Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! (six chapters)

Wu-san continues our collaborated online fictional story which has now reached its 6th chapter =). We’ve been taking turns writing each chapter as this project continues into its fourth month and for anyone interested who may have missed a chapter I’ve linked the previous 5 parts below.

Edit: I’ve included the entire of our writings just below for this fictional series as it’s been in limbo for a really really long time. Separate chapter entries can be found below in links~* with their separate comments from their original postings~. (please note that I was only able to link the original postings of chapters written by me.)

Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! chapter 1

Chapter 1 by MorningBerryz

The episode begins just as any other ordinary show as Taka-san and Nakaikun wave in the guests…hmmm…how in the world they chose such an odd H!P member lineup is astonishing and the gathering for today’s episode seems to be quite random! :O A sign outside the studio reads: “IF YOU’RE BEAT TAKESHI, YOU’RE AT THE WRONG STUDIO…TRY THE NEXT DOOR. :)” Nakai promises a fun episode filled with games involving musical chairs, lots of dessert, and even some wacky trademarked Taka-san dancing moments thrown in! All aboard the special Utaban bus as this one’s part road trip, plane ride, all eventually ending up on a large isolated island off the coast of Hokkaido.

The departure from Hokkaido takes place utilizing numerous helicopters and the members have been divided into small groups, each given a backpack with promised goodies, and sent off in succession to the target location. Risakochan is first to notice that something seems a bit off but is more worried at the moment as to whether there will be ‘big’ dogs on the island or not and asks some slightly creepy looking guy with strange eyes and bleached hair who now sits next to her and seemingly has appeared out of nowhere after boarding was completed. He assures her that no ‘big’ dogs are present on the island with a sly nod. The members are dropped in locations along the outskirts of the island varying in distance from one another as the promise of a game has been announced…problem is that the island is far larger than anticipated by anyone.

It’s now just past sunrise and numerous loudspeakers now shower the seemingly deserted island along the beaches…”If you will open up your backpacks you will notice that each one of you has been given one special item.” Hmmm…seems that Beat Takeshi has somehow snuck onto the island anyway! :O Risakochan quickly checks her backpack and finds a pouch of “Scooby Snacks.” :O (Hmmm…that freaky looking character on the chopper is in for a good beat down if I see one…she sighs to herself) Across a long stretch of beach to the West Risakochan notices that Momo is within sight and she calls out to her while beginning to head towards her. Once again across the loudspeakers the voice rings out…”You must be the first member to reach the center of the island alone where you will find a single table and all the dessert you can eat!…all other members will be given no solo lines in their upcoming single releases!” :O The last part catches Mikitty’s attention as she gazes at the frying pan that was placed in her backpack…and with no new songs to perform in quite some time she ponders if this is really a punishment. Meanwhile Ayaya wonders if this is some sort of ploy to have Tsunku sing all of her songs in an upcoming album or perhaps…an instrumental release? O_o Then a sudden vivid memory hits her…(it was the last night of her Fall tour and just prior to the encore Tsunku had crashed the concert right in the middle of “Momoiro kataomoi” and proceeded to hog all of the lines!)…O_o…”good thing they edited that out when the DVD was released” she sighed. Hmm…and just how is the slinky she’s been given supposed to help her today?

Risakochan has now reached Momo who is puzzled by the ancient box of Cracker Jacks that she has received. While not edible, it does include an actual toy…a mini compass…something that the current product fails to produce as it has opted for cheap miniature cardboard junk and things of the like. Some distant barking is heard and Risakochan is not pleased…she tries hiding behind Momo, something that is practically impossible to do! After some encouraging, Momo helps Risakochan regain her composure and they head off into the central wilderness of the island. Up ahead the silence is broken by a metallic clattering and while sneaking a peak over a small grassy hill, Rii & Momo witness Rika and Ayaya in a fierce battle, pitting tennis racquet against slinky! Apparently they’re not just for “walking” down stairs anymore. Off to the side an unaffected Takitty looks not too pleased with the pair of yo yo’s she’s been given and Risakochan upon noticing that the tennis racquet is hers quickly begins to descend down the hill towards Rika!

