亀井絵里写真集全集。。。aka take two Kamei and call me in the morning.

…While the apple a day theory sounds great (make mine fuji!), sometimes there's just no other cure suitable for what ails you than lots and lots of Kamei!…….Wu-san I hope you're feeling better!!! ^-^

Kamei's latest photograph collection is a culmination of her previous four Wani published shashinshuus ("Kamei Eri", "Days", "Juunanasai", and "Maple") with her "Love-Hello!" pb being the only exclusion as it's under another publisher. This marks the third such "complete works" edition in the H!P pb collection as Aichan and Reinachan also have similar releases but what fans can really appreciate in these releases is that they aren't merrily duplicate photograph collections of these idols previous works but rather an extension of them as the photos contained within are from the previously unpublished H!P vault which must be really large by now I imagine! And what surprises me as I compared them to the ones previously used from the same photo shoots is that there's definitely no lack of quality here as all of these photos could have easily made the final cut in each members' previously released works. In addition these special releases also include a substantial number of photos from all new photo sessions too! And of course there's the inclusion of a making of DVD for this shashinshuu…something that Wani Books pioneered! ^-^ Arigatou!

All three of these complete photograph editions come housed in nice slip cases and the size of the pbs themselves is very very impressive as they're significantly thicker than your average pb. I love Kamei's new "Kame" logo which is pictured on her latest pb's spine above! I'm thinking that she may have drawn it herself as it's just so cute!….but it does lack a sense of weirdness, so maybe not! 😛 The next official Kamei t-shirt should bear this adorable turtle design and I'm guessing that it just might become one H!P's best selling t-shirt sets! 🙂 Well….I'd purchase one for sure! 😛

Aichan's "Shashinshuu zenshuu" is still however the best produced of the three as for whatever reason it's outer slipcase is by far one of the best made and thickest that I've ever seen and roughly appears to be about 3 times the thickness of both Kamei's and Reinachan's similar complete photograph editions. Hmm….and I do still regard Aichan as H!P's shashinshuu princess even though Kamei is my favorite Momusu member and my 2nd favorite overall H!P member just behind Nacchi by a hair.

Now to let the therapeutic wonders of Kamei to work its magic and even if you're not feeling ill which I do hope!…after a great big dosage of Kamei I think you will be feeling better! ^-^ I could go on and on, on why I adore Kamei so much (and I'm still looking for that one H!M episode "titled"…."The one with the guy that makes everything look delicious" where Kamei uh…shines so MUCH!!! and I'll find it soon I think!) but for fear of putting you to sleep or causing you concern over my extreme Kamei bias and obsession I'll keep my essay on Kamei to 50 words or less……."Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei , Kamei, kaMei, Kamei, kAmei, Kamei, kamEi, Kamei, kameI, Kamei, kAmei, KAMEI, KAMEI, KAMEI, KAMEI, KAMEI, KAMEI, KAMEI, KAMEI, kamei, Kamei." 😛

All scans courtesy of Saburo! I'm afraid that my copy is scanner allergic…I just can't bring myself to damage its spine! 😛 The little thumbnails can be clicked on to enlarge. 🙂



Kawaii!!!! ❤


Kawaii!!!!! ❤

kawaii!!!!! ❤



Kamei to Kame!…..Kawaii!!!!<3

Kawaii!!! ❤


Kawaii!!!! ❤



The remainder of the photos are from new photo shoots done specifically for this release and that creates yet another incentive to own these cumulative special editions as not only are you getting unused photos from these members' previous pbs but also a whole new collection of recent pics too! ^-^

Kamei therapy almost complete! 🙂

Hmmm…smells like Kamei spirit! 😛


Kamei wa kampeki!!!!!!

Kawaii!!!! ❤

Sometimes with the right eyeliner I think Kamei has "Egyptian" eyes….expressive, memorable, exotic………….beautiful…



And while some idols are very thin I've always thought that Kamei has the perfect physique…not overly thin but just right! and perfect! and Kamei has curves!

