Natsukawa Rimi…sent to me from my brother whose now listening to Japanese music?! :O

Sometimes you gain interest in an artist from the most unlikely of sources…this one being from my brother! :O….and by that I mean, he has never and I mean never ever shown any interest in Japanese music whatsoever so this recent development was quite exciting for me! Every once in awhile in the past I've given subtle but ill fated attempts to strike an interest in him in J-Pop music by playing it in the background during family get togethers or even going as far as playing some music videos with someone really cute on the screen! 😛 But none of that worked in even the slightest ways….and it turns out his girlfriend whom is Japanese but local got him interested. And after all, your loved one should be the one to enlighten you the best! ^-^ So he's been sending me lots of video clips and mp3s of songs and artists he likes, a few that I also have releases from and a few I'm not so familiar with. That leads to Natsukawa Rimi, an artist that I've heard before but one that hasn't tapped my interest before…..well until today that is! She's got quite an impressive discography built up and much of it is flavored in Okinawan folk stylings.

I recently posted about Kuninaka Ryoko, an actress/artist whom I absolutely love and adore and she too is Okinawan as is Natsukawa Rimi. They both share that distinct Okinawan flavor in their musical compositions and if you're a Berryz Koubou fan you may have already heard this style of music and perhaps wasn't aware of its origins at the time. The release that I'm referring to is…

…Berryz Koubou's 3rd single "Piririto yukou!" where Tsunku fused together the wonderful sound of Okinawan music along with high energy cute pop! The marriage in sound is absolutely perfect and I wish he'd give it another try with any of H!P's future releases. I was using VOX's YouTube search and strangely couldn't find the pv for "Piririto yukou!" on there which means that either I have no idea how to search for things on YouTube (quite possible! :P), it was removed or….I can't imagine this, but maybe it's never been uploaded? Can't be true! Anyway off of the shelf came the pv DVD single which I haven't watched for some time now so the timing was a nice welcome too. ^-^ And after a few minutes….here it is. Haha now I see the pv was already there on YouTube! I must be inept in doing YouTube searches! 😛

Berryz Koubou "Piririto yukou!" pv

Tsunku's composition is wonderfully written with the sanshin taking center stage in the arrangement giving it that distinct Okinawan sound and the backing vocals are heavy influences also. Also of note is the clothing that BK is wearing in the pv. Not the white outfits but the auburn/brownish ones with the earthier tones as these are also reminiscent of Okinawan colors.

02. "Daijoubu"
Natsukawa Rimi

And of course here's the Natsukawa Rimi mp3 that my brother sent me. He actually sent me quite a few songs to listen to but this one just happens to be one of my favorites so far! ^-^ "Daijoubu" is a really pretty song and silly me is actually choosing a song of hers which doesn't in particular share an Okinawan arrangement or instrumentation to it…I just thought of that! 😛 (but you can find a much better representation of the blending of Okinawan and pop music in a few of the songs in the post about Kuninaka Ryoko which was posted a couple of days ago here) Natsukawa Rimi has such depth, control, and power in her vocals…she's just really an amazing artist. If you do a few searches on YouTube you'll find a great array of Natsukawa Rimi's music including many many live performances which are outstanding. And it looks like I'll be purchasing a few of her releases soon!  Anyway I hope you enjoy it and also are having a great happy Father's Day weekend!! ^_^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to Natsukawa Rimi…sent to me from my brother whose now listening to Japanese music?! :O

  1. Shirow says:

    One of the main reasons why I loved 'Piririto yukou!' so much was the simple string plucks (from the shamisen I presume).I love the sound of the shamisen and I would love to own one, yet to get ones imported from Japn cost ALOT, maybe I'll pick one up next year when over there.I've read alot about the instrument through various books on Geishas and Japanese history, the soundtrack to 'memiors of a geisha' provides alot of brilliant traditional japanese sounds, well worth checking out.Also … on the subject of berryz …. did you hear the 'Piririto yukou' live version that had a slight remix near the end? … its sounds brilliant, when I first heard it I was in love with it, its a very simple string alteration ,,, it really makes me wanna pick the instrument and learn the rifs, I uploaded it to veoh, check it out!


  2. Ah I've never looked into that but I imagine it would be quite costly in addition to the actual cost of the instrument itself. They do have such a wonderful and unique sound to them…so defining of Okinawan music. I hope you're able to purchase one on your next trip to Japan! Geishas and the shamisen have quite the history together and I've always wondered how difficult they are to play….I haven't any idea. I wonder if one plays the guitar would they be able to pick up on it a bit easier I do imagine, but the nuances of the instrument must be something much more difficult to master. I really enjoyed that movie and especially Zhang Ziyi's performance in it…at first I thought it may be strange having a someone who'd not Japanese in the lead role but she truly erased all of that for me and I thought she was great in it. Ah yes there are at least a couple of versions like this on concert DVDs that I have from BK….the middle bridge alteration really surprised me when I first saw it!….really added something even greater to an already great song. Ah it would be awesome if you could learn to play "Piririto Yukou!" on the shamisen!! ^-^


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