新垣里沙の最新写真集から, Friday雑誌の写真!!

Almost a year has passed since our dear Gakisan has released a new shashinshuu and as evidenced here there isn't a single doubt in my mind that this will be her most beautiful release to date!! Gakisan's strong facial features and unique looks have always been a bright part of Momusu and H!P and her honest and sincere personality has always been a part of her that has greatly endeared me to her over the years. Numerous shades of this can be experienced through her interaction and answers on t.v. show appearances, behind the scenes footage from just about any event, and in particular some really shining moments on Music Fighter! "Happy Girl" is a perfect title and although simplistic I feel it really captures her perfectly and honestly.

Gakisan looks so radiant in these selected photos from Friday magazine which Saburo kindly just sent me!! Thank you Saburo for the "preview" as my copy is yet to arrive and actually due to a shortage of this release my latest Cdjapan order is actually on hold waiting for more copies to arrive of this shashinshuu along with the latest releases from Arashi!!! Yay new album!!!, C-ute, Momusu, Milky Way…I keep thinking of the candy!…, Biyuuden, and Mikitty! Hopefully they get more soon as I may be suffering from Arashi withdrawal symptoms soon! 😛 Thank you for the scans Saburo!! ^-^

I absolutely love the photo of Gakisan with the ukulele!! This shashinshuu could have also been called "Beautiful Girl"…she's just so perfect! ^-^…and this looks to be one of H!P's most beautifull shot pbs to date!

  Gakisan you're too cute!!!

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17 Responses to 新垣里沙の最新写真集から, Friday雑誌の写真!!

  1. Saburo says:

    I'm digging the curves too!And yep, that's FRIDAY magazine being the vehicle of promotion!


  2. paul.thomas says:

    Ah, looks like the issue I picked up yesterday was last weeks, although I'll have to double check that this preview isn't in it…I can't believe that I'd just flick past Gaki!
    Her smile always does it for me, there are others within H!P that challenge her in the amazing smile department, like Nakki, but all I have to do is look at Gakisan and I'm smiling, her smile is so contagious!! The PB shots are amazing, she looks great, I've been a slack on the PB releases lately, hopefully when my next pay day roles around this will be still in stock as I really want to try and grab a copy.


  3. You're right! -They could have called it "Beautiful Girl"!


  4. mizunohi says:

    >.< I'm looking forward to scans of this! Normally it takes quite a while to filter down to bookoff…but Aichan's was there within a couple weeks of the release so I'm crossing my fingers!
    Gakisan is so beautiful, the most beautiful (along with Sayu) in the current Momusu -in my opion-. ^^ She seems so "older sister"-like (much like Nacchi) to me so I was very happy when I heard that this PB was based on Happiness and smiles! It suits her so well, and she looks the best smiling! From the previews I've seen so far, her standing on the log is my favourite 😀 She looks like she is genuinely enjoying herself!


  5. Mikey says:

    Beautiful. Thanks to you and Saburo for bringing it to us! :)What balance! ^^


  6. Ines says:

    I'll be completely honest here: she blew me away. GAKI-SAN IS SO FIIIINE. *dies*@@ She's really…beautiful and cute and sexy and…<3 I know this PB is going to rock. Very beautifully shot indeed. 🙂


  7. It's amazing how Friday Magazine can be both supportive and….um "destructive" at other times! :O I'm beginning to think that I should have pre-ordered through Amazon Japan instead though…


  8. You're so lucky to be able to purchase this publication right off the shelf there! I'd definitely need to subscribe! I just got a call from Hakubundo and the new Up to boy has finally arrived. I'm sooooo curious to see what they've changed as I've seen the magazine go through 3 distinct transformations in the past few years! I'll pick it up tomorrow when I'm in town…I'm really intrigued right now! ^-^Nakki has a beautiful smile too and I adore her large teeth!! ^-^ Ah it is really so difficult to keep up with H!P's shashinshuu releases and I remember when they used to be few and far between!…those days are definitely gone with so many members getting releases now! Did you hear that Airichan is getting another shashinshuu release?! I really cant' understand why Erikachan or Nakki hasn't gotten one yet…I really truly believe that theirs would sell really well as I know you believe too! ^-^


  9. Wow I can't believe that a fan parted with "Mizu?" so quickly!! :O I'm always impressed when fans put their valuable H!P hard cover releases through the scanner! I'm getting to be okay with the soft cover releases a little bit but I'm so afraid of damaging the spines of hard cover releases! 😛 Gakisan really is one of the members in Momusu and really in all of H!P that conveys a personable warmth about her…and if you met her you just really know that she'd be the kindest and most sincere person and some of that warmth can really come through in something as "simple" as a photograph…as strange as that may sound! 😛 I'm so happy to hear you compare her to Nacchi…but of course I'm way too biased when it comes to Nacchi but your comment really made me smile! ^-^


