Arashi delivers the ultimate concert experience in “Summer Tour 2007 Final Time-kotoba no chikara-”

After 2 viewings of Arashi's latest concert DVD release I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite concert release by them! Haha okay I know how the impact something new can have on a person and one perfect example would be movies where you see something great that you love and then immediately claim it be "your favorite movie of all time"…a fleeting statement as two weeks later you refer to another film with the same exact reaction! Ah but this is so different I promise!! Their "Time" concert is seemingly on another tier all its own…so inspired, emotional, innovative, and well I have to face it…it is Arashi after all. ^-^

Aiba is so much the "heart" of the group and this may be a naive assumption but he really does have an appeal that seems to be the most approachable in the group. And vocally he's definitely the most unique…to quote my friend zdorama in Japanese who introduced me to Arashi…"wasei Randy Newman!" ^-^ A fan can really connect with their favorite artists when true emotions are expressed on stage or elsewhere and no member in Arashi conveys these feelings as openly and deeply as Aiba. On a side note my mom says that Aiba has "samurai looks"…but I'm not quite sure what to make of that…does he really?! And what does a samurai look like in a broad sense of the word?

Matsujun…the far and away most popular member in the group garners this much deserved attention through his cute demeanor, immensely popular dramas, and of course great looks! Those to name just a few as I'm sure every Matsujun fan out there has their own personal reasons for making him #1! When I first created my little favorite member poll here a few weeks ago I was already so sure that he'd take top honors although for awhile there Shokun showed some real signs of catching him…still was there any doubt?! Matsujun is also by far the member which I hear most Arashi fans refer to when describing how them came upon their personal Arashi fandom….and usually through dramas. And haha since I began mentioning my moms comments on them I'll continue with Matsujun whom she says is "the handsome one." LOL! Surely he can't be the only one though right! ^-^

Nino! My long standing favorite member in the group never ceases to impress me! He's so multi talented as a music writer, lyricist, performer, and musician…oh and there's also that other aspect of his career…acting!! And while Aiba wears his emotions openly, Nino expresses them through his heartfelt vocals…always passionate…always confident! Haha my mom refers to Nino as "Mr. Hollywood" and that was before seeing "Letter from Iwojima"! :O I don't think that she means that in the best possible way as she sees him as being a bit too filled with dare I say "ego" :O…however that has never changed my personal thoughts on him as I envision that side of him as pure confidence, which is always an attractive trait to me. She also calls him…"the boy" lol! He is blessed with a youthful appearance but to call him "the boy" is too funny! Hmmm…I know that my mom is endeared to him deep down despite these observations. ^-^

Shokun…the "teddy bear" of the group with the gift of warmth! There's just something truly sincere about his overall demeanor and just the way he comes across in conversation. His vocals add a deepness and edge to the group's sound and I can honestly say that I don't in particular even like rap music but he's made me a fan…well at least of Shokun's brand of rap! I think my mom says it right when she says that he has the "most pleasant looks" in the group so for anyone keeping track we now have a "samurai", "handsome", "Mr. Hollywood", and "pleasant looking" in Arashi so far at least according to my mom. 😛 Shokun is usually referred to as "Mr. Personality" by M! 🙂

Riida…I think without argument it can be said that Ohno's vocals are superior in the group and I'll take that a step further as I think he has some of the best vocal ability in all of J-Pop land. He truly reminds me of Ishii Tatsuya when I close my eyes and listen to his voice…pure…powerful…unwavering…expressive! The song writers for Arashi have since the beginning it seems, made a conscious effort in selecting his vocal lines and the critical placement of them in the larger scheme of the song's compositions. His vocals add anything from a soothing aura to great climaxes and build up in song strutcture…it must be truly a dream to write with Riida in mind where a composer has a specific feeling for particular transitions as it makes it so much easier I imagine with one in mind who can truly deliver time and time again without question or compromise!

This 3 hour concert event is filled with a very very impressive set list and to go with that some of Arashi's most inspired performances and I especially loved each individual member's solo performances as each showcased so much of what makes them endeared and unique in the group through their choreography, overall approach, and musicianship. Their outfits were also a highlight ranging from cool to outrageous at times and sometimes one does wonder where the seamstress who envisions some of these lives in mind and creativity!! ^-^ The concert flows like a soda fountain of of pure joy as the 3 plus hours pass seamlessly and really so quickly as I've discovered twice already! And Tokyo Dome provides the perfect venue to house an event of such magnitude as the large moving stages and platforms which are featured throughout the concert add an amazing eye opening dimension which also gives a larger than life appeal as well to the entire stage design. Lights, fire, camera,…Arashi!