To be continued…

(This is what happens when you stay up too late!…. 😛 as part of a joint writing, wu-san will continue the story at his VOX site. (at a future date) And you thought “Mad Libs” was wacky…

Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! chapter 2

Chapter 2 by Wu-san

“Risako, where are we going?” says an excited Momo.

“Cant you gage the situation? We‘re in the middle of a battlefield here”

Momo seems puzzled, and as she gazes towards the scenes of Ayaya attacking Rika, she begins in a flurry of questions. “I don’t understand. Why is Utaban’s studio filled with foothills and a horizon. And where did they get all that sea from?”

Risako sighs into her chest, and by doing so, she can feel a cold shiver run down her spine. “You’re so out of the group when we get off this Island”.

“We’re on an Island?” worries Momo. It pleases Risako to see the fear finally enter her friend’s eyes, and she begins a quiet laugh. A laugh of slightest touch. A laugh that begins to pain Momo. “Stop it Risako, you’re scaring me”

“What item did you get?” says Risako, ignorant to her friend’s last comment.


“Look Momo, if we’re going to get through this together you have to communicate properly. Listen. That’s always been your problem, you don’t bloody listen”

Before Momo has a chance to reply, Takitty approaches them from one side – confused and out of breath. “I’m so glad to see you guys. This whole thing’s crazy”

“Is it?” pries Risako “Is it?!”

“Are you feeling okay?” questions a concerned Takitty.

“I’m more than okay. In fact I’m starving”. Risako takes Momo to one side and asks her to hide in a nearby bush. “I’m just going to discuss something with Takitty” she say’s with a cat’s smile. Never trust a cat’s smile.


The morning reveals a clear sky, and although the sun share’s the horizon unopposed, a cold biting wind cuts through the island. Momo watches from a spot full of tall, thin necked but heavy topped trees. A spot which shares it’s disposition with a correlation of wild plants and berry bushes.

“Don’t eat these berries Momo, they might be poisonous” whispers a voice.

“I don’t like berries anyway”

“Just making sure, since you were fiddling with one of them”

It takes a short while for Momo to realise she’s talking to a voice with no name or physical form. “Are you a forest spirit? Whisper’s a curious Momo, her eyes still fixed ahead of her, watching intently as Risako walks Takitty away from the near distance.

“It’s me” hisses the mysterious voice “Kamei”

Momo finally notices Kamei and is relieved to be in the company of one of Hello! Project’s more affable members, and her worries begin to fade a little. “What are you doing hiding in a bush?”

“I got confused, and you know how I like enclosed spaces in times of doubt” says a pouting Kamei.

Kamei’s stomach begins to rumble, and the pathetic sound of hunger is understood by Momo’s ears. “I’ve got some Cracker Jacks if you want them”

Kamei’s eyes light up with excitement, and she begins at the packet like a wilder beast. Without thinking she begins to stuff the Cracker Jacks into her mouth, and her cheeks slowly puff out into cute, sizable cushions. “These taste awful Momo. So what Item did you get anyway?”

“You’re eating them”


“Yep, they’re out of date though”

Kamei suddenly stops chewing. She takes her eyes off the distance and slowly moves them towards Momo. “You’re a sneaky one aren’t you” gnarls Kamei “trying to poison me with dodgy Cracker Jacks”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying you’re only thinking about the dessert. You don’t care about me at all do you? You just want the prize all to yourself”

“What prize?” says Momo confused, like she’s always been.

Kamei doesn’t give herself a chance to reply, and quickly makes her way out of the bushes and down into the deeper reaches of the forest. Momo is suddenly filled with fear again, but remembers how Miyabi always encourages her to be strong, and so she calms herself as best she can. She looks back through the bushes and sees Risako quickly running towards her.

“Where’s Takitty” Momo enquires.

“She went for a little swim, but she needed a little push first”

“Wait…is Takitty a good swimmer?”

“Time will tell” says Risako, slightly flustered but full of adrenalin.

“What’s wrong with your pupils?” points Momo.

