Tackey & Tsubasa “Premium Live DVD-5th Anniversary Special Package-“…just a peak!

My current obsession has been Tackey & Tsubasa’s latest live offering which includes an impressive 3 DVD set nicely packaged in a slip case! And as has been the trend with just about all T&T releases of late it’s available in 3 editions and I chose type B for its extras which appear on the third disc in the collection as these differ in each edition offered. I originally was going to post something a bit more extensive but due to VOX being unavailable for the last couple of hours or so as they were going through a server change this is just a peek into this release…and a really little one at that! 😛

I chose their performance of “Daydreamer”, a song which was exclusively released as a bonus track on the regular edition of their recent best of album collections (Takitsuba Best)…and yes these were also offered in 3 versions too!…and the weakness in me had me buying all three versions of this release too. 😛 “Daydreamer” is such a beautiful song in every regard and Tackey and Tsubasa’s vocals compliment each other so well and interestingly this song was co-written by Fujii Fumiya, and artist which I really should post about as I love his music too and have collected a few of his works in the years past. Okay sorry about the briefness of this post as I only uploaded a single performance…but here’s “Daydreamer” performed to perfection by Johnny’s charismatic duo! One of my new favorites by T&T!!! And I must also note that Tackey & Tsubasa get a live band for this concert!!!

Tackey & Tsubasa “Daydreamer” live from “Takitsuba Best Tour 07~08”

This performance comes right before their encore performances so there’s an MC segment which was cut off in the track above so I’ve also uploaded the dialog which follows below…

Tackey & Tsubasa “Daydreamer” MC from “Takitsuba Best Tour 07~08”

They’re such a perfectly matched duo with each of their personalities complimenting the other’s so well and the distinctness of their vocals is also a magical blend of sorts! ^-^

Whom do you adore more…or which is your favorite?

Poll ends on May 19th at midnight…yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^-^



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7 Responses to Tackey & Tsubasa “Premium Live DVD-5th Anniversary Special Package-“…just a peak!

  1. Eliana says:

    Hi! Wow, i really want to have this DVD but right now i'm sooo broke! >.< I have all of the other Tackey & Tsubasa's concerts so i'm really missing this one =P
    The package looks really nice but i'm afraid i would not get it right now.


  2. Mikey says:

    They sound real good together. You sure can pick 'em! :)Kyle?! :O


  3. That's so great that you have all of their concerts!! I hope you're able to get this one too as the set list is so impressive with this being a "best tour" concert. They perform just about all of my favorites including "Samurai", "One Day, One Dream", "Crazy Rainbow", "Sora no screen-rainbow in my soul-", "Venus", "X~dame~", "Ho! Summer", "Kiseki", "Koi yo", and "True Heart" to name a few! ^-^ The DVDs are really long too with running times of 119 minutes, 122 minutes, and 83 minutes!! ^-^


  4. I really love how both of them sing and they sound great together or solo too! Who's 'Kyle?'


  5. Mikey says:

    I'll have to follow them. I bet Princesses get crush on them, especially Emma! 😛

    oopps! Kyle Busch at Darlington. He was booed!


  6. Oh that Kyle! 😛 Fans aren't going to soon forgive him for the encounter he had with Dale Jr. last weekend but Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. finished really great too yesterday! ^-^


  7. Mikey says:

    So true. I guess his reputation now makes for more interest. Gladf that "our" team did well! 🙂


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