Ongaku Gatas delivered by Ohta and a missed opportunity!

A few items arrived from Ohta yesterday including 3 shirts, a photo album, DVD, keychain, and a some photos. It’s funny, I didn’t order these too long ago and Manoeri has already graduated from the group!

So while I was aware that some of the members of Gatas were here on Oahu for a fan club event this past weekend what I wasn’t aware of until Sunday morning when I received an e~mail was that they had dinner reservations for 8 pm at a restaurant named Gazen in Kaimuki near the high school there the very night before! :O Always too late it seems and H!P girls have frequented Oahu regularly over the years xD. The members present for this past fan club event were Yossi, Rikachan, Satoda Mai, Shibata Ayumi, Mikitty, Konkon, & Korenaga Miki! They also held a concert event at Pipeline Cafe on Sunday which appears to have replaced the Waikiki Shell as their venue of choice recently for these fan club events but it didn’t even cross my mind to head down there as there’s really no way of getting in…membership has its privileges. But dinner on Saturday night and the possibility of being seated on the very next table next to them…hmm….would that make me a…uh…stalker? 😛 I hope not because I surely would have gone if I’d only known sooner! And besides it would have been by “total coincidence” that I just happened to be there at the very same time eating there for the very first time…LOL! I’m not even 100% sure where this place is located but I have a good idea of where it probably is and surely would have found it! Anyway something really great did come out of all of this learning the details of the merchandise being sold for their event (sadly it was closed to the public this time and only fan club members had access…something that I totally understand though as the fan club members pay quite a lot for these events and they surely should have their choice of the best merchandise!) and I was able to purchase $140 of various H!P merchandise including Gatas, Momusu, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Yukosan, Ayaka!, and Ayaya.

One interesting thing to note is that Mikitty’s solo merchandise was already sold out!!! And in fact she was the only member that was sold out by Sunday for this event!! So that answers the question of the love for Mikitty and her resurfacing in H!P recently at least from the Japanese fan club perspective! ^-^

Okay so while having dinner near Mikitty & friends didn’t happen this past Saturday, I did receive Ohta’s package of Ongaku Gatas merchandise for now until I’m able to receive their Hawaii event’s goods.

I really love dark colors and especially black so when I first saw this t-shirt I had to order it! The simplistic logo design on the front keeps it from looking too busy…

…while the back features their tour’s name.

But with darkness you must have sunshine too and it was absolutely perfect that Sengoku Minami was given the color yellow! I’ve mentioned before how my old room used to be yellow…well before I covered it with posters! :P…and that has somehow made me very fond of yellow as well! With Manoeri being graduated from Ongaku Gatas, Sengoku is now my 2nd favorite Egg in the group just behind Nocchi and I think her photos are just adorable! The Ongaku Gatas t-shirt sets also come with the ever present wrist band along with the 2 UFA photos.

I really love the design on the backs of these shirts as they’re probably as close to an actual OG jersey that I’ll ever get! And unlike most H!P shirts this large is a rather small large which means it’ll fit much better on me! ^-^ And here are scans of her accompanying UFA photos.

Kawaii deshou?!!


Now when I ordered this t-shirt set I had no idea that Manoeri would be graduating from the group so soon but I’ll treasure it no less of course! Red is such a powerful color and the only other H!P shirt that I own that’s red is Rii’s with the cute personal heart designs on it and red is great for any day of the week.

Again I love the design on the back of these shirts so much…now all I need is a soccer ball! And lots of practice!!! 😛

And of course her little keychain!


I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to order a full photo set of the group until I saw the cover of the photo album which the set comes with and the dark dark background creates such a nice contrast to the members’ clothing and I was clicking on “buy it now” before I knew it! And as any H!P photo collector knows…you can never have too many photo albums as they seem to fill up so quickly! ^-^ The DVD has a running time of 53 minutes and is noted to be shot entirely in 16:9 widescreen which I really wish everything came in!…especially pvs! Buono!’s pvs are shot in 16:9 so it’s a start!

And lastly here are scans of the photo set…can you guess the meaning of the order which I’ve placed them in? 😛

Anyone interested in ordering H!P merchandise can check Ohta’s following links! (^o^)/
Ohta’s Hello! Project Goods Shop tutorial, auction, etc. links. (Mutual link)

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to Ongaku Gatas delivered by Ohta and a missed opportunity!

  1. Andra says:

    I would want to eat in the same restaurant as Yossy! Or anyone of these girls! I would try hard not to disturb them, but my staring would probably be very annoying anyway. 🙂 So maybe it's better I'll never have the chance…
    These photos are so cute! So my wild guess… You placed them in the order of the cuteness? 🙂 Because Nocchi and Manoeri are the first ones… Then Konkon… It couldn't be anything else could it. 🙂


  2. Saburo says:

    Gazen (located at the old Bea's Drive-Inn on Kapiolani) is one of the better trendy izakaya restaurants that have sprouted around Honolulu in the last few years. I can totally understand the girls being treated there but I'm not sure there's much privacy in the tatami seating in the back. I forget if there's a curtain or something to shield the section off. It would be pretty obvious to the restaurant patrons. I think anyone with a slight inkling of J-showbiz knows who Yoshizawa/Ishikawa/Fujimoto are, especially if they're yakking real loud (can you imagine a group like that eating quietly?).
    Anyway, yeah we lucked out this time with the FC goodies…