  10. Isn't Gakisan so beautiful!! She really has matured so much and she has such sweet facial features! ^-^


  11. It's so true!! Gakisan is so blessed with beauty and her inner beauty is equally as adorable, cute , and sincere. What I mean is that you just can tell that she's that real person that you see in Momusu…on stage…in pvs, etc…and that she really is truly that sweet of a person. I still love watching the now "legendary" "Bakajo" test where her answers were so honest and funny at the same time…you just can't help but adore her so much! ^-^ And on Music Fighter when she was talking about the "amusement park tour"…<3!!


  12. paul.thomas says:

    I subscribed to Up to Boy the other day, after seeing the cover for the new issue I just had to, the cover looks really good have you seen it? The link below has a preview if you haven't. Looks like you'll be getting your issue before me I think my copy arrives on Wednesday…unless I gave them the wrong telephone number lol :Shttp://www.wani.co.jp/uptoboy/I'm very tempted to subscribe to both Friday and Kindai but with the cost of doing so being quite high and the fact that you have to pay for all the issues upfront, I may take it a little easy and spread subscribing to them over a couple of months. I heard about Airichan getting her 3rd PB I'm guessing UFA are going with a "if it's not broken don't fix it" approach, her PBs must be selling well so it makes sense to keep releasing them. I think at the moment Erika and Nakki are top on my list of who should be getting a PB release, they're both so amazing! Someone mentioned on my blog that Erika will be featuring in the BLT U17 Vol.6, I'm hoping that this solo appearance could mean that there's a PB release on the way soon 🙂


  13. It's so true!…Gakisan has always had great looks I think and she's always been adorable but the more she matures the more her beautiful facial features begin to shine! ^-^


  14. Paul I'm guessing that you may have gotten the issue by now as I picked it up this past weekend…I'm thinking that this is a special edition type issue as otherwise they would have done away with most of the features that the magazine usually includes. I really hope not!!! The newly designed cover does look great and it's amazing how many idols are in this issue!!!! Unfortunately the H!P groups only got a couple pages each though but I guess there were so many idols to cover so it couldn't be helped. Also no DVD! :O No cards, clear file, poster….hmm no extras. Did you subscribe from the shop that you usually pick up the issues from? Cdjapan also has subscriptions available but I'm not sure which would be less costly…I'm guessing though that it would be less expensive going through the shop where you live. I used to subscribe to Kindai a long time ago and they really do have great features and so much photos in their issues!! I'm with you on Nakki and Erikachan getting shashinshuus next in C-ute but it really does seem that UFA is fixed on only a few members at the moment. Hmm…another thing that I've been wondering and this is probably not likely but perhaps some members chose to not release a pb this soon…just a thought I had and again it's probably way off! 😛 But at least that would explain the absence of so many members not getting one right now.


  15. She's VERY lovely, and I appreciate your introductions to her!
    -Thank you again!


  16. paul.thomas says:

    I still haven't picked up my issue yet…I haven't even been rung to tell me it's in stock, I'm beginning to think I really did give them the wrong phone number, I'm going to have to make sure I get my work finished quickly tomorrow so that I can pop in and double check. My subscription was with the shop I normally get it from, I know CDJapan offer it as well but I like the idea of going in to collect it, it gives me an excuse to go in and browse the mags. No extras? Is it larger than usual? I know on the cover it mentions 100, I was thinking it may have been a top 100 idol issue or something similar?I was wondering much the same about the PB releases, except I was thinking that perhaps it wasn't the members choosing not to have a PB release but with some of the younger members perhaps it's the parents choice? As you say it would certainly of the missing PB releases


  17. I hope you get your new subscription details cleared up! If you had it sent by air it no doubt should have arrived by now. Interestingly after such a long lay off the magazine looks very similar as it's about the same thickness, same size, and the pages are of similar stock however you know how the previous issues would have sections printed on a lower grade paper and how some of it would be in black and white?…well that's gone at least in this issue although I did enjoy those articles very much too. I'm hoping this is a one time format for the "new" UTB as while it's amazing to see so many different idols presented in it, at the same time every article is very brief 1-2 pages at most for most of them. I'm guessing that the extra time needed to produce this issue was due to all of the different idols included and how much writing needed to be done in the process…but then again I'm not really sure! 😛 Well we'll know more when the next issue arrives and I actually hope that it's more like the older issues. The price is a bit cheaper though and that may be due to the absent of any extras. No DVD! 😦 I didn't consider that, and you're probably right if there is an issue outside of UFA making these decisions. That would make perfect sense I think.


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