issue after the makeover.

The latest issue of UTB has somewhat taken a small leap back to some of this idol publication's roots and considering the recent makeover that UTB has undergone the result is somewhat of a mix between old and new making for a promising "new" format. The previous issue which was the first since the new look was presented had me a bit worried about where this magazine was heading in terms of content. UTB has always been a most informative publication and to along with all of the wonderful photography of your favorite idols there were always the other little features which covered every thing from J-Pop new releases, general idol news, new dramas featuring idols, games, idol "chain" letters, new face features, etc…but the previous issue which showcased a new design for the magazine didn't have any such features and while the sheer number of idols presented was an amazing collection to see, I really did prefer the other misc. articles that UTB used to feature regularly and would miss them dearly if they indeed had gone away for good. But the great news here is that UTB is back to some of its roots and while that may not mean the return of one of my favorite features: "Let's Invade (insert idol's name here) Room"…because admit it!…you also want to know what's in your favorite idol's rooms and just how every thing is set up so that you can make your room look similar! :P…a few new features have been added along with some older favorites! Still with a slight price reduction on the publication I really couldn't hope for the return of trading cards, clear files, fold out posters, or the very much missed DVD features, however the well presented sleek design and glossy appearance happily remains intact. UTB has always had great looking covers too which really adds to the collectible aspect of this publication and while it's been quite awhile since any H!P girl has graced its cover (at one point in the past H!P ruled the covers of UTB with an iron fist…appearing on nearly every single issue in a row for a very long stretch!) the new cutting edge design is as impressive and beautiful as ever! And since Wani Books publishes UTB and a large number of H!P shashinshuus the girls of H!P are regularly featured in its pages which always makes for a great issue and something to look forward to every other month (interestingly UTB used to be published every month instead of bi-monthly).

Manoeri makes her adorable debut in UTB this month and I can't wait to receive my "Manopiano" single which is somewhere over the sea headed this way as I type this!

Simply stated, idols just don't get any more cute than this!!! Manoeri really is the complete package of personality, looks, and extreme charisma! She's just so beautiful in this photo shoot!

And above is my favorite Manoeri photo from this article…now say it along with me…"♥kawaii!♥"

The transformation of Manoeri from Ongaku Gatas to this point is nothing short of perfection in idol grooming and development…and of course there was never any doubt!


The Berryz Koubou vs. C-ute concerts also have a feature article in this month's UTB…only about a couple of weeks until both DVD versions are released!

The live event for Buono!'s latest single "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" is covered in a two page article here….can Buono! do any wrong?…I don't think so! ^-^ J-Pop utopia!

3 perfect members + great "true" J-Pop songwriting = Buono!

Milky way also has a two page article this month and the Eggs are really on a roll here as every "new" Egg presented in a group recently has been impressive beyond any expectations or words. Word is that Amp Energy drink, Monster, and Red Bull are currently in a bidding war over whom gets to sponsor Kohachan's lively and always adorable personality! 😛 I actually don't believe that she needs any energy drinks….^-^

I thought this was an interesting analysis of the connection of idol singers through the recent decades and the evolution of it all which is covered in the accompanying article. I got a kick out of seeing Moritaka Chisato's direct connection to H!P in this chart.

I admit to keeping some distance from "The Possible" but only for the sole reason that I'm just now sure if I can handle falling for another idol group right now…there's just so many I already collect and listen to! 😛 But through UTB I at least know what their names are now!

I have to admit though that Canaria Club pulled me in before I knew what was happening….and I now own a mini album, 2 singles, and a pv DVD single of theirs which was all that I could find commercially available when I checked. 😛

And being that Wani Books will be publishing Kohachan's upcoming shashinshuu which will be out on July 25th, here's an advertisement which can also be found in this issue. The shashinshuu merry-go-round never ends! :O

And what can I say about Airiin!! It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was looking at her first pb and it seemed perhaps too early for such a release…but now I think these off shots from her latest pb tell quite a different story in terms of her maturity looks wise. I mean doesn't she look so much more mature and in her own element here?

Wait…I think her new shashinshuu just arrived along with a few other friends. (goes to check…)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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29 Responses to UTB August 2008…the second issue after the makeover.

  1. Rad♂ says:

    The photo work in these magazines is spectacular. If I was more up to speed with my Kanji I would try and subscribe, because I need to know what the text says. As for Manoeri, her intro as a soloist has been masterfully executed so far and this layout certainly will not hurt. Would love to know where you get these mags!


