Morning Musume’s Event V “Resonant Blue” delivers a stylish cover & a “One Cut Dance Version.”

Hey it's Momusu's new singles' cover!!…sorry just kidding, but wouldn't it be so great if their next single had a cover this amazing?!! There's sort of an irony in that the best looking "Resonant Blue" cover belongs to their special "Event V" release and not one of this singles' commercial releases which find a much higher distribution as they're available to anyone. In fact I'll go as far as saying that I think this event V cover is one of Momusu's best looking covers ever. Just the sight of this cover made me want to purchase it immediately…it's so stylish and sexy in a classy way and such a contrast to the darkness of the commercial releases. But don't get me wrong I do love the look of the commercial release covers, it's just that this cover stands out so much more with its vibrant red, glamorous outfits, and classic style microphones creating an awe inspiring image. And so much more was put into this event V DVD as an entirely new production was launched on the cover alone. Berryz Koubou's event V for "Dschinghis Khan" which I received a few weeks ago had great content but no new cover art was included as wasn't any new making of footage…but still a great release as I'm not getting down on it by any means, just comparing these release and perhaps this is a sign that more will be put into these releases in the future which creates even more incentive to want to obtain them which is a good but expensive thing. 😛

(The rest of the slide show pics such as the one above can be seen at the end of this post.)

This event DVD sold for 2000 yen originally if you were lucky enough to be there but of course I had to pay a bit more since I got it off of eBay….Ohta truly finds the best releases!

Now despite these outfits not appearing in the pvs for this single, wouldn't this cover have been so wonderful as the cover of one of the commercially available releases?! I'm just so impressed by the production and overall look..simply elegant! Now for the real substance of this release as it contains an awesome "One Cut Dance Ver." of "Resonant Blue!!" Dance shot versions typically are pieced together as edited portions are merged together creating the final video but in this case a single stationary camera was used and Momusu performs the dance routine flawlessly in one single take!

Morning Musume "Resonant Blue" (One Cut Dance Ver.)



Hmmm….I wonder how many takes were needed to get this one perfect as numerous parts of the routine are quite advanced and in particular the bridge portion where Momusu forms a single line and then fans out in a chain reaction all done in perfect unison.


I've always been so impressed with the dance choreography for their video "The Man Power!!!" and if I remember correctly has a dance shot version which was done with just two separate takes which were edited together…still one of my favorite Momusu pvs for the togas alone!

This event DVD also contains 15 and 30 second t.v. spot ads but what I found much more amusing were the solo version t.v. spot ads which follow.

Morning Musume "Resonant Blue" Event V TV SPOT (Solo Ver.)

The end of each ad has the solo featured member narrating the release information….Sayu and Kamei in particular sound the cutest here! I was just thinking that either Sayu or Kamei should do an audio book release where they narrate an entire story. Now that would be storytelling at its cutest! ^-^ Now with covers such as these you just know there has to be a "jacket making of" segment included as well!


There's sort of a haziness to the footage shot for the making of which explains the look of these screen caps.





With a running time of approximately 19 minutes most of the DVD is dedicated to the "making of" which includes a good deal of candid behind the scenes fun as well, and also included is a photo collection slide show which closes out the DVD. So many cute shots…here's just a few!…okay I couldn't resist here are most of them! 😛 I imagine that these either already are or are going to be made into official UFA photos for sale soon! Those with the classic microphones alone would make a beautiful set!! Funny thing is that you'd never associate these with their "Resonant Blue" release unless you've seen this event V DVD.

If anyone sees a set like these please let me know! ^-^


Aw Kamei!!

I wish they'd shoot a "Resonant Blue" pv with these outfits instead as that would perhaps put an end to all of those Reinachan slutty comments.

Kohachan looks so cute here!…now Paul this is a life size poster that surely you'd want on your wall…or ceiling! ^-^ I was just late in noticing how much taller she has grown than much of her fellow members and before long it'll be her and Junjun acting as basketball team captains….now if only she could shoot a basketball… 😛

Mitsii looks so amazing here too!!…now be nice to Junjun or the monkey gets it! 😛

Junjun ♥


Linlin looks so amazing here too!

Simply some of the best photos of Momusu!

So pretty!! Now where are these UFA photos?! ^-^

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23 Responses to Morning Musume’s Event V “Resonant Blue” delivers a stylish cover & a “One Cut Dance Version.”

  1. CK says:

    Holy Jeez, that is an incredible DVD (I need to see if Ohta has another one) The photos are gorgeous. I know I said I was a Tanaka fan, but the photos of Risa just blew me away…mesmerizingly hot!!! Although the last Reina photo is amazing too. They always look great in red!


  2. Hi! Chris you're up late! I'm not feeling too good right now so I've been home sick from today but that allows me to be up late..for me anyway, being delinquent! I should be resting right now! 😛 Isn't the cover so beautiful! So much nicer than the commercial releases I think. Everyone looks amazing….aw you can have Reina and Gakisan as faves!! Well the whole group really! ^-^ Kamei! ♥


  3. jeffington says:

    its always great to see a festival of cute in my neighborhood every so often


  4. Hotaru says:

    This is the best I've seen Morning Musume in a long time! All the girls are in the right place, making the right face…its stunning what these girls can do XD. I usually don't like it when the girls where huge flowers on their heads, but it looks so right here!


  5. HarimaKenji says:

    "aw you can have Reina and Gakisan as faves!! Well the whole group really!"Oh, I like that, I'll choose the whole group then =D No, better yet, let's make that Kamei as the favorite and everyone else as… semi-favorite? Yeah, semi-favorite, can't think of another word. Here, have a link to a cute Kamei video, for no special reason besides me remembering about this video now.


