Hello! Project's shashinshuu princess continues her string of pb releases with her latest titled "mou hitotsu no ai" and when going through her entire collection it's really an illustrated evolution of an idol whom has always maintained a classy and professionalism about her which isn't "manufactured, but rather the truth of the girl….now a woman, inside.


There was a subtle transition via styling and direction which had shown Aichan in an ever growing mature image which had been previously seen in her last pb release "Mizu", and stemming from that we see an idol in the full bloom of adulthood in her latest "Mou hitotsu no ai." So many things to love about Aichan…her honest laugh!…which lends itself to that wonderfully…

… squinched up nose and hers being the cutest one ever, accountability, her incredible facial features which are so beautiful, as well as the more obvious being her top notch dancing skills and vocal prowess! One may only need to watch concert clips and her starring role in "Ribbon no kishi" to witness the latter two.

But most importantly and something that I think some may overlook at times is her level of constant professionalism and how respectfully she carries herself at all times. Too often I hear fans claiming her to be a bore to watch and a lack of personality to go with it. But if one were to take a step back and ponder for a moment, Aichan is the picture perfect image of what an idol should represent. Someone that young girls can look up to and truly be inspired by. And Aichan's personality does have a quirkiness about it, a lot more understated than her fellow group members but nonetheless present. Momusu includes an array of wonderful personalities and I feel that Aichan's is no less an integral part of it as she brings many aspects that would be missed in her absence. And while her graduation may not be too far away (I do shudder to think though!) I'll treasure every moment that she's been in Momusu…past to present. ^-^

All scans courtesy of someone really nice enough to put their copy through the scanning process! I try not to harm my pbs that way if possible!, and although I don't know whom to credit thank you!


I've gotten so used to her shorter hair style that it's gotten almost strange seeing her with longer hair in her older pbs….but if ever decides to grow it long again that would be ♥ too.


I love so many of her outfits here! They all suit her so well in terms of personality and stature. She's matured so beautifully and having been able to watch her grow up since her beginning in Momusu has been a wonderful journey.



I love her expression here!! ^-^

Is is just me or do photographers seem to focus in on Aichan's butt more than is true of other H!P members?






And of course there's also a making of DVD included with Aichan's new shashinshuu and on July 23rd a special extended making of edition will also be released and it can be ordered from E-Line UP! through Ohta. Here are just a few screen caps from the 10 minute DVD included with this shashinshuu:

Here Aichan is attempting to throw a rock into the stream………………….but she throws it directly into the ground instead! :O…………

…and hurts her arm in the process! 😛

The sculpture next to Aichan looks similar to one of those in Kuninaka Ryoko's pvs.

Aichan….so perfectly pretty!




"Bye-bye" from Okinawa! ^-^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to 高橋愛最新写真集。。。もうひとつの愛

  1. paul.thomas says:

    You comment about the photographers focusing more on Aichan's bum than any other member really made me laugh, mainly because when ever I see an Aichan PB I'm always on the look out for a bum shot…I love her bum it's amazing ;p
    You're really right about Aichan she is a great idol and I've never really seen her as boring, I've always been puzzled by the comments, as with every member of H!P she never fails to entertain me.
    I've gotten so accustomed to her shorter hair that I actually prefer it now, I think it really suits her. I've put an order in for this PB should hopefully arrive in the next few days along with my copy of High Kings single, can't wait to check out.


  2. LOL! okay so I'm not imagining it! And it's good that her bum is very much appreciated! 🙂 I'm glad that you see her the same way…it always hurts a little when I hear negative comments about her which I don't feel are warranted or necessary. She has plenty enough personality! ^-^ Her shorter hair has really grown on me too but when she very first cut it I wasn't too sure if it matched but all that's gone away now. Beautiful pb and I think this cover is possibly her best looking to date…it's like her eyes are glowing blue matching her top!


