Wu-sanと。。。コーヒー と コンサート。。。

Recently Wu-san and I got to talking about favorite live versions of H!P/Momusu songs and how H!P hasn't tapped into the possibility of producing a live album whether it be from a single show or a compilation of favorites and with this idea I've thinking about creating a personal live "album" of favorites. But with a project such as this comes the challenge of going through all of these…

…concert DVDs and something tells me that I may have forgotten a few as they're kind of all over my room. 😛 Well while going through the 61 H!P concert DVDs above and the 2 concert DVDs below is going to take some time that project may sit on the shelf, literally for awhile but in the meantime I've finally managed to extract the performance of 「…sukidayo!」 from Rikachan's sotsugyou concert for Wu-san which is actually part of a medley, a little past midway through the concert. It took me awhile to figure out how to trim video files as I just had no idea how something like that was done…:P…and along with that I was also able to create an mp3 file and both can be found later in this post.

While locating the medley track on Rikachan's graduation concert DVD I began watching some of the other performances as well as it's been quite awhile since I've actually watched this concert, something that is largely due to the fact that H!P releases so many things!…and it's just difficult sometimes to re-watch anything as just trying to keep up with the new releases can be a challenge…but a happy one of course! ^-^ And with remembering what a great time 2005 was for Momusu, I went to my shelf to also get their "2005 Natsu Aki" concert and into my laptop it also went! Graduation concerts are bitter sweet memories but I always love watching them as they bring both joy and tears for the members and for me as well and it doesn't matter how many times I've watched one of these as they always manage to destroy me with heartfelt emotions. And through individual member reactions during the graduation ceremony where each member presents flowers and a message to the member leaving the group, you can always get a great feel for which member(s) in particular were closest…think Aichan during Gomaki's graduation. She looked so sad on stage and afterwards while they were trying to interview her backstage she was unable to speak a single word and just kept staring at the ground the entire time until the interviewer finally let her be.

Getting back to the idea of creating a live H!P album, this would of course include all H!P groups/members from my concert DVD collection above….hmmm anyone want to help me? 😛

I've uploaded just a few clips from Momusu's two 2005 concert DVDs and I'll start with "Iroppoi jirettai" which opens their "Natsu Aki…Koharuchan irasshai!"  DVD. Wu-san, while you did mention how you'd love to have seen a live performance of this song with its original members…this is the closest that I can get you to that although I know this isn't what you really meant.

"Iroppoi jirettai" モーニング娘。コンサート2005夏秋から

One of my absolute favorite performances from this entire show has to be Yossi's "solo" rendition of "男友達" where she is joined on stage by Kamei, Sayu, Reinachan, & Kohachan who act in a backup capacity!! If anyone ever was unsure if Yossi would be able to project the image and have the vocal ability for a solo career…this performance I think will answer all questions as she really shines here!! And speaking of shining…Kohachan is so adorable on stage throughout this concert and it being her "introduction" show makes it that much more special and a must have for any Kohachan fan! ^-^

男友達 モーニング娘。コンサート2005夏秋から

I love this song so much and I've created an mp3 from the live track in case anyone wants to save it…and being that H!P hasn't released any live albums to this point, I think this should be okay.

Click here for 男友達 live version audio track.

Okay and now for one of the two songs that Wu-san requested starting with "モーニングコーヒー (2002 ver.) as performed by Kamei, Mikitty, & Konkon with Rikachan featured as the lead vocalist. This performance is from Momusu's 2005 Spring Concert Tour at Budoukan aka Rikachan's sotsugyou concert.

モーニングコーヒー(2002 ver.) モーニング娘。Concert Tour 2005 Spring at Budoukan

Click here for モーニングコーヒーlive audio track.

And since we're listening to Rikachan leading the vocals of Morning Coffee I thought I'd also include her Best Shot DVD version as well which is really cute!…along with the separate audio track which I've extracted from the video file. I love this pv as you get to spend a day of shopping along with Rikachan! Haha that bubble bed thing is strange…I want one!! 😛

モーニングコーヒー Rikachan Best Shot version

Click here for モーニングコーヒー Rikachan Best Shot ver. audio track.