“Ignore it. It’s just something the body does when it wants dessert”


Meanwhile, twenty metres ahead, Rika and Ayaya are still duelling with each other. Risako really want’s that Tennis Racquet, and Momo realises how much she misses those Cracker Jacks. She did keep the compass though ;).

To be continued…

Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! chapter 3

Chapter 3 by MorningBerryz

The Northern region of the island, while void of beaches contains a much more treacherous terrain as it’s primarily composed of hills and mountainous passages…Mikitty finally decides to start heading towards the center most area of the island as instructed…wherever that may be she ponders to herself. While on the flight over she had noticed how the Southern portion of the island was filled with vast beaches and greenery and she couldn’t help but let it bother her as to why she was dropped off in the region with the worst landscape that the entire island had to offer. Surely the intention is to keep her from reaching the destination point first and the more these thoughts began to fill her mind…a slight rage began to fill her heart as well. With a slight sigh Mikitty slips the frying pan back into her backpack and begins her descent from the cliff that seems to travel as far as the eye can see along the island’s Northern coast. While not her usual inspired self, Mikitty’s seemingly pointless trek was more like a daze and just shy of 2 hours into her journey a familiar voice showered the mountainside just behind her… “I’ve been looking for you!” shouts Yossi as she hastily makes her way towards Mikitty. “I knew your drop off point wasn’t too far away from mine and I couldn’t tell where Konkon’s drop sight was…so I’ve been heading in this direction all morning…I think that Sayu and Gakisan are nearby too”…Yossi, now slightly out of breath embraces Mikitty for a moment and then quickly reaches for her backpack and while opening it asks…”what’d they give you?” “a frying pan” replies Mikitty with a noticeable look of displeasure on her face. “you suppose I’m expected to cook something when I get there?” her words full of sarcasm. Yossi pauses for a moment…”look what they gave me” Mikitty’s eyes instantly light up as the sight of the crossbow that Yossi is now holding before her seems almost surreal. And in noticing Mikitty’s reaction, Yossi continues in a much firmer tone…”I don’t think this is really a game…I don’t think that’s the intention at all” “How many arrows are there?” asks Mikitty…and it’s only now that she realizes Yossi’s serious tone. “Five” replies Yossi…”I’ve been traveling East all morning so the others probably have quite a head start on us so we need to hurry” “Us?” ask Mikitty slightly surprised. Without allowing Mikitty to continue Yossi quickly adds…”I think we need to help each other if we’re going to make it through this…somethings just not right and UFA wouldn’t create such a game would they?…I also heard something back there…it was the most awful scream in the far away distance”….and If I didn’t know any better I’d say that it sounded like Takitty”

“Now surely even you must now understand what this is all about!” says Risako…now out of breath and down on one knee while wiping the blood off her newly acquired yo-yos. “Amazing aren’t these they’re made of steel!” “What have you done?!”…cries Momo…now fully in tears. “Just taking back what’s mine” “Are they…” “They’re just resting…we need to get going just as soon as I get my racquet back….figures that they’d give Ayaya something as silly as this” And while shaking her head Risako tosses the metal slinky off to the side. Momo edges slowly towards the slinky and the instant that Risako turns her back, she quickly picks it up and shoves it into her backpack. And nearly simultaneously and as if being able to hear her actions Risako glances back at Momo for a moment…pauses, and then asks in a calm voice “did Kamei say which way she was heading?”

To be continued…

Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! chapter 4

Chapter 4 by Wu-san

In downtown Tokyo, Taka-san and Nakai-kun enjoy freshly made noodles at their usual eatery. Both appear relaxed, but between all that ramen slurping, they’re actually a little nervous. Well, Nakai is.

“So you think it was a good idea to get Beat Takeshi on this?” says Nakai-kun.

“You mean for this Hello! Project meets Battle Royale television spot? Sure. He’s got experience with the two movies remember, and we emailed him instructions about the show and what would be involved.”

“He can be a little intense though, you know what I mean?”

“Sure I do. Look at it this way though, I’d rather have someone like him running the show, someone who’s lived out the experience rather than some fame hungry wannabe host”

“Well the anti Beat Takeshi signs we’ve been putting outside the studio, and the denying of his involvement to the media are really going to surprise them and the public once the game air’s next week”

“I know, talk about misdirection”.


