Berryz Koubou photos (Hawaii fan club set) + “Dschinghis Khan” pvs

Just a quick post before I go out tonight! With Ongaku Gatas' recent fan club event which was held here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu a couple of weeks ago there was of course lots of merchandise available!! The only problem was that they decided to not open the temporary merchandise store to the general public (non fan club members) this time which is really sad I think. In the past they would allow the general public to shop in the store on the very last day of the event and while most of the time the featured artist/group's merchandise was for the most part sold out fans could still find lots of merchandise from the other members and groups as the store would offer a full array of merchandise from most of the H!P family of artists. So when I got an e-mail from my friend Saburo saying that he knows a friend whom is working for UFA here in Hawaii I was so excited to gain access to the fan club merchandise and I quickly browsed the list and asked for what turned out to be $140 worth of merchandise!! It sure adds up quickly as any H!P knows very well! :O It was so kind of his friend to offer and I'm so thankful for her great gesture!

Okay since I don't have time right now to present all of the goods that I received from OG's fan club event I've just decided to post the Berryz Koubou photo set. What's unique and great about the UFA photos which are specifically produced for Hawaii is that they're 4" X 6" instead of the standard 3 1/2" X 5" sized photos which are sold in Japan. And I also find it amusing that the photos still bear the title of "Hello! Project Information Village" at the very bottom as the much missed official Hawaii store which once was located in Waikiki at our Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center has now been closed for quite a few years. Okay I'll be posting the rest of the Hawaii fan club merchandise that Saburo helped get for me in a future post very soon but for now here's BK's adorable set! Also take note of the backdrop being used as it's specifically a Hawaiian print! ^-^ And just think…one day Berryz Koubou may actually come here for an "Alo-Hello!" event!! Maybe with some "inside" information this time I'll be able to see them in person here in Hawaii…haha but I'm getting way ahead of things here! 😛

Haha and forgetful me left out the "Dschinghis Khan" pvs from a couple of posts ago. 😛 I know that everyone's probably already watched these a zillion times already but I was really intending to include them anyway in my "Dschinghis Khan Single V" post from last night…so anyway if anyone needs another helping of BK here they are.

First the original version:

Berryz工房 "Dschinghis Khan" original pv

And now the "Close Up Ver.":

Berryz工房 "Dschinghis Khan" Close Up Version

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6 Responses to Berryz Koubou photos (Hawaii fan club set) + “Dschinghis Khan” pvs

  1. paul.thomas says:

    That's really sad that they're stopped letting the general public into the store. One thing I never think I've asked you is, is there a lot of H!P fans in Hawaii? I'm guessing there must be more than your average country what with them always making appearances, even if it's people just going who are they? and then looking them on the net, it has to generate more fans.Looks like you got really lucky! Did you just walk in and not get questioned? I'm imagining you got in to the store like a celebrity, the store was shut and you just walked in and was aloud to browse at your pleasure with all the other Japanese fans staring in, LOL!The Close Up version of Dschinighis Khan was a little dissapointnig, mainly because I was hoping it would feature the corridor sections…but that's not to say I didn't like it, much like the other versions Chinami really makes it for me! I'm glad that they appear to have her haircut and she's looking really cute in her Alo-Hello photo. Also I got my Momo and Risako PBs the other day, so I'll be casting my vote a little later today after I've had a chance to properly go through them.


  2. Shirow says:

    I would love to het my hands on those berryz photocards!
    And in regards to the close up version of 'Dschinighis Khan' I really liked it, it goes out on sync slightly but the girls are having such a good time and the closing shot of Risako is just amazing.
    But yes I would like to see a 'corridor ver.' if such a beast exists.


  3. snow-flower says:

    hahahaaaaaa. they look so cute:p


  4. Hmm…it's really difficult to say. I actually have never really gotten a feeling that there's a large H!P fan base here which does seem odd. I do here that some fans do show up at some of their fan club concert events here and they wait outside hoping to catch a glimpse of them! When they were using the Waikiki Shell for these performances I imagine it was much more rewarding to go down there even if you couldn't gain entrance as you would still be able to hear the show as it's an entirely open venue with outdoor seating inside. When the H!P Information Village store was here in Waikiki a few years ago I'd see fans from Japan for the most part whenever there were others in the store but not really any other local fans. Haha but some would wander in including tourist from the mainland and since it said "Information" on the sign outside they thought that the store was a directory of some sort for the shopping center! 😛 And at times I'd seen some of them look around the store briefly….and if it were a comic there'd be a large balloon over their heads with many question marks in it!! Actually his friend had access to the merchandise and I was sent the list to browse…haha there would have been a small riot had they let me in! :O Ah the corridor scenes are the best!!! Every member was really creative and I love how all of those scenes were directed! Yes please keep the H!P hairstylist(s) away from Chinamichan!! They probably want to cut here hair shorter again at any moment! :O I've extended the voting for another 5 days…I think it's 4 more days now so hopefully you'll be able to choose between them and I know it's going to be difficult to do!


  5. I love the close up version too and every version is so much fun to watch…and that's so right the element of fun that you feel while watching them is what really endears one to these pvs! ^-^ Ever since Rii closed the pv for "Waracchaouyo BOYFRIEND" where she's ultra adorable with that plastic ice cream cone and that expression on her face kills me!!..I think the pv producers realized that she's BK's best pv closer and maybe even opener for that very same reason. 🙂 Ah but a version completely comprised of the corridor scenes would be such a great video to be able to see! Now if a fan were able to direct it, I think it'll turn out to be all corridor scenes! ^-^


  6. I especially love Momo's photo in this set and I wonder if that sign she's holding is a signal of things to come! Now I'm dreaming of Berryz Koubou in Hawaii!


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