Hawaii fan club tour merchandise! & some thoughts on the Hello! Project family.

Hello! Project loves coming to Hawaii and they often do for their special fan club events where fan club members in Japan purchase tour packages (which are quite expensive!!) for a chance to travel here and meet some of their favorite members in an up close and personal setting which typically includes a concert, special MC fan interaction events, individual picture taking with the group/artist!, lots of outdoor fun, and the coveted hand shake! ^-^ When Gomaki was here for her fan club event she even did aerobics with the fans atop the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center where the Hello! Project Information Village used to be located!

While access to their temporary store was denied to the general public at this most recent event which featured 7 of the "veteran" members of Ongaku Gatas I was able to get some of this tour's merchandise with the help of a friend of a cousin of mine. I recently posted the Hawaii Berryz Koubou set so today I'm going to concentrate on the rest of the tour goods.

The list of merchandise that was available at this event included photo sets of:


Ongaku Gatas (4 different sets)
Morning Musume
Melon Kinenbi
Berryz Koubou

Solo artists

Yaguchi Mari
Yasuda Kei
Inaba Atsuko
Nakazawa Yuko
Maeda Yuko
Ayaka (Coconuts Musume)
Matsuura Aya
Fujimoto Miki

Interestingly Mikitty's solo photo sets were the only set to be completely sold out by Sunday! And I think this provides some insight into the Mikitty love that fans have been starved of during her "hiatus" from H!P at least from the Japanese fan's point of view. It's great to have you back Mikitty!!! (^o^)/

The rest of the merchandise included  an Ongaku Gatas t-shirt, keychains, neckstrap ID holder with photo, water bottle holder, and a camera/phone holder. And it's a good thing that I wasn't allowed direct access to the store or I may have ended up spending an entire paycheck there! 😛

The above 2 photos are 5×7 prints featuring the 7 OG members who were here for the fan club tour and doesn't Mikitty look wonderful! Sorry it's just I haven't seen a new official photo of her for such a long time it seems!

Here's a close up look at the logo on the front of the OG t-shirt. It's a pretty bright orange just like their uniforms and the logo features Hawaii as it reads "Hawaii Tour 2008." I consider this shirt to be more of a collector' item and for that reason I don't intend on wearing it…maybe I'll just hang it up somewhere in my room as a decorative piece.

The back of the OG Hawaii Tour t-shirt features the names of all 7 members here for the event all written with a nice touch of aloha with the flower design. Next here are scans of one of the OG photo sets….hmmm I wonder what the other 3 sets look like.

On the bottom left of each of the photos in this set the "Alo-Hello!" logo is present and this is the very same logo that appeared on the shopping bags that you received when purchasing merchandise from the now very missed Hello! Project Information Village which was located in Waikiki. The photos in this OG set are all 3 1/2x 5 prints.

And of course the beautiful and talented Mikitty!! I've waited so long for a new photo of her!!

So great for Konkon to get to travel to Hawaii again as she did in the past as a member of Momusu and in her own "Alo-Hello!" DVD feature!

And Rikachan is looking absolutely beautiful! I've been meaning to scan some of her latest shashinshuu which has been sitting here waiting…I hope to have them up sometime soon.

I'm really happy that Satoda Mai was chosen for OG as she has really strong vocals and it's great to finally have her personality in the spotlight for fans to see.

Ah Shibata "bunny" Ayumi has cut her hair! The beaming light of Melon Kinenbi!

And Korenaga Miki who recently graduated from Egg status…something that really seemed overdue due to her older status in the group.

Okay here's the last of the orange OG merchandise as I really had to have one of these just out of curiosity! You can either store a cell phone or camera in this little pouch…I'm thinking camera since my Blackberry's kind of small for it.

A great thing about these Hawaii events is that the merchandise offered isn't exclusive to the group/artist that is visiting here for the fan club tour and with that I was able to acquire "Alo-Hello" sets of Momusu, C-ute, Ayaya, Yukosan, as well as an additional Ongaku Gatas set which features the complete group versus the orange set above which only featured the members present for the event. In all there are 40 photos, here minus the 7 BK ones which I've already scanned and posted a few days ago. All of these "Alo-Hello" photos are 4×6 which has been the standard size released here in Hawaii which gives them a nice unique touch versus the slightly smaller 3 1/2 x 5 photos which are more of the standard in Japan.

