High King’s spicy recipe for success…

…start with an r&b flavor….add two leaders, one captain, bring to a boil stirring occasionally….let simmer, add one Yankee (concoction should boil on its own!)…top with one egg and serve while still hot! Was there really any doubt just how well tuned this new H!P unit would prove to be? While an incredible lineup alone isn't a guarantee for greatness…(see our last few Olympic basketball teams! 😛 Sorry USA basketball we'll do better this year! ^-^) the grouping of these five particular members promised a surefire unit…I mean how could they not! With respectable sales reaching 30,037 units for their debut effort I truly hope that High King doesn't fall into the one shot H!P category where a few predecessors of this nature have gone before….Gomattou and Romans come to mind as the makings of a super unit seemed to be the plan with these units as well, however the similarities do end there as High King is such a well polished, sleekly presented, and well presented unit which surpasses those past efforts.

Aside from the appearance of this unit which is filled with smoldering hot!…what becomes apparent the moment that you see the dance shot version of "CC CinderellaComplex"'s pv is how UFA has assembled some of the best all around dancers H!P has to offer and what's even more impressive is…………

….the amazing dance ability of H!P Egg Maeda Yuuka who until a few minutes ago was just a very cute face on a UFA photograph that I have in my UFA Egg photo collection. The limited edition of High King's release includes a DVD which contains the dance version of their pv and I was waiting for them to cut at any moment while watching it but then soon realized that the stationary camera remains just that and the entire clip was shot in one cut with no edited together pieces! One other note that I'd like to make is that this pv was also shot in true 16:9 widescreen making it a rarity in H!P as far as music videos go (Buono! produced by Pony Canyon initialized the widescreen format in music vides and I was so hoping that the rest of H!P would follow suite one day!…perhaps this is a sign of a change to widescreen?…hopefully!), as the norm has been the standard screen format which really doesn't take advantage of the amazing appearance that a wide angle shot with units numbering many members (which many H!P units possess) can bring to the screen. Just imagine if all H!P pvs had been shot in this format!…so many of them would've benefited and members wouldn't have on occasion disappeared off to the sides of the screen either. Now it has been long known that Aichan and Maimichan are two of H!P's most talented dancers but with this cumulitive group of all stars plus one very talented Egg I must say!…the amazing routine is produced to perfection and not one single member here is a weak link as there simply aren't any.

High King "CC CinderellaComplex" (dance shot ver.)

"CC CinderellaComplex" incorporates a most advanced and stylish dance choreography which after further viewing I have to say is perhaps one of H!P's most complex to date…no pun intended! 😛



The song's strong r&b groove works seamlessly with the dance routine as if a happily married couple and the overall maturity of this song is most impressive and awe inspiring, standing tall even amongst Tsunku's past musical compositions in this particular genre. Reinachan, the groups' noted leader brings the sexy to High King in the most powerful fashion! I mean Reinachan's always been cute, sexy, and fiery but her aura of heat here is like that shot out of a cannon and it towers above everyone else in this unit which is saying quite a bit…as the likes of Aichan and Maimichan are also present, but Reina in all of her Reinaness can't be denied the scorching award here it's just too overwhelming!! The title track is also vocally a very sound production and among the maturity heard from the unit's four elder members, Maeda Yuuka adds a sweet touch of her own in pre-chorus solo tidbits…I'd have given her more solo lines as these little vocal lines add quite a contrast and a cute one at that when heard next to the other member's solo and ensemble vocals. ^-^

02 記憶の迷路

The coupling with song "Kioku no meiro" which was also penned by Tsunku takes on a much more techno dance flavor and this high energy track is graced with an infectious chorus and well driven hooks in the verses as well…really could have been stated as a double a-side I think.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to High King’s spicy recipe for success…

  1. CK says:

    I ordered this one last week, can't wait to get it! I was also surprised at how well Yuuka mixed in with the rest of the group, and her voice was a great contrast to everyone elses. Oh and by the way, I got my Resonant Blue "Event V" in the mail today. Thanks so much for the review. I would never have found it otherwise. Like you said in your review, it is the best cover shot in the history of H!P.


