49 shades of Nacchi…

Recently Ohta has been offering very large photo sets on his eBay auction site and when I saw 2 Nacchi sets I immediately had to try bidding on them. UFA 3 1/2 x 5 official photos typically sell for 150 yen each in Japan with sets sometimes being offered for a little less for each photo so being able to receive all of these photos for only $44.14 was really a very low price when you consider how much they would have cost otherwise. In all these 2 sets included 56 photos and included a few duplicates which I’ve removed from the scans below….hmmm if anyone finds a duplicate below please let me know as I only think I’ve found them all!

I scanned this one first because it’s just tooooo cute!!!! No not the plushy animal but Nacchi!! Well there’s not much about Nacchi that I can write here that I haven’t already said before so I won’t clutter these photos with redundancy and I’ll just say that she’s my favorite Hello! Project member of all time (not negotiable! :P), brings joy to the other members with just her presence, brightens up any room, is one of the H!P vocalists whom has a distinct depth and character to her vocals, always genki! (^o^)/, is a beacon of professionalism, loves her job!, and emulates the ‘joy of performance!’

Over the past 10+ years Nacchi has gone through quite a few different looks and hairstyles and this one curious mind would love to know which look you feel matches her best and to simplify things I’ve chosen just 3 of her most distinct styles which she has shown a fondness for over the years. ^-^ Which Nacchi~♥ look do you like best?….

Please click~* for Vizu poll.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to 49 shades of Nacchi…

  1. mizunohi says:

    You are so lucky! ~~whenever I see posts of how you get official pictures I think I must get my own collection :3
    Nacchi looks so stunning in all of these pictures, she just makes me want to hug her! She always looks like she's having fun; I rarely see her without a smile! (scan0031-3.jpg made me laugh XD)
    I love your choice of words in saying she is has the 'joy of performance'; "joy" is the perfect way to describe Nacchi! Although she (arguably) doesn't have an incredible or strong voice (technically speaking only!) I love the way she sings and can never skip through her preformances, no matter how many times I've watched it (lol). She is like the perfect example of "idol" and expresses it so well it's impossible not to like her! (Even my mother – who dislikes music in general and calls most of H!P "junk" – has actually complimented one of Nacchi's songs before!)


  2. strawberrie says:

    So you bidding a lot too LOL. I won some Megumi Murakami photos for only five dollars (and the total photos is 17). I was suprise no one try to outbid me on Megumi photos (although I wasn't going higher than 5).


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    Long and wavy! Although I like Nacchi's short hair… And for some reason when I think of her the first image that comes is with short hair. Too bad it's losing right now ToT


  4. When I saw these 2 large sets up for auction I was thinking to myself how odd it is that I actually don't own that many UFA photos of Nacchi when she's my favorite overall H!P member! So I really wanted to win these so much and luckily the bidding didn't get too high! Nacchi's joy is infectious! I'd love to be around her for sure! Eh? your mother dislikes music?!! :O Maybe you can inspire her to listen! ^-^ It's true that she doesn't possess the strongest vocals but rather it's the character in her vocals which really impress me…always heartfelt too and with depth. 🙂


  5. Wow you won that set for such a great price!! It's always nicer when no one tries to outbid you and I always cross my fingers and hope!! ^-^


  6. You're so right! as Nacchi's "trademark" look is her shorter hairstyle which she has worn for most of her idol career and from the very beginning. Early on I never really could imagine her with longer hair but when she did start to grow it longer I was like Wow! she's so beautiful this way too! She's really beautiful with either style so it'll be interesting to see which is preferred by her fans. ^-^


  7. Shirow says:

    Wow good selection of photos there!
    And I think its a total bargin for the price, I've managed to win a couple of good berryz sets from ohta recently … theres something about these photos that are so addicting and collectable … gotta catch them all!!!
    But at Times I've spent stupid amounts on only a few photos … but its all good.



  8. Thank you Shirow!…and yes collecting these official photos is soooooo addicting!!! Ah have you posted your Berryz photos? I'd love to see them! ^-^ It's amazing in that these photos seem to be released non stop like everyday!! I've seen a few Manoeri photos sell for quite a lot and for just a single photo at times!! :O Where do you live if it's okay to ask?


  9. Shirow says:

    I think I'll post the photos along with some other h!p stuff thats come recently, fit it all into a juicy post ^_<
    And I'm curious to how many thousands of cards each girl has …. I wonder who holds the record? …I dont even think the most hardcore wota could know (or own) … it really boggles the mind!
    And I live in England, so that means I spend ALOT on international shipping!!! … but its a necessary evil I guess.
    Also how do you store your h!p items? do you keep them all in a dedicated room all sealed in plastic? … 🙂 I think its important to them 100% perfect!!


  10. wu-san says:

    I voted nacchi with short hair. I just think she was the cutest with that. I mean, her long wavey, kind of laidback look is good too, very beautiful. Great collection, and anything -Original – Eagles is brilliant. I loved the original cast for that. And I have some clips and things of when they went to sing at a game and watched the team play, really cool. And they all looked fantastic.


  11. I'll be looking forward to seeing them as it's always exciting to see wonderful H!P collections! It's so true! These photos seem to be released every day as wild as that sounds! Hmm…I used to imagine that there was someone out there who owned them all but I know that's naive and seemingly impossible. Ah I understand international shipping expenses all too well! And EMS is really expensive!!I've grown to believe that my room looks like a store as I've once been told. I keep mostly everything on shelves in order for the most part and collectibles like photos are all in albums. I really wish that I had more H!P Information Village binders as they were available here in Hawaii when we were lucky to have their store but since filling all of those I've been purchasing those mini H!P artist photo holders from Ohta but even those fill up quickly! I keep everything H!P safe too! ^-^


  12. It was actually difficult to decide for me as I love both of those looks so much but her shorter style really reminds me of the birth of Momusu! But when she grew her hair longer I was like wow so cute!! The collaboration is really a lot of fun and it's amazing that it's been going on for so long now! I've only had a chance to see the pvs from this partnership and I imagine that those clips must be a lot of fun to watch too! Ah that first photo of Nacchi holding the plushy eagle!!…priceless!!


  13. wu-san says:

    ah both looks really are great…and you're so right about her shorter style akin back to her early days. Yeah, the Eagles idea is sooo fun, and if I got an opportunity like that, I'd love to watch the team play often. You have not seen the clips? maybe I can upload them for you at some point if you want to see the backstage stuff. All are soo pretty and looking so healthy. It really is like super group with the original line-up. Nacchi works the camera so well.

    That first photo is too cute it's dangerous 😛


  14. That would be so kind of you!..so that I could see them. ^-^ But I know how busy you are right now so don't rush any of it! Mmm…Nacchi is so naturally perfect in any situation given to her and a lot of that stems from her loving what she does so much. You're in trouble Team Wu! 😛 That photo is so cute isn't it!!


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