Cdjapan delivers “Resonant Blue”, a “new” Zard track, & Arashi Summer Tour live!! ^-^

On April 16th (yesterday in Japan) Momusu's new single "Resonant Blue" was finally released and to my delight I found it had arrived when I got home today after quite a long day!….work at 4 a.m., shopping for the cats, a movie! (a friend suggested that I watch "Juno"), tire rotation, oil change, and an almost safety check as I just found out that the vin number on my insurance card is missing one digit! :O I can't believe that they forgot a number!! Well I have until the end of the month so things should be okay.

The covers of Momusu's new release look absolutely incredible!!…ah but it will have to wait until tomorrow as after a long day I just want to watch Arashi and lie down. Arashi's "Summer Tour 2007 Final Time- kotoba no chikara-" DVD is a 2 disc set shot in beautiful widescreen with a total running time of 185 minutes!!!! Hmm…3 hours of Arashi should make the day better! ^-^ This DVD set also includes a nice foldout booklet with some really great photos our favorite Johnny's group along with production notes and disc contents…haha okay I speak for myself as there are so many JE's groups to love! I'll scan the booklet later when I do a proper post of this concert but for now I'd just like to share 2 performances from this release. Okay there are sooo many to choose from and I'm still actually making my way through the second disc but I really love these two so I uploaded them! ^-^

"Sakura sake" from Arashi "Summer Tour 2007 Final Time

Tokyo Dome is such an amazing venue and those moving stage platforms that I mentioned recently can be seen in this clip. It's such an innovative idea to have a stage move throughout the audience giving fans all around the arena a close up look at their favorite members and I'm just so awe struck by their stage designs! "Sakura sake" is such an energetic song and their performance matches the intensity note for note! ^-^

"Be with you" from Arashi Summer Tour 2007 Final Time

I chose "Be with you" because it's my favorite song on their "Time" album as that hasn't changed since I wrote my thoughts on this album awhile back. It's so full of emotion and the harmonies and lyrics are just perfect! Matsujun introduces the song and judging by his demeanor I think this song means a lot to him too! ^-^

Arashi's "Summer Tour 2007 Final Time- kotoba no chikara-" can be ordered here from Cdjapan and it's so worth getting!

Also in this order is Zard's single "Tsubasa wo hirogete" coupling with "Ai wa kurayami no naka de" and just the thought of being able to hear a "new" song by Zard really excites me and even though this is an older track it has remained unreleased until now which is just as delightful as a "new" release! The limited edition which is still available includes a bonus DVD containing a live performance of a song that I love so much!…"Kitto wasurenai" recorded on September 14th, 2007 at Budoukan. The clip runs 4:47 and is an excerpt from a tribute concert held in remembrance of Sakai Izumi where a complete live ensemble performed her songs live while Sakai Izumi's vocals were infused and via large video monitors her presence "on stage" was also represented before a full venue! This must have been such a wonderfully touching event to have been able to attend and I think I would have cried had I been there. While still available Zard's LE release can be ordered here. Here are a few captures from the DVD:



Cdjapan has also sent me a few new release magazines including 2 on anime and the latest issue of Beat Freak which I used to receive regularly awhile ago. The April issue of Beat Freak features Ayu on the cover and includes an article on her latest single "Mirrorcle World" hmm..looks like I'm not the only one who likes to make up their own words! ^-^ In addition to being a new release magazine, Beat Freak also features disc reviews on featured artists. I do love a few anime series but if these magazines that they've sent me influence me to explore more anime I may just be in trouble here! 🙂

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10 Responses to Cdjapan delivers “Resonant Blue”, a “new” Zard track, & Arashi Summer Tour live!! ^-^

  1. strawberrie says:

    I'm still waiting on mine. Hopefully my order gets here when I go home for the weekend tomorrow. I doubt it though….. I ended up ordering both limited editions because I couldn't decided because of the hidden contents of the DVD but now I'm kinda glad I order both.