Starting with the OG set which still happily included Manoeri as I'm assuming these were shot before her graduation and solo career announcements were made.

Yossi has had the perfect hairstyle and coloring lately and I really love how she looks here!

Rikachan looks absolutely angelic here!

I do wonder how they chose whom gets to hold the "Alo-Hello" sign…jan ken po?…or sumo suit musical chairs?! ^-^

And here's my absolute favorite photo out of all 40…Nocchi!!! Well Mikitty's is an extremely close second…okay it's actually a tie as there hasn't been any new Mikitty merchandise or photos recently! But Nocchi is soooo adorable here and I think this is the best photo that I have of her to date! She has the cutest eyes and eyebrows too! Haha I'm serious! 😛

Hmm…this may be a sign literally of an upcoming "Alo-Hello" from Manoeri! At least fans can hope!

My 3rd overall favorite Egg Sengoku!! She has really soft and pleasant features and a personality to match it.

Sawacchan, the member with the greatest dimples in all H!P members is also from what I've read a fan favorite too!

Mikachan…I think we just need to give her some time to develop and find her own niche. Wu-san leads her fan club! ^-^

And now for some extremely cute c-ute photos!

Okay I'm officially with you Paul that Erikachan should be getting a solo shashinshuu release sometime soon! While she hasn't been really a favorite member of the group she has really grown on me recently and her beauty is undeniable! 

Other C-ute members will be hard pressed to topple Maimichan from atop my favorite C-ute member ranking as she clearly stands alone in that spot for me. Maimichan makes for the perfect leader of the group as she exhumes professionalism and is a naturally nurturing sole for the other members in particular the younger members. I once posted a statement declaring Maimichan a great candidate to have her photo next to the definition of cute and I still stand by those words…you can add "beautiful" to that distinction too. ^-^

Nakki! She has such a vibrant personality and brings a lot of fun and energy to the group lineup I think. I also have an idea for a unit she can star in beside Erikachan of Biyuuden as they will advertise……..hmmmm I really should post up that idea here!

Ever since I watched their pv for "Ooki na ai de motenashite" I've been really endeared to Airichan as she really shined in that pv I thought! Then came the realization that she actually resembles a classmate of mine very closely! Stop the Airichan bashing!…it's not her fault (unless you blame her cuteness, bright personality, talent, and vocal ability…) that UFA has chosen to feature her so much in C-ute. I find her to be a really sweet and endearing girl who's being given her chance to shine in the spotlight deservingly…now if you were given that same chance…would you really refuse? I think that things will cycle around in C-ute with the featured members and nows just her time and I'm really happy for her. ^-^

While I do fully understand particular members getting the spotlight in songs and pvs there's also a fine line between enough and not enough exposure and attention in groups and Chisatochan firmly falls into the latter category in C-ute. Even with Airichan and Maimichan being the main focus right now quite often that doesn't warrant having a wonderfully talented member such as Chisatochan as well as others to be kept in the background so much. Surely the producers can remedy the situation utilizing both featured members as well as a good balance amongst the others…surely it can be done!

Ah little Maimai!! Mature in mind and personality beyond her years…really one of H!P's most adorable members! I could ramble on about her but this post is getting awfully long! :O

Kannachan was bit awkward at first but I really have seen such development with her as an idol and a singer. Her looks are maturing too and she's really cute in this photo!

And now for H!P's main attraction…they are still that aren't they?! One thing is for certain though no matter how you view the H!P family and that is without Momusu there would be no Hello! Project. 

Aichan! Admittedly it took me almost a month to get used to her then "new" look (shorter hairstyle) but when I look at her now in some way I almost cannot imagine her any other way. Sure with older footage and her previous shashinshuus the way that her longer style suited her so well for so many years will make it's poignant statement once again with authority like a cute uppercut right to the chin…but after I shake it off I can honestly say that her beauty transcends style no matter how drastic…it just doesn't matter. Some people are just blessed with great beauty as Aichan is and always will be. And surely there's room next to the definition of "Beautiful" for both Maimichan & Aichan. Perfect facial features! And I truly feel that she is greatly under appreciated as the group's leader. As a beacon of "professionalism" there simply isn't anyone else so fitting for the title and I really think that this important aspect is often overlooked in favor of other aspects of her personality. And when trying to define Aichan's personality I find great insight can be seen in watching her "legendarily" wonderful conversation with close friend and confidant Gakisan in that entertaining episode of "Futarigoto" where they're having lunch at an eatery near a river. Her candid oddness shines here and I love every ounce of her for that! ^-^ They're so great together!!

