Enka singer Jero!! ^-^

With Mikitty's recent enka release "Okitegami" in mind…you really have to hear Jero! I just recently wrote a little about enka music in a Mikitty post and you really have to hear Jero perform ^-^

Enka singer Jero!!

His voice is really wonderful!…my father sent this clip to me and Saburo was just telling me about him this past Saturday coincidentally! And watch the reactions of everyone in the studio!…and in the middle portion he even talks about how he came to love enka music through his grandmother! He's really great!!

enka singer Jero!!

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12 Responses to Enka singer Jero!! ^-^

  1. yuki says:

    Ooo… Jero… I saw his performance on Music Japan… AND I WAS LIKE WOW !! He looked like some rapper in America and then when he started singing, it was like a professional enka singer! He really was good~~
    but sadly, I'm not an enka fan… hahah…
    His performance was unexpected for me… It was SO GOOD ! =)


  2. strawberrie says:

    He really is good, thanks for sharing the clips. His clothes remind me of a younger Will Smith back on Fresh Prince.


  3. Holy Toledo! What did I just see?? That is such a great performance – nothing like what I was expected with his outfit!


  4. I was so surprised too! I love how he's dressed in rapper attire for his performances of enka. When he started singing I had the same reaction!! \(^o^)/ Enka can take awhile to get to love but you never know! ^-^


  5. That's a perfect analogy to his clothing!!…'Will Smith as the Fresh Prince!!' I'm so impressed by his vocals too! ^-^


  6. Isn't that great how his attire just makes you go…Ahhh! it's so surprising when you hear him start to sing!! It adds something special to his performances too I think…had he gone with a kimono it may not have quite the same initial impact but one thing's for sure, once you hear him sing it's so impressive!! ^-^


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    oooh, I didn't think I'd see someone talking about Jero… I saw him in Utaban. First I thought it was some kind of joke, since Utaban isn't one of the most serious programs I know, but then as they started doing an interview with him it started looking real…. And then he started singing O_o and now I'm a fan.


  8. Ah he was on Utaban too?! I wish I could have seen that! He really is great and initially I had the same thoughts going through my mind as I first saw his attire and was like eh?! But he sings so passionately and well…and enka is so difficult to sing! ^-^


  9. Saburo says:

    A friend of mine who has little interest in J-pop/enka sent me this link from the Washington Post, of all sources.Just another brotha singin' the blues…


  10. Amazing!…and article in the Washington Post too! They really need to invite Jero onto the Kouhaku at the end of the year! I think there'll be an instant ratings boost if that happens.


  11. Saburo says:

    I'd bet money RIGHT NOW that he makes it on this year's Kohaku.A sure bet, absolutely!


  12. I hope so!! I'll be looking forward to that!!!


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