C-ute’s Rakuten Eagles collaboration single

My copy just arrived from Ohta this past Saturday and it was so well worth the wait! H!P's ongoing collaboration with the Rakuten Eagles continues as C-ute has now been handed the cheer song baton! "Koero! Rakuten Eagles" is a single song release as it's coupled with only a karaoke version and in the same spirit of its predecessors the song is an energetic fight song but while it does have an underlying sports anthem feel to it I find that it's much more of a straight J-Pop composition than H!P's other Rakuten Eagles collaboration songs which have come before in that it has much less of a chanting format. Tsunku's trademark touches are somewhat more evident here as well and the well driven verses lead the listener up to a sweet uplifting chorus which soars! Such a sweet song!

It's pretty amazing when you consider that this sports collaboration has been going on since the beginning of 2005 as Momusu's single "The Man Power!!!" led things off but this single seems in its own way a separate release with the pairing with the baseball team appearing in a sense an afterthought as the only real visible note of the collaboration is a small logo insignia on the corner of the single's packaging. The 2 releases that followed not only featured a specific pv aimed at the pairing but also distinctly packaged singles which were only sold on the official Rakuten Eagles baseball teams' site with DEF.DIVA and GAM taking the reigns here. Excluding "The Man Power!!!" which I consider to be one of Momusu's best releases which features in my opinion some of their best choreography to date and one of their most aesthetically pleasing pvs in every way, the quality of these fight songs have gotten better in time as I've found GAM's "Daisuki Rakuten Eagles" to be a bit better written than DEF.DIVA's "Let's Go Rakuten Eagles" with C-ute now exceeding them both with a song that will not only feel comfortable in a ball park being chanted but also in your home stereo or portable music player pretty much anywhere. Aside from the snippits of "Rakuten Eagles" chants in the background, the song really could appear on a C-ute album and be right at home I think. And with such a pairing of course there comes the merchandise!….

…and I wonder if C-ute will be getting their own complete set of baseballs which feature printed signatures which can often times be very creative (Momo's & Aichan's baseballs! ^-^), baseball case, and member photo. These set do tend to sell out quite quickly and I was only able to get some of them through Yahoo! Japan Auctions as I acquired these before being introduced to Ohta.

The accompanying pvs are always well produced and a real joy to watch with the only drawback being that C-ute's "Koero Rakuten Eagles" pv won't be officially released until December when the "Pucchi Best" DVD & CD releases are typically released as they have been in the past. Luckily it's been uploaded though so fans won't have to wait that long to see it! While very simplistic the pv doesn't hurt at all from this as it's all about the members here as C-ute really have outc-uted themselves here! Nothing like seeing them dressed in Rakuten Eagles jerseys and their incredibly short shorts are reminiscent of a cheerleaders' which makes perfect sense here although they are quite short! :O And instead of season highlights which the previous collaboration pvs have featured here we are introduced to the Rakuten Eagles…I presume starting lineup? It looks like they had so much fun filming this and did I mention how great this song really is!! Very C-ute indeed!!!! ^-^ This release gets five out of five stars!!!!

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3 Responses to C-ute’s Rakuten Eagles collaboration single

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Got my copy of this yesterday, but I haven't got around to opening it yet, can't wait to put it on ipod and have a listen to it on the train. I copied across the PV on to it but the sound is really awful…but being able to see Erika and Nakki in their short shorts at any point of the day makes up for that ;pIt's such a long wait for the PV to come out, it's a real shame as I really love it, oh well I guess it'll give me something to look forward to later in the year, lol.


  2. Mikey says:



  3. Ah I love this song so much and yes it's soo long to wait for the official release of the pv!! It's great that you purchased a copy too!!…just think we're supporting not just C-ute but also a baseball team in Japan!! ^-^ Those are really short shorts!!!


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