The other pea in the pod in the Aichan/Gakisan duo! Truly one of H!P's sweetest members! I know my writing is really erratic in this post and how much or how little I write about a particular member isn't necessarily any kind of reflection on them or my endearment towards them. Haha it's getting a bit late for me and I promised myself more sleepy time so I'm going to try really hard to finish this soon without too much of me rambling and besides I don't want to put you to sleep! 😛

Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei, Kamei…for more of my "thoughts" on Kamei please search this site! 😛

Ah Sayu! Out of her Generation she without doubt took the longest to develop and grow into her own. Seeing Sayu since her introduction into Momusu has been a unique journey for fans who were lucky to witness it from the very beginning as hers has been one of self searching, while finding approval from others in an an almost uncertain and wobbly course which has led her into becoming self confident…powerful…yes! Sayu's personality is deceptive in this aspect and she truly has found her place and stature in the group as well as in the idol world as a whole. Unique…yes…cute…of course…and one to never underestimate…never! 

Truly a blessed generation they are, the most assertive member of the threesome (hmm…I still consider Mikitty to be of an earlier generation due to her previous audition and entry into H!P however as a solo artist instead) and declared "Yankee" of the group, Reinachan's style and attitude brings much needed fire to Momusu especially with the absence of such a member with the departure of Mikitty…and while those shoes will be difficult to be filled by anyone, it is her presence in the group which gives the group an edge something that is always welcome in creating a far more dynamic group especially when considering "idol" groups in particular. I still just can't believe that she isn't fond of seafood! :O

Kohachan! I feel for her more than any other member in H!P as she has garnered way too much negativity from fans I think. Perhaps it was all predetermined with Tsunku declaring her the "Miracle" he was searching after…an optimistic but unfair title for any young idol I think. What is the stigma (and I use this term loosely) that plagues Kohachan to have so many fans hate on her? Kohachan is dedicated and tries just as hard as any one else out there and it pains me to see her slandered so much. Okay she isn't the most vocally gifted but I still don't see that warranting this much negativity which has been laid on her pretty much her entire idol career. Personality and outlook wise she is cheery and bright…okay blindingly bright with such a wonderful aura about her and every being on earth has their strengths and weaknesses and I just hope that she will be appreciated more for her positives than what some deem as her negatives. We all have them…it just hurts to see someone magnified in this sense. Kohachan I think you're special! ^-^ And as much as some may try to deny it…she does indeed bring a special and unique dynamic to the group. This is really just a small thing…just a thought I have at this time…but if you watch the pv for "Aruiteiru" I find that Kohachan's body language versus everyone else's is far superior in terms of…"the joy of performance." And this is in no way an argument but rather just my personal thoughts…food for thought. ^-^

Perhaps no other Momusu member in recent memory has developed quite as quickly as Aikachan! Tsunku…I've even had my doubts at times but he surely has an eye for potential idol development and he's proven it time and time again over the years. 

Ah and speaking of quick development!! Jun Jun has already paved her way into fan's hearts as the majority of the fan consensus has spoken! Whether it be her awesome and unexpected candidness, self confidence…or perhaps the now legendary HM@ banana "incident" it all leads to pure Jun Jun love!! I do have to kick myself  because when I first saw her my first thought was that she had a "homely" look and I just couldn't imagine her in Momusu at all. 😛 Kick me twice as she is quickly becoming one of H!P's most endeared…well in my heart! ^-^ She's so adorable and I still can't believe that I didn't see it from the start!

Lin Lin,  when the duo of Jun Jun & Lin Lin first appeared in Momusu my first impression was that she was going to be the star between them. And while Jun Jun has excelled…I'm still waiting on Lin Lin…I know it's there in her and in time she will blossom…she will. ^-^

Ayaya, in fear of sounding too redundant too soon! 😛 I'll just link a recent post reflecting some of my thoughts on her and her place in H!P here. And with that I'll just say, Ayaya…another level.