  3. Haha I think I'd be the exact same way but it'd be really difficult not to stare and I'd end up being very obvious too! 😛 But being celebrities they're probably used to the staring although it must be bothersome I imagine…especially when you're eating!….no really I wasn't staring again! :PYes! that was just me being silly with the question! 😛 I'm hoping that Nocchi will become the most popular Egg in the group now that Manoeri has graduated. But either way she's my favorite Egg for sure! ^-^


  4. I remember Bea's Drive Inn…we sometimes used to eat there after playing doubles awhile back! So that's where Gazen is…I was actually guessing that it'd be somewhere in the little shopping marketplace that's across the street. Haha then it sounds like I'd have to "accidentally" go into the wrong room after returning from the restroom if there are curtains! 😛 I can't wait to see all of the fan club merchandise that your friend picked up!! 🙂


  5. zdorama says:

    Your scenario reminds me of an old SMAPxSMAP episode where Shingo and "P"-chan (Takuya dressed as a pink dog) are eating at a restaurant and P-Chan hears loud laughing and peeks over the divider and sees Morning Musume eating in the next room!


  6. Ah I know which episode you're talking about! I too couldn't believe that Gomaki's great kinpatsu look was already over and just way too soon! :O In my potentially embarrassing scenario there would just be a lot of staring and uneasiness I imagine…where'd my voice go?! 😛 "P-chan"…I miss SMAPxSMAP!!


  7. wu-san says:

    Everytime I read an OG post at your place I'm always inspired a little, because I'm just always looking forward to anything OG, and hearing about them! I wish I could get this excited with current Momusu. Awww these are great OG items, and even though no one likes Mutou Mika, I adore her to death lol, so she's my number one egg! poor Mika.
    heheh, it would've been so awesome if you could've eaten in the same restaurant as some of the OG O_O, and maybe they should consider sticking Miki fujimoto into the group? that would certainly push me to support them ahead of Momusu.


  8. Ah I'm sorry about Mika!! But really I don't dislike her in any way!! In fact I was quite shocked when someone made some really mean comments about her regarding her looks! :O I don't think that any young girl should ever be called what they called her! Mikitty in OG has my vote too!!! I think their appeal would shoot up even higher….just the fact that only her solo merchandise for this latest fan club event was sold out says a lot I think about how fans feel about her! \(^o^)/


  9. wu-san says:

    It's ok :P, maybe Mika will start eating melons during fustal games, and have a fruit persona like JunJun, and then maybe she'll be noticed more :P. Ah I remember those comments and I thought it was really unfair, especially when she hasn't even had a chance to show what she can do yet.
    Ever since you told me about her coming out to Hawaii with OG, I thought, wouldn't it be cool to draft in Mikitty as another power player in OG. And you could respark the Yossie and Mikitty friendship that could easily rival Mikitty and Ayaya's. I'm soo glad her solo merchandise sold out so quickly. Good signs.


  10. That'll be good for Mika!! ^-^ You're right…she needs more time to shine and show her true self to fans…it's really too early for anyone to judge her in any way I think. The Mikitty fan base love is well and alive…at least when it comes to the fan club members and…well the both of us at least! ^-^ It made me so happy to know that her merchandise sold out in this most recent fan club even here…but it was a bit double edged as I would have liked to have been able to purchase a set too! 😛 Mikitty <3!!!


  11. wu-san says:

    Hmmm, but then people might start calling Mika 'melon head' lol. Although it could be very cute depending on how you say or mean it. I hope Mika gets a chance to shine, because I'm really rooting for her. I dont know how it started though, but I'm rooting for her!
    I would've been great if you could've gotten you hands on some Mikitty stuff. I think I mentioned this to you before, but I love her Baseball jersey shirt she had for the 'eagles' thing. Really nice item.


  12. "Melona" sounds better…have you ever had one?…they're really good and I don't even like sweets. I think Mika just needs some time to develop…you can be her fan club president! ^-^The baseball jersey was really nice!! I want one too! While Mikitty's solo photo sets were sold out I was still able to get a photo of her from the Ongaku Gatas sets which are really nice. Her photos are really beautiful and she looks so sweet! I'll have them posted up with the other merchandise that Saburo was able to get for me from this past OG fan club event that was held here…hopefully sometime soon.


  13. wu-san says:

    haha, I'd love to be fan club president for Melona :P, I haven't had Melona, you must explain it to me!
    I'm glad Mikitty's looking great in her recent photo sets. I'll be looking forward to seeing them.


  14. I'll try to post the new Mikitty photos as well as the rest of the Hawaii fan club tour merchandise during the upcoming week. Haha I have literally a stack of stuff to work on here and you'd laugh if you saw it! Like can I really get all of that done?!! :O Melona is kind of like a soft popsicle but the flavor is just amazing….it really really tastes like a real melon! Honestly I actually haven't had one in years but I can still remember what it tasted like! ^-^ If you see some there you should try some…I think you'll like it!


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