  3. mizunohi says:

    It's incredible how natural Aichan looks in her PB's…as I've said earlier thats something that only comes with experience, and she's had plenty of it! (lol) I miss seeing Aichans stunning long hair, but I think she is finally pulling off her short hair to its fullest!
    This is probably my favourite Aichan PB so far, (I LOVE her little black dress!) I've been really impressed with the recent releases, UFA really stepped it up in my opinion! (I can't wait to see Airi's new PB, I don't know what to expect @_@)
    Aichan is an incredibly talented idol; the stage presence, singing and dancing skill, natural beauty and even acting skills! She gets criticised a lot for a "boring" personality, but I think that she just has a very goofy personality and it has been supressed to support her "idol" image D: I also think she seems shy, and feels much more comfortable preforming than just talking, so she doesn't express herself as well as she could. (I'm a lot like that myself… XD)


  4. I do wonder if one day she'll decide to grow it out longer again as changes like these sometimes come in cycles….hmmm I guess Kamei's was the most drastic so far in H!P….but her hair is so long and beautiful now and I actually hope she doesn't cut it as is the case with Sayu too! The funny thing with Airichan's pbs is that perhaps the earlier releases were a bit too early for her but maybe now she'll appear to be more comfortable with the photo shoots and appear more natural…especially in the mizugi photos. I didn't get her previous one but I decided to take a chance and see how her new one will be…hmm….looks like it's going to be a bit delayed though according to Cdjapan. They've really added a lot to their inventory lately there and now they even sell books although it's in a more of a limited state right now compared to Amazon Japan. I'm happy that you see that too in Aichan, she really is aloof inside and it does show at times. But boring as some say…never. She's always fun to watch!! I think that perhaps her Futarigoto segment from awhile back magnified that belief in a way but it definitely doesn't hold true of her character overall. I'm happy that you see that in her too! Haha I mentioned her singing and dancing but forgot to mention her acting skills which are very good too. 😛


  5. Ice Matthews says:

    hey great photos..i've been following Aichan since last year when my college mates introduced "Morning Musume" to me..i fell in love with her instantly when i saw her..i'm now living in Birmingham, UK and i really want to meet her..I read in one of your posting that she and her group would tour France, Switzerland,


  6. Ice Matthews says:

    i really want to meet her..i would greatly appreciate if anyone, including the blog writer, could set up a meeting between me and her..here is my email – matthews1789@hotmail.com .. i know it sounds quite ridiculous but anything is possible..like the Oasis song 'Wonderwall' goes "i dont believe that anybody feels the way i do about u now"..Thank you!


  7. momo says:

    I'm afraid your chance of meeting her is next to nothing. Those international tour postings were just rumors really. But there are people who have gone to Japan to go to a Morning Musume concert and saw them in a concert setting. I wouldn't reveal your email address in public these days either because there is a chance a spammer could pick it up and use it for spam. If you wish to post an email address in public, use this format instead: matthews1789[AT]hotmail[DOT]com


  8. Hi Ice Matthews,I think you may have my blog mixed up with another one as I have no prior knowledge of Momusu having any such plans to tour internationally outside of Asia and as you mention 'France' and 'Switzerland.' On another note though I can totally see how Aichan became your favorite in the group since your first impression of Momusu~! I've always thought of Aichan as being one of the most beautiful girls ever and indeed you are not alone in your fandom! ^ ^Perhaps your best chance of meeting Aichan or at least seeing her perform would be to attend one of Momusu's concerts held in Japan….even the Hawaii fan club events here are pretty much impossible to get into and I know of people with "connections" who have tried. I hope this clears up some of the confusion as you indeed have me confused with another blog writer…take care and good luck in your heartfelt goal~! ^-^


  9. Ice Matthews says:

    yeah i know its near-impossible..but i believe anything can happen =)..however i thank you all for your support and i will stick around for the latest news on Aichan..By the way..i have not given up on hope of pursuing her so if you do have any news for me..i would be glad to hear..cheers


  10. Hi Ice Matthews! I do wish the best for you and you definitely have the right attitude and approach and like you say….truly anything is possible! ^ ^ If you can plan on attending a concert of theirs I still think that may be the best opportunity to see and perhaps meet her. ^ ^


  11. Ice Matthews says:

    thanks, wish me luck 😉


  12. Ice Matthews says:

    thanks, wish me luck 😉


  13. Hai gambatte~! o(*´∀`)o゛


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