In an “anime”ted mood! ^-^

Since I've been in a sort of an anime mood lately I thought that this would be a good time to mention a few of my favorites including my favorite anime series of all time!…"Tenchi Muyo!" Admittedly I don't own or watch a whole lot of anime so my knowledge here is really limited to just a few series but I've just never watched any anime series this amusing! While the "Tenchi Muyo!" series has spawned quite a number of spin off series which sometimes focus on a singular character as well as new generations of series and movies it's the original t.v. series which went up to episode 13 that I love so much! Outstanding writing filled with humor, intrigue, and wit fill the storyline and the character development in particular is a real shining spot for this series as the viewer is sure to become endeared to the many colorful and sometimes offbeat personalities which occupy this anime throughout! And while some series can sometimes suffer from too many new character introductions…Tenchi Muyo! strives on finding the perfect balance and with a really relevant development of each character the story unfolds in a manner which makes sure the viewer never feels overwhelmed or worse!…underwhelmed.

Above is my Tenchi Muyo! VHS collection which were packaged so well as each cassette comes housed in an extra large hard case but the real beauty of these releases are…

…the postcards and large fold out posters which are included with each volume. Character design, story board development, as well as environment depictions are shown from a production stand point giving a nice share of extra insight into the series while bringing fans closer to the series.

But as the VHS format is susceptible to deterioration over time seemingly no matter how much care is taken or what storage environments are used or even how little they're played…

…happily about 4 years ago the original t.v. series (titled: "Signature Series") including all of the original episodes were re-released on DVD! I'm still missing volume 4 though! And it's so much less expensive to own this part of the series on DVD versus the original VHS format which were quite costly to collect but the only downfall here is the loss of the postcards and informative posters which accompanied the original releases…still it's much better to own them on DVD for sure! ^-^

The series features great theme songs which anime fans have come to appreciate and expect from their most endeared shows and Tenchi Muyo!'s opening and closing themes don't disappoint! And as is the case with numerous anime series these songs are performed by voice actors who are also voicing characters in the anime which adds to their appeal greatly. I own 3 of the soundtracks from this series and what's inventive about some of the songs is that some are purely original tunes which were penned specifically for the characters although their appearance in the series is non existent. So what you have here are original songs written as personality pieces in some occasions making for quite an unique listening experience once you get to know the different characters in the anime! The "Meet the Tenchi-Muyo!" album above cutely depicts a Beatles cover…can anyone guess which one?! ^-^…and the inner sleeve artwork takes it a step further depicting their "Let it be" cover (below). ^-^

Yokoyama Chisa  voices the character "Sasami" in the series and her seiyuu resume is incredibly impressive as she's been involved in so many series! Her voice in a sense really "defines" anime…just one listen and you'll know what I mean! ^-^

"Renai no sainou" which means "talent for love" is the closing theme for the original Tenchi Muyo! series and provides the perfect introduction to her vocals as well as a bit of the anime's special charm!

Tenchi Muyo! original t.v. series ending theme performed by Yokoyama Chisa

Now wasn't that cute!!…Ryo-ohki farming what turns out to be the largest carrot anyone's ever seen all through the harshness of the seasons! ^-^ Click here  for the mp3!

I believe that some of if not all of the episodes are already uploaded which would provide a fun preview for anyone interested in seeing this series but I whole heartedly would recommend purchasing as it's so entertaining to watch!! The original series can be found here at just be sure to look for the 4 volumes titled "Signature Series."

Two other anime features that I would like to mention as favorites of mine are "Ninja Scroll" and "Dragon Half." "Ninja Scroll" is a spectacular display of stylistic Japanese animation coupled with great storytelling and unforgettable characters. Jubei the central character in this movie faces numerous demons who possess unearthly abilities making for intriguing and creative encounters throughout the story and while I can be really bad at giving too much away I'll make sure not to in this case and therefore I'll leave it at that. Highly recommended! ^-^ The DVD features both an English and Japanese track along with English subtitles…the original Japanese language track is much better though. 🙂

"Dragon Half"….I really wish that I had this on DVD as it's the most outrageous…mind you rated PG anime movie that I've ever watched. The story is so wonderfully "out there!" with characters with dialog that'll make you really laugh and smile at the same time! "Dragon Half" is filled with the wonderful animation style of incorporating well timed…purposely "silly" looking animation to help further depict the over the top silliness of the countless situations that occur in this hilarious movie! ^-^ I'm not sure how to quite describe that any better and I'm hoping that you'll understand what I mean. 😛 While everyone is most likely familiar with the famous "tear drop" which appears in embarrassing or odd situations for characters in anime…this movie takes that notion to the extreme with deformation of characters' appearances and a lot of offbeat humor fed along the way. ^-^ If anyone else has seen this movie please tell me that I'm not crazy and this movie is really that funny! :P….I just don't know anyone else who's seen it before so you could be the first to help me here! ^-^ Anyway I absolutely crack up every time that I watch it no matter how many times I've seen it before. 😛 Hmmm…maybe I need help. 😛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to In an “anime”ted mood! ^-^

  1. My younger brother is a HUGE anime fan. -In fact, he's coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks. -I will direct him to this posting here!


