Between February 2004 and August 2005 Up Front Works released their wonderful “Best Shot” series DVDs and while these had a fan club only availability, happily through Yahoo! Japan Auctions I was able to purchase the entire series including volumes 1-4 and the final “Best Shot Best” release DVD (these purchases were pre-Ohta but how I wish that I’d known him prior as it would have been substantially less in cost for sure!). The entire premise of these releases is not only an original idea but it also offers fans a chance to hear some of their favorites being covered by different members and generations of Momusu. And with the added enhancement of original pvs accompanying the tracks, I just knew that I had to get the original releases somehow! In their own right they are true pv collections and another great aspect of these videos are that the majority of them were shot on location versus the use of blue screens and sets…and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pvs being shot this way, it’s just nice to see Momusu get outside sometimes for these productions.

Each DVD contains a total of 6 pvs, brief making of clips that accompany the credits, as well as the dreaded Tsunku commentary! I’m kidding!!! 😛 I love Tsunku!! ^-^…except when he starts trying to sing the songs that he’s written for the girls! (tongue in cheek there! ) =P The average running time of each volume is approximately 45 minutes with the “Best Shot Best” volume being the longest at 56 minutes. Looking at all 4 volumes one thing that you really notice right away is that Tsunku reallllllly loves!!! “Furusato”!! As there are versions performed by Nono, Aichan, Gakisan, and Marippe spread out among the volumes. And “Do it! Now”!! And I once expected every member in H!P to have recorded versions of these 2 songs done at some point soon, however sadly this series hasn’t seen a new volume in quite some time and at this point I’m not really anticipating any more volumes which is really a shame. Some of my favorite versions from the series include: Rikachan’s “Morning Coffee”, Mikitty’s “Usotsuki anta”, Aibons’ “Dadidudedodadi!”, Sayu’s “Senkou hanabi”, Konkon’s “Papa ni niteiru kare”, Aichan’s “Furusato”, Makochan & Kamei’s “Dounikashite Doyoubi”, and Gakisan’s “Furusato” just to name a few as there are so many great versions here.

Today I’ve decided to focus on Volume 4 first as it has one of my favorite “Best Shot” clips on it which is Makochan & Kamei’s version of “Dounikashite Doyoubi” which features their cute visit to the zoo! Of course starting with volume 1 would have made much more sense and with the inclusion of Makochan & Aichan bowling over their version of “Aisha Loande” it was a bit of a difficult decision to make but in the end I’ve decided to start with volume 4 as strange as that sounds! 😛

First up is “Do it! Now” which is being performed by Yossi, Aichan, & Konkon. I’ve always loved the audio tracks being isolated as well and so that you can listen to them on your home stereos or portable players I’ve extracted the audio files from the DVD tracks and made them into mp3s for easy downloading if you’d like them. I think that they were once offering the separate audio tracks on CDs with the purchase of the entire series through the fan club but since I’m sadly not a member…I’ve had to make my own audio tracks. And being that you can longer obtain these separate audio tracks through UFA I really don’t see any harm in uploading them here and making them available to fans who’d like them.

Do it! Now (Yossi, Aichan, & Konkon version)


The pv has a kind of fuzzy lighting to it but this version is really great as all 3 members have strong vocals and you really have to love the way Aichan’s made up here! She looks so radiant and cute!!

Click here for Yossi, Aichan, & Konkon’s version of “Do it! Now.”

“Dounikashite Doyoubi” (Makochan & Kamei version)

Okay here’s my favorite “Best Shot” video as it features Makochan & KAMEI!!…and their day at the zoo. There’s simply nothing more adorable than Kamei’s scaredy cat reactions (Makochan is a brave one!) and there are a few here along with lots of great interaction between Makochan and Kamei…and the sights of zoo land life. ^-^


  Click here for Makochan & Kamei’s version of “Dounikashite Doyoubi.”

“Memory seishun no hikari” (Reinachan version)

The most simplistic pv on this volume but nonetheless enjoyable and shot outside of a studio’s confines as Reinachan performs a heart felt version of one of my favorite Momusu songs of all time “Memory seishun no hikari.”


「…Sukidayo」) (Rikachan & Kaorin version)

I really love this clip as you’re able to watch Rikachan & Kaorin make gifts for their fellow Momusu members and there’s just something really adorable about Rikachan using a hammer…as strange as that probably sounds! 😛 I’m awful at crafts so I have that much more admiration for what they’re doing here and I wish that they’d make me something too! 😛


I chose not to include an mp3 of this track due to the audible dialog which occurs throughout the song. Rikachan + hammer = Kawaii. (^o^)/
“Ii koto aru kinen no shunkan” (Marippe, Mikitty, & Sayu version)

Each volume does feature a clip which relies heavily on blue screen work and animation…also known as the short end of the pv stick. 😛 But it’s still a very fun clip to watch with Mikitty being sooooo adorable going against everything that she…well LOL! perhaps it’s all just a front of hers and Mikitty & Marippe’s seasoned vocals really create an interesting contrast alongside Sayu’s early vocals. Please be kind to Sayu! ^-^


“Furusato” (Gakisan version)

One of 5 versions that appear in the series and while Nacchi’s (you really have to consider it her song despite the group effort with background vocals….and you thought that Airichan had taken over C-ute! 😛 ) version remains untouchable in my mind each new version presented in the series is a real gem to hear as “Furusato” isn’t particularly an easy song to sing in terms of intonation and in a way the exact opposite. But what you really have to love about all of the “Furusato” pvs are the baby and growing up photos which emerge from each member’s personal photo archives!!! Gakisan is soooooo adorable in these photos and how she’s grown to be such a beautiful young woman says it all! ^-^

It was a rainy day during the shooting of this pv and whether it was by design or not I really love the umbrella accompanying her as it adds a nice feel and familiarity to the video clip.


Click here for Gakisan’s version of “Furusato.”

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to モーニング娘。~ベストショット~シリーズ

  1. