Hello! Project 2008 Winter Live DVD Box set

What looks to be an annual release from H!P is their mammoth sized live collection which introduced itself to fans last year and this year's production is much the same with an impressive 4 disc set housed in an extremely well made slip case being offered for what is actually a great price of only…and I say only 10,000 yen because when you consider that a single H!P concert DVD release usually costs 3800 yen it is quite a "bargain" if I can call it that! 😛 But when you consider…

…the length of these discs…disc 1: 112 minutes, disc 2: 108 minutes, disc 3: 131 minutes!, and disc 4: 44 minutes which is entirely dedicated to backstage footage you really can't go wrong with a set of this scope. And it's all shot in beautiful 16:9 widescreen which I whole heartedly believe that all releases should embrace! The set lists are also equally a joy for any H!P fan I'd imagine as it includes the vast majority of recent releases as well as some well selected favorites from the past…my only wish would be a new performance of "Ai no tane"!!! but of course all dreams can't come true can they? 😛

And everyone's here!!…well for the most part as any knowledgeable H!P fan would expect in the current circumstances…and I do imagine that Mikitty will be making concert appearances shortly…well I'm wishing really hard!!~!  So this is where those maid outfits came from!!

While purchasing a set of such cost may seem like a leap of sorts for even the most adoring H!P fan, I wanted to share just a few clips from this set and while I admittedly have only watched the first 2 discs at this point, hopefully these few clips will help to influence a purchase! (^o^)/ I'm by no means suggesting that these are the most outstanding performances on the first 2 discs but rather just some of my happy favorites which struck me on their first viewing…as further viewings…something that a set of this magnitude rightfully deserves…will certainly produce different results from each individual fan's perspective. So with that in mind here are a few clips from H!P's 2008 Winter Live DVD Box which I've uploaded today.

Kokuhaku no funsui hiroba 2008 Winter Live

Okay I have to admit their outfits which I've previously said to be one of my favorites in H!P's "outfit" history played a large role in choosing this clip! 😛 Score: "The Manpower!!!"'s togas #1…these BK outfits #2! ^-^ Mmm..take note of Rii's gesture at the very end of the performance!!…she's soooooooo cute there!! Okay I'm biased! 😛

Mikan Winter Live 2008

Momusu rocks the "Wonderful Hearts" concert early with a powerful performance of "Mikan"…a single that I personally feel has been underrated in some regards. And as much as fans for the most part dislike Sayu's vocals I actually find them endearing and quite good here…hey! don't throw any eggs at me!

Renai Rider 2008 Winter Live

The J-Pop Utopia that is Buono! continues to roll!!! Hmm..this song created quite tough competition for their debut effort "Honto no jibun" which is J-Pop perfection in this century and I'm still not quite decided on which I love more…the key word being 'love' as they're both <3!!! The song writing is what really stands out here as being an old school J-Pop fan as well as a fan of the current sound and what has transpired since the days of CoCo & Ribbon to name just a couple of idol group greats who've helped pave the way for today's generation, Buono!'s song writing and the very essence of this unit and its members lives and breathes all that is right and celebrated about "J-Pop" in the very sense of the title…"J-Pop." In future posts I hope to present some foundation of what J-Pop has been built upon in a sense as I won't be going back further than the late 80's but still would like to share part of the journey that has led to the "sound" that Buono! strives on.

Joshikashimashi Monogatari 2008 Elder version

No introduction or reason for choosing such a performance is needed I'm thinking as the history of this song has proved timeless in a sense and through the years has spoken for itself with various versions representing different lineups brought upon fans through graduations and…well other occurrences…and with that we are presented with another noteworthy performance in terms of individual member lyrics as well as these members' presence in this moment. And if not for anything else the inclusion of Keisan, Inaba Atsuko, Ayaka…yes an Ayaka sighting!! O__O, as well as one of H!P's most celebrated members…Marippe! as she isn't held to just MC duties and is also featured here as well as thoughout the concert really adds a nice touch! ^-^

Narihajimeta koi no bell 2008 winter Live

Surely one of H!P's best songs of recent memory couldn't have possibly been left off here and the performance is crisp and lively as one would hope and expect from such a talent filled unit!!…complete with Nocchi and Manoeri's adorable sighs!!! ^-^

Watarasebashi (Ayaya version)

H!P has embraced and appreciated the music of Moritaka Chisato as evidenced here and it was truly a dream come true for me when Ayaya covered my most favorite song of hers, "Watarasebashi" which is translated here. This is such a beautiful composition and I thought that sharing the original version by Moritaka Chisato who co-wrote this gem would be a nice way to share her music here as well…so please enjoy the two versions! ^-^

Watarasebashi (by Moritaka Chisato)

Moritaka Chisato deserves her own post which I hope to post in the future in greater depth but for now enjoy the original version that inspired Ayaya's and note her cute recorder solo!! ^-^

Iki wo kasanemashou

Nacchi is my overall favorite member of H!P, something that is largely due to my being a fan of Momusu since their debut in January of '98 and while many other groups that I love I have been introduced to me by friends, Momusu remains as one of the very few that I discovered on my own when I came across their debut release information in a new release catalog back in late '97 while working at Tower Records here in Hawaii. Through this I've seen the group grow from a single release and into H!P and the musical family that they are today each step of the way…and Nacchi truly embodies and represents everything that is good and right about H!P and I say that without hesitation. "Iki wo kasanemashou" is such a well written song in every aspect…catchy…lively…and with heart felt essence so it was without any question that I'd include this performance here. Sorry…I've just had a "Nacchi" moment! 😛

Danna sama

And H!P's very existence owes a lot to Yukosan also…and here her incomparable vocals and the richness and subtle softtness which she projects is the perfect match for a composition such as "Danna sama." A track that I argue that not many if any at all in H!P can perform with the same conviction and feel. Yukosan needs much more frequent releases UFA!!

