Berikyuu! Idol the second week: “Idol Goes Bowling with the stars.”

Ryan: "Actually there's been some delay and this should actually be called the "third week" although we are still back in the second week of competition and part of this was caused when Paula suddenly walked off of Idol declaring a need for more inspiration on finding her own original thoughts……good luck with that Paula we wish you the best! ;D" So it came down to trying to find a quick replacement for Paula and with such short notice of course the first person we considered and interviewed was without a second thought…

…Ronald McDonald because Ronald truly cares and well I Simon and I were both hoping for some food comps along the way. But just as things were shaping up…….

  …Ronald was suddenly taken away by the authorities and none of us saw this coming although there had been numerous reports of strange visitors to Ronald's Fun House of late at all kinds of hours. Personally I guess I aways knew that there was something sinister behind that smile. Early information indicates that when Ronald's Fun House was raided approximately 20 pounds of trans fat was found scattered throughout the home. Authorities also state that Ronald was seen frantically feeding what appeared to be trans fat to Grimace as they began to search the premises in an attempt to hide the evidence. Grimace was held for questioning but was later released pending further investigation. He was covered in trans fat. :O Neighbors first became suspicious of the Fun House when the Hamburgler was seen at all sorts of odd hours coming and going from the home always with a McDonalds bag in hand. The charges are serious as 20 pounds of trans fat clearly shows that Ronald intended to distribute the fat as this amount isn't consistent with personal use. But no matter how long he was questioned, authorities said that they just couldn't seem to wipe that smile off of his face. :O But luck would have it that "Dancing with the Stars" had just concluded its most recent season and that meant…..

…lots of free time for feisty judge Bruno Tonioli!" ^-^

"And just in case you forgot….I'm Ryan Seacrest, your host for Berikyuu! Idol!" (^o^)/ So let's get right to tonight's um…bowling action! Seems that Paula "accidentally" fired the band so here we are at the bowling alley. And remember that at the end of the show you'll be voting for your favorites so that they'll be in next weeks top 6 as the next bottom four vote getters will be booted off the show. Last week we saw Maasa, Maimai, Nakki, and Kannachan all being given the boot but with family night at the bowling alley being leaked throughout H!P there was just no way to keep them at home for this! 😛

   Ryan: "Leading off for team Berryz Koubou is Momo…

…and you really have to adore her two handed between the legs techique!! Erikachan and Maimichan in particular are seen having a fun laugh in the background!………….she has by far the most cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute bowling technique ever! Seems that she and Kohachan share something  in common too!…………

…Airichan's form looks much more traditional but will that mean a higher score?…

…and I love how late she releases the ball! (thud!)" :O

:O!!…….(Just below it may appear to be a screen cap but it's actually Momo & Airi's bowling clip which is the only one that I uploaded directly to VOX as the rest are on YouTube. 🙂 )

And now for our judges reactions:

Randy: "…………..heehee heehee heee hehe!!..O___o

Bruno Tonioli: "10!!! that was absolutely fabulous…Momo was like a bearcat shooting a cannonball with just a rubberband! and at first I didn't even know if the ball was ever going to even get there..the little finishing hop and her changing techniques in between was like watching Michael Jordan going to the basket with a bag of sand which is much too heavy…yes with two hands! and that's exactly how a bearcat survives! I, Bruno will have to invite you the next time I go bowling! (^o^)/ Airichan you were like the mama bear looking for wood in the forest…the technique was all there but you threw them both straight into the gutter….absolutely marvelous!! (^o^)/

Simon: "……………that was utterly horrendous…the last time that I threw two gutter balls was when I was playing with my Fisher Price Bowl-O-Rama last week. Momo how much helium did you inhale before coming down here…I wish you would've shared some with me outside then this whole mess would have been the best time ever."

Ryan: "Funny Simon didn't invite me over for "Bowl-O-Rama"….I was in town….our next bowling idol that will be hoping for your vote is Kumachan who survived a c-ute-off versus Kannachan thanks to your vote. Here she'll be paired up with previously booted out idol Maimai who's really adorable with a bowling ball!…

Kumai Yurina & Maimai BK vs. C-ute bowling

…and now for our judges reactions."

Randy: "…………………..heehee heehee hee hee heee hehehe….." o___O

Bruno Tonioli: "10!!!…the most exciting 3 pin knockdown that I've ever witnessed!..Kumachan it was like watching one of those giant trees in The Lord of the Rings trying to slide a boulder down the hillside!…absolutely marvelous! No walk up and no follow through…Bruno is going to try that the next time he's down at the alley!" (^o^)/

Simon: "…..That was like the best and worst thing ever and it was eeriely similar to watching my all time favorite film "Weekend at Bernie's 2" which I've grown to have a love/hate relationship with….love the film but but can't stand the fact that it wasn't even nominated for best picture that year which is why I've officially lost all faith in the Academy."

