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Silly Sunday

Fuzzy Wars Haha I love Star Wars!!! Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Arashi’s 8th full length album now available for pre-order!!!

My Blackberry just started buzzing a moment ago and the best news was just delivered as Arashi is releasing a new album!!! The limited edition version includes a bonus CD containing solo member tracks just like "Time" had as well … Continue reading

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Berryz工房 “Dschinghis Khan”

Yesterday’s CdJapan order Okay so I've finally managed to put down Arashi's calendar & cookbook just long enough to see what had arrived from CdJapan yesterday…:P….and I was quite surprised to see that the box was so long! It's been … Continue reading

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Cooking with Arashi…or perhaps just staring at pictures… :P

Arashi cook book & photo diary Okay photobucket is back online! ^^ Mmm…seeing that I've already described the design of this accompanying book which comes with Arashi's new school calendar in the previous post, I'll just post up a few … Continue reading

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Arashi 2008.04-2009.03 Calendar

Arashi 2008.04-2009.03 calendar & cook book set The most wonderful sight greeted me when I arrived at home today…well in my mailbox as Arashi's "School" calendar had finally arrived! I can't stress enough just how wonderful this release is!!!! Well … Continue reading

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Free screen cleaner!! ^-^

My father sent me this and it's soooo!!…well you'll see! I often dust off the keyboard on my computer but I hadn't thought about the monitor. I have found the neatest program that automatically cleans monitors so that there is … Continue reading

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Matsuura Aya…simply the best.

Matsuura Aya "Concert Tour 2007 Autumn Double Rainbow" DVD Ayaya's latest concert release arrived a few days ago and I finally had a chance to watch it today. I always look forward to her concert releases as that special Ayaya … Continue reading

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An exquisite view of Mt. Fuji!

MtFuji.jpg DK sent me this incredibly beautiful photo of Japan's largest mountain Mt. Fuji and I just had to post it up here….I hope he doesn't mind! 😛 It's taken from such a perfect height with the cherry blossoms and … Continue reading

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Battle Royale Hello! Project Style part 5

Part 4 can be found at wu-san's blog as we've been alternating between parts in this joint fiction venture. Originally no chapter names were being given but as I wrote this latest installment of our ongoing collaboration this one just … Continue reading

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チェキッ娘。。。Sweet J-Pop never goes out of style!!

A trend for all time…success breeds copies or emulations perhaps a better way to put it and it lives in just about anything one can think of…Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, Redline, Amp, "house" brands and the list is ever … Continue reading

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