Congratulations to Dale Jr. on his first (points race) win for Hendrick Motorsports!!!

It took a few more races than what I had anticipated and today's race had such a nail biting conclusion to it with the fuel mileage gamble that Dale Jr.'s team had taken on, but it all paid off as Jr. won his first (points) race for his new team at Hendrick Motorsports! He's been so close in a few races already this season with the most recent seeing a late caution take away his chances of winning but today a late caution in a way gave it back. I'm just really happy that he got his first win in his new ride behind him now which surely must relieve some of the pressure he was probably feeling but Dale Jr. has been flying the banner for Hendrick Motorsports this season so far as he's been so consistent with great finishes and when looking at the larger picture….consistency has won championships in the past although the Chase format does tighten things up a lot more and the extra bonus points for winning does make for a dramatic impact near the end but I know Dale Jr. will be ready when the time comes. So congratulations to Dale Jr. on his win at Michigan International Speedway and did you hear the roar from the crowd!! (^o^)/

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2 Responses to Congratulations to Dale Jr. on his first (points race) win for Hendrick Motorsports!!!

  1. Mikey says:

    It must have been a relief indeed. Now, he's crosses the psychological barrier!


  2. I was just so happy for him!!!! The look on his face in victory lane said it all! Dale Jr. is going to always be under so much pressure with his namesake…his father's amazing legacy on an off the track but he handles himself so well and I know he'll always been fine. This win was a statement though…a happy one! ^-^


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