Berikyu! episode of the week (ep.6)- “The one with Peachy vs. Maimi & the shocking bagel incident!”

To start off here's a quick recap of week 1's episodes (excluding ep.1 since it was already covered here).

Episode 2: The question posed was "kono goods no tsukaikata wa?" ("What is the usage for this item?") Funny I've never seen one of these in my life!…a device that de-kernelizes a cob!…

…and just be careful or the corn juice may attack you like it did Maimai! Haha "de- kernelizes isn't a real word…it just sounded nice! 😛

Episode 3: "Sacchan" is a cute children's song and here the teams were asked to fill in the missing lyric and it turns out that Jun Jun really really should have been invited for this one!!!

Episode 4: Team C-ute is asked to recreate Ultraman's "kousen" ('beam") pose and the fun here is that they're asked to keep their eyes shut while guessing the correct pose which allows for the amusing element of surprise when their poses are revealed to one another…and also no copying one another!

Okay Kannachan, Chisatochan, Airichan, & Nakki all have the right idea but…

…what kind of Ultraman is Maimai watching on t.v.?! :O Team Berryz Koubou is asked "ryoukyuu no pose wa?"…and while Kumachan & Riichan have their dribbling poses right on…

…at least Chinamchan is forming the shape of a ball, but…

…what in the world is Maasa's stance supposed to mean?! 😛

Episode 5: This was actually one of the best episodes of the first week as I'm always a sucker for any kind of drawing game! Both teams were asked "keisatsusho no chizu kigou wa?" ("What is the symbol;sign used on a map to indicate a police station?"

So many correct answers but let's just look at a few of the wrong ones starting with Miya's which isn't a bad guess however with a map one would be expecting perhaps something a bit more simplistic!

One more line and Kumachan's could be an off balance peace sign!…

…but my personal favorite and the drawing of the day goes to Kannachan!!! A police station really should be indicated by a sunshine on the map!! (^o^)/

Berikyu! episode 6

Manoeri appears to be the shows' regular opener and to keep things interesting she's added the always welcome seifuku look along with glasses. Isn't she really beginning to look like Gomaki…she could definitely pass as her sister! ^-^

So the mystery of the 4 missing members from week 1's episodes is solved as week 2 features team Berryz Koubou which is represented by Momo & Sakichan vs. team C-ute being represented by Maimichan & Erikachan. Add in a Wii console and…

…Mii's sort of resembling each member (Sakichan's on the far left looks so much like her!) and let the games begin!

Momo's first question is "shokubutsusei no shokuyou yushi wa dore?" ("Which plants' oils are edible?") The kanji for "sei" can also mean "nature;sex;gender" but I think they're just referring to "nature" here. Momo's definitely puzzled here and I don't blame her as I have no idea of all of the correct answers either…but Erikachan and Maimichan look to have a much better grasp of the question!

Ah Momo's efforts were met with defeat! 😦

…but when you base one of your choices on the vegetable being "cute" ^-^…

…something was bound to go wrong!! Momo's next question "biifun no genryou wa, [komugiko] de aru" comes in the form of a statement which Momo needs determine whether it's true or false. The statement says that "biifun" (not familiar with this name but I'm assuming it's the name of the dish pictured) contains flour in it's "raw materials."

Poor Momo she's now 0 for 2 as the answer was apparently false…

…and even the host is asking if she's okay!…after a brief Momo breakdown! :O

Momo does manage to score a single correct answer but the absolutely best moment of the week occurs next as Maimichan is so sure of the answer!!…

…that she's absolutely beaming with excitement!!! (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^)… 

The question is simple….what's the name of the bread used in this popular dish?!

You can feel the excitement and anticipation as Maimichan aims her Wii remote at the screen just waiting for the correct answer to appear…ah it's too easy she's thinking!!! (^o^)/!!! (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^) (^-^)…

And after Momo's "edible vegetable oil" question I'm excited too as I know the answer!! I know the answer!! Bagel!! Bagel!! Bagel!!! Haha my neighbors probably think I'm nuts…why am I yelling "bagel!!" at the computer screen! ? :P…

…but just as quickly as the bagel euphoria moment began it all ends as Maimichan accidentally pushes the Wii remotes button too soon before she reaches the uppermost answer! :O!!

And the bagel fallout begins as Maimichan seeks comfort in Momo! It's moments like these that can really liven up a show and for causing me shock, to yell at the screen, and then laugh along with her…

…and for this very special moment Maimichan wins MVP honors for this entire week of episodes…oh and she did win the game too! ^-^…by answering the next two questions correctly!

The first of which poses the question: "Koucha wo nomu cup toshite, hiroku ippan ni tsukawarete iru mono wa, tsugi no uchi dore ka?" ("As a tea cup, which in general is the most widely used?') 

Maimichan for the win!…


…as she takes a 2 to 1 victory over the great Peachy one!!

Ah the look of despair as the Wii has betrayed Momo!!…………….


……………………………ah her facial expression is too adorable!!!…

…………..and Maimichan pays tribute to her memory in conquering the final question perfectly!

If the Wii sticks around for next week's episodes then I'm hoping for a bowling battle to break out! Somehow even with all of the new games coming out, Wii bowling remains as a personal favorite and I'm not even very good at it! 😛 Still trying to break 200…haha I can't seem to bowl any higher than 198 right now. Isn't that sad!! Well with Barack's now "legendary" 37 I think I could at least take him in bowling real or Wii style! 😛 Well unless Wu is secretly teaching him…Mr. 300! :O Now if only I had purchased some bagels on the way home today…Maimichan has really gotten me into the mood for one right now! ^-^  

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6 Responses to Berikyu! episode of the week (ep.6)- “The one with Peachy vs. Maimi & the shocking bagel incident!”

  1. Craig says:



  2. I'm really enjoying this show and I think it's going to get better and better over time…well I actually already love it so I don't know how much better it can actually get for me! I'm getting these from my friend Saburo whom I have brunch with on Saturdays and he puts the week's episodes together for me in a weekly digest so I'll be posting these after the week is done. I do wonder how many others are watching though…and if there's an interest in this show without which these posts may be unnecessary. Thank you! ^-^


  3. Craig says:



  4. Hotaru says:

    Ahh! Poor Maimi! Loosing a point to a slight jerk of the wiimote….such a terrible thing that has happened to me many a time!


  5. Wow it is quite popular then! That's a lot of downloads!!! It's good to know that so many fans are watching this new show too…I think it's wonderfully cute!You've just made me smile so much and my day much brighter!…thank you for your kind words! ^-^


  6. I know so well what this feels like too and I don't know if it's just me but that little hand icon on the screen really dances around even when I'm trying to be steady with it! Her reaction was the cutest too!…as she leaned on Momo!! ^-^


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