  2. Rad♂ says:

    Another stellar, lavish post. I am stunned at High King mainly because two of the world's top dancers — Maimi of C-ute and Saki of Berryz — are paired with two of Morning Musume's all-time leading overall performers, Aichan and Reina. The youthful Egg is just the touch needed to complete this mesmerizing package. Yes, yes, Tsunku has really done it again with this composition, but I'm afraid many fans just won't get it because it's not tingly idol music, instead a hip-hop feel. I love it! I understand that High King is a temporary group, though, which I find sad. High King could be the next Buono, or even better!


  3. HarimaKenji says:



  4. The level of difficulty that this release presents is so notable and to have an Egg debut with this release impressed me so much and I give Maeda Yuuka so much credit!! I'm so glad that your copy of the event V arrived!! ^-^ Ah I was wondering if I was going out on a limb there saying that and I'm happy that you agree!!..such a beautiful cover!!…and they truly look their best!!


  5. Thank you Radicalipton!…that's so kind of you to say! ^-^ It's so true that this unit is so loaded with talent and they truly are a super group! Ah tsunku never ceases to impress me with his diverse music writing ability and the more I listen to this song the more I absolutely love it. That is sad that High King is only temporary and how I would wish too that they'd become a permanent fixture in H!P with more releases to come…still though it's amazing what a play could help produce! ^-^


  6. She's just so mesmerizing in this pv isn't she…..it's like you're magnetically fixed on her the whole time…but then you realize hey there's other incredible members in this unit too! 😛 She really just sends this aura of sexiness about her which really hit me in this dance version!…and yes! with Maimichan there it's even that much more impressive.


  7. mizunohi says:

    This single is going to the top of my list for this year! I loved it from the first low-quality radio rip! 😛 I think "High-King" is so well reflected by the talent in each of its members, it shows a side of them you can't really see in their respective groups.The PV is so impressive and really captures the idea behind the song 😀 The dance is absolutely incredible! I tried it and its not easy D: I'm really surprised at how well they pulled this off, I knew it would be amazing, but it just locks you in and really sticks in your head! The unit itself kind of reminds me of "Def.DIVA" and how they were called the "super group". It brought out the very best in each member 😀
    I think one of the things that really makes this unique is Tsunku's choice of using triplets when composing the song. This makes it seem off the beat and I think it's what makes it so catchy. On the other hand it makes it even harder to dance to since most dancers are used to counting in 4's and had to switch to 3's (not an easy thing to do D:) It also makes it a lot more akward to sing becuase it gives the sensation of speeding up and slowing down even when keeping a solid tempo. This makes it difficult to stay on time and follow the music.


  8. I really like this song – but it just had to grow on me from first listen. I like the line up a lot and was surprised they had a H!P Egg added to the mix.


  9. I too was very taken with this song from the very first listen…haha I didn't have that early of a version to listen to though! 😛 Ah DEF.DIVA that's a perfect analogy to use here! They also had so much talented members in their ensemble! Really really intricate dance choreography!…and the more I watch this pv the more I'm impressed by every thing about it! I hope they wear headsets instead of hand held mics when they perform this in concert as it would allow for the dance to be recreated much more accurately…I felt the exact same way when "The Man Power!!!" was released and that pv's dance choreography just blew me away at how advanced it was for them back then…and still is I think today. But in a lot of the performances they would have hand held mics so the dance just didn't look the same on stage as it does in the amazing pv. You've opened my eyes to something totally new here regarding the tempo of this song and it's not something that I would have realized otherwise. There really is a sensation of the tempo speeding up but I just didn't know why! 😛 Thank you for explaining this aspect and Tsunku just never ceases to amaze! ^-^


  10. That's so true about H!P Eggs and I couldn't agree more! Looking at my Egg photo set doesn't really give me any idea but yes being able to see them in video really makes the outstanding personalities and presences reach the top. Ah Manoeri was magic from OG's first pv…the producers of the song knew exactly what they were doing too as those custom fit cute sighs were the x factor for pure fan endearment to her without fail. Ah I've had those Milky Way releases for a few weeks now but just haven't had the time to even open them up yet. 😛 I must watch/listen to them soon and no doubt I know exactly what you're saying as Kohachan will take over the enthusiastic cute stage! ^-^Personally I'm rooting and hoping for Nocchi so much!!! It has to be Nocchi she's just so perfect as an idol and adorable beyond comprehension! ^-^


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