松浦亜弥の最新シングル ”きずな”

I've been waiting to see what the first week of sales would look like for Ayaya's latest single "Kizuna" as the recent trend has been that of not too much love for her ballads, although I truly feel that these have been really well written and performed songs. For Ayaya's last single Tanimura Yumi wrote for her two absolute gems with "Egao" being the highlight but despite this, a steady decline in sales has continued which is really sad to see. So is H!P's most naturally gifted vocalist in need of something more upbeat? The numbers do say yes. But with a return to her "Momo iro kataomoi" days a seemingly unlikely match for her at her current age, surely the songwriters could pen her something upbeat and fun in a more contemporary sense. I personally haven't lost an ounce of enthusiasm or love for any of Ayaya's releases…recent or older and I really love how she's able to deliver ballads with such conviction and vocal power. The most recent figures have "Kizuna" debuting at 20 with just over 6000 units sold.

Ayaya's recent musical catalog has been getting song writing contributions from outside of Tsunku's realm and what that has meant is a distinctly different sound and approach to her releases bringing a freshness to H!P's palette. Ayaya's stature in H!P has somewhat always been a stand out point and with her releases being written by numerous outside talents this has also aided in a uniqueness to her sound when matched against the rest of H!P for the most part. "Kizuna" is actually not a ballad and instead is in the vein of a mid tempo track although it does dwell on a softer side but with a melody which is bright and uplifting accompanied with a sweet harmony which attunes itself right away it makes for a joyous listen immediately. Not infectious on the same level as "Egao" but nonetheless a solid track in its own right.

The coupling with song "Hitori" is a newly recorded version and its predecessor can be found on Matsuura Aya's masterpiece "Naked Songs." The two versions have subtle differences between them in instrumentation and a redone vocal which stands to be its most prominent feature but with a song this moving and well written I have absolutely no complaints about it being included here as the "b-side." And although it's been previously released I would have actually made it the A-side as I think it's just that great of a song!! "Hitori" is simply pure <3!!! Here are both the "Naked Songs"' version as well as the newly released "Single Version" of "Hitori"…

First is the new version…and just below is the "Naked Songs" version…

03 ひとり
Matsuura Aya

With the current trend of DVDs being favored as extras H!P needs to match this release ("Naked Songs") in some way shape or form with their other artists as the DVD extra included with Ayaya's album "Naked Songs" stands to be arguably the finest ever offered by the H!P family.

The entire concept behind this release is wonderful as the idea of "stripping" away the outer "casings" of the previously released songs as well as presenting the new tracks in a session style environment creates the ambiance of a truly "live" and intimate feeling which translates perfectly even on the audio CD. But the true gem here is the accompanying DVD which has a generous running time of 47 minutes! and includes 10 performances all shot in the candid realm of a small recording studio! The track listing includes such past favorites as "Hyakkai no kiss", "Yeah! meccha holiday", "Dokki doki! LOVE mail", "Momoiro kataomoi", and Tropical koihshite~ru" along with a few other surprises and Ayaya is in top form here throughout the recordings. What this DVD offers to fans is an all to rare close up look into the beauty and fun that an intimate setting can create and even the little nuance of Ayaya accidentally almost beginning her vocals too soon in her performance of "I Know" will certainly offer an endearing visual to any Ayaya fan out there! And the fact that they didn't edit this out or re-shoot the video sums up in a sense what this release is truly about…giving the fans a closer look without any barriers…with an approach that is truly, naked. The new jazzy arrangements also give old favorites new life and there's even the inclusion of a foreign cover song! What also should be noted is the absence of back-up singers and if anyone in H!P can carry a tune alone and excel it's definitely Ayaya! (Aichan too!…"Ribbon no kishi" ^-^) As mentioned earlier Ayaya's vocals are top notch here and there are numerous times in which she approaches the lyrics with a fun touch here and there which without a doubt would never be found on an album and you can just sense and see her joy so openly in these performances which creates a lively and intimate undertone for this truly unique release.

I've picked out and uploaded 3 tracks from the "Naked Songs" DVD including "Tropical koishite~ru", "I Know", and "Happiness" which are just three favorites of mine from this DVD….just to give a glimpse here. No Ayaya fan should be without this release!…and happily it can still be ordered here at Cdjapan!

Matsuura Aya "Tropical koishite~ru" from "Naked Songs"

Matsuura Aya- "I Know" from "Naked Songs."

Matsuura Aya- "Happiness" from "Naked Songs."

