Berryz工房シングルV 「ジンギスカン」

Here’s my current favorite pv and ever since receiving it last week it’s become part of my daily visual routine, something which can only be interrupted by the need for sleep! It may seem odd to some that I’m only now watching the original version of this pv but I do tend to try to wait until I receive the actual release before viewing them and now that I can watch streaming video without any issues it’s become even more difficult holding out this long!

“Dschinghis Khan” has reached a new record for the younger H!P acts in terms of first week sales and it has now eclipsed their previous single to become the group’s all time best selling single at 34,450 copies!! I’m happy to know that 2 of those sold copies are mine as I think it’s important to support our favorite groups! ^-^ The DVD has a running time of 28 minutes and my only wish it that it had been shot in widescreen instead of the standard 4:3. With so many  households now having widescreen t.v.s which have become much more affordable recently coupled with Japan’s superior video technology I’m really hoping that a change will occur soon in regards to their pv format. H!P concerts are now all shot in the 16:9 aspect ratio…shouldn’t pvs be next?!

While the “Dance Shot Ver.” has become fixed into my mind whenever I hear this song as I’ve been watching that version exclusively as I waited for the “Single V” to be released, the original version is by far the most joyous to watch! While the basic elements and scenery of the “Dance Shot Ver.” are represented throughout the original version it’s those hall scenes that absolutely kill me with cuteness! The utilization of the camera set up being run on a track adds a really nice effect as the members appear to glide down the hallway but the real enjoyment is in the improvisation that each member was allowed to do in their personal scenes. And while the stage setup, backdrop (which reminds me of a classic style ramen bowl!), and all of the adorable kids bouncing around are all nice touches…it’s the use of props and their effectiveness which gives this version of the pv it’s overwhelming charm for the most part. While each member was allowed to let loose in front of the camera in their own unique way it’s those images of the guitars, maracas, pom poms, tambourine, and the likes of the keyboard that enhance the clips so much more.

After getting a feel for the consensus from other fans who’ve watched this version previously, I was anticipating a lot more Rii which for me personally is a great thing but I didn’t really get the feeling that she was dominating the pv’s screen time in any extreme fashion. While she does open and close the pv for the most part I felt the balance of screen time among all of the members was done quite well and equally. Haha okay admittedly I didn’t time or count her appearances in the clip versus the others but it wasn’t any where near her domination which took place in their previous single “Tsukiatteru no ni kataomoi”‘s pv. Not a good nor a bad thing…just different as I absolutely adore her and I completely understand why UFA is featuring her in the spotlight within the group.

She has the cutest gestures! ^-^

Miya looks really stunning in the pv as well and last night my mom started to watch the clip with me…during one of the numerous times it was on repeat 😛 and her only comment was that Miya was the prettiest in the group…hmm I was about to play my Momo & Risakochan cards but then thought better of it not to do so! 😛

A lot of Maasa’s feistyness comes through in her improvised shots and while she usually seems to be shoved way back in BK’s lineup I’m beginning to see a lot more of her personality recently…and if only UFA would allow more. Now where’s her guitar?!!

Haha it’s not the pv’s fault that there’s going to be soooo many Rii screen pics here but rather mine! I’m sorry it can’t be helped! 😛

And here’s a promotional photo from the upcoming BK/Dragonball Z collaboration! 😛

The “heart” gesture always gains a lot of points with me and after a jan ken po battle it was decided that Kumachan was the one to get the privilege here! ❤ I’ve always thought she had the most model like features in the group and she seems to become more and more beautiful with each release…and happily at the same time equally as goofy! ^-^

I’m guessing that Chinamichan had 2 Red Bulls just before shooting began…she’s so cute here!! And if all goes well the UFA hairstylists will stay far away from her and allow her hair to remain long as it really just suits her facial features so much better!

I know what you’re thinking…”enough with Rii already!!!”…I’ll try to keep it down….I’ll really try…;)

After seeing the shades on them I’m now hoping for a movie starring BK where they’re all street thugs and the shades will be worn at all times…even at night. Hmmm…okay maybe not!

Haha how did that Rii photo get in there?!!….Now for the silent part of the show as these photos speak for themselves…



…okay the silence was short lived…happiness is Momo with a guitar!!! (^o^)/ And while Rii is my favorite member in BK, Momo is about even with her and in this pv Momo is definitely the star of the show!! She inspires me to get my guitars out of storage…now if only I had the courage to see the doctor about my injured pinkie. She even strums a few chords…sort of…in the making of footage! ^-^ Does anyone remember Rinne when she used to perform solo as Country Musume with a guitar? If Momo takes up the guitar and appears on stage playing for real…I think she may become just about every H!P fan’s favorite member instantly! ^-^ Kamei you better start practicing too! 😛




…It really is the second coming of “Koi no dance site” as the fighting stances and punches run wild throughout the entire pv.