Meanwhile, back on the island and at the command centre, Beat Takeshi hovers around the tech room where the H!P members are being monitored.

“Sir” quivers a subordinate, “There’s been a mix up with the items we’ve supplied to the girls”

“What do you mean?”

“Well sir, it appears that some of them are actually real weapons. I have to warn you, if one of these girls die, I think it’s fair to say we’re all out of jobs.”

Takeshi points to one of the monitors. “look at these criminals subordinate. Tell me, what do you see?”

“I…I see a group of terrified girls fighting for survival sir”

“Exactly! These strangely attractive girls have been put on here for a reason, because at some point in their lives they took the wrong path. Now it’s up to me to show them what justice really means”

“Criminals sir? They’re not…wait…did you read the instructions that were faxed over?”

“Of course not! I’ve starred in two battle royale films remember. I don’t need instructions. I’ve lived and breathed this gladiatorial blood bath”

“Sir, that was fiction, and the powers that be back in Tokyo aren’t going to like this”

Takeshi walks over to two of his gaurds and begins to give instructions “Take this man away. I wont have anyone who is against me working here”. He takes time to pan the room, “And the goes for the rest of you savages!”.

“Yes sir” answer the guards.

A high ranking soldier comes up to Takeshi to deliver the latest. “Sir, the military have confirmed that ten Bengal tigers have been released onto the island.”

“I clearly asked for giant Ogres! What’s the meaning of this!?”

“Giant Ogres don’t exist sir”

“Well that would explain it then. Good work soldier”

“One more thing sir, the original itinerary said ‘kittens’ and not tigers. I was wondering why the order was changed”

Takeshi ignores the soldier and starts rambling aloud. “God damn it! I asked for a strawberry milkshake two hours ago, and all I’ve gotten is this bento lunch made by some girl named Sayumi. The octopus shaped sausages look like feet! I mean, come on!”


Back on the Island, Eri Kamei find’s Sayumi sitting on a large stone in the forest. They’ve been talking for a few minutes, and Eri explains that she thinks Momo tried to poison her with dodgey cracker Jacks.

“Awww, you’re hungry Kamei-chan” says a puppy-eyed Sayumi. “Here, I made a bento lunch in case I got hungry, but you can have it. After searching around her bag for a few moments she makes a discovery. “Hey, someone’s taken it”.

“Oh” say’s Kamei rather coyly. “That’s a shame”. Kamei remembers a past lunch made by her 6th gen buddy in the past, and her failure to imagine Sayu as a much improved cook has her relieved by Sayu’s bento going missing.

“So what item did you get Sayu?”

“They gave me this thing, but I don’t know what it is exactly”. Sayu pulls out something resembling a pear.

“Awww Sayu, They gave you a hand grenade. All I got was this self-help book ‘so you’re stuck on an island and you have to murder all your friends to win the desert prize‘. Pfft, what a waste of time”

Both take time out to weigh up their items, and both find them to be ridiculous. Before they can fully compose themselves though, a rustling from some far away berry bushes grab’s their attention. A growl is quickly followed.

“Did you hear that?” whisper’s a frightened Sayu, and as she turns to Kamei for comfort, she makes another discovery: she’s ran off.


Meanwhile on another part of the island, Mikitty and Yossie continue down a path they believe to be the right one, and both haven’t spoken a word to each other since they formulated their plan.

After awhile, Mikitty finally breaks the silence. “How do you think the others are doing?”

“Who knows? Probably doing the same as us”

“Why are we here on this island like this?”

“I don’t know” say’s Yossie, slightly annoyed by the questions.

Mikitty feels a tension between herself and Yossie, and she wonders whether their living separate H!P lives nowadays has made them distant. Mikitty looks down at her feet and gives out a sorry-sounding sigh.

“Mikitty” say’s Yossie apologetically, “I know we don’t really speak anymore…I’m sorry. A lot of things have happened in the past year or so for the both of us. I, I guess life has done what it’s always done. It’s moved on, and we’ve simply followed it.”

