Berryz工房 ジンギスかンTシャツセット

I first saw these "Dschinghis Khan" t-shirt designs on Paul's Hello! Blog as he always has the first news of special releases! And to go along with these sets are also numerous little clips promoting them that were originally on Dohhh Up! which have migrated to YouTube since…hmmm actually the clips are mostly of them goofing around and having fun but since they're wearing these designs I kind of took that as advertising. 😛 I've embedded 6 of the clips at the end of this post but first of all these shirts! I was having a tough time deciding which color and design I liked better so as any obsessed Berryz Koubou fan would do…I purchased both of them. 😛 I actually was leaning towards the black design first but because the red t-shirt set comes with photographs I totally folded.

Both fronts have the signature "Uu!! from "Dschinghis Khan"…

…while the backs have the "Ha!!" written on them. Interestingly the black design opts for the writing in Japanese while the red has it written in English characters.

In addition to the "Berryz工房" logo adorning the backs the left sleeves also feature the song title written in katakana. I can't remember which member it was at the moment but one of them makes sure to point out the writing on the sleeve in one of the little clips which will follow the photos here…Kumachan?

I still can't quite decide which color and design I like better or which I'll wear first…..and I wonder how puzzling this shirt may seem to non BK fans out there when I do wear them.

And now for scans of the photos which are included with the red t-shirt set…I just had to have these because they're wearing the shirt!:

Okay and now for those 6 little clips…these are just really fun and cute to watch and Riichan in particular is quite amusing in hers….LOL! I love when she runs back down the hall after…um…embarrassing herself a little! ♥

Berryz Koubou "Dschinghis Khan" clip 1

And now with a little pointer on the dance itself is Riichan….and also how to get some great exercise and work up a sweat!

Berryz Koubou "Dschinghis Khan" clip 2

And this clip was designed to make sure everyone knows that the t-shirt's design is two sided. 😛

Berryz Koubou "Dschinghis Khan" clip 3

The red design makes an appearance here!…and it's that choreographed swirling motion being done by a few of the members…Momo is also featured in "remix" portion. ^-^

Berryz Koubou "Dschinghis Khan" clip 4

And in this clip the Captain and Chiichan expand on the dance routine so that everyone can practice before going public with their dance! =)

Berryz Koubou "Dschinghis Khan" clip 5

Kumachan and Maasa get their Dschinghis Khan on in this one….reminding everyone…front…back…front…back…front…

Berryz Koubou "Dschinghis Khan" clip 6

And in this last clip Miya has a secret to tell you…. 😛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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25 Responses to Berryz工房 ジンギスかンTシャツセット

  1. Shirow says:

    I have that black shirt also! although I've yet to blog it or wear it …Best T-shirt EVER.


  2. Love the t-shirt!!! First I was thinking should I save it should I save it???…but I think I'm going to wear it tomorrow or on Sunday. Isn't it great how their single "Dschinghis Khan" has grown into something much more!……..their next single has the word "monkey" in the title and I'm a bit afraid! :P……love the covers though especially the regular edition, thank goodness I ordered both.


  3. Mikey says:

    Clip 1! Rii!! Can't wait for your new pic wearing said tee!! ^^Just got back from our County Fair in San Diego! ^^ Tons of pics at my Flickr….Monkey must refer to moi, as I am a "Fire Monkey" in Chinese astrology! 😛


  4. paul.thomas says:

    I really love the design of these tshirts, such a simple yet great design! I think my favourite out of the two would have to be the red, I'm finding that I'm really liking that particular combination of colours lately.The photos are amazing, I was going to choose a favourite, but flicking through I don't think it would be possible everyone looks great!


  5. I love watching these short little clips and yes Riichan's is the funniest! Great how they advertise both the single and the shirts in these as well. ^-^


  6. I love red too it's such a vibrant color to wear and I wanted the photos so much that I was like okay I'll get them both! 😛 The simplicity really is key and I like how the song's title is discreetly placed on one sleeve. Favorite photo….I'm not sure but I can say that BK keeps getting cuter and cuter with every release!


  7. paul.thomas says:

    The members of Berryz are really getting cuter and cuter and I'm really loving all their smiles! I remember when I first saw some photos of the girls, their smiles really used to freak me out, lol.


  8. LOL! I know I keep saying this but Wow you're up late!! Haha I do remember that! 🙂 Some of them did have awkward smiles at first…Momo really had something going on! Maybe they were eating sour candy during photo shoots back then until someone said No more…we don't want to frighten Paul! 😛


  9. paul.thomas says:

    Momo's smile was probably the one that used to freak me out the most, but she's mastered it now! Hahaha, sour candy would certainly explain it. But I must admit to looking back at their older photos now and realising just how cute they all were. Yeah must admit tonight is perhaps a little later than usual, but annoyingly I some how managed to sleep until 3pm today, so it's kind of through me off at the moment I'm not even slightly tired, although I get a feeling I'm going to regret not going to sleep earlier tonight tomorow.


  10. Mikey says:



  11. Ah poor Momo!! 😛 But it says so much that you now can adore their earlier pics! ^-^ I wonder who taught them to smile????? I always thought that Miya in particular shined the most in early BK photos…just her look was so much more mature and developed back then more than any other member and she always had a sort of exotic look to her….I can't really explain to well. I wish I could sleep to 3 pm 😛 but really no I understand how that can wreak havoc on your sleeping pattern! Actually no I don't wish that..just being wacky! 😛


  12. It's really odd as H!P shirts as far as I know come in only one size?? One size fits all…not really! but there's no small size just large. But if they're too big I can always shrink them in the dryer over time..just not too much though! :PAh no problem to foresee with grown up Berryz….I think they'll be fine. ^-^


  13. Mikey says:

    I was thinking same thing… shrink them! 😛


  14. I REALLY wanted to buy these shirts but couldn't justify the cost since I would literally be swimming in them. T___T; What do the younger fans buy?


