Tanaka Reinachan in “Re:”…just don’t call her ‘Bunny!’ :P

Okay the initial idea was to make this my first “silent” post…hmmm no words…looks like that idea went out the window a few keystrokes ago! 😛 But sometimes I really feel that pictures say so much more than words and let’s face it, Reinachan doesn’t need any type of introduction really! ^-^ Let’s just say that Momusu’s edge can largely be attributed to Reinachan’s lovable feistyness all wrapped up in an ultra stylish, unique, and competitive “Yankee” idol persona!! Never one to have a lost for words…Reinachan will always wear her emotions on her sleeve, something that I really respect and ♥ about her! ^-^…whether you’re a guest on their show taking all of the meat, an errant fruit hitting her on the head, or just plain bothering her…she’ll be sure to let you know!! (^o^)/

“Re:” walks in the same footsteps as Kamei and Aichan’s shashinshuu zenshuu as it comes housed beautifully in an outer slipcase and the pb itself is significantly larger than your standard sized pb…..hmmm no “Reinachan” logo though on its spine, but if Kamei is represented by a cute turtle design then what would best represent Reinachan….?…..a ♥?

Reinachan’s “Re:” also includes two postcards! Her retrospective shashinshuu like its predecessors is divided into chapters representing her previous 4 pb releases and all shots are newly published ones which weren’t included in her previous photo books giving this one a new fresh edge to it which is full of some surprises too as the final chapter includes entirely newly shot photos….hmmm including some ‘bunny’ ones, no pun intended! 😛 Reinachan’s “Alo-Hello!” pb pictured above wasn’t published by Wani Books so it’s not part of this new collection and I am missing her first shashinshuu which one day I plan on acquiring! ^-^ Enjoy the Reinaness! Scans courtesy of Saburo! 🙂


Ready to go 12 rounds with H!P’s no nonsense girl?!

Seems that the bunny and Reinachan go way back too! ^-^


One of my favorite Reinachan photos!

I always think of Skittles….but I’m not sure what that even spells, what um candy is she advertising?

A casual Reinachan is lovely too.

Another favorite of mine!


The remainder of the photos were shot exclusively for this release:










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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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20 Responses to Tanaka Reinachan in “Re:”…just don’t call her ‘Bunny!’ :P

  1. DJ_MaiMai says:

    I TAG JUU.
    OK, sorry. I was tagged D:
    Read my blog post "I've been tagged D:" and you'll see (you'll have to scroll down a few posts…) =]


  2. CK says:

    Reina is my favorite…so adorable!


  3. Mikey says:

    She sure is spunky, huh? And knows how to fill a bunny suit! 🙂
    Girl12.jpg = what is the hidden symbolism in this one!?


  4. mizunohi says:

    I believe <a href="http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cd970085364cd500fae8bf6b5f000b.html">it</a&gt; says "smiles"…maybe I'm wrong 😛
    Tanakas "look" hasn't changed nearly as much as Kamei or Aichan since her first photobook… so this seems more like a "best of" than an "evolution" to me 😛 Both have their own merits… 😀 I love all of the pictures included! I prefer many of them to their "counterparts" in the actual photobooks! I must say she makes a photobook very interesting. She has so many different photoshoots and brings something different to each one, which I think is lacking in the other members. My favourites are probably <a href="http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cd970085364cd500fa967adcd70002.html">Girl 24</a>, <a href="http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cd970085364cd500fad68def7a0004.html">Reina 14</a>, <a href="http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cd970085364cd500fad68cc0a20005.html">Reina Tanaka 1</a>, <a href="http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cd970085364cd500fae8bf20a5000b.html">Reina Tanaka 8</a> and <a href="http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cd970085364cd500fad68df26e0004.html">Re 09</a>(hopefully those links work :D)


  5. Okay this sounds like fun…I hope five others don't mind! ^-^


  6. Wow is she your current favorite in Momusu? Momusu really needs her fiery personality! I absolutely adore her too! ^-^


  7. Hey pure thoughts! Pure thoughts! :O…or did you mean watermelon= Summer? 😛 Ah I could never use one of her postcards!


  8. She really has maintained a similar look hasn't she over these past few years. Kamei and Aichan are perfect examples of significant changes in looks! 🙂 Especially Kamei…a hairstyle can really change everything about a person's appearance as she's proven time and time again! ^-^ I totally agree!…she does have the most interesting and varied photo shoots in H!P! I wonder how much input the members have during these as it just seems like her true personality really comes out so vividly throughout. I used to really think that the photographer had total control over the production but now I'm really wondering if perhaps Reinachan and the other members have a say in the styling used as well as locations and props.


  9. CK says:

    Actually she is my all time favorite in H!P!!! I was sure of that after going to the concert, I couldn't take my eyes off of her the entire time. The only one who captivated me nearly as much was Ayaya!


  10. Reinachan and Ayaya are definitely a wonderful pair to love in H!P! Ah I was way off! :P….she's your favorite overall H!P member! ^-^ You're so lucky to have seen them in concert…I can only dream right now! Maybe one day I will too. Reinachan has so much personality and cuteness and I can totally understand why you're endeared to her!


  11. mizunohi says:

    I think that maybe the members may have input on the theme and possibly location of their photoshoots, and of course they are what make the photoshoot! Their expressions and body position are really key in what defines the style of a photoshoot. Otherwise I would assume they staff choose a large part of what happens in the photoshoot (the members can only do so much). The photographer also must play a large role because they have to find the best lighting and positioning to take interesting pictures that highlight the best features of the members 😛 In the end it's all about that photographer-model interaction, everyone just has to have fun – real emotion makes pictures come alive! The camera really does love Tanaka doesn't it? 😀
    (sorry for the epic failure of my links D: i didn't know html wouldn't work…)


  12. Mikey says:



  13. I think you must be right, I really get a sense of that especially with Reinachan's shashinshuus. It sounds like you have a really good sense of photography and its nuances…perhaps you enjoy photography? I'm really awful with a camera and I never seem to have the proper lighting or angle or anything really! 😛 You've just summed up everything that makes a photo shoot a great success! ^-^ Reinachan is definitely very natural and comfortable in front of a camera! Oh don't worry about those, I leave really funny links all the time…it seems that I'm not able to use the actual "link" feature for this little text box for some reason. It just won't let me paste anything that I've copied from elsewhere here….really strange. I can place links into the text of posts though, just not here. 😛


  14. Hmmmm….not too sure about that! 😛 LOL! 'technical advisor'??? I'm the last person on earth you'd want for that role!!!! 😛 I can't even take a decent photograph!…and I don't think it has anything to do with my camera.


  15. Mikey says:

    LOL! I meant to keep the girls entertained and informed while the shot was being setup and all. On second thought…. hey! Where did MB and the girls run off to this time?@! :PPhotography is technical and artistic. I think if you got some training in the technical part, your artistic sensibilities would shine through…


  16. mizunohi says:

    I'm not very good with a camera myself, but my brother is! 😛 He's always trying to tell me new things and explain it all to me….its so confusing @_@ I do enjoy photography, but I'm still not very good XD It just takes practice!
    I always enjoy seeing how the different members interact with the camera, since they all seem to have a different "technique" and it really comes across in their photobooks! I think Tanaka is best at "posing" so her photobooks always contain goofy pictures and her making of's can be quite hilarious. Other members, Gaki-san for example, have a more "natural" appeal, so her photobooks have a lot of photos that are "caught in the moment" (much like Sayu's ":O" expressions :P)
    Thanks for pointing out the "link" button, I'll have to try that sometime..:P Me and my pathetic failure towards technology, I can never seem to figure things out! XD (My raging hate-relationship with technology seems to match your "tempermental" one XD)


  17. For me getting the right lighting is the most troublesome part of photography…I never have good lighting! 😛 A lot of personality is truly revealed in their pbs and you're absolutely right!….Reinachan exceeds in her ability to be charismatic in front of the camera. She can be quite goofy too!! ^-^ Gakisan's latest pb is sooo beautifully shot and she seems to get more and more cute by the day! I still haven't had a chance to post anything up here yet but hopefully soon. 🙂 The funny thing about the link button just above this text box is that I can't seem to get it to work for me…..it used to work where I could copy and paste into it but not anymore for some reason. I hope it works for you! It seems to work for everyone else but me.


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  19. zen says:

    I never saw Gadget so revealing 🙂


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