Akiyama Nana ♥ continues…


As I was looking for Hirata Kaoru's virtual date clip a couple of days ago I came across an article covering Akiyama Nana's first shashinshuu titled "Pupil" in the very same issue of UTB! It's always a great surprise when I look at some of my older idol magazines and then recognize an idol whom I wasn't familiar with at all when I had first gotten the issue but now am a bit or a lot familiar with. My Akiyama Nana "infatuation" is still very brand new but seeing an article on her in UTB was nonetheless a wonderful sight!

03 走る
Akiyama Nana

Now that I've had awhile to listen to her entire catalog many many times I've decided on this to be one of my most favorite songs by her!! Hit play I think you'll like it too…it has a sort of happy walking on sunshine kind of feeling!! A song that'll brighten up any day no matter what mood you're in. It's really tough choosing though as I really think that all of her songs are great…and that's kind of rare even with someone as easy to please as me :P, to love every song by an artist.

The April 2006 issue of UTB was the first to feature their amazing DVD extra!!!…..and with Aichan gracing the cover you really couldn't ask for a better looking cover too! Both Hirata Kaoru's virtual date and Akiyama Nana's little feature covering the making of her debut shashinshuu "Pupil" are on this issue's DVD which has an impressive running time of 90 minutes!!! I uploaded her clip here, it's really cute and I love her speaking voice too!

Akiyama Nana "Pupil" making of in UTB.

A few days ago her pb collection also arrived from Amazon Japan but her "Pupil" shashinshuu seems to have suffered some sort of moisture damage although it was completely sealed and brand new. This is the first time that I've seen something like this and I hope it's not too difficult to get a replacement from them!

All 3 pbs are beautifully shot and with Nana's age difference in each being so noticeable despite their closeness in release dates each has a really unique look in terms of Nana's natural beauty.

"Pupil" and "Daydream" also come with randomly inserted trading cards and the two that I got from the latter is pictured above. If you turn the cards over they look to form a larger photo of Nanachan but as 6 are required to complete the photo one can only imagine how many copies of the pb you'd have to buy in order to complete the photo! :O "Pupil" has four different trading cards available.

I really have a hard time bringing myself to scan hardcover shashinshuus as you just know that with each scan you're damaging the book's spine! So I made just two…first one from…..

…her third shashinshuu "Light Bright" and next one from…………

…her second shashinshuu "Daydream." ^-^ Below is the complete Akiyama Nana article (haha okay it's more photos than words! :P) from the aforementioned issue of UTB…..isn't she so cute!

I love that photo of her sticking out her tongue! (^o^)

She's definitely my favorite gravure idol turned singer/performer!! Now if only she'd continue to release more music! Please!!!

More songs and thoughts on Akiyama Nana can be found here! ^-^

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9 Responses to Akiyama Nana ♥ continues…

  1. Andra says:

    Oh I really love her music! This is my favourite kind of music, cute and happy but very 60's and not too "plastic" but instead real instruments! I hadn't paid attention to that previous post but now I must listen to all her songs you've uploaded!
    I'm in love. ❤ Too bad all the first presses are already gone in CDJapan… I bet it was because of your post that everyone bought her CDs 😛 I just would have wanted to get the first press extras if I ever decided to buy her music (which could easily be happening in the near future :)).


  2. I'm so happy that you gave Nanachan another chance! ^-^ I just had to post this song again as it just blows me away every time that I listen to it as is the case with the rest of her discography!! I love 60's music too as it just had the greatest sound back then….even if I wasn't even born yet. The instrumentation and creativity just seems unmatched since then. Lets see some of my favorites from the 60's would be….The Beatles, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Chicago, The Association, Fleetwood Mac and I'll stop before I bore you with a long list. 😛 The 70's were great too with groups such as America! A group that I'd love to suggest is Jellyfish! The lead songwriter is actually responsible for producing the Japanese group Puffy too. They took the Beatles sound and really expanded it in the best ways that I've ever heard!! Maybe I should post a few songs by them here later.Ah I'm so happy that you love her music too and I can't believe that the first pressings are already gone?! They were still there when I ordered them not too long ago. Great for Nanachan!!…but I wish you to find them too!! Thank you Andra you really made my day!!! ^-^


  3. Mikey says:



  4. Hey pure thoughts!…pure thoughts! 😛 I love music from way back then! So much creativity and originality in the songs and production. I became familiar with so many of these artist while working at the record store and I probably wouldn't know of many of them had I not worked there…lots of fond memories. ^-^


  5. Andra says:

    Did you notice she's releasing new music?! Who would have thought… I don't if it's a single or what… But CDJapan has it up for preorder. 🙂


  6. Thank you for the information Andra!! I pre-ordered the first press edition and it looks like an upcoming single of hers!! October 1st!! Such a long time has passed since Akiyama Nana's last release so I wasn't sure if she would be returning to the music scene. This is really exciting news!!! So looking forward to this release and I'm happy that she's back! ^-^


  7. *]hAr0ld[* says:

    hey, can I ask question??where did you bought your cd's of nana??because I like her to,:))


  8. Hi Harold,I purchased Nanachan's CDs at Cdjapan and here's a link to her CD page. Happily all of her releases are still in print and some LE's are still available too~! ^ ^


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