C-ute Monday!

I've wanted for so long to get at least one of the independent releases that C-ute released before their commercial debut "Sakura chirari"…and finally I've found one and it's actually still sealed!…

…okay it's just one of the four but still I'm pretty excited about getting at least one. The accompanying photo for "Wakkyanai(Z)" even came protected in one of those thick plastic holders that usually are used for trading cards and interestingly it's marked "not for sale" as a promo item would be. 

I'm rather surprised that someone was willing to part with this release as it's somewhat of a rarity but I'm very grateful that they did albeit it was quite expensive……..let's just say a little over $70 with shipping as the bidding got rather fierce towards the end!..now you know I'm an obsessed fan who needs help! 😛

UFA has just announced that C-ute's upcoming new single (to be released on July 30th) epce-5566 which is the limited edition will now include as a bonus 8  variations of the jacket's cover instead of the planned bonus DVD which had been listed just prior to today on order sites. The price has also dropped from 1600 yen to 1200 yen and the funny irony in this is that something possibly more desirable is going to cost fans less as H!P has recently kind of gone away from bonuses such as booklets, cards, photos, etc. and has been opting for an included DVD instead and from what I gather through other fans' comments is that many would rather have these types of special extras versus the DVDs which have taken over lately. So good news for fans of these types of collectibles! ^-^ An example of what to expect can be seen in a few previous H!P releases including…..

…first pressings of Berryz Koubou's 2nd album "Dai 2 seichouki", Momusu's single "Ambitious! yashinteki de iijan", and Berryz Koubou's "4th Ai no nanchara shisuu." The first two were released before I started this blog in late 2006 so I scanned the alternate jackets below. All of these alternate jackets are two sided with BK's "4th Ai no nanchara shisuu"'s jackets being the most well made out of these as they're printed on really thick stock paper which are also glossy. I can't wait to see what C-ute's alternate jacket photos look like!

Welcome back Makochan!!! ^-^

Reinachan's version is the actual original cover for this release as can be noted by the group name and song title printed on her photo.

Scans for the alternate jackets from BK's "4th ai no nanchara shisuu" can be found here in an older posting from 2007. Okay I really must be going to sleep now!..but before I go here are 2 live clips from…

…C-ute's "Live Tour 2007 Aki Houkago no essence" DVD which has a lot of great performances and one thing that this concert really shows is just how vocally balanced C-ute is!

C-ute "EVERYDAY YEAH! kataomoi" live

I just love this song and performance so much! Maimai's feature song!..and everyone sounds so great here!

Okai Chisato & Maimai "Futari wa NS" live

This is really one of the highlights from this concert for me as "Futari wa NS" is such a favorite of mine and having it performed with Okai Chisato who sings so well!…along with little Maimai who's always impressed me vocally and not just considering her age but she really has always sounded so good and of course c-ute! 😛 There's just something about her voice that really gets me! Here this pairing really shines on one of H!P's sweetest songs! I do love the original version with Kohachan and Maimai equally as much but this live version is just pure ♥! ^-^ Oyasumi!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to C-ute Monday!

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I've been tempted to get some of their indie releases recently but I just haven't got around to doing it, I still need to get a copy of the their first album…I really can't belive I still haven't got it yet.I really like the CD cover and photo, mainly because Maimai is wearing her glasses, I don't think anybody comes to close to how cute Maimai looks in those glasses!
    It's great news that C-ute will be getting variation covers for there next single release instead of the DVD, lol I guess you probably already knew how happy hearing this would make me ;p I can't wait to see what they look like!


  2. I'm wondering which version you'll get as I think that the regular edition has a nicer cover but the LE comes with a DVD…I ended up with the LE as I'm a sucker for the bonuses always. 😛 She is really cute in them and they make appearances in their early pv too!I was so happy too when I first heard this and to think it's actually going to cost us less too! ^-^


  3. Zush says:

    I'm afraid 😉 Am I turning to wota?? I've two copies of this BK's 2nd ltd edit album.
    Also inlay booklet has so nice photos.They should have published ALL this CD cover session photos as a photo book. There sure has been enough material for that. Those small snaps in the last pages of inlay are also adorable.