In the post previous to this one I've included uploads of their emotional performance of "Be with you" and exhilarating performance of "Sakura sake" and to continue here are 9 more performances that I've picked out and uploaded from their Time concert DVD which I hope you will also enjoy!

There's nothing like seeing some of your favorite songs from an album that you've been listening to for a prolonged period of time come to life on stage and somehow I felt that this song could have opened up the concert much like it opens their "Time" album…maybe it's just due the feeling I get every time that I listen to this album as it truly "sounds" like an opening song. This performance of "Oh Yeah!" is so explosive!

Arashi "Oh Yeah!’ from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD


There was simply no doubt that I'd be including Nino's solo performance of "Niji" ("Rainbow") here as it's my favorite solo performance from this concert! I've seen Nino with a guitar…and now as a pianist!!! When he began playing it gave me goosebumps…I just couldn't believe it and his vocals are emotional and heartfelt as always. The piano used is also amazing to look as it's quite an artistic piece in its own right…and the member sitting at it continues to impress and amaze me every time I see him! Nino sugoi!

Arashi no Nino "Niji" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD


Fans deep into the arena are treated to a close up experience with Arashi via separate moving platforms which ingeniously grace the arena floor during their electrifying performance of "Harashi no mirai"! 

Arashi "Hadashi no mirai" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

The now most likely much talked about playful "kiss" that Nino lays on Riida at the end of this performance! They truly are so funny and it's moments of candidness like these which are so amusing for fans everywhere I imagine! At first there's a bit of shock and…Eh?!…but you can't help but laugh along with them! ^-^

Arashi "Hero" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

Your eyes don't deceive you as Matsujun walks along a beam near the arena's ceiling upside down! His solo performance of "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai-" is innovative, creatively choreographed, and the wire work performed by Matsujun is nothing short of spectacular! And one must imagine how great his balance and strength is to perform such an amazing act so effortlessly in appearance! "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai-" is my favorite solo from their LE "Time" bonus disc as it's just such a cute song!!…and Matsujun's performance doesn't disappoint as he brings that same cute feeling from the recording to the stage with perfection!

Arashi no Matsujun "Yabai-Yabai-Yabai-" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

I couldn't have dreamed of a better performance of "Cry for you" as the pyrotechnics and flair of the choreography are in full throttle here!!!!….I had to replay this performance right away as I was soooo awe struck!!!…and even speechless for awhile afterwards!!! ^-^ Is it me or is it really hot in here suddenly?!

Arashi "Cry for you" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

Awwwww! I was so happy to see that "Happiness" was on the concert's set list! 😛 I can't even remember how many times that I've watched the pv for this song and finally being able to see it performed in a grand location like the Tokyo Dome is truly happiness…sorry I thought that may be a bit punny! 😛

Arashi "Happiness" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

Ah I want one of those concert t-shirts!!! "We can make it!" is one of Arashi's best feel good songs as it can really help brighten up your mood on one of those down days! The performances on the second disc are a bit more relaxed and candid and you can really appreciate it all, after the incredible show that Arashi has been putting on for such a prolonged period of time and here it begins to wind down as they head towards much appreciated encores!

Arashi "We can make it!" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

Haha I want that concert t-shirt above! "WISH" is part of the encore performances and what has become sort of a trademark in Arashi concerts is the tossing of message cards into the audience…just imagine being so lucky to catch one…well unless other fans attack you to get it! :O Hmmm…just thought about that possible aspect but hopefully all Arashi fans are well behaved! ^-^


Arashi "WISH" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

Okay so that's a brief look at Arashi's latest concert DVD release and I hope this inspires other fans to purchase their DVD as well which can be found here at Cdjapan and it's currently in stock so there shouldn't be too much waiting for it to arrive. (^o^)/

In closing my overall favorite performance from this concert is their emotional rendition of "Be with you." From Riida's sweet voice to Aiba's open emotions…well I think this performance speaks for itself so I'll repost it here. Enjoy! ^-^

Arashi "Be with you" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time DVD

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19 Responses to Arashi delivers the ultimate concert experience in “Summer Tour 2007 Final Time-kotoba no chikara-”

  1. aiLaMarie says:

    I really love the Dome!..i just have to accept that there will be a an outrageous costume in their concert..but overall, i like majority of what they wore, the setlist and effects…sugoi!!!!
    they never fail to amaze me…i was teary eyed in Be with you!! and Nino's solo gave the chills!!!!
    thanks for the upload, i hoe YT won't kill!


  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    i love all!! *__________________________*


  3. greyhavens says:

    wow.. this post really make me wanna watch the dvd as soon as possible. thanks for sharing.. ok. i will now watch it tomorrow. hehe. 😀 ps: i totally agree with you on aiba-chan. heheh. sorry. biased. although i've accepted that he's not gifted vocally, he's totally awesome. great personality. it's like you'll always be happy when you're with him. 😉


  4. MyMelody5 says:

    Morningberryz, you are so awesome!! ;D
    This is exactly what I felt watching the Time DVD… But I can't express it as beautifully as you.. Lols!


  5. Concerts always seem to have their fair share of wild outfits that make me think…whoa!…but I agree they were mostly well done in this concert! Their stages always amaze me and I sometimes wish that Hello! Project would have some similar stages as that would be incredible too…although it can be dangerous too I imagine to be up so high and sometimes without any railings! :O The song selection is perfect too! Only song that I would have added from "Time" would have to be "Life"…well there are others too but I would have loved to have seen this song included for sure. Definitely 2 highlights of the concert!…"Be with you" and "niji"!!


  6. I'm so happy that you loved the performances too! ^-^ Ah best concert yet!!!


  7. greyhavens you received your copy so quickly too!!! EMS=<3!! I know you're going to love this concert so much too…haha at least I hope!! 😛 That's so true about Aiba and I think he sings really well…and his vocals are so unique in Arashi. Arashi could never be Arashi without Aiba! It would be incredible to meet Aiba….happiness!!


  8. Thank you MyMelody5!! You are much too kind!! I was just gushing after the concert ended and I had to write this as soon as possible to capture my emotions so that I could get them right! It's great that it had the same effect on both of us…hmm is it time to watch again?!! ^-^


  9. Careline says:

    I just ordered it, well a bit late but still its such a great concert, so love all of their performances!


  10. ^ ^ You're just going to love Arashi's concert so much!!!…from start to finish it's just plain awesome!! They've got the best stages too and it's really great for the fans present too as it really makes every seat in the house a good one as they move around a lot in the arena over the course of their shows. \(^o^)/!! support Arashi!!! ^-^


  11. Nino-baby says:

    Ah~ must get this concert! Looks so good xDI absolutely adored their AAA 2008 concert in Tokyo<3 Truly amazing~I just love Arashi… ^ # ^


  12. Oh yes!! yes!! this concert is one of ARASHI's♥ best!!!! They always perform so energetically but there was also so much creativity happening in this performance as well…..Matsujun's♥ air walk~* being amazing!!! and Nino's solo so heartfelt with "rain" all around! He looks so cute~* in glasses too!! I'm so sorry that the Youtube clips don't work here anymore……YouTube ate my entire account awhile back and so I now only upload videos here just to be safe as I lost over 260 videos back then so there's so many empty clips everywhere =(.


  13. Nino-baby says:

    A~h too sad 😦 I have experienced losing videos on Youtube too… It's a very unhappy experience >o<Yes the concert looks great! Would like to own it, but there's also their new anniversary concert who's coming out here in April… which to buy? xD


  14. I lost more than 260 then….I'm so never using an account there again as it was so so sad and it would just be too much to try to replace them all here directly to VOX… now there's so many broken video links =(….sorry I'm repeating myself, it's just that whenever I think about it I'm just (_´Д`)ノ~~。A~h I would say both..sorry! XD Um….well I'd get the new concert first just so that you can watch more of their newer songs too~*….although just their performance of "Be with you" on this concert DVD makes the entire experience soooo soooooo worth it!!!


  15. Nino-baby says:

    Oh, that's so many!! D'X I feel really sorry for you! >O<,,,just repeat your anger as much as you like, things like that you have the right to be mad about xDI think I'll wait for a Taiwan version of the concert or something, the new one is too expensive – ouch! >o<;


  16. It's most saddening as they were truly~* meant to promote releases and maybe find a few new fans~♥……and I'm sure it's disappointing to find a post only to see that the video clips are no longer playable (_´Д`)ノ~~。。。U~n it is really expensive and I imagine there will be so many extras~* included….I'm also hoping for a pretty package and cover in particular as their concert DVDs tend to be quite plain at times…..a~h but of course it's the concert within that means the most ne~ ^ ^。Arashi usually does have Taiwanese versions available so I'm sure it'll be available soon~ =).


  17. Nino-baby says:

    I see your point there~ :/ Youtube can't be trusted! xDI truly hope Arashi's new concert comes soon in a Taiwan version<3 ^^


  18. I usually see them appear on YesAsia's site first…there also may be a Korean version available too I imagine, I hope you can find Arashi's♥ DVD soon ^ ^。


  19. Nino-baby says:

    Thank you! ^^ I hope too


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