Berikyu! moment of the week (ep.13)- “The one with the “trick” birthday candles! :P

What a difference just a week can make as last week’s episodes took a quite a big turn from week one’s format. The week started off with episode 11 which featured the continuation of the BK vs. C-ute Wii games involving the 2 eldest members from each group. Episodes 12 & 13 were the most informative and enjoyable of the week for me as they began coverage on the Berryz Kamen Vs. C-ute Rangers concert tour which has just begun recently! Along with some brief rehearsal footage the captains of each group were also interviewed with questions regarding the “highlights” of the concert tour as well as how each of them felt about this tour involving for the first time a rival “battle” setting between the 2 groups. The concerts look to involve 2 stages as Maimichan refers to a stage A and stage B and interestingly both groups look to be performing each others’ songs as well but much of the anticipation stated by both Sakichan and Maimichan seem to be a bit more focused on their dance choreography and how well each group is able to perform the other’s and just how well focused they’ll be in the heat of “battle.” I found this a bit odd and very surprising that both episodes 14 & 15 firmly focused on Momusu’s latest release “Resonant Blue.” Episode 14 shared candid footage shot on location for the pv’s shooting while episode 15 solely featured the “Night Scene Ver.” of the pv. Hmmm…and while I did enjoy these last 2 episodes it made me begin to wonder…wait a minute isn’t the “Berikyu!” show supposed to feature Berryz Koubou & C-ute respectfully?! And while I would indeed welcome the show featuring guests from other groups as this would only add to the joy I imagine, with the programs really really short time allowance it just makes it really difficult to fathom such a thing happening on a regular basis. This however was pure Momusu taking over these last 2 episodes completely which I’m imagining is just a temporary change. The guest format I think would still suit this show best if other H!P members outside of BK and C-ute were to start appearing as I think it would just be so much more fun if everyone played together! ^-^


  Due to the strange week that Berikyu! had, instead of a featured episode I’ve decided on a single moment which made the week’s episodes for me! Abe Kouji the invisible host whom has been “hiding” in that white gourd thingie makes his appearance as the “Berikyu! Quiz God” as he secretly has a surprise for Riichan!!…


…a birthday cake!!! ^-^


Hmmm…I would say this looks yummy but oddly I don’t like cake but surely on a momentous occasion such as this I would have a tiny tiny tiny tiny slice!


The surprise works to perfection and by Riichan’s reaction she’s quite overwhelmed and as any H!P fan knows…they all sure love their sweets!


Now it’s time to blow out the candles after a birthday wish!…like a degree in “Cute-ology” or idol world domination!…wait those are already coming true!…


….hmmm they don’t seem to be going out and there’s only 2 of them! :O…..another deep breath…


….and another…..hey hurry up this cake is getting heavy!….


………this is so cute!…I’ve never seen birthday candles blown out so gently! Riichan you’re a singer where’s your lung power?!!….


…..and they’re out!….no they’re not!….maybe if Riichan….


…blows really close to the cake the candles will cooperate!…


…let’s freeze this Hallmark moment as Miya looks to be praying for cake or for the candles to just finally be extinguished before the wax melts down onto it….


…and on attempt 3!!! (^o^)/


…And now after all of that effort, a birthday question! “14sai ni natte kotoshi no houfutte arimasu?” (“Do you have any ambitions/ aspirations this year now that you’re 14?”)…


…And Riichan replies: “I’d like to become more adult-like” which gets an excited reaction from everyone but also comes as a bit of surprise to Abesan as she’s only 14 talking about adulthood!…


…ah “chotto dake”…


…(“just a little…”)….


…And of course no birthday celebration would be complete…………


…without the wacky “genki” dance!!…


……..he’s so funny!! And they really should consider having him appear in person on the show from now on as a host with a body I think!…




…and Riichan gives it a try!…




Maimichan promises a powerful combination brought on by both groups in their battle concert tour shows!…


…And I hope their April 20th concert which was held at Yokohama Arena was a great success which I’m sure it was!!!


Happy birthday Riichan!!!…and I’m sure the staff is sorry about those resilient candles! 😛

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to Berikyu! moment of the week (ep.13)- “The one with the “trick” birthday candles! :P

  1. Zush says:



  2. Craig says:

    [thank you] Her response and re-response to the birthday question is so telling… and to think I had no idea.


  3. I re-watched the video and you're right! She was blowing off to the side of them! :O But so softly though!…and I wonder if she was just trying to be gentle and not get any saliva onto the cake which can always be a worry at such occasions! 😛


  4. Ah this was just my favorite moment from the entire week and I hope that the show returns to it's original format this week! Riichan was so cute blowing out the candles…or should I say trying to! :O I really think she means that too as she's really showing much more maturity but at the same time I love seeing her being all girly too so hopefully she doesn't change too much too quickly! ^-^


  5. wu-san says:

    heheh, the dance looks funny.
    Happy B-day Rii!!!! although I'm late on that one. May your nose remain like a cute mushroom :P. The mario brothers would be going crazy in excitement.


  6. She does have the cutest nose doesn't she!! It's so unique and adorable!! I love the host and even more now that he's made an actual appearance…really fun and engaging and great with all of the members I think! The birthday cake surprise was a perfect idea carried out to perfection! ^-^


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