Yukosan…perhaps the best leader that Momusu has ever had…the best host that H!P has ever had…but definitely one of the best personalities that H!P/Momusu has ever had. No other member has ever commanded such authority all with a demeanor which was both lighthearted and endearing all at the same time as much as she has and for that matter I truly feel that no member present or future ever will. She is such an underused talent in H!P…much too seldom seen and musically she has only excelled when given the chance…that being all too seldom as well. The simple decision of incorporating her into any H!P show will surely pay dividends and garner much more of a sparkle into them as it's proven in the past without question…UFA has his great member before them and they are grossly overlooking her and it saddens me. Simply stated…her presence is incomparable. 

Yukosan's so beautiful here!!!!


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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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29 Responses to Hawaii fan club tour merchandise! & some thoughts on the Hello! Project family.

  1. semified says:

    GAHH, I am so jealous of you MorningBerryz, you get to purchase so many awesome items. =P The Ongaku Gatas cellphone/camera holder is so cool. xD


  2. Saburo says:

    Dang, there were a LOT of photos in that package…


  3. Andra says:

    I love how you find the best in every member! I'm the same (I love them all) and it saddens me a bit when people are unable to see the greatness of, for example, Kohachan or Aichan! They're all so good in their own things!
    BTW, I really personally like Linlin a lot! She really shone in the "Ai~n! Dance no Uta" performance in the Wonderful Hearts concert of this winter! Her "ai~n" face was so hilarious. 😀 She's also extremely cute in that photo. She looks like a puppy in that one! 😛 I really love her eyes. Recently I'm a bit worried if she has any fans at all because eveyone seems to love Aika and Junjun… Not that they don't deserve all the love they get, but Linlin deserves some too.


  4. Hotaru says:

    Wow! You are really good at finding great stuff XD These are all great pictures!!I think a lot of the reason people don't like Koharu is because she's hard to dislike! Her overwhelming happiness can be a bit much, though. I'm sure other people have their reasons…


  5. wu-san says:

    I know Yukosan wouldn't want me feeling sorry for her, but I really do. We've already talked about this so many time lol. She really is amazing.
    so much going on in the post MB, it's a H!P paradise. haha, I surely am the leader of the Mika fan-club! and some great profiles on the H!P members, especially the Kamei one! and the Sayu one really sounds perfect!
    Erika is my fave C-ute member, so I'm with our friend Paul on that one, although Maimi is really one of the amazing talents in H!P right now. I cant ignore that either 😉


  6. Ah I was so lucky to get these as without the help of Saburo I wouldn't have had any access to them. It's great that he knows someone who works for H!P during these events and hopefully it'll help in the future as well! The "Alo-Hello" logo and having some of the merchandise marked "Hawaii" makes these even more special for me…haha I'm not even going to wear the shirt! I was curious to know what the cell phone/camera holder looked like as I've never seen a H!P one before and it turned out to be quite great looking…still deciding whether it should go outside and play though! 😛


  7. Thank you again!!! And say thank you to your friend again for me as this was so kind of her to do! 🙂 My reaction too when I looked inside the bag…lots of photos!!


  8. Hello Andra it's so wonderful to hear those words and I love how we think alike! ^-^ I'm certain that the Lin Lin love will come around and it's probably already present in many fans I imagine. You're definitely right about that performance!! Ah 'puppy' dog eyes!…I've just looked at her photo again and you've now added a new cute dimension to it that I hadn't thought of before! I like Lin Lin too and her idol blossoming is inevitable…and just hearing your comments says it's already happening! ^-^


  9. I owe acquiring all of this merchandise to my friend Saburo and his friend whom worked at the Ongaku Gatas fan club tour which just occurred here. The styling is so beautiful on everyone in all of the photo sets!I do hope that a lot of the Kohachan bashing is due to her being too 'hard to dislike' because that would be a positive right! That she's extremely likable! Haha mizunohi had a great take on Kohachan's overwhelming happiness noting jokingly that it's the 'happy crack!' that's to blame! ^-^


  10. Thank you Wu-san!…at first I was intending to just post the photos here but then slowly I got to writing some thoughts here and there and then it just expanded from there. Funny how a single photograph can inspire someone! Haha my "comments" on Kamei were specially inspired! 😛 I'm guessing is it Maimichan after Erikachan in C-ute for you? Erikachan is really beautiful and Maimichan is pure…..LOVE!!! ❤


  11. Hey there!
    Man! -My old computer took forever and a day to load your page, but now it comes up soooo much faster!!!! (gushes) I'm soooo happy now!!!
    I'm the same way with those types of t-shirts. -They're collector items, which aren't to be worn. -Much like the baseball cap I have from the Counterparts tour, by Rush. -I have it hanging, and I don't wear it.
    -Well, unless I happen to make it to a concert… -That would be the only exception.
    Fantastic pictures you've put up!!! (-as usual) -You can tell that these lovely ladies enjoy doing what they do!!!