  4. Wow you have two copies of their second album?!..sounds like wota to me! ^-^ Now you have me imagining all of the potentially unseen photos that may exist from these photo shoots and the thought of a pb containing them would be amazing to see! I totally agree!…they surely would make a great looking pb.


  5. mizunohi says:

    WOW! you're one very lucky fan to have one of C-ute's indie releases!! :O I can't believe how young they are. It seems so long ago they debuted with Sakura Chirari! I'm sooooooooo happy that their new single dropped the DVD, I haven't bought almost all the new releases this year because of the DVD. I'm opting to build up older collection since they are so much more with the extras. DVD's just don't cut it… D: and the price jump doesn't help. My birthday is coming up in only 6 days, so I'll have to add this to my list! (I still haven't told my family what to get me.. lol)


  6. The auction had me a bit nervous as it kept getting higher and higher and I was thinking…uh oh! 😛 Have you been able to watch their early pvs for these pre-commercial singles? In some ways I think they were a bit more creative than C-ute's more recent videos and I really found my introduction to them through watching these over and over and then remembering their faces and matching them to names. I still find that the pv for "Ooki na ai de motenashite" is my overall favorite and I think it's their pink outifts and the dance that really attracts me to this pv…funny from even way back then you could see Airiin in the spotlight! 🙂 And I love all of the basketball in "Soku dakishimete" too! So it is you, Paul, and I all jumping for joy that the DVD has been replaced with something much more collectible at least for this single's LE! \(^o^)/ Ah but still can't top what H!P used to offer fans as extras before really….so many unique items and in particular Ayaya & Gocchin's single tins as well as Ayaya's pouch with collectibles for her single "Ne~e" were quite unique items to have as LE's..and of course the hard cover books that came with "ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL" as well as the shuffle groups of 2003 really lead the way also. "Go girl~koi no victory" also has a very unique extra with the Momusu clip and cards and the way it's all packaged is very different…I think I have photos of it here somewhere on VOX if I could only remember which post it was in… It's ironic that the price drops and we get something better! 🙂 Wow you were born very close to the fourth of July! ^-^….I'm sure your family will pick something great for you!!


  7. mizunohi says:

    I really treasure their indie singles! Massara Blue Jeans was kind of a "theme song" for my friends before I moved so it always brings back wonderful memories. My two friends and I used to learn the dances for their indie singles during lunch break in any empty classroom we could find! We each had a favourite; Massara Blue Jeans and Ooki na ai de Motenashite were my friends favourites and Wakkyanai (Z) was my favourite 😀 I think their indies singles were really "C-ute" in a way that they don't reflect as much anymore – I almost think of them as seperate groups! Meguru Koi no Kisetsu still remains my favourite major single, but hopefully they'll make me love the "new" C-ute even more! The old releases had such incredible extras it was really understandable to pay much more than you pay for American music, but recently it's really dropped for me D: My favourite packaging (out of what I own) is T.W.O and No.5. They have such interesting covers with the integration of the slip cover instead of just a seperate cover picture; and their posters are by far my favourites! T.W.O really captured my attention with the "homemade" feel of the booklet; I wonder if Aya put it together herself? No.5 is so simple, but it really suits the album itself; plus, red os my favourite colour! It makes the album say "I'm here and I'm strong!" which really suits the "running" images of the members; like "we can do this! Come be inspired!" I haven't seen the limited edition of Go Girl~Koi no Victory~ before, sadly I could only find the regular edition! My birthday is right between Canada Day and the fourth of july 😛 Maybe I couldn't decide between being loyalist and patriotic in a past life XD


  8. Wow you were a fan of C-ute's from way back! I was a bit late as I didn't hear anything by them until their first pv collection with their indie videos was released and from then on I was hooked. Sounds like you and your friends really had a great time and quite some attachment to those early singles…the dance for "Massara Blue Jeans" is intense!! :O That's a really legitimate point about these early indie releases being sort of a different group in a sense…the overall style and feeling of those songs are very different from anything that they've released commercially since. And they were extra 'c-ute' for sure!! Ah those two albums really do have great packaging and you touched nicely upon the home made feeling of Ayaya's "T.W.O" album. The cut out design of "No.5" is also a great design as well and I love red too! Right now I think my Manoeri red Gatas shirt is my favorite in that color. ^-^ Haha silly me mentions the Fourth of July when you live in Canada! 😛


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