“You don’t have to explain” smiles Mikitty, “I get it”

Yossie wants to say more, but it’s been so long, that casual conversation between her and Mikitty seems hard to come by nowadays. As the clouds lower into dark greys, the sound of thunder cracks the distant sky. It looks like it might rain soon. Both the girls find themselves approaching the edges of a forest, and the terrain around them begins to harden – barren soil where the rocks level out. In the distance they both see a figure run frantically out of the forest and into the open.

“What the hell is that!?” shouts Yossie.

Mikitty throws her arms lethargically onto her hips and adopts her classical ‘I’m pissed off’ face. “I could be wrong here, but that looks awfully like a terrified Kamei-chan”

“Wait, if Kamei is ahead of us, that means we’re trailing behind. We best get a move on”

“Hold on a second Yossie, you think you can hit her with Your crossbow from here?”

Suddenly an announcement is transmitted through the speakers. “Whoever goes by the name of Sayumi, I now officially hate you. Worst. Lunch. Ever.”

To be continued…

Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! chapter 5

Chapter 5 by MorningBerryz

“True Heart”

Yossi couldn’t believe what she was hearing and at the very moment that she turned to Mikitty to question her last sentence, before the words could leave her lips a piercing cry like none either had ever heard before struck an instant fear in them…something that neither of them had felt since arriving at the island and it came from straight ahead in the direction that Kamei had suddenly appeared from. As they lay crouched looking down into the small clearing from atop the cliff’s edge that had finally given way to greenery, Yossi’s instinct had her loading the crossbow before another word could be spoken and despite never having wielded such an item before….at this moment the act came easily and quickly without hesitation. Staring down at the top of the clearing the view was obscured by thick tree tops and a forest landscape that stretched beyond one’s view. Yossi could hear herself breathing heavily as a dead silence had followed the scream and it was as if the entire forest was listening intently for a hint of its origin. She steadied the crossbow and locked her site on the top of the clearing…waiting….waiting. So intent on the scream they had just heard both had failed to notice that Kamei who had shot out of the forest a moment earlier now lay on the ground almost directly below them at the bottom of the cliff…until Kamei let out a slight whimper. Mikitty hesitated to speak a word as whatever was up ahead and heading towards them was yet to reveal itself and a deep sense of survival had taken over her keeping her quiet as fear had led her to believe that any sound…any indication of themselves…may give themselves away to something worse that lay ahead. A few minutes passed until Mikitty who’d been staring at Kamei the whole time, couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “Kamei”…she called out in a slight whisper….and then a bit louder…”Kamei”…”you’ve got to keep moving…” Kamei now locked eyes with Mikitty as she peered straight up the cliff…” I can’t” she replied…”I may have broken my ankle…it hurts too much…” Yossi and Mikitty’s hearts sank at the moment those words were spoken and Yossi hesitantly took her eyes off of the crossbow’s site as she turned her attention to Kamei.

“Rii you’re walking too fast!…wait up!” cried Momo…”and where are you going?” Risako didn’t slow her pace and instead just gave Momo a glance…an irritable one it appeared. Momo quickly rushed to catch up with her…”why did you?…back there…” she just couldn’t bring herself to verbalize the words completely and she could feel her heart beating faster as fear had completely taken over her body. Without looking at her Rii finally replied…”we’re not here for a show and there’s something else on the island…I heard it earlier when we arrived.” “If we’re going to survive this we need as many useful items as possible and I don’t think the intention is for all of us to leave here……..alive.” With the last word she finally stopped walking and put her arms around Momo…”I’m doing this for you…for us…believe me.” For the first time since they had arrived Momo sensed the Risako that she knew speaking to her and somehow it had a calming effect on her and when Momo looked up at Risako, Rii’s eyes had welled up in tears and so much seemed to be spoken in the silence that passed and for these few minutes Momo dreamed of being back in the UFA studio with all of her fellow group members…if only she could make it back there.

Thunder broke the silence and as quickly as the moment had arrived it soon became an almost distant memory as Rii gathered herself…rubbed Momo gently on the back and once again started up in a quick pace heading deeper into the forest. The difference now was that Momo no longer allowed herself to trail Rii as she walked directly beside her despite having to walk-run a bit to keep up.