  2. Mikey says:



  3. arigatou~!!i love all pictures!*—*KAWAII~~!! <33


  4. UTB really does do a great job with their photography…there's so much more in these issues and I wish you could flip through an issue to see the whole layout….really a great idol magazine! She is so well groomed for her solo debut and she's just so pretty it's breathtaking! I'm able to subscribe here in Hawaii at a Japanese specialty store called Hakubundo: http://www.hakubundo.com/Information.html and before that there was another bookstore called Bunbundo but sadly they closed. Recently Zush began subscribing from Cdjapan as they recently started up book and magazine sales at their website. Perhaps you may want to look into it? The issues are gorgeous!…you won't be disappointed!


  5. Haha no you're not going blind! ^-^ I've added a new sleepy time photo and I change it to this whenever I'm asleep or offline….just a funny idea I've had for awhile. 😛


  6. Ah you can never have enough cute…yes?! ^-^ I'm going into cute overload! :P…I'm happy that you liked these! 🙂


  7. Mikey says:

    Brilliant idea!! 🙂 Like a sleepy time teddy bear? Seems like you never sleep then! hehe I will be looking now! @@Hugs


  8. HarimaKenji says:

    lol, so that's what you're doing! Every time I visit here I see the sleeping image. Which is kind of obvious since it should be about 2AM in Hawaii right now… 6h difference. I can probably get the other photo if I visit at night, but I usually do it in the morning."Let's Invade (insert idol's name here) Room" looks fun! There were some great videos I saw on YouTube some weeks ago, classic stuff (nakazawa is still there), with two crazy comedians waking up the members… and it had subtitles… I'm sure I put it in my favorites, but it's gone now T_T must've been deleted. *10 min later* o_o I found out the name of the show was "hen na ojisan" and now I found the two best videos again… Aibon and Nacchi. I'll download both of them right away, I'm not losing them twice…


  9. Andra says:

    I'm almost quite sure you'll love Manoeri's single… I do! And if she really plays the piano herself on that release, I'm mostly impressed with her. I'm not the biggest fan of her vocals but I love the song and the piano parts. I was never a big fan of hets before but now after hearing her single I certainly am.The photo that is your favourite is my favourite too! ^^ I suddenly seeing how cute she is.BTW, thanks for those links HarimaKenji 🙂


  10. Unfortunately sleep has been at a minimum lately…last night only 3 1/2 hours and I had to work extra long today. 😛 It's not even 6 pm and I want to go to sleep already!


  11. I remember seeing those wake up clips a long time ago but I can't remember if I had them on disc….even if I do I probably can't find them! 😛 Those are so great!! Aibon was so calm and I found that so amusing given the strange situation but Nacchi was the best! I love how she kept giving him the "urusai" treatment before she actually woke up. ^-^ "Indirect kiss"… :O They did something similar with gen 6 too but it wasn't with the comedy duo but with Mikitty and another member I think…Reinachan was the funniest and she really wasn't happy about being bothered so early but Kamei was very very Kamei! 😛 And messy! Arashi has one too where I think it starts with Matsujun and they go to each members' room until they finally reach Riida's and they really give him the business! It really was a cute feature being able to see exactly how your favorite idol's rooms were set up through actual photos and diagrams. Always plushies, little tvs, and more plushies present! ^-^Haha it's going to look like I'm sleeping all the time like a cat although it's supposed to mean offline/sleeping…and in contrary I hardly get any sleep now days which isn't very good. 😛


  12. Ah no fair you got to hear it already?! I hope my copy arrives soon!! I'm hearing that she perhaps does play on the recording but I'm really not sure…she does play the piano, maybe then it's true! She and Jun Jun can go mano a mano on the piano!…that could be a whole new DVD magazine I imagine. Great to hear that her single has grabbed you! ^-^ Manoeri had me after just her cute sighs in Ongaku Gatas! 😛 Manoeri is so photogenic…adore that photo so much! Haha I cracked up at those clips…especially Nacchi's reactions and the fact that she and the guy drank from the same bottle! :O


  13. CK says:

    I really need to find a bookstore closer than Japantown that carries that (I know, I'm dreaming). I would love to subscribe to UTB! Oh well, I'll be at my dentist in Japantown next week. Maybe they'll still have it!


  14. Mikey says:

    Wow girl! That's not good! Get some rest ASAP! Mikey's orders!! :)Hugs! ❤


  15. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh, I remember that, if it's the one I'm thinking about! I think it was Mikitty and Gakisan, in a H!M. I remember Kamei was already awake when they got there, and she ran away from the camera when they got in… and then later she put on some glasses, and I must have a picture of that lost here somewhere… so cute ❤


  16. Andra says:

    Well of course I did… It's the internet you know. 😛 And now I REALLY feel like buying it.Nacchi was so hilarious! But I can only imagine how scared I would be if I only was woken up like that one day. It was so so funny that Aibon didn't really question what was going on. I wonder if she was already familiar with him at the time – that's the same guy who's in Ai~n Taisou, right? But that was a little later or was it.