And Captain Saki has never looked as adorable as she does in this release! Hers has always been an understated one I find but she really does shine here! ^-^

….Haha look it’s Rii….again!! Hey who edited this?!! 😛

The “Close Up Ver.” which is also included on their pv DVD single is surprisingly just as enjoyable a watch as the other 2 versions and a lot of this is due to the great feeling of fun and enjoyment that you can sense in each member’s improvised dancing and adorable poses. From all of the laughter scenes to the Chinamichan’s camera peek-a-boo moment the close up visuals are a non stop rush! And while other close up versions utilize a stationary camera, the constantly moving one used here may seem at first to be a dizzying effect but I actually find it to enhance the pv and it’s quite amusing creating a different kind of feel for this version. This one gets equal playing time too!

….Rii does get things started off here as well! ^-^ I’ve grown to love these outfits so much and I can’t wait for my Momo & Rii wall banners to arrive! I love yellow and the melon green is a soothing color which will add a nice “cooling” effect to any room…however I must hang mines on the ceiling as there’s no more wall space left in my room. I just never thought the day would come when my ceiling became H!P inspired as well!



…We now interrupt this post for a precious Momo “Piano Moment”…

Momo “piano moment”

…she’s just sooooo adorable here and just one viewing provides your minimum daily recommended allowance of Momo happiness…watch…rinse…and repeat as necessary

…and we now return to our regularly scheduled screen caps…

The making of portion of the DVD is quite extensive as the pvs (songs) themselves are quite short and I say the more fun H!P candid footage there is…the better!! Each individual member is covered through their photo shoots, jacket making of footage, pv making of, and lots of behind the scenes footage including this ad for WD-40…

Rii’s WD-40 commercial (sorry video clip eaten by YouTube =(! )

…haha seriously is that thing squeaky enough?!!! I imagine that it’s an early prototype of those used in episodes of HM@ judging by just how tiny it is! 😛 Not that WD-40 needs any advertising to sell their product but surely this can only help and enhance sales overseas as well! ^-^

The initial meeting between BK and those happy bouncy kids is really amusing too as there’s a definite sense of being overwhelmed by their numbers as well as a short meet and greet which will most likely go down as the most chaotic and slightly dysfunctional Hello! Project hand shake event ever! 😛 And I’m not sure if every child got a chance to shake their hands either or was even aware of what was going on the entire time. I understand and sympathize though, as there are vast parts of early childhood which I can’t seem to remember at all…okay we’re talking about when I was somewhere between being an infant and 5 years old. Did I fall on my head and forget everything back then?! 😛 I love how the kid’s directors are telling them to “jump! jump! jump! jump! jump!…” Surely  I would have remembered something like this had I also attended such an event in my very early youth!

As always there’s great insightful footage into each members’ individual personalities throughout the making of footage and much of it can be seen in the nuances of their behavior and reactions to one another and sometimes even the most subtle of things can help fans to understand and emotionally bond with their favorite idols. All in all another outstanding release from Berryz Koubou who continue to grow and they definitely have my vote when it comes to their Berryz Kamen vs. C-ute Rangers concert series! Hmm…I really should watch it first before making such a statement…it’s just that when I compare their overall music catalogs and factor in the presence of Momo & Rii…I just can’t see how they can “lose.” ^-^ My thoughts on the musical aspect of “Dschinghis Khan” can be found here and if you’d like to order this pv DVD single here’s the link to Cdjapan. ^-^




And now Momo’s piano moment revisited!



…And in the end the Captain rode off into the sunset in style!!!…

…Owari! ^-^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to Berryz工房シングルV 「ジンギスカン」

  1. Mikey says:

    OMG! I looked at the VOX email with Neighbor Updates this monring: Morningberryz 2 New Posts, 100(!!!) New Pictures… lol Awesome!! Now, I know what you been up to… :PThe first thing that I can remember is walking to Kindergarten when we lived right by the ocean in San Diego (the first time). It was only couple of blocks to the school along the beach. I was just 5 at the time. Since my birthday is in November, I was young for my class. Maybe I was dropped too!? 😛 I do love hearing about your personal recollections! :)I do love this series of videos a lot – even thought from what you where saying that other peeps thought it was weird. One advantage of being a H!P newbie is that I won't know what I'm supposed to like or not… 🙂


  2. I do tend to go wild with photos sometimes! 😛 I didn't realize that there were that many though. The song really is different for them but I've fallen in love with it so much! It's good to have an open mind about things. 🙂