What started as a slight drizzle was now a downpour and Kamei used her arms and her uninjured leg to pull herself underneath a small tree that grew almost directly out of the cliff side. The shelter wasn’t much and Kamei could still feel herself being drenched by the intense rainfall that had suddenly filled the skies. The day was beginning to look like night and the once lit forest terrain was now darkened by shadows and unknown. Yossi continued to aim the crossbow’s site at the edge of the top of the clearing and time seemed to stand still for these anxious moments which now looked to stretch endlessly. The air was now filled with the pounding of rain and after a few more minutes passed the sound of a branch snapping came from directly up ahead. Mikitty strained her eyes to see through the thick follage…”did you hear that?” “I don’t see anything….I don’t see anything…” replied Yossi in haste. “There!” cried Mikitty…the overbearing sound of the intense rainfall no longer keeping her from raising her voice……and into the clearing the shape of a large animal carrying something in its mouth entered the top of the clearing. Yossi froze! It looked like Sayu she thought…but was she even in the studio earlier? Yossi’s mind now seemed to be so cloudy with the day’s events and she just couldn’t remember….”what is that and what’s it carrying?” “I don’t know” Mikitty replied…”it looks like a body and some sort of tiger. Mikitty strained her eyes further trying to focus through the thick rain………………”It’s Sayu.” “Can you hit it from here?” The crossbow’s site was now hazy….”but what if I hit Sayu?”….”I don’t know how accurate this thing is.” Yossi gripped the trigger firmly trying to get a lock on the large animal….”I can’t do it………..I might hit Sayu.” “Can you tell if she’s still alive?” replied Mikitty in a shaky voice…..”you have to save Kamei….she can’t move…you have to try….you have to…” Yossi gripped the trigger once again but at that very moment the large beast dropped Sayu to the ground and it appeared to gaze towards the tree where Kamei lay although the distance between them was quite far. “Move behind the tree…” a broken voice suddenly spoke. Kamei who’d been weeping the entire time since the beast appeared out of the forest stared back at Sayu…shaking her head…”No you can’t do this…” Sayu paused and then spoke again…”Don’t forget me Kamei….” in a trembling voice. Just as the beast started to move once again heading in the direction of Kamei, Sayu used the last of her strength to kick the beast on one of its hind legs and it quickly returned its attention to her pouncing and completely covering her and the distinct sound of a metal pin was heard in the array of Sayu’s last screams. Kamei quickly pulled herself behind the tree while trying desperately to pull her injured leg from sight…”It’s a grenade she screamed up at Yossi and Mikitty!” While wincing in pain Kamei finally got her injured leg behind the tree and in an instant afterwards a loud explosion was heard…an explosion like nothing any of them had ever heard before….

Rii and Momo’s pace was now a full sprint as they had been getting nearer and nearer to the voices up ahead….”can you tell what they’re saying?” gasped Momo totally out of breath…”No…just keep up with me” replied Rii. And these words had been spoken must moments before a sudden loud explosion had seemed to vibrate the the very ground below them. Rii and Momo stopped abruptly, trying to hear through the thundering skies and endless rain but nothing came but dead silence…an eerie silence. “We should go back” Momo said while shaking uncontrollably….something awful has happened….I can feel it………………it’s so quiet.” Rii grabbed Momo by the shoulder…”Wait……somethings following us…did you hear that?” At these words Momo’s heart froze and she found herself unable to move. “Momo I need you to listen to me very carefully…keep going straight in the direction we were heading I’ll catch up…I promise.” “I can’t go without you Rii!…how will I know if I’m going in the right direction…I want to go with you.” “You still have that compass right?….you can use that to make sure you’re going in the right direction…it’s north.” Rii was now crying too….”you can do this Momo…I believe in you……….now hurry.” “What are you going to do?” “There’s no time to explain….keep heading north…please….I will find you I promise…go now Momo.” Something in Momo’s heart told her that she would never see Rii again as she headed away from her and towards the north of the island….alone.

