Biyuuden’s swan song…

The song choice…perfect. The production…elegant. Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika, and Okada Yui were Biyuuden (V-u-den). "Nannimo iwazu ni" provides the final chapter in what has been a great growing experience in particular for Erikachan & Yuichan who both debuted with Biyuuden and being able to see them develop and come into their own over the course of 10 singles and an album release has been a joy to watch.

Fittingly a first press edition is available for this final release and fans are treated to in addition to the title track, individual solo tracks by each member as well as a bonus DVD containing an alternate "close up ver." of the title track's pv.

"Nannimo iwazu ni" a personal longtime favorite of mine (as it ranked as high as #13 back in October of 2002 on my favorite Momusu/former member song list) has been given a whole new sound with a newly recorded track which takes an underlying inspiration from arguably the greatest group of all time…The Beatles. I just love how that fuzzy keyboard now lies in the background in the intro the track which is very reminiscent of the one used on "Strawberry Fields Forever." ^-^ The composition is naturally rich in harmonies and Biyuuden makes the most of them in their revamped version with beautiful touches throughout the recording…60's love! When compared to the original…somehow, it's hard to explain but the song has been given a new touch of sentiment. Perhaps the draping of the orchestra arrangement has something to do with the feeling that I get listening to it….or perhaps it's just me, feeling an emotion of farewell to this much appreciated unit. In any case I truly love this new version of an old favorite made new again and for it's newly found significance I hold it up right next to the much beloved original.

Thank you Biyuuden it's been a wonderful musical journey! ^-^

Sorry about the blemish in the center of the above scan as it's the crease in the middle of the jacket of their complete PV DVD collection which sits over the spine area. I have no Photoshop or any photo touch up skills to fix it! 😛

The original pv for "Nannimo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU" was shot utilizing scenes from both the "dance shot" and "close up" versions along with the really nice touch of "home video" shot footage along the beach. The production for these scenes gives you that warm feeling of personal family videos with an added effect of a grainy look which creates a vintage effect on them. I love the whole concept behind this idea as it really adds an appropriate profoundness to the occasion that this pv represents….that being a final farewell.

Biyuuden "Nannimo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU" (original pv)


Here are Biyuuden's solo member tracks from this release. I'm happy that Tsunku penned these himself (lyrics & music):

02 思い出は彼方
Ishikawa Rika

Ishikawa Rika- "Omoide wa kanata"

Miyoshi Erika- "Ano natsu no yoru"

Okada Yui- "Saigo no natsuyasumi"

Much of the pv is also shot in a really elegant looking locale with a larger than life aura represented with high ceilings, serene architecture, grand piano, and an overwhelming vastness. The girl's outfits are also equally elegant with an almost angelic touch to them.

Happily there's a dance shot version for this release as the "dance shot" footage is a bit scarce in the original version of the pv and the dance choreography is a perfect match of elegance to the overall feeling and appearance of this single. The "Dance Shot Ver." is available on Biyuuden's "Single V Clips 2~Arigatou V-u-den Debut Kara no Daizenshuu~" DVD.

Biyuuden "Nannimo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU" (Dance Shot Ver.)


Erikachan had become my favorite member of this unit over time and I really hope that each member is given a future opportunity to shine in a new group or perhaps as a solo act…? I really think that each is better suited for a group atmosphere but only time will tell…


The "Close Up Ver." is available as an extra DVD with the first pressing of this singles' release.

Biyuuden "Nannimo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU" (Close Up Ver.)

Biyuuden's "Single V Clips 2" DVD also includes a making of feature for the title track which has a running time of 16:48. Included are photo shoot footage, behind the scenes for each locale of the pvs' making (and in particular the beach "home video" footage is really fun to see!), as well as member comments on the pv as well as it being their last release as a group together. In addition to all of Biyuuden's original pv versions are the inclusion of alternate versions for every pv including of note: "Aisu cream to My pudding" (Pretty Dance Ver.) & ((Elegant Dance Ver.) as well as "Koi suru Angel Heart" (White Angel Ver.) & (Black Angel Ver.).



I just love this photo of Erikachan!! Isn't she adorable!!!