Admittedly I'm so overly biased when it comes to Kamei…hmm real shocker! :P…but I just find her to embody everything that is right and perfect as an idol. Personality….CHECK!……Cute……..Check! Check!….Acting ability….Check!…….Sound vocals……Check!……Has an aura of warmth and is personable…..check!…….Adorable……Check!…….Professional…..Check!…….C-ute….Check!, sorry did I cover that one already?! 😛 Ah! I have so many meetings to attend already…..Hello! Project Anonymous, J-Pop Anonymous, Berryz Koubou Anonymous, Momusu Anonymous, C-ute Anonymous, and of course Kamei Anonymous……but I just don't think that they can really help me….hmmmm…whats a J-Pop junkie who's addicted to all things cute to do? :P…

…and Kamei's the ringleader, there's no hope for me! 😛

Ah kawaii!!!!…okay I'll stop but there's actually only two photos left! 😛

Ah Kawaii!!!…sorry I couldn't help myself! ❤

Hmmm…now why  isn't there a line of official Kamei-"kame" products being offered to fans just yet?! Now who wouldn't want to own one of these custom designed kame works of cuddly cute art!!…..Oh! it's time for my first Kamei Anonymous Meeting….I must go! (^o^)/……Wu I expect you to be there! 😛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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29 Responses to 亀井絵里写真集全集。。。aka take two Kamei and call me in the morning.

  1. snow-flower says:

    thanks for sharing..u must be a really patient girl to upload so many pics…has anyone ever told u that?


  2. Shirow says:



    Its must be a real joy to have those photobooks sitting on your shelf … it makes me quite envious indeed as my meager collection is quite overshadowed!
    Maybe you should get a job in advertising because I've just placed an order for Eri's photobook collection … it looks too good to miss!!


  3. CK says:

    Kamei has the most amazing thighs…and a great "caboose" connected to them! I absolutely agree with you about her physique being one of her greatest virtues. You don't see that a lot with J-idols. Most of them are rail-thin.
    Thanks for sharing the amazing photos. MB, you must have the most completely incredible H!P collection I've ever seen. Makes me feel better about all of the $$$ I've spent on them too!


  4. HarimaKenji says:

    I've done my share of posts with lots of pics too, and yours must take quite some time. I think uploading isn't even the worst part, it's actually putting each photo in the post. Vox should have an option where you choose a lot of photos, and then you can choose for them all to appear in what it calls "extra large size, centered", instead of it defaulting to "lots of miniatures in a single rectangle". Great job, and great patience.I can't understand your members ranking though… Kamei is your current Momusu favorite, right? Since Aichan is also in current Momusu, it should mean Kamei > Aichan. But Nacchi is first overall, and Aichan is second, which means Kamei has to be third or lower, so overall it's Aichan > Kamei. =/


  5. Hmm….no you would be the first I think! I guess I may be patient as these did take awhile to complete but as it's Kamei…it's a labor of love. ❤ I'm happy that you like the photos too! ^-^


  6. Shelf space is becoming an issue though….I collect idol pbs that are non H!P too but a significant number of them are H!P related and in all I have 87 of them with 68 of them being solo member shashinshuus. Gakisan's latest pb is beautiful too and I hope that someone scans it too as I know I'm so lame not being able to bring myself to scan my copy….I just don't want to damage it! 😛 I imagine your collection growing to large proportions! ^-^ I'm so happy that you ordered her photobook!!! \(^o^)/


  7. Haha you're very direct! ^-^ I agree too! For awhile I was hoping that Kamei would invite Reinachan over for dinner so that she'd nutrition herself properly. 😛 She was just getting a bit too thin for awhile I think but she seems to be better now which is a happy thing. I adore Reinachan too and hopefully I can get her latest photo book release uploaded here soon. Thank you Chris and it's great to meet a H!P fan who's so supportive of them too! Maybe one day we'll meet in a H!P Anonymous meeting! 😛


