It’s Aloha Friday! Hello! Project Style!…(hmm just how well does your favorite H!P girl flirt?!)

Ahhhhh it's Friday at last and that means "Aloha Friday!" in Hawaii. I just wanted to share a cute H!P gem from back in the Summer of 2002….Hello! Project was going full steam ahead!…and with their members frequenting Hawaii as a favorite even back then, a Hawaiian inspired album, single and pv DVD single were all released where a special medley of their hits was composed in this style and eleven additional tracks also received the treatment as well!

Before we reach the joyous part with the pv here's my most favorite track from the album to give you an idea of what to expect from the CD releases:

Here hit play…"Manatsu no kousen" rearranged into a Hawaiian style is such a sweet sounding version of this all time great Momusu single and here it's being performed by Coconuts Musume, Mikitty, and Ishii Rika (not to be confused with "Charmy" Rikachan).

I really love the cover art for this album so much and the walls of the Hello! Project Information Village that used to be here in Waikiki had numerous framed images of H!P members in this same art style hung on them. They also sold individual member greeting cards with these Hawaiian designs and I purchased a Rikachan one pictured below…

At times I wish that I had purchased more of them and seeing that I chose Rikachan's card set back in 2002 really shows a sign of the times of my personal Momusu fandom.

Boo Takagi lends his Hawaiian style and ukulele to a great assortment of Momusu songs from the golden era and the girls take it from there! The pv is a wonderfully flirtatious piece with a wholehearted feeling of fun throughout! Every member featured in this medley release lends their own personal brand of cute and charm….so much to note of this but I truly think that the pv itself speaks louder than any words could. ^-^ I hope you enjoy this Friday trip down memory lane Hawaiian style as the pv is next and later in this post I've also uploaded the "Omake…" segment which is must see streaming video! Have a great weekend everyone!…and I'll have the Berikyuu! Idol week 3 results up soon too! ^-^

Gotta love the blue screen drive down Waikiki in an open convertible!! 

Morning Musume Single Medley~Hawaiian~ pv


It all starts with an innocent shaka sign…

…but it's not long before the open flirting begins! Konkon have you no shame?! Just kidding! 😛 So cute! And look how young everyone is! ^-^

Gakisan's old hairstyle which at one point I was beginning to think was a permanent look!

Nono jams the air guitar long before there was Guitar Hero to satiate those strong desires! 😛

Aichan's got the best pout!!!!……….

…and when tugging at Boo's shirt doesn't work….there it is! ♥

Ah Ayaka!…things were so much happier back then when Coconuts Musume actually kind of existed…and I always found it odd that she could be listed as the only member of a "group." o__O

Awwwww…what's wrong with Boo?! :O

Kaorin shows that she's very much the expert when it comes to the "fluttering eye" flirting style!

Meanwhile Mika's trying to teach Boo the hula but he won't have any of that! 😛

If only Boo had taught young Aibon about the dangers of smoking! I keed! 😛

K's also got her flirt on full throttle!

For much of the ride Gomaki's just happy to be in the car it seems….

Marippe ♥

Nacchi wink! Nice try! Not even the beach scenery is helping matters! 😛

"Boo!!!! Pleaseeeee!!!!! I want shave ice!! 😛 Aichan's so cute here!

Rikachan ♥

Kaorin ♥

Rikachan ♥

Aibon hula!

Aw isn't Yossi soooo cute here!! I'd say the Hawaiian look looks great on her!

Nacchi ♥

It's the other Rika! She disappeared so suddenly! :O


Smile Smile Smile Smile!

I think Boo's falling asleep… :O

"Ne…you promised me a canoe ride…..where is it?!"


Kaorin's really working it here but the sun's almost setting on our doomed couple! 😛

"Literally" flirting all day into the night…he can't be playing the same song all day can he?

Gakisan's just so adorable in this video!! ♥

A young Mikitty in love…♥

Wow they've been driving so long that it's the next day already?! Well with gas prices being much lower then I guess it's possible! 😛 The "Omake…" segment's just ahead…sorry so many screen caps I just couldn't help myself! =)

Nacchi's secretly writing "Boo I want spam musubi!"…or does it say "I ♥ you"…?


Aibon vs. Nono…a heart blowing contest!…♥♥♥


Has Boo finally caved?!

Aichan's expression here says that you must watch the behind the scenes making of footage too. 😛

Morning Musume Single Medley~Hawaiian~ (Omake…)

Just in case you'd love to add this pv DVD to your collection it's still available here at Cdjapan. Aloha!

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6 Responses to It’s Aloha Friday! Hello! Project Style!…(hmm just how well does your favorite H!P girl flirt?!)

  1. Shirow says:

    I thought the video was kinda creepy! ^^Ahh Konkon … I love her so!


  2. Andra says:

    I love how he in the end warms up for Kaorin. 😀 Kaorin was the funniest but Keichan, Aibon and Nono were really funny too… And Rikachan's just always so cute. 🙂


  3. LOL! 'creepy' good or 'creepy' bad?…..or cute and 'creepy'….okay it's probably none of the above! 😛 I thought this pv was soooo cute but with its Hawaii ties maybe I'm a bit biased. ^-^


  4. I haven't watched this video in ages and for some reason on Friday it just came to mind…always a funny and cute viewing and just seeing how young everyone appears in it, especially Gen.5! ^-^


  5. Mikey says:



  6. I just think that this pv is cute and funny with all of them flirting with him in the car and at the beach…well blue screen car scenery and beach! Do you mean that you were able to get the "Manatsu no kousen" mp3 from this VOX site?! If that's so, I had no idea that could be done as I didn't think that the file being uploaded here would be available that way. :O


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