Akai Freejia 2008 Winter Live

And lastly here's Melon Kinenbi's performance of arguably their catchiest song "Akai Freejia" which personally I only see challenge from "Onegai miwaku no target" as being their best release! Think Sayu audition!…and re-enactment on Futarigoto!!! (^o^)/! Keep an eye out for the "bunny" too on stage!!!

If you'd like to order this wonderful LE box set here's the link to Cdjapan. ^-^

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14 Responses to Hello! Project 2008 Winter Live DVD Box set

  1. strawberrie says:

    I have to wait till August on mine. I show my mom the 2007 Winter Box and she said she would buy it for me as a birthday gift since it only cost 89 dollars on HMV which is the cheapest place for me. I saw some of the performances from the wonderful hearts and very little of elder club. Hopefully the main concert is a lot better. I contacted Hamalia (?) on Hello-Online to order me a JunJun solo concert photobook. I would go to Ohta but sometimes his prices are a little to high and Hamalia said he could keep it under the price Ohta is charging.


  2. I thought it was nice, so I won't throw any eggs at you!!! 😉
    -That's a really nice DVD package there!!!
    My computer seems to be running a bit better again. -At least now I can see other peoples Vox pages…
    (darn computer…)


  3. Mikey says:



  4. Wow that's a really great price for the box set! I assume you're noting the performances from last years set?… '2007'? Hmm..I've never heard of Hamalia but that sounds like a wonderful thing that they're doing for you! ^-^


  5. Awwww…Sayu thanks you too!! ^-^ I hope that you have everything's running okay now!


  6. Haha I actually have no idea how Moritaka Chisato became my icon at Youtube!! 😛 Really I didn't attach it…I'm really puzzled…maybe someone broke in and put it there! :O Hmm…I love Moritakasan but it's strange how it got there so I'm trying to change it now…they said it could take 2 days though?! I hope you had a chance to read "Watarasebashi"'s translation too…she wrote really beautiful and touching lyrics which are so heartfelt. Sad but beautiful. 🙂 I don't know if you're aware but with every version of "Joshikashimashi monogatari" its lyrics are specifically written for each member as they have their own complete verses about them. Some of it's really cute and funny! ^-^


  7. Mikey says:

    Wasn't me that did it! Have you questioned E.T.? :PYes, I did read the translation – it is beautiful and sad that they couldn't be together… Reminds me of the 2nd Samurai film from the 50's where she waits for Musashi at the bridge. <tear>I'll have make up my own verses then! And speaking of cute and funny, let's hear yours too! ^^


  8. strawberrie says:

    I plan on buying this years. I already bought the 2007 Winter Box Set and to convince my mom that it was worth paying 89 dollars I show her and she said she would buy it buy only as a birthday gift.


  9. You're welcome!
    -My computer is still irritating me, but I'm starting to be able to get around again.


  10. Sounds like a wonderful birthday gift!! And it's definitely worth it!! ^-^


  11. mizunohi says:

    I'm looking forward to watching this release…from the clips I've seen every preforms so well and vocals seems very strong, but there seems to be something "missing" I don't know what it is but I just can't help but feel like that… D:
    I love the song selections and it's great to see all of the OG's preforming together! 😀 I'm really looking forward to "Robokiss" since Sayu has recently improved a lot and has beaten Koharu out of 3rd place (but Koharu is still 2nd in H!P… I just don't include solo works in "Morning Musume" rankings… XD Koharu has to improve more live before I call her a strong asset to Morning Musume…) Sayu has done what Koharu seem's to miss… she is NAILING her solo's 😀 I hope she lives up to her new standards here 😀 I can't wait for the elders preformances in the "mixed" units, they always thrill me and show how experienced they are and how well all of them interact! I'm wondering what the "feeling" of the elders will be like now that gatas is in it… Nocchi+Nacchi :3 I'm really happy to see that Yossie has moved to the elders though… she seems to fit in there so much better in the older H!P concerts.
    Overall I'm happy that, from what I've seen and heard, most members don't lipsync! That's my pet-peeve about lives and what deterrs me from buying concerts… it's good to know that UFA has trained the members to where they are comfortable enough to sing live! I think they have gotten extra training lately, since their vocals have me speechless 😀 Even the strongest singers have seemed to get stronger…mostly since the last summer concert I think 😛
    I can't wait to see these concerts in their entirety! My dad just got a 42'' plasma TV so they will be even more enjoyable 😀


