Cdjapan order finally arrives along with Berryz工房 Event V 「Dschinghis Khan」 DVD

This was the first time that I tried ordering a shashinshuu through Cdjapan and it came with mixed results as when its release day arrived last week I was informed of a temporary out of stock situation at Cdjapan and therefore this entire order was delayed until this week as they were awaiting more copies, but still the bright spot and incentive for ordering pbs through Cdjapan versus Amazon Japan, or HMV is that the actual shipping charge is significantly less expensive as long as it's ordered along with some other merchandise. So today is a really happy day as the order finally arrived along with a package from Ohta!

Along with Gakisan's latest shashinshuu, this order is full of H!P love!…as also arriving were the first press edition of Biyuuden's final single "Nanni mo iwazu ni  I LOVE YOU", Mikitty's long awaited return to recording with her single "Okitegami", Momusu's PV DVD single for "Resonant Blue", and the limited & regular editions of C-ute's newest single "Namida no iro"…which both have beautiful covers! However the first release heading into the player is Arashi's new album!!…"Dream "A"live!!" I received both the limited and regular editions as the limited one includes an extra disc with member solo songs just like "Time" did, while the regular edition includes an exclusive bonus track "Once Again" which isn't on the LE…such brilliance in getting me to order both editions! 😛 Happily the members' photos do appear on both editions this time and the theme is a very attractive one!

The event V "Dschinghis Khan" release which Ohta was able to get for me through Yahoo! Japan Auctions did turn out to be a new unopened copy to my delight and this release has grown in such significance, it being their best selling single yet and the song itself I love so much!!!…so wanting to acquire an original copy became really important to me!

Here's an mp4 version that I've uploaded for anyone interested in the "Mongolian Dance Shot Ver.", the file is about 40mb in size. ^-^ "Mongolian Dance Shot Ver."


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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9 Responses to Cdjapan order finally arrives along with Berryz工房 Event V 「Dschinghis Khan」 DVD

  1. Mikey says:



  2. These are cute outfits aren't they!! The life size visual screens with Rii and Momo dressed in these outfits arrived but I still need to hang them up on the ceiling…no wall space left! I hope the resolution looks okay to you! ^-^You really do read a lot! I've been so bad with reading anything lately…too much pc and t.v. I think.


  3. Mikey says:



  4. Yes! that's exactly the idea to have them looking down at me while I sleep or just lay there. 🙂 Hmmm….a making of DVD? I really need to find a new book to read…sadly after the Harry Potter series ended so has my reading but I'm sure something will turn up soon that'll interest me!


  5. Mikey says:

    That would be sweet – looking up to them – literally! as you drift off to sleep. :)I as kidding about the DVD. You know every H!P production these days has a "Making of" DVD… ^^ A picture with you standing between their Visual Screens would be very kawaii… 3 Berryz group photo! 😛


  6. Andra says:

    Oh yay! Gakisan's photobook… That's a one I'd really like to get! Bad me has downloaded the scans (only until I can afford to buy it! Promise :P) and it's a totally beautiful book!
    That's a great collection of releases! I'm also waiting for some because yesterday I finally got to order two albums which I've wanted fo so long from CDJapan… I hope they'll arrive soon!


  7. It's so true!…Gakisan keeps getting more and more beautiful as her looks mature even more! Wow it's great you found scans of the…entire pb?!! It's a hard cover book so I'd be so afraid of permanently damaging its spine so I have to keep mine away from the scanner for the most part….maybe just a few scans only! 😛 And there's really nothing wrong with getting the scans as you're such a devoted fan too! ^-^ Hmm…I'm trying to guess which two albums……okay I give up! 😛


  8. Andra says:

    I'm so exited I'm forced to tell you… 😛 Ongaku Gatas' album and Gocchin's "How to use SEXY" album! I love them both and I'm waiting for their arrival so much!


  9. Okay I can see why you're so excited!!! Those are both great albums and together they really demonstrate some of the diversity that H!P has musically as Ongaku Gatas is pure J-Pop <3! while Gocchin's is deep into r&b with a nice edge to it! Plus some jazzy arrangements too! 🙂 I hope you receive them soon!


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