  2. I wonder if we have any favorites in common! Hopefully he'll write something. Thank you DK! 🙂


  3. You're quite welcome! -I'm sure that you and he have a LOT of similar anime interests! While he's staying here, I'll try again to convince him to set up a Vox page so he can converse with you too!
    -He just doesn't know what he's missing yet!


  4. sauder says:

    I'm not even joking! I always felt like nobody knew what Tenchi Muyo! was when I talked about it. That's definitely one amazing show that I'll never forget!


  5. That would be really great!…and I know he'll have a lot more anime to share with me than him! Hmm…a blog may not be for everyone so try not press him to hard about it. ^-^ I actually have no idea what I'm doing but I'm trying! 😛


  6. 🙂
    It's ok! -We're all human.
    I won't "push him" to sign up at Vox, but I WILL NOT give him an alternate address to him either, k? -Not without your permission, of course.


  7. Hello Sauder! That's great we both have something in common!…Tenchi Muyo! Everything about this anime series was so perfect!…the storyline, character personalities, voice actors/actresses!, design, and of course the great dialog throughout! I always laugh when I see Ayeka and Ryoko fighting over Tenchi and especially when they started to read manga for "romantic" ideas to employ! ^-^


  8. YOU are so very welcome, my friend!


  9. Magi-Kat says:

    I soon as I saw Tenchi Muyo! when it shown on Toonami, I loved it! However, this was the first time I've seen the original ending sequence. Ryo-ohki is soooo cute!About Dragon Half: Having seen both episodes on YouTube and later getting the DVD for Christmas, I can tell you that what you said about it wasexactly like you said and more. The hilarity, the oddness, the utter funness of the art style and the entire viewing experience is worth the watch. In other words, no, you are not crazy.


  10. I wasn't even aware that this series was being shown on Toonami! ^-^ Hmm….I'm now curious to know how they changed the ending sequence from the original. I love the dancing house, changing seasons, and of course Ryo-ohki!! This song is so cute too and irresistible for me! I'm happy that you love this series too as I don't seem to know too many other fans of Tenchi Muyo! ^-^Ah Dragon Half is on DVD?!!! I'm going to search for it right now! Thank you for confirming that I haven't lost my mind completely!! \(^o^)/!! I love how you've just described it!!…anytime that I need to laugh at something so out there and off the wall I just watch these episodes! ^-^ Today is a great day!…finally knowing another fan of Dragon Half!! And knowing that when I laugh out loud while watching this anime I'm not crazy! ^-^


  11. Mikey says:

    Glad to hear that you aren't crazy these days MB! :PI saw Ninja Scroll back in the day, when you had to DL the file piece by piece and then, if you could get all the pieces without errors, reassemble them with another program! ^^ Still, I remember that it was one of the best I found then. 🙂


  12. I think "Ninja Scroll" is so amazing! Just everything about it..the story, characters and animation all so perfect! One of my favorite scenes is when Jubei faces the blind swordsman! ^-^


  13. hydeo says:

    oh really good the things :P, lend me to watch here ? haha


    • Tenchi Muyo!~♥ forever \(^o^)/ ☆!!!well Japanese anime..the funny~intriguing~cute ones forever!! If you’ve never watched Ninja Scroll…’s a must see!!! So many dynamic and legendary characters and the story top notch..really an intelligent one not to be’s older but it’s just as awesome as ever even today. In fact when I first saw it at a friend’s recommendation it was already a bit older but truly it’s timeless~. I did a little post about it awhile back….see here and again it’s a must see!!!

      It’s awesome really~really!!! 100%!! I promise!!


      • hydeo says:

        yah for some reason i never watched ninja scroll hahaha… u watch animes yet ?? have long time i dont see anything… i read more mangas in my univ break @.@ have lot more of tittles i like
        i go try it, u know if have a manga version ?? i dont care if its old, if the history of it is good, like rurouni kenshin is an old anime but is really amazing


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