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Gotou Maki signed by music giant Avex! ^-^

GocchinjoinsAvex.jpg One can never be too sure of how a rumor no matter how credible will play out and happily in the case of former Hello! Project soloist Gocchin, the rumors of her signing with Avex have indeed surfaced to … Continue reading

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Berikyuu! Idol The Final Six “Idol heads back to the stage.”

Berryz Koubou & C-ute concert DVDs Sorry about the delay but my intention was to have the "Final Two" showdown occur nearer to the release date of the Berryz Koubou and C-ute battle concert DVDs which would make the wait … Continue reading

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♥Kamei♥, Hello! Project’s cutest!…sorry I cannot debate this! :P

scan0045.jpg ("Eri de") "By Eri…" I've finally obtained this photo! (above) Just one my Kamei "Holy Grail" UFA photos! 😛 Kamei Eri "Metal" (fan edited clip from Hello! Morning) First thing hit play…it's a short but extremely cute clip! ^-^ … Continue reading

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“They’re Taking the Hobbits to Eisengard”…why is this still funny?! :P

"They’re taking the Hobbits to Eisengard" zdorama first sent me this clip and I had it saved on my old pc…now lost…but here it is on YouTube! It still can brighten up my day…just really wacky in the best of … Continue reading

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Morning Musume’s Event V “Resonant Blue” delivers a stylish cover & a “One Cut Dance Version.”

Momusu Event V "Resonant Blue" DVD Hey it's Momusu's new singles' cover!!…sorry just kidding, but wouldn't it be so great if their next single had a cover this amazing?!! There's sort of an irony in that the best looking "Resonant … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Dale Jr. on his first (points race) win for Hendrick Motorsports!!!

A gift from my brother! My first Dale Jr. Amp/Mt. Dew diecast. It took a few more races than what I had anticipated and today's race had such a nail biting conclusion to it with the fuel mileage gamble that … Continue reading

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Natsukawa Rimi…sent to me from my brother whose now listening to Japanese music?! :O

Natsukawa Rimi Sometimes you gain interest in an artist from the most unlikely of sources…this one being from my brother! :O….and by that I mean, he has never and I mean never ever shown any interest in Japanese music whatsoever … Continue reading

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Takahashi Ai shashinshuu complete collection Hello! Project's shashinshuu princess continues her string of pb releases with her latest titled "mou hitotsu no ai" and when going through her entire collection it's really an illustrated evolution of an idol whom has … Continue reading

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Cdjapan order Some really great releases arrived today!…and I know exactly how I will be spending at least part of the weekend now! Cdjapan delivered six releases including Tackey & Tsubasa's new single "Koi uta" and me being the silly … Continue reading

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Engrish gone bad…

These are so amusing!….sent from my father, some are really bad though! :O Language editor needed! 😛 image0088.jpg Haha is that what they call them overseas?! :O I hope they're as nice inside as the sign promises!  image0066.jpg Okay I … Continue reading

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