  8. I wish for that option too HarimaKenji! It would make things much easier but it was actually fun getting these together as Kamei just makes me smile all the time….she's just so Kamei! 😛 Aichan was my longtime favorite current Momusu member and she's #1 on numerous lists posted here but in late 2007 Kamei finally took over the #1 current Momusu spot and Aichan is a solid second still. I posted the change back on November 8th, 2007 with their "Acchi Chikyu wo Samasunda" Yokohama event merchandise:http://morningberryz.vox.com/library/post/acchi-chikyu-wo-samasunda-bunkasai-2007-in-yokohama-event-merchandise-updated-member-ranking.html


  9. maiZe says:

    I just absolutely adore the last photo! I love turtles! I love snowpeople! Kamei with her kame! SOO KAWAII! XD


  10. mizunohi says:

    The collections are quite amazing! I love that turtle on the spine >.<
    What I love about these collections, especially for such fast-growing idols, is the change between the releases and being able to see them all in one book 😀 It's amazing how beautiful and mature looking Kame has become! I really treasure the pictures of Kame in Maple in downtown Vancouver, since I live about 10 mins. away 😛 The most amazing thing is one of the first photos in it, a double page spread of Granville Island, the place with the yellow roof is where my parents had their first date!! 😀 Living in Hawaii, do you have a connection to anywhere in an Alo!Hello?
    Yey for Kame! >.< she's just so awesome! I love that last picture 😛


  11. paul.thomas says:

    Kamei does have a great body and I totally agree on your comments about Reina, her Alo! Hello PB from awhile back was amazing but in some shots she looked just a little too skinny. These collection PBs do look like a worthy purchase, I have to admit to being a little behind on PB releases, but I think I'l def be putting an order in soon for both Aichan's, Kamei's and Gakisan's. Kamei's first PB is still one of my all time favourites!


  12. They're so cute! and somehow they appear to be sewn by Kamei herself….I guess they just have that warm homemade look to them! ^-^ I'd like to buy one!


  13. The turtle is cute isn't it!! Kamei has an official logo! \(^o^)/ They really should consider making a Kamei line of clothing and accessories with this logo on everything! I'd definitely purchase some! That's right "Maple" was shot in Canada! ^-^ And it's s wonderful that some of the locales are very near and familiar to you! And Kamei visited the same place as your parents did?! 🙂 Did you show them the photo?! Hmm….as far as a real connection…Nacchi drove past my elementary school! 😛 But since I live on a "little" island I'm familiar with most places here of note and have at one time or another been there so there's actually quite a lot of familiar places for me on each Alo-Hello! release. That's why it's so funny when I always see a place that I could've driven to in a short period of time on one of their DVD releases I always think…..why couldn't I have been there at that exact time on that day?! 😛 Haha silly! 😛 Some places that I "could've" been quite quickly: Momusu at our Water Adventure Park, a few members of Momusu at Pearlridge Shopping Center which is really quite close!, Ayaya at Sea Life Park, Kamei in Kaimuki where I grew up!, Reinachan in Haleiwa on our North Shore!, and there's quite a few more….plus just about every H!P member who visits here stays in Waikiki which isn't too far either! But aside from my elementary school…these are just places here that I'm familiar with and have been to, however the location where your parents went on their first date…that's truly special! ^-^If I knew how to sew I'd make myself a replica Kamei kame! 😛


  14. Awhile back on a friends site I once posted "Someone give her a muffin!" which was dedicated to Reinachan in her borderline "too" thin days! 😛 Kamei's first pb is really great! Hmm….my favorite is between either her "Love-Hello" or "Maple"…just too difficult to decide! That's right!..Aichan has a new shashinshuu coming out soon too…or has it already been released? I need another bookshelf! 😛


  15. mizunohi says:

    I'd totally buy Kamei-Kame clothes 😛
    Wow….hmmm maybe one day you'll bump into one of the members 😛 I think its great that you can connect to so many experiences 😀
    I'm sure making a Kamei kame would be quite easy! Hmmm when I get some free time I'll dig up some felt and try to make one XD If it turns out well I'll send it to you! ^^ (any colour prefrence?)