  17. I hope that they have UTB in stock for you! The bookstore that I currently subscribe from doesn't normally stock this magazine so going with a subscription really is the only choice but awhile back we used to have another Japanese bookstore named Bunbundo which would stock numerous great idol and J-Pop publications regularly so I could just go shopping there and find the latest issue usually just sitting there on the shelf! But I remember twice back then I went there and UTB was sold out! :O That was the very day that I began subscribing just to make sure that I didn't miss a single issue and I haven't since. ^-^ The dentist! Ouch! 😛 Actually it's not bad for me as I have no cavities, crowns, or caps of any sort…every thing's intact so far happily! ^-^ They kind of marvel at that….lol! and ask me "why don't you have any cavities?" 😛


  18. LOL! going to sleep late again tonight. 😛 But I did have a really good nap today after work! 🙂


  19. Yes! that's the episode!! Ah it was Gakisan with Mikitty…very mischievous of them but really funny! Kamei was going through her shorter hairstyle phase too back then and I just remember her room being a funny mess! :O The glasses on her were cute too! And I remember them putting something on Reina's face to bother her…..and she really had a reaction! 🙂


  20. Mikey says:

    That's good! 🙂 Take care of yourself sweetie! ❤


  21. I actually have no idea where to find things like that but I really don't mind waiting as it keeps the excitement and intrigue there when the release arrives. Still everyone else is hearing and watching everything so much sooner! 😛 I feel like I'm last! I think she did recognize him but still you're right as she was really really calm for a room invasion at that early time! And she even had a sense of humor to share with them in the situation! They must've smelt of alcohol + old people smell as they called it! 😛 Nacchi sleeps like a rock doesn't she! 🙂


  22. Andra says:

    But I bet although you're the last you have the most fun with it! ^^ It's not the same to just listen through Internet.. or actually hear it for the first time from the CD!


  23. Ah that's so true so true! I'm happy that you feel that way too!….having the actual releases really makes the listening/watching experience much more special. ^-^ Haha I'll still be last though! 😛


  24. paul.thomas says:

    I'm really loving the new look of the mag, it gives it a whole new and different fell…lol, I'm guessing that was probably their aim. The cover of this issue is amazing and I can't wait for a H!P member to appear on it, with the current look whoever appears on it is just going to look mind blowing good!Is it me or is this a lot more music orientated now? Looking back at previous issues it's been very much idol book and dvd releases, whilst the first half of the magazine still has the same amazing photos but promoting single and album releases, on the plus side at least that means a ton of H!P!How cute does Manoeri look in them red boots!


  25. I'm so glad that it's taken on the various special features once again as the previous issue had me a bit worried about the content that they would include….lots of idols is great but I really love the other types of articles too. 🙂 Ah really a H!P member is due for a cover don't you think! It's been quite awhile now and I can remember when H!P used to dominate UTB covers so I guess that's probably a large part of the reason for not featuring them right now….give other idols a chance….but I think it's time again for at least one H!P member cover. The new cover style is amazing and I can't wait…let's both wish for that! That's a really great observation….got me thinking and you're right there really are more music related features now and they're being involved in the color pictorials too. Awhile back when UTB used to feature J-Pop new releases those articles were in the black and white section most of the time. So true! so true!…with music at the forefront there will definitely be lots and lots of H!P in every issue….plus all of their Wani published shashinshuus to go along with those! ^-^ Love all of Manoeri's photos in this issue!! She has really been groomed into a full fledged idol so quickly!…and after just a few cute sighs there really was no doubt!


  26. paul.thomas says:

    A H!P member does really need to be on the cover sometime soon, especially with the new covers looking amazing, put a H!P girls on there and it'll be the best cover ever! But I guess that's a really valid point, the girls did have an amazingly good run on the covers, so it's only fair that some of the other idols get their chance.I wonder if it will stay more musically orientated? If it does it really does have the possibility of having an issue where almost every page could be H!P related, with the constant supply of singles, DVDs and PB's coming out. Although I must admit to be missing the DVD I'm really impressed with the new style and layout of the magazine.


  27. For awhile I may have even been taking it for granted that H!P was always on those covers back then month after month. But it's been so long now it seems since any of them have made an appearance on a cover and with so many shashinshuus being released for H!P by Wani Books I imagine that at some point they'll have to feature someone from H!P on a cover. I was so happy to see some of the past types of content making a return with this latest issue…..just love all of those little various articles and features! I'd love for them to include trading cards again but the DVD really is missed here. With the lower price though, I guess it'd be difficult for them to include any more extras at this point but I'd happily pay the older higher price for the extras for sure! ^-^


  28. egshsehseh says:

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