  12. These are 2 of the smaller events so hopefully the main concert disc is more enjoyable for you! The stage setup is really impressive and there doesn't appear to be a single bad seat at the venue as it goes all the way around! Kohachan can sound a bit flat sometimes live but I still can't help adoring her! 😛 I thought that Sayu made great improvements with her vocals when Mikan was released but she really has been steadily getting better. ^-^ It's always great to see performances of favorite songs being done by various member groupings outside of the original lineups as they tend to give those songs a whole new life! Nocchi + Nacchi = ❤ I just heard a couple of days ago that Nocchi will be heading her own new unit along with a few other Eggs!! It's an anime tie in but no single releases have been noted yet but I'm thinking there will be something announced soon. 'Lipsync' is the worst thing that can happen to a "live" performance for sure! It defeats the whole purpose of a "live" event and I'd definitely rather hear true vocals. H!P has been really quite good about this over the years…when it comes to in studio performances such as those that are filmed specifically for HM@ or those for H!M I can accept if the recorded track is used but even here you can tell for sure when it's truly live which is a good thing always! The use of an upgrading DVD player will further enhance the look of their shows on your family's new plasma!! ^-^ That's the same size as the one that I have in my bedroom! 🙂


  13. mizunohi says:

    The setup for the main concert is wonderful! I think having "all good seats" makes such a large venue seem smaller and able to put out the feeling of both small and large venues! It is "personal" like a small venue because everyone gets a chance to be close to their favourite idol, no matter the seat, and the size makes the energy radiate (even on DVD)! I would love to see one of these shows (or any…for that matter) since it is really where an agency like H!P really shines 😀 The only downside to larger shows is the tendency to lipsync…although you hear in small concerts the live voices are just as good (or better in many songs) than the recorded ones… T.T it stands to be my ultimate pet-peeve!
    Koharu is so great as an "anime-idol"and I love her solo releases, but she seems to not fit in very well in most of Morning Musume songs.. I think that her vocals have improved a lot and it kind of bugs me that they make her sing "badly" almost…it suits her image…but not the newer "morning musume" image…Sayu has owned the vocals in the last 6 months or so…I think she has the kind of voice that she could harness to sound very gaki/kame like…especially with lower notes! Her image seems to be becoming more mature so maybe they will reveal a killer alto soon! 😛
    I'm so excited when the tracklist for a concert is revealed, especially for such large concerts, since the thrill of new life in an old song is so great ^^ I especially love the elders song gatemekara from last years winter show, and I'm really anticipating what this year has to offer 😀
    What kind of DVD player is best? My parents don't really want to upgrade to blu-ray at this point… ;;; I know almost nothing about technology… XD It is so much better to watch my friends (since I personally have…none…) concert DVD's now 😛


  14. I think it's so great for the fans too as everyone in the arena gets to see all of their favorites and not just the backs of their heads…something which can occur at some concert halls with seating behind the main single stage. And yes! the energy is so amazing at these shows!! When I wrote this post I hadn't yet reached the main concert but there are so many great performances in there too! If I were to attend a H!P concert I'd definitely hope to see it in a venue such as this so that I wouldn't worry about getting a less desirable seat. And with their concert seating being random you just never know! Ah no lip syncing ever!! Hmmm….Kohachan truly has gotten better as a vocalist over time and I think she'll continue to improve. She does bring a different dynamic to the character of the group and while some fans really dislike her personality I actually find it endearing and in a way "important" to Momusu if that makes any sense. It's true though that the current Momusu image is a more mature one and I think she'll grow over time in that manner as well. I'm so happy to hear you say that about Sayu's vocals!! \(^o^)/!! Especially in "Mikan" which I love…I think she really sounds great and her little solo bits are perfect! I'm just still hoping for a live band at one of these events!!! Or any Momusu concert for that matter! :)It's so great to have a friend nearby to watch H!P concerts with!! The prices of a good upscaling DVD have gotten really affordable since the HD Bluray formats began to appear on the market. Most decent players run about $60 on average and for format compatibility (avi,dvix,j-peg,etc) Philips makes some great models which upscale pretty well. Just make sure it has an HDMI output so that you can get the most out of it when you hook it up to your plasma. HDMI is the standard with high definition right now and it provides the best picture…but you just know that they're working on the next format as we speak! :O LG also makes great upscaling players as does Toshiba. And although the HD format lost the war to Bluray those HD Toshiba DVD players might be worth looking into. They're being marked way down right now too as the HD format is dead. So you may wonder why buying this player would make sense…it's simply because it's upscaling capabilities are somewhat superior to those found in standard upscaling players. It does vary by the source material though and a friend at work who has one too also commented on having the same experience with the picture quality when he played standard DVDs utilizing its upscaling capability. One very important thing to consider though is that getting outside region DVDs to play in any HD player is not being done right now. So your Japanese region 2 DVDs won't work in them even though the HD format has no region coding and no one has figured out yet how to hack them to free up its region coding. The Philips and LG players are hackable in this way so that's something to consider as well. Okay I must stop rambling now! Sorry! 😛


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