  3. Mikey says:



  4. mizunohi says:

    I LOVE this PV! I really think the quality of the H!P releases so far this year have been just amazing (in the way of vocals, sound, listenability and the awesomeness of the members!) The budget seems higher to me, or maybe they're just using it really well! (Resonant Blue does have at least 2 other versions!!) They compliment the groups so well and I think they are all "finding a new place" in the idol world! Also, the changing styles always makes me question what they will do next!
    The hallway scenes are priceless 😀 I laughed when I first saw the PV and it emphasizes the "fun" of this song! The dancing kids are soooo cute >.< In the making of they look so disorganized it actually suits the song XDD I was surprised at how long the making of really was, and it definetly gave it more quality 😀 Koharu must have given out some of her happy-crack XD When I saw Risako on the mini-bike I almost fell off my chair laughing, then she comes back for more and brings along Miya and Saki! They had me laughing so hard! All he fun they had really comes across in the PV and makes the "koi no dance site" feel a lot younger I think… In a good way 😛 It suits the group so well I hope they have more releases like this!!!


  5. "Water displacement-40"….haha I learned that what's the acronym stands for not too long ago! 😛 When those children grow up they'll be able to say "I was in a Berryz Koubou music video!!!" ^-^ Be prepared for a BK member name pop quiz at any moment! 😛


  6. That's so true!! Nacchi & Maimichan got things started off on a very high note and H!P hasn't looked back since. Ah I'm hearing so much about the pv for "Resonant Blue" and it worries me a bit like it's not lighted well enough or something like that. 😛 I'm going to try and hold off watching it until my copies arrive in about a couple of weeks…so long to wait but I think I can do it! I wonder if H!P will continue to embrace cover songs for some of their singles…and with "Dschinghis Khan" being such a success for BK maybe they'll consider it. All of those kids bouncing around was quite a sight in the making of and it really added a whole other dimension to the pvs look and appeal. They really did have so much fun in those hallway scenes…it was like the director allowed them to be themselves and have fun with it! ^-^ Haha Kohachan has "happy-crack"?! :O That's such a wonderful way of putting it!! That squeaky mini bike had me…. ^o^!! and then I had to re-watch it over a few times until I finally thought that I must isolate this part of the making of. 🙂


  7. Mikey says:



  8. mizunohi says:

    No one (human) can be as happy and hyper as Koharu without some form of "happy-crack"…they just don't let the public know what it is XD
    Resonant Blue has faced a lot of critism (although I liked it!) and I think it is wise to hold off on watching it until the other versions are released…I think it has much more potential with the Alternate Version and the idea of a Studio Version intrigues me greatly 😀
    The squeaky bike should have its own making of! hmmm 20mins of Berryz members riding the squeaky bike..they could put it on berikyu and see how long the members could go without laughing! XD I wonder who would last the longest… (I'm betting on Yurina for Berryz and Mai or Kanna for C-ute) 😛


  9. I think I heard it on the local news…there's a newscaster here who has a little segment at the end of each broadcast where he shares some often not too well known information about something and I think he said it one day. I've seen WD-40 around the house forever but I never thought to ask what it means…haha but I don't think anyone would have known anyway!


  10. I love that!! It's such a funny term!! I guess she hasn't shared any with the other members yet! I have pretty good stamina when it comes to holding off from watching new releases before I receive them and it's not too much longer to wait as the single is only about a week away now happily! Interesting…something called a "studio version" this time. The last really dark pv that Momusu had was their "dance shot ver." of "Osaka koi no uta" where the lighting obscured the members faces for the most part and it took me awhile to appreciate the effect they were going for. Still it would have been nice to have been able to actually see everyones faces as the ballerina like choreography is really great (and Aichan excels so much at it due to her dance background). For that release I like the original version so much better with the spinning graphics around them and of course everyone being completely visible! Haha a 'squeaky bike' segment sounds like a lot of fun! Maimai could be the rock in the event keeping from laughing and I also think that Nakki's competitive nature could have her in the finals too. Hmmm…for BK that's a tough choice so I'll just pick Rii because she's my favorite although she'll probably be one of the first to laugh! 😛


  11. Mikey says:

    I just randomly heard what the name meant too. :)Did you see the Karate Kid II video I sent you? The Glory of Love… it was Tamlin Tomita's 1st movie. 🙂


  12. I was just there and I left her a comment…I hope she doesn't mind and doesn't think…"who is this?!" :O I just mentioned "Come See the Paradise" which is another film of hers that I really love. "The Joy Luck Club" is really a great film!!


  13. Mikey says:

    [c’est top]


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