  6. Andra says:

    Thay're really cute. And everybody sounds really funny in those solo TV spots, not at all like theirselves! especially JunJun, LinLin and Kohachan :PThose dresses are surely hard to connect with Resonant Blue… Didn't they say that they wanna show the cool side of Morning Musume for once, rather than the cute? This is extremely cute. 🙂 But hey, there's nothing wrong with cute!


  7. paul.thomas says:

    Life size poster of Koha in that dres…yes please! She does look great, but then so does everyone, those outfits are great and really look good on everyone.The Event V releases are they new? I think the first time I ever heard of them was when you got the Berryz one, it looks like these may the be the release to get now that the limited box versions are gone. This is the kind of release I was really hoping for when I heard that there was to be two limited DVD releases for this release. It's a shame that this wasn't on general release I would have loved to grab a copy, I'm guessing these must be quite hard to find.


  8. A little bit of cute each day does the soul good! ^-^


  9. I totally agree! The art direction is so perfect in this release. I'm just so impressed that they went to this distance to produce the cover shots for this event DVD which doesn't see a large distribution. Everyone looks so glamorous in these shots!


  10. LOL! are you making fun of me?!! 😛 Thank you for remembering and linking that clip here! I remember this episode!…back when H!M was great…all of Kamei's intros into the news segment were incredibly adorable! I think I'll add this clip to a few Kamei photos that I just received here.


  11. You are so right about that and I was just thinking that if I were to close my eyes and just listen to their solo t.v. spots I may not be able to identify them all! 😛 I'll know Kamei and Sayu's voices for sure but after that I just may have to guess on a few which is really odd as I really feel like I know all of their voices so well…but they do sound so different in these ad spots for some reason. I guess they caved! :P…and had to do something cute with this release as well! I guess it wouldn't have had the same powerful impact had they been dressed in these red outfits for the actual pvs but still yes! very cute!


  12. I wish those new visual screens had been designed with these outfits….haha still no room to hang up any more of those though! 😛 I'm still waiting for Maimichan and Kannachan's visual screens to arrive. I think these are rather new and as the content is getting to be so great on them they just may be becoming must have collector's items! The one cut dance version here and the solo member versions on BK's release are such essential clips to the commercially released versions and it makes me look forward to what could be coming next. I'll have to keep an eye out for these as new singles are released no doubt. They are a bit expensive to obtain though but I think they're worth it especially with all of the extra effort that is put into these.


  13. Mikey says:

    OMG!! This is so knock-out, these outfits and the way they are presented is so adult and sophisticated… @@ I want, I want! You can't buy this readily, right??They look like dancing gurus from the Old West saloons… if they where in Western Japan, that is! ^^vlcsnap-41180.pngI wish they had the thing like in Facebook, where if you mouse over a face, the name pops up! 😉 This is killer stuff MB!!Too bad you can't keep buying things, and tell them to ship it when you have enough bought to make it good to ship in one load…


  14. Wow~ these are great shots! Thanks for sharing! 😀


  15. This DVD was sold at a special release event and some fans will re-sell them on auctions which is where I found this copy although it was on Ohta's eBay site. They may be quite rare but I'm sure if you kept looking one would show up. I love that photo too!…Ohta's really great about things like that and he does try to combine items if he sees that you've got a few auctions or pre-orders still pending. He actually refunds some of the shipping costs too when he combines them together and he's done this for me on numerous occasions. Just another great example of how much of an honest seller he is!


  16. I hope to see them in these too! What's so impressed me was how much was put into this "event" release as they could have easily used just another off shot from the original "Resonant Blue" releases as BK did with their "Dschinghis Khan" Event" V release recently. It's kind of a shame in a sense that this gorgeous cover and all of these photos are being given such a low distribution with it being an "event" release but on the other hand it really enhances this release making it special…so I'm conflicted in a funny way! 😛 All of the photos are really beautiful…ah love the cover so much!!


  17. Mikey says:

    Hope you feel better luv!! Thanks MB! 🙂 I would love to see them perform in these outfits. You are tempting me to get this DVD! Seriously!! lolI am humming my Resonant Blue that I got free from iTunes even now (from work – shhh!) 😛


  18. sukissu says:

    Actually, the photos were also used in the introduction VTR of Morning Musume's spring tour… I can't remember any other cases of photos being made especially for the tour VTRs, but I suppose they put extra effort in due to the overseas stuff.


  19. Thank you sukissu! I had no idea that these were used as a concert VTR introduction. Ah for their new overseas venture!….now that makes much more sense as to why they put so much effort into these, first impressions are so important! ^-^


  20. CK says:

    Yay! I bought a copy from Ohta (Jeez! Quite pricey!) But the photos are worth every penny! I couldn't find it listed in the tour goods, so I didn't have a price to campare it to. I can't wait to get it!!!


  21. Shirow says:

    The photos of the girls in red are absolutely stunning, all of them are beautiful … its hard to say who looks best … so I wont :pI would love to see some wallpapers of the caps, the group shots are just wow …. also I dig the short skirts … hmm legs …. ummm yes … *runs*


  22. So great that you found one!! The original price was 2000 yen but I imagine it may have been purchased from another seller in order for Ohta go get these but then one can never be too sure…although I do wonder, would he have attended such an event..I'm not sure. I love all of the slideshow pics they're done so well!!


  23. I love the solo poses of each member with the microphones! I think Jun Jun's the cutest panda ever! ^-^ I can't pick on either but I do have ideas…. I wish I knew how to make wallpaper. 😛 Maybe someone can make them out of these…best legs…hmmm maybe Kohachan or Reinachan or Aichan or Jun Jun or….haha I'm going to name them all! 😛


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