And in the end….さよなら美勇伝,…ほんとにどうもありがとうございます!

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13 Responses to Biyuuden’s swan song…

  1. strawberrie says:

    Makes me sad V-u-den is coming to an end this summer. I still haven't purchase their last single or the single v clips collection. Hopefully we still see Yui and Erika more besides Elder Club concerts.


  2. Slasha says:

    This is a perfect farewell to V-U-Den. The PV was very retro too. It was like a PV in the early 90s. I hope I'll get toYui and Erika after they end.


  3. The announcement came as a great surprise to me as well. It would be unfortunate if Erikachan and Yuichan are left with only concert appearances. Maybe one or both of them will get matched up with one of the new H!P audition winners for a new group. ^-^


  4. I love the whole feel and look of this release and 'retro' is a perfect description! I'm really not worried about Rikachan because I think she'll find something a lot easier and she's still in Ongaku Gatas if they're actually still active….I do wonder though as members are beginning to leave alarmingly! But Erika and Yui have grown so much as idols since the group first debuted and I too hope that UFA has plans for them in the future as they really deserve it! A very touching release!


  5. Mikey says:



  6. I've never even heard of a 'Super 8' movie camera! I wonder where they found one. Most fans are hoping that UFA will incorporate each member into a new unit in the future as I'm just not sure if they'd decide on solo careers which doesn't seem likely.


  7. Mikey says:



  8. So deshou!!! "The Hidden Blade" is such a wonderful film!! ^-^ It's so well directed and has nuances of humor too…..the canon scene.. 🙂 and so much more too! But the character development and how you become attached to them throughout the story really builds. So sad for Kie and then so happy for her!!! The duel near the end was heartbreaking, realistic, and heartfelt at the same time….such a rarity….pure ♥. Matsu Takako is so beautiful too!!! How can one not fall in love with her! If you wish to complete the trilogy then the next film to watch is "Bushi no ichibun" starring one of my favorites who you're now familiar with Kimutaku! ^-^ Sorry about the really bad photos in these posts! Literally taking photos off of an LCD screen… :P


  9. Mikey says:



  10. mizunohi says:

    I was really happy when I heard that Nanni mo.. was their final single, not only because I love the song but how emotional I can imagine it being in their final concert. It is an amazing arrangement and sure to cause tears. The PV is quite elegant and I love the "home video" scenes 😀 it makes it sentimental for now looking back on the growth of Biyuuden and will be for fans looking back to their final release. It looks like a lot of effort went into the release, with so many beautiful scenes and an intricate take on the original melody… and the solo songs hopefully tell of more to come 😀 (Maybe Tsunku wants to test their abilities to sing solo on record and on stage?) I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of Biyuuden, I can't wait to see what they do next!


  11. Ah you really don't need to mention me! It's really nice of you to share your movies with your friends, maybe they'll start collecting them too. ^-^ Oh I could never do that. I think I'd feel strange and I love collecting, it makes me equally happy to share things that I hope others will embrace too. ^-^ It is expensive though but I manage to keep it under control somewhat. 😛 I wonder if I could ever live anywhere else…we do have such clean air but I wasn't aware that Honolulu ranked that high! 🙂


  12. The new arrangement is amazing and I hadn't even thought about the great emotional impact it will have at their final concert performance! There will be tears…that's for sure! It was such a great idea to give the pv that home video look in those scenes on the beach….the producers really gave it a sentimental appeal! I'm so happy that is was completely re-recorded with a whole new feel to it…..makes me dream of The Beatles and their everlasting influence on music. So happy that Tsunku also penned their solo songs too! ^-^ Really shows how special this release is to him and how he probably wants them to be remembered. That's a really good point!….they probably will perform these solo songs as well in their final stage appearance as Biyuuden. A way to perhaps measure their ability and charismatic aura being on stage in a solo atmosphere. I hadn't thought of that earlier…that very well may be true! ^-^ I hope so too! If Ongaku Gatas is going to continue I'd also love to see Erikachan added to that super group!….and it'll be Rikachan and Erikachan reunited once again! ^-^


  13. Mikey says:



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