Sakurakko Club Sakuragumi’s cute Crayon Shinchan theme song “Do-shite”

Here’s a really cute song by Sakurakko Club which Mochida Maki was a member of, whom I posted about yesterday. The always funny and outrageous “Crayon Shinchan” anime t.v. series features a number of opening and closing themes…this being my absolute favorite closing theme which the show used awhile back. “Crayon Shinchan” can sort of be described as the “Dennis the Menace” of Japanese animation only a bit more on the wild side! We used to get this show regularly here in Hawaii on a local station awhile ago but sadly they’ve stopped broadcasting this really amusing series and I wish they’d bring it back!

This song embodies everything that is fun about anime theme songs as the lyrics are playful and the music’s really upbeat. The choruses in particular are my favorite parts as they’re really wonderfully written with a great hook and I can still picture the ending animation which accompanies it on the show. ^-^ I found this song on a TV anime compilation CD…”Hits TV Animation 1″ and I’ve uploaded it directly to VOX…still having that browser freezing up issue which is really strange when I upload directly here and if anyone’s interested in the mp3 just ask and I’ll send you a link…it’s really really cute and extremely catchy! ^-^

~Sakurakko Club Sakuragumi “Do~Shite?” mp3~

And here’s just a few more photos that were originally going to be in yesterday’s Mochida Maki post but couldn’t be added due to Photobucket’s site maintenance and I’ve decided to just add them here instead as she has a Sakurakko Club connection too.

This photo is from her “Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu” album booklet.

And this photo is from the same album’s first press “Pandora…” photo booklet.

Mochida Maki was also featured on the cover of the November 1995 issue of UTB which included a poster pin up as well as a 6 page article on her.

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6 Responses to Sakurakko Club Sakuragumi’s cute Crayon Shinchan theme song “Do-shite”

  1. Mikey says:

    This so cool! I never even heard of this one before! All we got in Hawaii when I was there was Gigantor, Astro Boy and Speed Racer! ^^ I was thinking that we've walked the same ground there most likely.Did you hear about the live action version of Speed Racer being released?! I play the monkey!! 😉 When you have time, we must resolve your upload lockup problem! Can you tell me exactly what happens?Take care and know that you are appreciated! 🙂


  2. I think you'd like Crayon Shinchan and a lot of the writing is a bit more for adults at times! I wish I had some of the episodes on a DVD so that I could upload them but I only have them on VHS right now. It's so funny and Shinosuke is quite the out of control child with a slightly adult mind! ^-^ I've been seeing the preview for the upcoming Speed Racer movie and I was really surprised that this has been made into a live person movie! The 'monkey?!' Okay so whenever I try to upload any audio directly here in a post it starts normally after I choose the file and hit upload…but after awhile and it appears to be right when the upload is finished, the icon that is swirling to let you know it's in progress suddenly stops however that box doesn't close like it normally would and just freezes there. And so does Firefox at the same time so I have to close the browser and restart the computer before it'll work properly again. Really strange and it's the same with photos. I just think that VOX doesn't like my pc very much!


  3. Mikey says:

    They do have inexpensive USB converters that can take analog inputs like from a VCR and convert to video file. 🙂 Could be awesome with your collection. And your wisely purchased 500gb drive! Reminds me of Ranma 1/2 a bit…Chimchim, the monkey on Speed Racer. Like me, always getting into mischief!! 😛


  4. denadel says:

    This is totally random, but did you know sheki-dol also had one of
    their songs ("zentaiteki ni daisuki desu") as an ending theme for the
    same anime?

    That boy is featured on this single cover too 😀

    I listened to both songs to see if they were similar or different, and
    all though i like sheki-dol a lot i must say "do-site" is way more


  5. No I had no idea…really! I really wish we were still getting this show here in Hawaii and with that I would've heard more of the different theme songs that the show used over time. I'm sure it's a cute song too as anime theme songs demand it! ^-^ Ah Shinnosuke! the mischievous! :)Let me know if you'd like the "Do-shite" mp3. It really is catchy isn't it and I especially love the chorus parts!! ^-^


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