Rii reached into her backpack searching for the then seemingly silly “Scoobie Snacks” that she’d been given upon arrival on the island…that bleached headed guy’s going to pay she thought to herself. The “Scoobie Snacks” had an unusually strong odor and Rii began scattering a few pieces in a trail leading from where she and Momo had stopped, and from there heading slightly towards the west and she made sure to keep her pace as quick as possible. She then headed back towards the south and then towards the west again creating a decoy path that she hoped would buy them some time all the while making sure not to use all of the “Scoobie Snacks.” Rii finally reached the westernmost part of the island where the terrain was rocky and instead of a beach being there she was greeted by a familiar cliff where she had led Aichan to…what seemed liked ages ago. Rii didn’t dare look over the cliff’s edge and instead led the path of “Scoobie Snacks” up to the very edge and then started backtracking the path she had made all the while making sure to keep a safe distance from the actual path of treats that she’d strategically laid down in case whatever had been following them was closer than what she’d anticipated. Rii finally reached the area in which she had parted with Momo and from there began her sprint towards the north….Please Momo be okay…she thought to herself as dread began to fill her mind in an uncontrollable manner.

Momo could finally see a clearing up ahead in the short distance and she slowed her pace…stopping….surveying up ahead…and then continuing cautiously. She could see a large mountainous region in the background but not much else through the trees as the rain hadn’t let up….and she suddenly stepped into a puddle and upon looking down it didn’t appear to be water…it was blood. Momo’s heart started beating frantically again and looking around her the trees were covered in blood and many were splintered with what appeared to be flesh….fur….or what was it? Momo felt suffocated by the trees in their ghastly appearance and darted straight towards the opening but upon slipping in more blood she found herself falling forward and sliding right up to the edge where the clearing and forest met. “There!…it’s another one” cried Mikitty….”hit it this time!” And without hesitation Yossi pulled the trigger in haste….”Nooo!!” another voice cried below and glancing back for an instant Momo once again, saw Rii……… she dove in front of her…the arrow finding its mark straight through Rii’s side. Yossi looked down in horror as she now saw clearly that it wasn’t another beast but instead Momo…staring back at her………screaming “what have you done……….Rii!!!!!”

To be continued…

Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! chapter 6

Chapter 6 by Wu-san

“Coming to terms”

Takitty pulled herself ashore. The low lying rocks speared besides her, but potholes of deeper water cupped between the dagger-like mounds, creating a lesser evil of many in a brutal ocean. She found some beach and lay still on the sand, trying to catch her breath as best she could. That wasn’t to be much though, as an explosion had previously shook the very ground she lay on, and even the water that she tired so hard to crawl out of moved. Now she lay on a small shoreline, Takitty, slightly cut and very battered. “This…this is killing us” she whispered tiredly, and then in an instant, her eyes deepened with the sky as it rained, and she fell into a shivering sleep. Perhaps she’d find a safe place here. Dying in her sleep, she thought, would be the best way to go.


“F****** hell! Sayu!!!!! You stupid b***!!!” screamed Mikitty. “Why! Why did you have to…” She began to the epicentre of the explosion, although nobody could even begin to know where it was. Through the smoke and the blackness of fire, the red and oranges of the heat, Mikitty stubbled haphazardly towards anything and everything. Mikitty cried and cried and cried. She hated herself, so much. She hated Yossi. She hated Sayu. She hated Kamei. She hated everyone. But as she continued to whale out in pain, she missed them all too, even though Kamei and Yossie were close by. They were gone to her, and she was left all alone, looking for a dead friend.

Yossi was still in shock, but she could only do what she’d want others to do to her in a situation like this. A situation that nobody is ever prepared for. “Stop it!!! Stop it Mikitty” let out Yossi, and she gripped her friend as hard as she could, a hug from behind that forced them both to the warm ground. “She’s gone. She saved us from the tiger, and she’s gone Mikitty”. It was as if Yossi was trying to unravel the situation herself. Neither could listen to the words though, and both lay crying on the ground, Yossi holding Mikitty who couldn’t even speak anymore.

Kamei feigned to the left in exhaustion and anchored her broken leg on a bump in the ground. “Risako…Momo, are they alright?”