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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15 Responses to 松浦亜弥の最新シングル ”きずな”

  1. Zush says:



  2. mizunohi says:

    I actually enjoy Ayaya's newer singles to her older ones, although my favourites remain as a mix of older and newer songs 😛 I assume I'm quite a minority here.
    I think that Ayaya's voice is so amazing it doesn't matter if shes singing a ballad or a cutsey song. You're right in saying how well they're written! Aya has the best ballads in all of H!P in my opinion, no one can beat her voice! She pulls off each song beautifully and doesn't let the track feel "boring". I think a mid-tempo more upbeat song would be great for her right now 😀
    I'm really dissapointed in the appearance of "Naked Songs". Her older albums had such beautiful and unique packaging, T.W.O. remains as the best "designed" album I've seen 😀 I'm really sad to see Aya following the same path as H!P in packaging… Both the DVD and the CD itself are breathtaking, they really allow Aya's talent to shine through her songs. It's almost a "best of" (but more a "better of") since the jazz feel really suits her voice perfectly!
    I never get bored of Ayaya's voice and I doubt I ever will ^^


  3. paul.thomas says:

    I really love Kizuna it's such a great song and I find I'm watching the PV quite regularly as well, I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive in the post, I think it's waiting for me at home so as soon as I'm done working and get home I'll give it a listen, well that is if I can keep my eyes open for long enough, been a long day lol.Ayaya is such an amazing talent and she really does stand out, she has an amazing voice, look and presence in general, I found myself listening to her latest album recently and found myself loving it which was a surprise as when I originally listened to it I wasn't as overly impressed with it as I had been with her other albums. Ahh Naked Songs, an amazing album and is really the bench mark for any release with a limited DVD release included, nothing has even come close to this, which is a real shame, if the amount of effort that was obviously put into this album and the DVD went into other releases the Limited releases would be amazing.


  4. I know what you mean as "Kizuna" isn't one of her best..but I still really like it. Ayaya's voice just soars!!! "Egao" will always impress me and when she sang it in concert she excelled over even what the recorded version presented!! I love her entire catalog….from her debut till now. "Momoiro kataomoi" was my first Ayaya love! I cant' remember how many times I watched that pv over and over and all I had back then originally was this little video file but it didn't matter I just loved it so much! Ayaya is another H!P artist that I own every single and album by, I believe that I have most of her concert DVDs too…I may be just missing one I think. And her "Alo-Hello!" are great too! I loved it when she visited Sea Life Park which is here in Hawaii! So cute! "Naked Songs" is pure <3!


  5. Oh and I forgot to mention…for some reason my password at your site doesn't seem to work anymore and they don't seem to want to send me a new one when I requested it. Hmmm…I'll try again.


  6. Hmm…I don't know, I actually love them kind of equally…haha I'm definitely in the minority too! 😛 I wonder if it would truly revive her single sales if she were to release something really fun and upbeat all of a sudden. It's been quite awhile and I wonder how her fans would react…I'm thinking that UFA should realize this by now too. They should mix it up like they used to….in between all of her upbeat songs she released "The Last Night" and "Sougen no hito" which didn't suffer from a drop in sales despite being ballads. Hmmmm..I guess all artists should have a mix of tempos in their releases….just keeps things fun I guess and hopefully keeps the fan interest high! We do think alike though….it doesn't matter what she releases…I've always liked them all….slow or upbeat!..cute or serious! The packaging could have been much more…but yes! the DVD is so great!!! One of it not H!P's best bonus DVD ever!!! I love how you can see and sense all of the fun she is having in the recording studio with the live musicians! Imagine seeing Momusu, BK, or C-ute in that same type of environment! I think I would fall out of my chair! 😛


  7. Wow you're working late!!!! :O That would be a great welcome home present to yourself!…an Ayaya release! ^-^ Looks like the pv DVD single is being released next week too! "Naked Songs" really does have the best DVD extra that H!P has ever produced. I was just mentioning to mizunohi how great it would be if Momusu, BK, or C-ute were given this same recording environment for one of their albums and of course there would have to be a bonus DVD for it!! Can you imagine how much fun that would be for both them and the fans! I'm giddy just thinking about it! 😛 Alternate pvs are great but this would be so much better!!! I wonder how cute and strange Kamei would be in a live recording atmosphere with the camera rolling and live musicians present? And that would apply to every member in these groups…but minus the 'strange' part of course! 😛


  8. paul.thomas says:

    Yep yesterday was a really long day, started at 7:30 and worked through to 2:30 the next morning…and today i have the joys of another 7:30 start…so glad it's the weekend tomorrow, really looking forward to some sleep! And waiting for at home was Ayaya single and Gaki's PB 🙂 lol, they kept me another 30mins.It would be amazing if something similar was to be released similar to Ayaya's DVD by one of the other units, Kamei would certainly be entertaining! I've always wondered why they haven't included things like that as an extra before, although Ayaya had a live instruments with her as well I'd be more than happy to watch the girls doing a normal recording session. The limited DVDs are something that always puzzle me, there's so much possible footage and things to include on this DVD but yet all we seem to get are PVs and the like, although these can be entertaining (unless it's the car crash that is GAMs Limited DVD) it would be interesting to see it taken full advantage of.


