Some really great releases arrived today!…and I know exactly how I will be spending at least part of the weekend now! Cdjapan delivered six releases including Tackey & Tsubasa's new single "Koi uta" and me being the silly "want to have all of the extras" person I winced once again and ordered all 3 versions of this release. 😛 Leave it to Johnny's Entertainment to drain my bank account on a regular basis and between Arashi and T & T they've taken quite a lot in a rather short period of time! 😛 Both Jacket A and B versions include an extra DVD, the first one containing a "drama version" of "Koi uta"'s music video while type B includes an "acoustic version" of the pv. I'm curious to know what exactly a "drama version" entails as I'm not sure if this song is tied into an actual drama or if they actually created a drama clip specifically for just this release…as soon as I know which will be soon!…I'll post them here. ^-^ But wait there's more…as Tackey & Tsubasa also released a regular version of this same single and the catch here is the inclusion of not one but two! songs which don't appear on either the A or B special versions. :O The song titles are "Yakusoku-Last-" and "GLORY DAYS" and there are six tracks total as karaoke versions of the two main songs are also included. Talk about tempation!!..and worst yet, my weakness to buy them and crumble just like they wanted! 😛

Ongaku Gatas's concert DVD also arrived and along with all of the favorite songs by them there's also a healthy inclusion of numerous classic H!P gems to go along…such as performances of "Koibito was kokoro no ouendan", "The Peace!", "BE ALL RIGHT!" (a favorite shuffle song of mine),  "Honki de atsui theme song" (a song that should grace the concert stage more often!), and "Go Girl~koi no victory~." The DVD runs 112 minutes is shot in wonderful widescreen and the funny thing is that some of these members in the concert aren't even in Ongaku Gatas anymore…further one of them is not even in H!P anymore! :O Time and changes really fly in H!P.

And I'll finally get to watch Ayaya's pv for her latest single "Kizuna" which seems like it was released ages ago!…why must we be made to wait for the accompanying pv releases?….I'm beyond sounding like a broken record in this regard and I apologize. 😛 There's also a "close up ver." included and what must amount to be a really brief making of segment as the DVD has a running time of only 14 minutes. A far cry from what H!P fans have become accustomed to as pv DVD singles tend to run in the low to high 20 minute range these days. Poor Ayaya, they're even giving her less making of time! :O You'd have to go way back to some of the early BK releases and Momusu releases to find a pv DVD single to have such a short running time. Still I'm grateful for anything really! 😛

And last but not least is High-King!..the new super hero H!P unit! Okay none of them have any super powers….or wait………..maybe Maimichan's hiding something from us. For one she can out-cute many in a single bound!….okay that earns me a good kick! 😛 I won't quit my day job… Well at least while I await their full pv release (there is one right?) I'll be able to watch the "dance shot ver." repeatedly, as it's included as a bonus with this first pressing. Aw with so many endeared super members in this group…UFA couldn't you have included a photo booklet too?! ^-^

Today was also a good day to pick up one of these monstrous data holders! You can purchase this 750GB external hard drive for only $133.99 at Costco as there's an instant manufacturer's rebate which is given to you at the register…so no mail in rebate form! Yay! I have this belief that mail in rebate forms exist because manufacturers have a strong feeling that many won't bother to mail them in at all and will either forget about them or just become too lazy to fill them out. 😛 I did the latter once…not proud of it :P….but I guess I represent my own living proof of this theory…albeit I made it up in my own mind. 😛 Anyway I've been wanting to return my Western Digital 500GM hard drive as it's just not getting along with Vista too well. It seems that there's a startup issue with this hardware and Vista's security system. Funny and not so funny thing is that I didn't know about this until I had installed it, turned off my laptop, and then restarted the next day and everything just went blank! :O I was stuck in a screen with a few options which would help to restore the system but it took a bit more as somehow all of this had wreaked havoc on my Norton anti virus program……….really strange! So after getting online help and repairing that I decided to never hook it up ever again! 😛 So it's just been sitting there on the shelf with its unconnected wires hanging around…just waiting for me to pack it up and return it. So that day has finally arrived….good-bye WD hard drive! =) The short version of the ending to this sad story is that a little pink slip of paper had gotten stuck under one of the flaps in the boxes interior and I didn't notice it until much later……..well apparently according to this pink paper, a few steps are required in order for Vista to get along with this WD hard drive. That was strike two but as far as I'm concerned it's out of here! I blame myself too…sorry WD! I just hope that Maxtor is a friend of Vista as Vista doesn't seem to have many friends these days….they could sure use at least one! 😛 I love Apple commercials…and I've never even owned an Apple system in my life.

I found these photos on the Wiki site after posting about her but I wanted to include them somewhere so I'll just add them here. But it's not a totally random act as the post is titled "Kyou…" ("Today…") and today I did ask a friend at work what he thought about her looks as I saved the image above on my BlackBerry and it's actually my main screen background photo right now on my BlackBerry replacing Aichan…but just for awhile! 😛 Anyway he immediately said that she looks hapa!…which caught me by surprise as I sometimes think she looks sort of Japanese and then sometimes not so much. Olivia has been somewhat of a chameleon of looks throughout her time in the limelight but one thing's for certain…she's really pretty, or at least I think so! Jeff D does too! ^-^

When it comes to American female celebrities my 3 favorites in the looks category would have to be Denise Richards (she just looks sooo perfect!), Anne Hathaway (so cute! and I'm looking forward to seeing her kick some butt in "Get Smart"!!! Plus "Ella Enchanted" is a favorite silly but endearing movie of mine ^-^), and Jessica Alba. Do I dare to ask if anyone has any favorite female American celebrities out there? Anyway that just gave me an excuse to post these additional Olivia photos here. ^-^

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5 Responses to 今日。。。

  1. Mikey says:

    Sorry about external hard drive luv! 😦 I always Google drive names first! To see if there are problems. 🙂 But, you'd think that drive notice would be taped to the front of it! Vista has been out a long time now, no excuses! One thing I will say, if the new one works well, you better buy another one!! Too many peeps have been asking me how to "restore" a dead drive lately… I say backups? LOL No backups, of course. Easiest is Raid 1 (mirror) that writes to both drives. But only peeps like me get those! 😛 Next best is to copy to exact same drive yourself. There is backup software to do this for you automatically, at a convenient time. Otherwise, it's only a matter of time, before you are writing me The Email! o^O Love the pictures of Olivia! I posted one of her Nana videos today! 😛


  2. Oh no I think I chose the WD hard drive on my own because it was on sale at the time…not your fault in any way! Eh? a backup to the backup?!! Aren't these supposed to last a long time? This Maxtor one has a five year warranty but of course if it dies that doesn't mean that I'll get any of the information on it back in any way. 😛


  3. Mikey says:

    Yeah, that's the thing. You can use the warranty to good effect if you still have the data… It's by far the easiest way to backup a big hard drive. And cheap, like you said! 😛


  4. Interesting~ I think every single guy I know has Jessica Alba on their list of Top 5 women in entertainment… without fail.


  5. I became a fan of hers when "Dark Angel" was on and I always thought that she had the the most beautiful almond shaped eyes and yes lips! And who wouldn't want lips like those! ^-^ I do wonder though if male interest will fall off as she's now with child….really fickle but I'm curious to see. Wow! you have so many back up drives!!!…..I've become rather paranoid lately, must back everything up! 😛


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