Next up on the bowling lane is Risakochan who'll be paired up with recently booted out Kannachan who's actually quite magical with a bowling ball!…the little scream that she lets out just before picking up the 2 pins on her second attempt is priceless!" 

Sugaya Risako & Arihara Kanna BK vs. C-ute bowling

…and now for our judges reactions…"

Randy: "Heeheehee hehehehheheh!"…O___o

Bruno Tonioli: "10!!! Riichan that was fantastical! Just like an Olympic skier going down a hill of snow with no skies! Absolutely marvelous! Only room for improvement would be using two hands instead of one which would have scored you an 11 on the Bruno scale!" (^o^)/

Simon: "Has everyone else here gone mad?!…it was totally horrendous and you knocking down 3 pins wasn't even the worst part of it….even on my first attempt at Fisher Price Bowl-O-Rama about a month ago I knocked down 4 pins in my living room…I should upload that footage to YouTube…good times."

Ryan: "I know that I'll be logging onto YouTube later tonight…I just don't think that Simon's capable of knocking down that many pins……Next up is the pairing of Chiichan and Chisa who both have much more conventional form with Chisa being quite the power bowler!………

Tokunaga Chinami & Okai Chisato BK vs. C-ute bowling

…and now for our judges reactions…"

Randy: "..hee heeheheheeheehhehehehehe!….O__o

Bruno Tonioli: "10!!!…you both make we want to stand up and scream like a mad man with my little number 10 sign!…Chiichan you remind me of the mama Coca Cola happy to knock down just 5 pins and Chisa you were like the great white pigeon aiming for tourist in the park!….so much power and yet you knocked down just one more pin than the cola bear! Absolutely fabulous!" (^o^)/

Simon: "………………..Have you been drinking Bruno?…that was almost as ghastly as the cheeseburger that I just ate at the concession a few minutes ago…it wasn't any where near as good as the burger Play-Doh set that I keep in my kitchen at home….the red ones are tasty."

Ryan: "When was the last time that you ate Play-Doh?….you can text message your answers to 4321idoleatsplaydoh….our next bowling idol is Captain Sakichan who'll be paired with Nakki who got the boot last week…and it looks like the Captain's quite good!…

Shimizu Saki & Nakajima Saki BK vs. C-ute bowling

…let's see what the judges reactions are…."

Randy: "……..heeheeheeh heheheheheheheehee!…"

Bruno Tonioli: "10!!! that was stupendous! Captain you are the flying nun of this competition and just like the cereal! Such big taste in little nuggets!…perfect footwork and a follow through with reckless abandon! Bruno like very much!" (^o^)/

Simon: "To be honest I don't think that cheeseburger was cooked all the way through….and I think the competition has just taken a large step backwards..sort of like two weeks ago when I had finally worked up the courage to and was challenging a kindergarten class to a friendly game of Chinese Checkers and when I pulled the win out at the very last moment they crazy glued my head to a desk….good times."

Ryan: "Thank you Simon…helping America's youth better themselves everyday!….next on the lanes are Miya and Erikachan who both display some of tonight's best bowling form but well…hmmm let's just have a look…

Natsuyaki Miyabe & Umeda Erika BK vs. C-ute bowling

…now let's hear from our judges…"

Randy: "………………….O___o…….."

Bruno Tonioli: "10!!!…it was like seeing the story of the snowpuppy and carrot child come to life right before my eyes!…four pins knocked down in four tries…fabulous isn't even enough of a description! When is the waitress coming back?!" (^o^)/

Simon:  "…….and that is why you should never forget your pants when attending a wedding…….oh are we back on?….."

Randy: "…hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee heeh!"…..O___o

Simon: "…This entire night has been really pointless and I keep thinking…if only Ronald McDonald were here instead of Bruno then at least we'd have happy meals and toys to play with during the commercial breaks…and I'm still missing the Fry Guy Friendly Flyer and Hughbert the Bear toys…..disappointing times."

Ryan: "Simon I'll trade you a Hughbert Bear for a Darla the Unicorn after the show…" 🙂

Simon: ^-^ ^-^ (^o^) (^o^) (^o^)/ (^o^)/……………

Randy: "..hee hee hee heeheeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh!"…O___o…

Ryan: "Tonight's final idol to bowl for you is Maimichan who'll be paired with Maasa who got the boot last week but has the best reaction of the night following a gutter ball!!…Maimichan displays good form with questionable results…let's have a look….

…C-ute's arguably c-utest sure can dance but can she bowl?……


Yajima Maimi & Sudo Maasa BK vs. C-ute bowling

…and for one final time tonight let's hear from our judges…"

Randy: "….heehee heehee hehehehehehehee heehee hee heehehehe!"