Okay and now for something that Wu-san really loves!! ^-^…no not Kamei! 😛 but rather Momusu's performance of 「…好きだよ!」 from the medley which also appears on Rikachan's graduation concert ("Concert Tour 2005 Spring 2005.05.07 at 日本武道館…") For the video clip I edited it to only contain 春の歌 and 「…好きだよ!」. The performance of "Haru no uta" begins with Aichan, Yossi, & Rikachan who I think you'll agree sound amazing together and their harmonies are just beautiful!!! The rest of the group joins in for the performance of 「…Sukidayo!」 and the arrangement as Wu-san mentioned earlier is from the Best Shot DVD series…only in this version, happily there's no dialog over it! 😛 The arrangement really reminds me of Earth Wind and Fire. ^-^ Keep in mind that these 2 songs are part of a larger medley and therefore are edited accordingly. The audio track which follows only includes the performance of 「…Sukidayo!」as Wu-san requested and I was having the most difficult time trying to clip the ending of the track right at the end of the song before "Souda! We're ALIVE" begins …and after about a half hour of trying I finally found that this is the closest the program I'm using allows me to get, without losing any of the ending of the song so the initial drum beat of "Souda! We're ALIVE" can be heard before it cuts off. Hmmm…after awhile it begins to sound like it actually matches as an ending for 「…Sukidayo!」 but that's just probably me trying to convince myself! 😛 Hope everyone enjoys these performances! Wu-san let me know what you think. ^-^

春の歌~「…好きだよ!」~ medley (モーニング娘。Concert Tour 2005 Spring)

Click here for 「…好きだよ!」 live audio track.

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7 Responses to Wu-sanと。。。コーヒー と コンサート。。。

  1. semified says:

    Thanks for posting this! I could use another dose of Yossie. XDD


  2. wu-san says:

    Ahhh!!! MB!!! This is great ^____^
    Thank you so much for the audio files, as they're great! Now I have my favourite Momusu song of all time! really digging the energy from this sukidayo performance,and of course the arrangement 🙂
    It's always great to be included in one of your posts. And strangley, it was nice seeing my name up there in the title. So many concert DVDs and so many options to go for! really O_O
    heheh, the bubble bed is cool


  3. wu-san says:

    as for the 'Iroppoi jirettai' performance…Mikitty looks stunning O_O and I always love how the chorus bursts into life.
    the yossie performance is really lovely too. I love how the selected momusu looks so happy, along with Yossie 🙂


  4. Her performances are so great here and I especially love her singing "Otoko tomodachi"!! UFA should really give her a solo career I think.


  5. I hope you like the title…"Coffee & concerts with Wu-san." 😛 I hope you got the tracks okay and more importantly I hope that they sound okay! You mentioned "Iroppoi jirettai"'s original lineup in your comments recently at your site as it's in your Momusu fan video too! Well I know that you meant to actually be able to see this lineup perform this song live in person but I still couldn't help uploading a performance for you! Mikitty & Yossi really shined in these concerts and there's so many other great performances too!


  6. wu-san says:

    heheh, the title fits me perfectly! Ah the tracks sound great thanks ^^. Really enjoying them. Morning Coffee is so sentimental it's haunting! I like the choir like chorus on this performance. And really, Just hearing Mikitty with some of the girls is great. And what I love about the line-up on this one is that it's not obvious, nor is it really out there. It's what it is and it works. No suprises, but when you see KonKon with Kamei and Mikitty with Rika, you can only smile at that.
    Ah, that would have been great, to see the 'then' Momusu pull this number off right in front of my eyes…I think my legs would go all wobbly lol. I wouldn't know who to focus on! But thank you for uploading this peformance, as it's a joy to watch.


  7. You're so welcome!! I'm happy that everything sounds okay! ^-^


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