  15. Hotaru says:

    Those are so cool XD. I can imagine myself doing the Dschingus Khan dance in the T-shirt, but instead turning around with the Uu-Ha's. Hahaha. Very cool…


  16. That's a really great question….it is odd that these concert t-shirts as far as I know only come in a large size and with so much of H!P's music geared towards younger fans too how will they fit in them?! :O Hmmm..funny I never really thought about that before! 😛 The shirts do shrink though although probably not enough for a child to wear them without it looking like a dress…but if one doesn't want them to shrink then using the no heat setting is best in a dryer and then just to take the wrinkles out before hanging them up to dry completely afterwards.


  17. It's so cute in these little clips they teach you the dance moves too!…I'm just wondering what someone on the street is going to make of the "Uu! Ha!" on the front and back of these shirts…if they aren't familiar with BK they may think it quite odd! ^-^


  18. Hello Sarah, Ohta whose an eBay seller in Japan would be the best person to contact for Berryz Koubou or any H!P or Japanese goods as he can bid on Yahoo! Japan auctions for you or he also takes pre-orders for upcoming merchandise sales which often includes t-shirts. I'm not sure if these "Dschinghis Khan" shirts are still available to order as Ohta had them as a pre-order item a few weeks ago but you can send him a request in English as he converses in English very well! You can contact him with any request for Japanese goods including Berry Koubou t-shirts at: usually has about 4 pages of merchandise on his eBay store's site (2nd link below) but right now there's just one page listed so I imagine that he'll be adding more merchandise soon. Every concert tour features new Berry Koubou t-shirts so there should be new designs coming out soon if you watch this site or for a more direct answer you can send Ohta a request for Berryz Koubou t-shirts to see what he has available to him now or upcoming. Many of us have been shopping for Hello! Project merchandise through Ohta for quite some time now and he is very honest, prompt, and trustworthy with his sales. If you search my VOX site there are quite a number of Berryz Koubou t-shirt sets which I've purchased through Ohta pictured here in case you're curious about past designs. ^-^ Most sellers in Japan on auction sites won't send items internationally so if you're living outside of Japan Ohta is very helpful in delivering merchandise to you and you can really ask for him to look for just about anything and he'll do his best to find them for you and then respond to you with the cost and details of the order. So if you see something on Yahoo! Japan auctions which you're interested in you can paste the link of the auction into your e-mail message to Ohta and ask him to bid on it for you or "buy it now" if that option is available on the auction. But sending him a request for Berryz Koubou t-shirts may be the easiest as he can tell you what's available or will become available soon as they release new designs which is quite often. I hope this helps you and sorry for rambling on and on… (Ohta's direct e-mail address for merchandise requests)


  19. Sarah says:

    Thanks a lot for all those pieces of information!! ^^


  20. I hope you can get some BK shirts soon! ^-^ Right now it looks like they're in between releases so some new shirt designs should be coming out soon.


  21. wu-san says:

    my god MB! do you ever stop buying? Why cant we be room mates or something so I could annoyingly sit in your room all day and enjoy all of your things. The t-shirts are really cool, and the comic/manga effect is quite fetching in a casual kind of way. I actually like that fact that at a glance you cant tell that the shirts are H!P. The design that read's ''Uu!!'' should actually say ''Wu!!'' though. I think there was a typo.


  22. Hmmm…it's walls of stuff in there and I hope you don't get claustrophobic easily! 😛 I may have too much stuff but we'd have a great time I think watching/listening to everything! ^-^ Ah 'manga'! that's a perfect way to describe the designs! I felt exactly the same way about the subtleness of these designs as they're not obvious to be H!P shirts at first. 🙂 Haha I love that! "Wu!! Ha!"….you should print up your own personal design! I think that would be great!! ^-^


  23. wu-san says:

    walls of stuff! nah, I'll enjoy it all. just give me a few months to listen through all the cds, watch all the dvds and fiddle with all your merchandise. haha. Yeh would be good to just sit there and get through it all. like a discovery for me and a rediscovery for you. And, hey, when we're done we can eat a baked potato with tomato sauce, your favourite XD.
    Ah, yeh, sometimes it makes a nice change to not have H!P stamped all over it. And these BK shirts are a nice little example. 'Wu!! Ha!' I can tell that chii would love to wear one, in my dreams lol. But imagine. hmmm, I should print my own design 😛
    JunJun could have a kind of spoof banana motif for a shirt. I guess it'd have to be yellow, and a manga type banana character? I dont know yet.


  24. Haha you remember that! 😛 I just don't like anything else on a baked potato it seems…really odd I know. O__o…I wish I could post about everything on the shelves but that would probably take years to get to all of the J-Pop and then there's the case of new releases which already keep me more than busy….seems I'll never "catch up." 😛 I think that'd be so fun if you did have your own custom design…if you could take the very same print that they used and just change the letters! ^-^ I think I'd want one too! :)Really UFA should use her special banana following to their advantage and make something custom like that….I love banana yellow! Just imagine if she drew the design herself too….I sense a UFA t-shirt best seller on their hands!!! And from there they could make Jun Jun banana key chains…the possibilities are endless! ^-^


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