Yossi ignored the question, as she knew ahead of the others, that it wasn’t Rii’s side that she hit with the crossbow, but somewhere a lot more worrying. She continued to cry, harder this time, as she felt too many burdens being placed upon her shoulders. “I didn’t mean to shoot” she whispered to herself “I didn’t mean to shoot”.


Nono stepped onto a low walking path. She’d been trenching through woodland for far too long, and she couldn’t stop thinking about her family back in Tokyo. The thought of not being with them worried her, but thinking of their smiling faces gave her the strength to continue on, too. She never began to know where she was headed, but she pushed forward and was finally rewarded with a trail. Where it lead, she’d have to find out. Nono was scared of course, and the rain didn’t help. It greyed everything around her and every tree trunk became another gawking watchman. She was glad to have finally found some open road. Nono began to walk in either direction. A random compass of guessing.

Along the path, Nono was interrupted by a faint noise. The noise grew and it crept closer and closer. Nono was scared but very curious. As far as she could guess it was probably another H!P member, which was a good thing in her mind. Out from the trees appeared a rather startled character. A familiar face at once, but there was uncertainty with shock. The figure dropped to her knees and clenched the putty-like floor in despair. “thank god I found you” she coughed. “ I’ve been running for hours now, and not a person in sight”.

The figure looked up and everything suddenly stopped. The rain darted down on mute, the wind tip-toed without a trace it would seem. Nono’s heart plummeted. “A…Aibon?” she quivered.

To be continued by MorningBerryz…

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8 Responses to Battle Royale Hello! Project Style!! (six chapters)

  1. YES. -THAT's the way to let new people know what you're talking about!!!
    -FANTASTIC job, as usual!


  2. Hmmm…I don't know if my writing's actually any good but when you put both of ours together I think our styles play off of each others pretty well. ^-^ Or at least I hope so! 😛 Thank you DK. 🙂


  3. wu-san says:

    thank you so much for linking! :P,
    well I'm actually going to hit the bed now – power nap didn't help after work actually – but will comment and the rest 2moro.
    I have to wonder where you will lead the story next, as really, I'm following your ideas. I mean, god! I still cant believe what you did to Sayu O_O


  4. That's sweet! Thank you!! ^-^


  5. Okay now it's my turn to write!…I'll try to not take as much time as I did the last time! 😛 No promises though…I just need to feel inspired! 🙂 Hmmm….I had a much too long nap today and I hope that I can fall asleep soon as bedtime is approaching fast. With my odd working hours short naps can really help but then the day just goes by so quickly it seems! I should say the same thing! I'm writing off of your ideas equally as well! You "created" the bengal tigers so I couldn't help it! 😛 The Battle Royale movies are really shocking so I'm really trying!…haha I hope it's being written okay by me! 🙂 When I wrote "True Heart" I was really in the perfect mood and I tried to portray Sayu as both brave and valiant with her ultimate sacrifice for the others. I have no idea what I'm going to write next but I'm sure it will come to me! ^-^ I actually have a primitively drawn map of the island along with all of the member's locations noted as well as the terrain types as I find it really helps me to visualize the different situations and aspects of the story as it unfolds.


  6. wu-san says:

    there's no rush for the next part MB. I think I took my time with the last part so its all okay.
    One problem with naps you just summed up, that you're loosing bits of the day. But it's important for you to get some sleep too.
    Your parts are fine. In fact I'm worried about mine XD. Sayu is a kind of hero now in the story, thanks to you. I cant complain about that bit. The map is a very good Idea, you should scan it to me 😛


  7. Hmm…I've been averaging about 4 hours a day on weekdays lately…not good! So every day it seems I have to take a nap and it always turns out to be much longer than I intend originally….hmm…I'll just lie down for an hour I think to myself…and then 2 1/2 hours later I'm like oh no! I'm wasting the day!!! :O Haha you'd laugh hysterically if I scanned the map I drew for you!! I think you'd fall out of your chair actually if you're sitting down when it arrived! It looks like a child drew it! 😛 Nope…you'll have to imagine my map and draw your own better looking one! 😛


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