  12. wu-san says:

    Yep, Maimi comes after Erika in my ranking, I think that's a good choice right? I don't know anything about c-ute mind you haha. But I know that Maimi is really a great idol prospect and Erika is just…my type of idol, if you know what I mean, even without knowing much about her…I can tell :P, sounds silly right?
    ah, I really enjoyed the write-up. Fulfilled my H!P fandom :). Just really fun and lively. Positive is the right word I think. I always use 'good-vibes' in my reviews anway lol.
    So many of the UFA photos here look great, but I have to give special shout outs to Maimi's one, love that casual smile, and Jun Jun is looking great too.


  13. paul.thomas says:

    Konkon's first photo is sooo cute, such a great facial expression and pose!It's good to see Erika is growing on you, she really really needs a PB release!! My fingers are crossed that the next PB release out of C-ute will be hers.Spending a whole pay cheque in there sounds like a distinct possibility, so much good merchandise.


  14. Ah I'm sorry as I know that when I keep adding things here and with all of the videos connecting to Youtube it causes the page to load slower but I'm happy to know that it's loading much faster for you now! ^-^So we're the same way when it comes to collectibles! I have so many items that I don't use and it's kind of funny when I think about it! 😛 I'm happy that you liked the photos! ^-^


  15. Yeah, it's kinda funny, but what's the point of collecting things if they'll just be worn out? -A nicely kept collection will stay nice virtually forever!


  16. A really great choice but I'd have her listed first!…just kidding!! 😛 I have a feeling that C-ute will be growing on you though and your favorite members will become even more perfect when you learn more about them!Haha I've read someone saying that I was so overly happy and positive about everything all the time and I guess it's really true! 😛 Of course I can go over to the other end of the spectrum when something calls for it but I do tend to be easy to please I guess most of the time. :)Ah Maimichan's so beautiful….blessed with perfect genes! And Jun Jun has such sweet and gentle eyes!


  17. I'm late being part of Erika's fandom but I hope it's okay if I join your Erika fan club! I'm thinking that both Erikachan and Nakki should be next to get shahshinshuus in C-ute but UFA seems to be staying with particular members right now but I think that'll change soon as their appeal to fans is undeniable. Back when we had the H!P store here I used to visit it every few weeks to see if they had released new photos and I'd easily spend $100 or more every time. It's financially dangerous to be set loose in a H!P store and when you were in Japan it must have truly been like being in a candy store!


  18. I'm glad that you agree as I always think that others may find it odd to see lots of unused merchandise in my room! When it comes to figures though I always take them out of the box so that they can "play" with the others! ^-^ And I throw the boxes away!!…I'm a figure collector's nightmare! 😛


  19. Well then. -You should be buying TWO of them:
    -One to play with, and one to be treasured forever.


  20. wu-san says:

    do you think I can like C-ute MB? I'm still getting to grips with BK. But I must say, Maimi is getting harder for me to ignore, and maybe I can give Erika the attention she nedds from me. But who knows. Right now I'm still playing catch-up with Rii and the gang.
    I'd say generally your writing is very easy going, and there's a comfort in that. Not that you should be pigeonhold to one writing style. As you've said, it's good that you can also be blunt about things, harsh even when you need to be. And of course, we cant forget about those silly posts :P. Is Ronald Mcdonald still in Jail?
    JunJun really does have gentle eyes, you're right. But they can get mean too.
    Oh and Ayaya is looks beautiful as always. You Know Taka-san needs them in his UFA photo collection 😛


  21. Hmmm….I'd hate to take away your focus on BK right now but I do think that C-ute will grow on you in time…and perhaps quicker than you think! ^-^ I think that Maimichan will always be my favorite member in the group and she'd be the perfect member to lure you in to C-ute fandom! I'm now appreciating Erikachan more and more too! Haha I love that Ronald McDonald photo!!! Hmmm…I'm hearing that those "trans fat charges" are still pending further investigation! Thank you that's very kind of you to say!…. ^-^ (Jun Jun glares at Wu!)….Wu give her back the banana!! :PYes I totally agree and Ayaya is such a complete idol in every regard…wait and she's on my team!…I just couldn't resist! Sorry!! 😛