  2. MyMelody5 says:

    I love the Time Concert DVD!!!!! <<<<<33333333333
    And seriously during there speech, I was so close to crying…… And Aiba-chan's part really touched me….. ;_; You can see that he looks like he might break down in tears any moment… *pats his head… *
    I am really proud of them and all their accomplishments… 😀


  3. wu-san says:

    sorry, this is very lazy of me, but I'd just be retyping it to you anyway, well, in a different perspective. copied from my IW link.

    Speaking solely for the Arashi clips, they’re pretty damn amazing. ‘Sakura Saki’ is a stadium pleaser anyway, so sticking that in Tokyo Dome is always a good choice. As for the ‘Be with you’ performance, it’s clear in my mind that these guys simply enjoy performing their songs, and that’s a true virtue in this day and age. Aiba even has a moment or two where he seems to be loosing it. Admittedly, I got caught up in it big time. They dig so deep into some of their songs, it’s too adorable not fall for. MatsuJun though, haha. Rock on! If you’re a Zard fan by the way, you’ll really appreciate the sentimental value of the screen captures and the concept of the concert it depicts. Recommended reading and viewing.


  4. paul.thomas says:

    Wow that was a speedy delivery! My copies of Resonant Blue have been shipped and much like strwberrie I'll be hoping that they arrive for the weekend.I'm curious as to how the inlay photos are going to be for these releases, lol, I haven't even seen it yet and I'm already missing the mini photo books 😦


  5. Definitely worth getting both versions with the "another…" and "lesson studio…" versions being offered on them! Hmmm…I guess instead of a booklet we're now getting additional pv versions and if done well these promise to be a great treat as well! I hope your copies arrive soon! ^-^


  6. It's so true this concert is absolutely emotion filled and amazing!! Aiba really wears his emotions so openly and it's so beautiful to see! ^-^ I'm watching it for a second time since I received it yesterday in the mail…I'm feeling that this is their best concert DVD yet!!!


  7. Awwww lazy Wu! ^-^ They truly are passionate about their craft and throughout the entire concert there are so many examples of this. Aiba really got me emotional too and it's so touching to see an artist wear his emotions so openly. Have you watched the heartfelt letter being read by Aiba to his group mates? It's really moments like these that set Arashi apart from any other male group out there..they truly are special and unique. ^-^ The idea for the Zard memorial concert was such a great idea and it really moved me even with this single song performance. Seeing her image on the large screens in the arena while a live band accompanied her was so touching to see and it got me quite emotional. I really miss her and I can't believe that she's no longer with us. In spirit always though…and her music will remain a timeless testament and tribute to her amazing life in music and lyrics.


  8. It seems that lately Cdjapan has been sending out my orders a day before release dates and sometimes they've even arrived on the actual release date (Japan time). I hope your copy arrives for the weekend! I'll probably be posting about "Resonant Blue" tomorrow as I'll have the entire night off with no plans…haha no plans on a Friday night…isn't that kind of sad! 😛 Anyway Momusu will be here to cheer me up!!It looks like the collectible booklets have been sacrificed for additional pv versions and this could work favorably in the future depending on the quality of the pvs themselves…just as long as their not like those GAM…"Ayaya/Mikitty versions" which just basically looked like the pv cut in half. But still I know we both agree that the collectible booklets were the best! Hopefully UFA will go back to including them in the future as some of the H!P releases this year have still seen them included with their LE pressings…so there is hope! ^-^


  9. paul.thomas says:

    I don't think anything get any worse than the individual PVs accompanying GAM's album, they were beyond bad, I'm still really disappointed with that release…oh well. Do the Limtied versions of the CDs come with anything extra or does each come with a version of the PV?It's nice to have quiet Friday night I had one a few weeks ago just bummed around in front of the tele all night, nice and relaxing! Plus with some H!P singles to go through you know it's not going to be a boring night.


  10. The alternate pv versions look to be the only extras and I really hoped that they'd include a slip case for one of these releases but hmmm…the pvs have caused quite a stir so maybe they're dare I say…a good idea? Ah but the collectibles are truly the best! I really miss the cards too! Thank you I don't feel so funny now not having plans for tonight! I'm going to start writing a little something on "Resonant Blue" tonight with all of my free time! ^-^ I hope you have a great weekend!


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