Bruno Tonioli: "10!!!…Maasa!!! you have just shared the answer to the age old question!…'why does the caged bear sing'!! And Maimichan you were like a great big gummy bear with a nice glass of shiraz! Sweet and rubbery! The spare was well set up but instead you went straight for the right gutter with authority! It was the surprise move of the night! Absolutely fabulous! (^o^)/

Simon: "….That was absolutely horrendous and it reminds me of the time that I went bowling with Barrack Obama and he bowled a 37 beating me by one pin…O__o…….and later I had set him right and show him who was boss of the Fisher Price Bowl-O-Rama…now he knows not to show off next time while out at the bowling alley…..37…………..he got lucky."

Ryan: "So that wraps up tonight's show and the voting is now open and will be until Thursday at midnight. Remember that the bottom four vote getters will be booted off of the show and it will just be the final 6 remaining. So if you'd like to see your favorite idols make it into the next round you know what to do. The final 3 frames of the BK vs. C-ute bowling showdown can be seen below and each team is set to choose which 3 members will get another chance at the lanes and represent them in the final stretch to victory! I'm Ryan Seacrest and I am out!"

Berryz Koubou vs. C-ute bowling (final 3 frames)


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to Berikyuu! Idol the second week: “Idol Goes Bowling with the stars.”

  1. MB, as much as I love your postings here, this is BY FAR the MOST EXCELLENT POST I've read in QUITE some time!
    -You crack me up!!!!
    Thank you for this!


  2. Hotaru says:

    I loved Airi's reaction as she just ran away! I do the same thing when bowling XD. Everyone just laughs at me though.


  3. DK I am wacky aren't I?!! 😛 Sometimes I just write silly things! Well I actually wrote this over 2 days and your words mean more to me than anything!! I'm always so self conscious when I write anything but your words reassure me so much! And by no means do I think that this is anything really but if you smiled a bit and not in that "Ronald" permanent sort of way I'm ^-^!!


  4. Well you don't want to see me bowl! 😛 It's okay if it's on the Wii but at an actual bowling alley… 😛 Let's just say that once in front of all of my co-workers I stepped a bit too far down the lane where it's slippery and I went airborne and… wasn't very pretty! 😛 And I was made fun of for months!!! :O Airichan looked to have good form but maybe she was just too nervous!


  5. Hotaru says:

    Ah! If I had that mishap, I would stick to WiiBowling too! Airichan probably curved the ball with her hand…People always tell me thats what I do…I'm just bad at bowling in general though (including the Wii…but I'm worse at Baseball!) so I never really understand their instructions on how I can get better!


  6. No, no, it was not just Ronald.
    I love what you do!
    Thanks for making me smile!


  7. CK says:

    Airi's first throw had to be the greatest "bowling moment" in television history…thud! Great MB, now I need to start buying DVD Mags???
    Great post, as usual. Can't wait for the results!


  8. It was one my low points in social life! 😛 I did win some prizes though so it wasn't all embarrassing! ^-^ Still I haven't been to a bowling alley since and that was years ago!!!! 😛 I can't even throw a curve ball! Hmmm…let's see if I score at least 110 I consider that a "good" game! 😛 Isn't that sad in a funny way!


  9. Thank you DK!! You are a very special friend!!! ^-^ Looking beyond my strangeness! 🙂


  10. So true so true!!! I've done something similar in Wii bowling but not at an actual lane! :O That was so c-ute, she kind of just threw it out there with such a high release! ^-^ Aw I'm sorry I don't mean to cause you more expenses…especially H!P ones which I imagine are at the top of both of our lists! 😛 But the DVD Magazines that H!P releases are really great! You get to see a much more personal look at the members and at times in the right environment it's really fun to see! The scary thing is that these DVD Magazines are being released at an alarmingly quick pace! It seems like every week!!!! :O The votes are getting really close so I'm in suspense too! Thank you Chris! ^-^


  11. You're quite welcome! -You too!!!
    You're strangeness is much appreciated here!


  12. Shirow says:

    I really loved watching the girls bowling, they were all so cute yet awfull at bowling, Momo made some super cute faces, but the girl that stood out for me was Massa, her crawl of shame had me lol'ing hard.
    They should make these unit games a regular thing … I would love to see a mario kart tournament or maybe a vollyball game … on the beach …. with biki … ok I'll stop now.
    But anyway, lovely post 😉


  13. I wish more of the DVD magazines were like this one…there should always be games played! Talk segments are nice but games games games! are the best! Maasa really did steal the show!….I couldn't believe that she was crawling back after her first throw had gone astray on her!!! :O LOL!…someone's mind is wandering! 😛 'Bikini beach volleyball'….hmmm……


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