Some Berry ♥ C-ute visual screens!…and a gift from Ohta. ^-^

Sorry I couldn't get a better shot of these as two of the C-ute visual screens that I ordered from Ohta arrived a few days ago.The very bottom where the Hello! Project logo is isn't visible in this photo as I couldn't get a better vantage point as I'm standing right up against the plasma t.v. at one end of my little room. I'm yet to hang these up and they're really large!!!….I'm going to need some help in getting these to drape across the ceiling which is really the only place left to hang up something of such a large size. The material is very similar to what you'd find your favorite anime characters or game icons printed on if you've seen those types of wall tapestries (wall scrolls) that are often sold at gaming stores particularly those that feature Japanese products. We have a couple of stores like that here in Hawaii called Toys n Joys and their inventory is quite amazing as you can find anything from figures, toys, plushies, DVD movies (Japanese, Korean, Chinese), gaming consoles, games, video games (including Japanese import versions), controls, blades, replicas of samurai swords, bows, car models, and of course wall tapestries (wall scrolls) as well as many more types of merchandise. It's really like walking into a candy store if you're interested in anything Japanese or are a video game enthusiast. I found quite a few of my Final Fantasy figures here too.

The material is however slightly more sheer than those typically found on wall tapestries but it's a high quality print which is sure to C-utify any room or in my case…ceiling. When it came to the C-ute designs I decided to pick Maimichan because she's simply my favorite in the group along with Kannachan because I thought she had the best pose out of all of the members in these particular shots used for these wall hangings….well that and I also think that Kannachan is growing ever so adorable! ^-^

And when it comes to BK I had to choose Momo and Riichan of course!

Okay now you can see their feet at least and the bottom of the screens. 😛 As you can see UTB, CD Data, and Bomb! magazine have taken over the bottom of that shelf on the right completely! Ohta was so kind to send me…..

…these UFA photos as a gift! ^-^ His post it tag above reads: "(GIFT) Thank you!" This is the second time that Ohta has sent me photos as a gift…such a kind and thoughtful gesture by him!

This first one is a standard 3 1/2" X 5" UFA photo and look the gang's all here!! The next 7 photos that Ohta gave me are of an unusual size as they measure 3 1/4" X 2 3/8" making them miniature UFA photos and a size that I haven't seen before. Some of these are marked "not for sale" so I'm thinking that they were from a promotional event of some sort. Really cute photos….thank you Ohta so much!!! ^-^

After scanning them and uploading them here they appear to be the same size as the 3 1/2" X 5" photo but the clarity is still pretty good even though they're slightly blown up images. I love these types of candid outdoor shots taken during pv filming…Aichan & Kamei! ♥

Airiin! ♥

Aichan! ♥

Kamei! ♥

Maimichan! ♥

Airiin! ♥

BK! ♥ 

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to Some Berry ♥ C-ute visual screens!…and a gift from Ohta. ^-^

  1. paul.thomas says:

    They are great!! I would have loved to get some of these I'm so jealous! I'd just have no where to put them and with them looking so good it would be a shame to get them and leave them in a cupboard or something.
    Kannachan is looking great and her pose is good too, I have to agree that she's getting better better, Ive really started noticing her more. But then I'm really starting to appreciate all the girls within C-ute lately…I've even been tempted to order Airi's new PB.
    The Berryz visual screens are great, and the perfect choice Momo and Risako too cute for words! I love Momo's pose. Glad to see Kohachan made it into the photo as well 🙂


  2. Craig says:



  3. It's funny the only room I have left is my ceiling! and that's exactly where they're going to be draped across. I'm going to have the strange sensation that someone's looking at me while I sleep…..LOL! Kannachan stop that! :O Kannachan's definitely becoming of of C-ute's cutest but then again I guess everyone in the group's cute so what is it that I'm saying? 😛 I skipped Airiin's last pb but did order this one and it just shipped yesterday along with that DVD she has released…still not sure what's going to be on that release so it's going to be a great big surprise! I can't wait! LOL! After I took the photo I was thinking hey! Kohachan! ^-^


  4. Ah Momotaro I couldn't have expressed it any better!!…wait what did you say? 😛 Just kidding! Uh oh if you catch me using 'lovely-jubbly' in the future it will be you to blame! ^-^ I think a lot of H!P releases can be described as being 'lovely-jubbly'…interesting it's from way back in the 50's.


  5. Shirow says:

    SO COOL!!!I really wish I got a momo scroll, I got my Maimi one the other day … I dunno where I should put it … maybe above my bed?? :)And you are lucky to get free gifts from Ohta! I want free gifts!! Ive spent countless hundreds at his store!!


  6. Yes that way you'll wake up to Maimichan every day and go to sleep with her staring at you through the darkness!!!…….okay that sounds a little creepy c-ute! 😛 But seriously I think if you don't have the wall space or an incredibly high ceiling this would be the perfect spot to drape it across….well the color of my walls are mostly hidden already so now my ceiling will become a mystery too. I was so surprised when he sent these and it sounds like we're helping Ohta to build an extra wing on his home right now! Maybe I could send you a free gift to make up for it. ^-^


  7. Shirow says:

    I'm gonna the screen somewhere …. certain people have suggested I make it into one of those long pillows that otaku hug … I doubt I'll do that although its tempting ;D
    A free gift!? any gift received would be cool …. yet I would retort with a free gift for you! :p


  8. Haha I've never heard of one of those before! 'Otaku hug them'??!! Well the image is getting near to life size so that would be….hmmm?………A very large pillow! 😛 Oh no nothing in return is wanted!…and I have an idea… ^-^


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