  9. I can't believe that they schedule you for so long!!! Or is this by choice? :O I'm so behind! I haven't even opened up Gakisan's new pb yet! 😛 The possibilities would be so amazing if they ever tried to do something like this with either Momusu, BK, or C-ute! Having the musicians I guess would be the most costly?I would think and hope that something like this would boost sales though. I love pvs too but yes! they could offer so much more if they were a bit more creative and went outside the "box" once in a while. ^-^


  10. paul.thomas says:

    Some of it is out of choice, some caused by an annoying problems in work with people getting competition dates mixed up :S … but I'm used to the complete lack of sleep now, lol, can't be a good thing.Have you had a chance to look at Gakisan's PB? WOW!! It's amazing! There are some really good shots in it!I was reading about Milky Way's next single release and that there's a competition to design their outfits, I'm hoping that the Limited DVDs take full advantage of this, as you say it's something a but more creative than they usually have on their and I'd really love to see all the designs that people come up with and the reactions the girls have to them!


  11. I sometimes average 3 hours of sleep a night on weekdays but I never work long long hours like you do!!!! :O Please be careful though as driving while sleepy can be dangerous….maybe play your J-Pop extra loud to help keep you up! 🙂 Haha silly me…I'll be opening it up soon! 😛 I've had it for awhile now….really strange of me! Ah fans are designing them?!! That's such a great and fun idea!! I bet some fan out there gets a bit mischievous though….hmm…Kohachan looks at the fan designed outfit…."nope it can't be worn! :O" Bad Paul! 😛 Just kidding!! But wouldn't you really love to design a cute outfit for her! Hopefully a LE DVD has all of the fun of this competition on it! I'm guessing that it may also show up on episodes of HM@….just like the new anime character drawing contest that they had awhile ago for Kirarin Revolution, but of course that one had Momusu competing against each other. With the fan involvement this time it should be really fun to see! Please let me know if you see any video clips of this competition pop up! ^-^


  12. paul.thomas says:

    I've actually not done too bad over the past few days, managed to be asleep before 11.30, so been getting a proper nights sleep…although I have found that I've been waking up at 5 and not being able to get back to sleep :(Hmmmm…what would I draw up if I could? The instant thing that comes to mind are the outfits in Barbarella, I really love that film and all the outfits that Jane Fonda wears in it…although I think most of them would be a little too racey and revealing for Koha and probably not really suited to the style of the PV or song I'd imagine, but I can dream lol….guess it's back to the drawing board. It sounds like a great idea and a great thing for the fans to participate in, I wonder how you enter?


  13. Your body must be so used to your work day sleep patterns…..I often will wake up about a minute before my alarm goes off which is always strange. It really does happen quite a lot though! I sleep in on the weekends! ^-^ I'm not familiar with Barbarella but I'm now checking………Paul!! :O Kohachan can't wear that! 😛 LOL! If you were a UFA photographer now I know what your Koha pb would look like! ^-^ I think you would generate great sales!!


  14. paul.thomas says:

    I'm always waking up minutes before my alarm…it's really annoying!You haven't seen Barbarella!? It's been my favourite film since I was about 6 or 7, along with Day of the Dead (lol, I've had on taste in films since an early age). The film itself is amazing (although a little 60's for some people, if you know what I mean?), with the music and costume design being just as good! Admitdly some of the costumes may be a bit to sexy for Koha, but some I think would look great on her, I'm thinking the furry one with the long tail (can't seem to find any photos of it online) but in pink, it would look great with the haircut and little hat she wore in the Chance PV.Lol, if I was a UFA photographer doing a Koha book, I don't think it would ever get finished, the last day would come and I'd have to think of some excuse to prolong it all, "oops, I was looking through all the finished shots last night and then my dog ate ALL of them, looks like we'll need to start again", although they may start to get a little suspicous after the 2nd or 3rd time I used that excuse especially as I don't own a dog ;p


  15. That's funny, so I'm not the only one!…I thought I was just a little strange doing that so often! :P….turning my alarm off just before its set time. I haven't seen it but now you have me very curious to see it. Especially to see the 'furry one with the long tail'….^-^ You'd end up with tons of extra off shots to present online like how they offer those digital online photo books from past shashinshuus! 🙂 Kohachan may start to give you the look after awhile as she'll have grown suspicious as well but if she's wearing that furry pink outfit with the tail I think you'll be okay with that! 😛 Hmm…maybe you should get a dog too just in case! 😛


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