Now that I've been able to acquire autographs from every generation of Momusu with the one exception of Ichii Sayaka, I've been searching for Berryz Koubou member original autographs and for awhile I thought I'd never find any…until Ohta located these signed cards for me!! Both of these were on Yahoo! Japan Auctions at the same time and I was so afraid of being outbid that I asked him to bid on both of them for me so that if I lost one of them maybe I'd still have a chance of winning the other. 😛 Often times individual member autographs appear but being able to acquire the entire group's autographs all at once was something that I didn't want to miss!!

Both are special promotional (not for sale) cards which measure 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" (above) and 9 7/8" x 8 7/8" (below). What made getting these even more important to me is that Maihachan was still in Berryz Koubou at the time and signed both of them!…making the original group lineup complete and just the thought that all 8 members actually touched these cards melts me!! ^-^ Over time celebrities' autographs sometimes tend to alter slightly and on occasion drastically as Aichan's would be a perfect example of the latter, and even at this early stage in BK's career some of their autographs have taken an artistic turn too. Most notable would be Chinamichan and Momo's with Momo's being by far the most expressive and cute! And I absolutely adore Rii's warped hearts!!! (above). Both cards were signed for special fan events celebrating releases and while the card above has a much more aesthetically pleasing design it's the card below which holds a special significance for me as it's from their "Piririto Yukou!" event…the single release that originally endeared me to them and made me into a fan for life! It was after seeing the pv for this single soon after its release in June of 2004 that I ordered everything that they had released up until that point in a single order and then began my BK fan love affair. ^-^ I'll be trying to get these both framed and matted soon and then I'll repost their finished look. 🙂 I'm so paranoid about leaving any signed items at frame shops (what if another BK fan just happens to work there?!! :O) so I always choose to just take the measurements there and then assemble the frame together myself which I've actually gotten pretty good at after some practice. 

One important thing to look out for before bidding on any "signed" merchandise is the word "Jikihitsu" (直筆) which literally means "one's own handwriting" as I've come across numerous "signed" (サイン) auctions where the signatures were printed and not original. BK=<3!!!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to Berryz工房直筆サイン色紙!!

  1. Mikey says:

    That's so cute – to have their autographs too – especially from that time! :)All this should be very valuable too!! Something for your retirement! :Pbtw, the movie you where talking about is available on netflix too. I added to my queue. Also, did you see that Picture Bride is on my VOX Netflix widget right now?


  2. ablestmage says:

    Oh goodness, that seems like it'd be astoundingly rare. Great find!


  3. Eliana says:

    Hi! I'm Megumi and i'm from Argentina. I always visit your vox because i love how you explain your collections! By the way, you have a really impressive collection of Japanese music! And i'm so glad you like Arashi and Tackey & Tsubasa, i'm a Johnny's Jimusho artists fan myself.
    Nice to meet you!


  4. I couldn't believe it when I saw that someone was actually selling these!!!….I could never part with something like this ever! They all were so little and their signatures are really cute! ^-^ I just saw your Netflix widget…I wonder why the NASCAR widget doesn't want to work here but I guess I have other things to worry about right now. 🙂


  5. I was so excited when I saw them on auctions and was asking Ohta to bid high! bid high!! 😛 And you're right!…you just never know how often something like this will appear for sale and thankfully no one outbid me! ^-^


  6. Hello Megumi! You have a really cute name and you're the first person that I know from Argentina! ^-^ Ah thank you that's very kind of you to say! 🙂 I've been collecting J-Pop for about 15 years and I know that I probably spend too much money on it but I just can't seem to help it! 😛 It's so great that we have Arashi and Tackey & Tsubasa in common as favorites!! I love every member in Arashi but if I had to place them in order my favorites would be: Nino, Matsujun, Aiba, Shokun, and Riida. But from a vocal standpoint Riida is #1! Tackey & Tsubasa are the best too! They're so humorous especially Tackey! I've just recently begun to watch their latest concert DVD release and so many great songs in there! "Ho! Summer" was my first favorite and from there I've become such a fan of theirs! Thank you for writing Megumi! ^-^


  7. Mikey says:

    I had to play around A LOT to get more than one widget to cooperate! 😦 I think that has a bandwidth problem, at least in this area. That they could sell… they aren't as devoted as you are dear. You are a true and devoted fan. The performers you love couldn't be any luckier! And to think that you have it all stuffed in your little grass shack! 😉 I think I mentioned at some point how many Japanese lived/are living in South America. Plus, all the fans that just love Japanese Culture. There are quite a few on VOX. I was watching this Japanese movie called Vibrator (NOT what you might be thinking!) and they mentioned a part of town were returned Japanese from South America lived. They had the best Latin food. And truck drivers always know where the best food is! 🙂


  8. Hotaru says:

    ooo, you are really amazing at finding awesome stuff XD. Its strange seeing Chinami with long hair…and Maihachan (who I am sure would have been my favorite member if she had not graduated!) Ah, we share something in common! Piriri to Yukou was the first Berryz song (and their latest single when I was getting into Hello! Project) I had ever heard, and I fell in love instantly…I'm envious but happy that you found such a great collectible item!


  9. Well I've given up on their widget as I just can't seem to get it to appear but that probably has a lot more to do with me than the widget! 😛 Hmm…I think the word may be obsessed! :P…I just could never part with something like this ever because I'm……obsessed! 😛 That's an odd title for a "movie."


  10. It's really surprising that Chinamichan had nearly the longest hair in the group back then and from the time they debuted as she's much more known for her shorter style which she's had for most of her time in BK. I sometimes wonder what BK would be like today had Maiha not left the group with what seems like such a long time ago. That's such a wonderful coincidence!!! That we both were attracted to the same exact single of theirs!! ^-^ Ah so your love of H!P began in 2004…so many great releases that year and Gen. 6 was still so new…Kamei! Sorry I couldn't help myself! 😛 Hotaru you're very kind!! Thank you! ^-^


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