  22. wu-san says:

    I know C-ute could grow on me for sure :P…but one thing at a time I think, otherwise I'll be all confused and rushing about like a mad man XD. I already view Maimi chan as a power player, not just a future one, and depending on what H!P does with Nacchi and Maimi's duo unit, I think she could be my entry point into C-ute…even though Erika is the C-ute who steals my heart in that respect :P. Maimi looks the part to be the next…no, I wont say it yet. See how time goes by first.
    Ronald McDonald must be careful. I hope it all gets sorted out soon ;).
    Ayaya is on your team! *looks for Chinami to tell me a joke to cheer me up* XD


  23. That's true…it would be idol overload! And when the moment arrives that you realize that you can't live without BK then you'll know that you're ready! ^-^ You and Paul have that in common…Erikachan…C-ute no ichiban kawaii! ^-^ She's really growing on me too but Maimichan will always be my favorite C-ute member always I believe. I'm beginning to get a little worried that the Nacchi/Maimichan unit may be a one single group…I hope it's not the case!! That would be so sad! They're so great together and surely UFA must see that I hope! Maimichan would be the perfect member to garner your interest in C-ute for sure!!!…but of course I'm biased about her! 😛 She could definitely become a….solo artist in the future too…is that what you were thinking? :)Haha poor Ronald! :PI thought that Obama was the one to cheer you up? :O


  24. wu-san says:

    The C-ute takeover is already beginning lol, even before I know enough about BK. Maimi is too stunning not to notice off the new single O_O I was taken back a little. Erika still has my number 1 though heheh. Yep, that is one thing me an Paul have in common…we could go to a C-ute concert and not fall out haha.
    I'm a little too worried about the maimi/nacchi thing too. Far too often do these nice little units go without a trace. I guess with suffles it was to be expected, and there was so much going on back then, so much positives that you were distracted anyway. I'd love a maimi/nacchi album!
    Heheh, yep, maimi as a soloist


  25. Ah you've already watched "namida no iro"?! There's been a slight delay with my order as a shortage on Gakisan's new pb has occurred which is in the same order. Maimichan has such perfect looks and she's definitely one of H!P's cutest if not the cutest! I still think the definition should have a photo of her next to it! ^-^ I'm imaging a wild scenario where there's only one Erikachan t-shirt set left at the show and you and Paul are having a jan ken po battle for it! :OIt's now been awhile and no new Nacchi/Maimichan single release on the horizon yet…I'm still praying though!!! Wow that would be even better if they released an entire album!!!!It' scary though if she were to graduate from C-ute and become a soloist…C-ute just wouldn't seem like C-ute without her and they may need to rename the group "-ute." 😛


  26. wu-san says:

    It's really quite a powerful PV in one sense, and you'll know what I mean when you see it. Hmmm, hope you get your orders soon…Maimi really does have perfect looks which really has come with age, and I think she's got a great future ahoead of her.
    hmm, we can only wait around for the Nacchi/Maimichan thing to get a better picture. I guess the longer they leave it…the more likely it is that the unit was a one-shot deal. An entire album would be fantastic, hearing their vocals work together for a good list of tracks.
    I think Maimi's solo career would lie in the idea of C-ute revamping after sooo many years, or their discontinuation. I'm thinking a lot further down the line of course.


  27. I'm hoping that they receive some stock soon but I still haven't heard from them yet so I'm still wondering if I should have her pb sent separately…hmm the shipping charges though! I think it's such a great sign though…that Gakisan's new shashinshuu is selling so well!! ^-^ Maimichan is perfect…talented, beautiful, and such a kind and beautiful person inside too which is really reflected when you see her interact with the other members. She's 100% sweet! It has been awhile now so I'm also beginning to think that their release was a one time pairing but it's really so sad as they fit and compliment each other so well I think. An album would be so perfect! Whew! C-ute needs Maimichan!…but perhaps later this will come into fruition. 🙂


  28. Saburo says:

    FYI: Musume and Company coming in September.


  29. I hope your friend is still working for UFA when they arrive…..can never have enough H!P merchandise! Thank you for the link!


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