Gotou Maki signed by music giant Avex! ^-^

One can never be too sure of how a rumor no matter how credible will play out and happily in the case of former Hello! Project soloist Gocchin, the rumors of her signing with Avex have indeed surfaced to be true! Saburo just posted a couple of links sharing the great news and the photos here are publicity shots from Sankei Sport's site.

Ever since her rather sudden departure from H!P I've been left to speculate on what circumstances could have have wielded such a decision….of course her brother's much publicized run in with the law didn't help matters and unfairly it had hung a veil of embarrassment upon Gocchin's good name but much of it I would like to believe had more to do with her personal goals and visions as a solo artist. Generally speaking UFA artists are more geared towards an "idol" outfit and much of Gocchin's later releases were quite a contrast to most of what H!P represents…not in a bad way, just different. And no doubt her sexier image would gain much more in production and visibility with an agency such as Avex who has repeatedly shown that the recipe for such success lies deep within their ability to produce such artist images and music styles in an atmosphere much more honed for it. Perhaps Gocchin saw all of this and the larger picture of what could be while still with UFA and that her decision to leave was fueled largely by this glaring aspect. I believe that her single and album releases have always been top notch within H!P and so while there's no knock on UFA in that regard, Avex is just more attuned to presenting their marquee artists with much more visibility on music's mainstream plain and she'll be joining hugely successful artists which resemble a similar image to that which she's grown into over the years.I for one will always cherish her for her earlier releases within H!P…releases such as "Te wo nigitte arukitai" for example, call me syrupy but I love the cute stuff and always will! 😛 And I'll always remember and cherish the meteoric lift she gave to Momusu which started with their landmark single "Love Machine" and being able to witness Momusu's most successful single release ever in real time will always remain special in memories. Like any artist though…they grow up…and so does their music and image along the way………..I just hope that Avex can give Gocchin what UFA just could no longer give her at this point. ^-^

All the best to Gocchin….I'll be eagerly awaiting her first Avex release!  

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10 Responses to Gotou Maki signed by music giant Avex! ^-^

  1. Gocchin's new Avex publicity shots are really beautiful and you can just sense the all new Gocchin ready to take on the world of pop and dance once again! ^-^ You take really great photos and I can see you aspiring to something great!!


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    =O just saw this on Hello! Online. she's so beautiful ❤


  3. Rad♂ says:

    Ever since I've started seriously following Morning Musume and Hello Project, Gomaki never seemed that good a fit. She's much more effective as an independent voice; i.e., maybe she just outgrew Morning Musume and Hello Project. Hopefully this will lead to some new, great songs.


  4. Avex sure knows how to create the look and produce for sure!….Gocchin's with a great label and I'm so happy for her! ^-^


  5. I can totally relate to what you're saying and I think Avex is definitely just more suited to her right now. She was a solid fit in H!P and Momusu early on but yes time has changed so much and I think it was just time for her to move on….I can't wait to see and hear her first release to get an idea of what Avex has in mind and I'm sure she'll have more input this time as well.


  6. paul.thomas says:

    It's great news that she's signed up with Avex I wonder how long it will be before we see a release from her, I really can't wait it's going to be so interesting to see what direction she's going to going in and how this move will affect her music, PVs and just overall personality.


  7. I'm anticipating something really striking for her debut with Avex and they're really a perfect match for one another as she'll fit right in instantly. It's almost as if UFA was grooming her for this second phase of her career but just didn't know it at the time. ^-^ I think it'll definitely be a sexier image too for her if that's even possible at this point…by just judging from these publicity shots I can only imagine and her new official Avex website does have a strong aura of that too. I think she'll be produced as confident, sexy and energetic in her new home at Avex.


  8. Mikey says:

    This is awesome news! I thought she was way too sexy for a "girl group"! "Pure thoughts" Mikey! 😛


  9. That really became her image when she became solo a few years ago in H!P and surely it wouldn't have fit in with Momusu but I'm not sure if even she knew at the time that her image would be heading towards that as it was quite a change from even her earlier solo releases which were still really much more on the cute side of things. ^-^


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