  16. I wish there were a way to communicate to UFA that this would be a great idea! Just imagine t-shirts, bags, figures, and um…of course wrist bands! 😛 Each member in Momusu should have their own personally created logo design…well one can dream. 🙂 I may faint if that ever happens!…especially if I'm not properly prepared! :P….where's my camera?…because no one's going t believe this!! :O Ah just the thought is wonderful that you'd even consider sewing one for me! ^-^ Please don't go through any extra trouble and only if and I mean only if you do try to make one orange and green like hers would be the cutest I think. But really just the thought is so sweet of you! ^-^


  17. ooh! -I'd take two Kamei's and never call anyone again!
    ha ha ha
    Very nice pix you've shared with us!


  18. It's really amazing to see how she's blossomed over the years – I liked Kamei from the onset, but also as she grew as both a girl to woman and as a personality in MM.


  19. mizunohi says:

    I really hope that the members get their own personal designs! What kind of design do you think they would make?
    I agree with you here XD I'd probably say something stupid though if I met a member @_@ but of course, I say stupid things a lot (haha)
    Well I know we have some felt (if I can find it :P) I used to make things like this with my mom, so it'd be cool to have a new project. ^^ I'd love to make something as a present for you! I love your blog and I've never returned a favour for the Koha T-shirt set (I treasure it!!!! :DD)


  20. wu-san says:

    awww, you rule MB!
    I can feel some magic energy all of a sudden ^^
    You know I was recently wondering if I should get a PB and which one…Sayu or Eri for me. But now when that time comes. I Know the turtle queen is the first choice! 😛
    I am here for the Kamei Anonymous. Is there food at this???
    the last photo is sooo cute~. Really, Kamei-kame toy products is great Idea MB!


  21. Mikey says:

    I'm glad that you're not obsessed! ^^ Kamei is so kawaii! You've really converted me.Love your contest too! Rii!!! 🙂


  22. Ah isn't she adorable!! Sounds like Kamei's therapy is working! ^-^


  23. Oh I've never been there! Hmmm…we both live on Oahu so hopefully one of us bumps into a H!P member one day! I really love it too when I see a familiar area used for their photo shoots or DVD releases! I wish I were at the waterpark when Momusu was there!…although security would have probably kept me out! 😛


  24. If each Momusu member created a "logo" drawing of their own I think they'd look great on the front as a large design and on the back maybe just their name in kanji. ^-^ It's strange that Berryz Koubou and Biyuuden were given personalized t-shirt sets of this nature but no Momusu….I think they're due for one soon! It's okay we'd both be very wacky I imagine in that situation and where's my camera?!! :O I'd ask them to wait there…I'll be right back! :PThat would be very sweet of you and just the thought makes me smile a lot! ^-^ Now if only there were a way to get Kohachan's shirt to fit better!


  25. Wait I'm at a KA meeting right now…..seems that I have a very strong case of Kamei on the brain! 😛


  26. Mikey says:

    Your case seems to be infectious!! :PThey are wheeling me into the KA Emergency room!!


  27. I hope you're feeling better! ^-^ Of course it would have to be Kamei for you!! Although I know how much you adore Sayu too! I do too! Here I snuck in some kame shaped senbei…:P Just don't let them see it!I think UFA could really create an actual line of of these types of merchandise and I truly believe that they would sell really well too!


  28. KonaKaga says:

    Did you ever find that episode of H!M that you were looking for?If not, just to let you know, it's episode #212 and it's called "Hello!Morning Academy" ^_^Eri's so cute in it~ =3Oh, and thanks for the scans!


  29. Thank you so much Konakaga! that's really thoughtful of you to help search for it too! ^-^ It's my all time favorite Kamei moment!!! and that says quite a lot since her "Reporter Kyamei" segments on the H!M news tickles me silly every time I watch them! \(^o^)/ Not to mention her um…drawing and really just every thing about her that makes such her such a favorite of mines too. Thank you again and I plan on posting some of it up later. ^-^


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