Berryz koubou “Dschinghis Khan” Event V DVD & a special ice cream moment!

Yesterday I finally discovered the origin of the "Dschinghis Khan" (Mongolian Dance Shot Ver.) pv as Saburo had found it to be from an event DVD where fans lucky enough to attend were treated to the availability of this exclusive release. This DVD has a total running time of 25:52 and also includes individual close up versions for each member! Ohta was able to bid on and secure a copy for me on Yahoo! Japan Auctions yesterday and all of the copies that I've seen so far being offered on auctions appear to be unopened as a single fan seems to have purchased a whole bunch of them and is now offering them for sale. The photo above is from the auction site and as with pretty much all sellers in Japan, they typically won't ship items internationally so if you live overseas you can ask Ohta for assistance in placing your bid(s) by sending him the URL address of the auction that you're interested in while also noting your maximum bid amount for each individual auction.

I've uploaded the entire contents of the DVD to act as a preview if you're possibly interested in purchasing this DVD beginning with the "Mongolian Dance Shot Ver." and each of the individual member versions afterwards.

The "Mongolian Dance Shot Ver." adds a very nice twist to the original pv as it embraces the appropriate exotic clothing while also being shot in an all new environment which features the ethnic background giving this single a whole new appeal. The new choreography is also a treat for fans and you have to love Chinamichan and Kumachan hamming it up for the camera! ^-^

Dschinghis Khan (Mongolian Dance Shot ver.)

Dschinghis Khan (Saki version)

Dschinghis Khan (Momo version)

Chinamichan offers arguably the most playful solo version as BK's resident "comedian" even outdoes her partner in crime Kumachan!…who opted for cute over playfulness in her version. ^-^

Dschinghis Khan (Chinami version)

Dschinghis Khan (Maasa version)

Dschinghis Khan (Miyabi version)

Dschinghis Khan (Yurina version)

Riichan opens and closes her version with a powerful splash of adora-power!! While the camera is constantly focused on one member for these versions including moments of each members' vocal absence in the song, Riichan makes the absolute most of it from start to finish! She also incorporates by far the most choreography from the original pv into her solo version and I'm officially going to refer to her as the "closer" from now on as simply stated….no other member has quite the same impact when ending a pv!

Dschinghis Khan (Risako version)

And one need not look further than Rii's version of…"the look." ^-^

But when it comes to Riichan's best use of a prop in combination with sending the adora-meter through the roof it has to be her ultra cute moment with the ice cream cone in Berryz Koubou's pv for "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND"!!

"Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND" for me also represents one of Berryz Koubou's finest vocal offerings to date as the harmonies are pretty much second to none and while many other notable songs can be also spoken of in this regard such as "VERY BEAUTY" and "Seishun Oodori" the do wop and distinct 50's feeling of "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND" just soars above the rest and a lot of that is also due to the wonderful vocal arrangement which this song is an exceptional example of.

  These outfits are also one of my favorites and the red ribbons and white gloves add an amazing visual dimension of cutesy class!…and the choreography working with the classic microphones is pure perfection as seen in the "Dance Shot Ver."!! I've only uploaded the original version of the pv and I've just linked an existing upload of the "Dance Shot Ver." below.

Berryz Koubou "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND" original pv version

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13 Responses to Berryz koubou “Dschinghis Khan” Event V DVD & a special ice cream moment!

  1. Craig says:



  2. Ah Ohta has become such a wonderful friend to have in Japan!! It seem that just about every seller in Japan on auctions will not send merchandise internationally so he's really such a great help and he's very honest too! He even refunds shipping charges when they're less than what was expected on occasion! I don't think that any other seller out there would do such an honest thing! ^-^ Ah with the alternate "Mongolian Dance Shot Ver." being on this event DVD I just had to get a copy of it as I love pvs sooooo much and this one is definitely essential I think!


  3. Craig says:

    Well my human parents have vouched for PayPal so next time I see something like this on the horizon I might begin the process of starting up an account and making my way from there… *wonders if PayPal accepts plundered gold*


  4. 'Human parents'?? Eh?! Haha you're so funny what does that mean?! I think you'll find PayPal to be such a convenient and safe way to shop…only scary thing is that it's maybe too convenient and may cause one to shop too much…hmmm…I won't mention any shop-a-holic names though! 😛


  5. Craig says:



  6. Okay here's the link for the "Dschinghis Khan" Mongolian Dance Shot Version pv in mp4 format……it's about 40mb for anyone interested. ^-^…and Momotaro you're definitely "peachy!" (^o^)


  7. Mikey says:



  8. Mikey says:

    Riichan is off the scale on the cute-o-meter! Like those thermometers when they explode because of the heat! ^^ She is so self-assured now. Wish I could have watched her evolve, like you have…


  9. Eh? 'Fruit?' I don't understand…okay an orange because it's good to have them every day. 😛 If you can find their pv for "Fighting pose was datejanai!"…hopefully someone's uploaded it or I can if you can't find it…but it's one of my favorite BK pvs from their past and you can really see how much they've grown up so quickly since then! It's interesting that Riichan is the youngest in the group and yet she seems to be maturing so much quicker than some of the others. 'Cute-o-meter' is a good term! ^-^


  10. Mikey says:



  11. Mikey says:

    OMG! They're so cute!! 🙂 Recognizable, but in miniature… Thanks!! I marked that video, for my training…


  12. 'Gourd head?'….have you been watching the new "Berikyu!" show?! Haha I wouldn't call you that! Oh you mean the "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND" PV?…I love the harmonies in this song so much and their outfits are the cutest! Riichan + ice cream cone = <3!!


  13. Mikey says:

    Yes, I might start wearing a foam ice cream cone myself! :PRiichan is too cute. I'm thinking of having her cloned… Talk about a "limited edition"!! ^^


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