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Akiyama Nana ♥ continues…

  Akiyama Nana "Light Bright" (cover scan) As I was looking for Hirata Kaoru's virtual date clip a couple of days ago I came across an article covering Akiyama Nana's first shashinshuu titled "Pupil" in the very same issue of … Continue reading

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Biyuuden’s swan song…

Biyuuden "Nannimo iwazu ni I LOVE YOU" (cover scan) The song choice…perfect. The production…elegant. Ishikawa Rika, Miyoshi Erika, and Okada Yui were Biyuuden (V-u-den). "Nannimo iwazu ni" provides the final chapter in what has been a great growing experience in … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Your virtual date with Hirata Kaoruchan! ^-^A tale of a street plushy and your fear of commitment!:P

Okay I’m only kidding about the title!!! 😛 But there really is a “street plushy! ^-^ A great feature that UTB used to offer in their DVD releases was the “virtual idol date!” ^-^ What’s so great about these are … Continue reading

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Morning Musume vs. Berryz Koubou poll results

Momusu vs. Berryz Koubou Thank you to everyone who voted! A total of 116 votes were cast with 70.7% for Momusu and 29.3% for Berryz Koubou. A little over a fourth of the vote going to Berryz Koubou is not … Continue reading

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松浦亜弥の最新シングル ”きずな”

Matsuura Aya "Kizuna" CD single release I've been waiting to see what the first week of sales would look like for Ayaya's latest single "Kizuna" as the recent trend has been that of not too much love for her ballads, … Continue reading

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Berikyuu! Idol the second week: “Idol Goes Bowling with the stars.”

Your host Ryan Seacrest! 🙂 Ryan: "Actually there's been some delay and this should actually be called the "third week" although we are still back in the second week of competition and part of this was caused when Paula suddenly … Continue reading

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The many perils of putting your picture on the internet! :P

I'm so sorry about the wackiness!…but my father just sent me this and I just had to share it….LOL! 😛 Someone has way too much time on their hands! :O I wonder if this was some sort of warning for … Continue reading

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高橋愛最新写真集 ”もうひとつの愛”

taka-flash01.jpg Can you believe that Aichan will release her 8th! yes 8th! (that should read 9th! thank you Andra for correcting me…seems that I totally forgot to count her "shashinshuu zenshuu collection pb!…which I actually own too. :P) shashinshuu tomorrow … Continue reading

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Akiyama Nana For the past four days my musical attention has been placed firmly on an idol whom just a week ago I had no previous knowledge of and when it comes to impulse J-Pop purchases it's a definite weakness … Continue reading

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亀井絵里写真集全集。。。aka take two Kamei and call me in the morning.

A little bit of Kamei a day keeps the doctor away! …While the apple a day theory sounds great (make mine fuji!), sometimes there's just no other cure suitable for what ails you than lots and lots of Kamei!…….Wu-san I … Continue reading

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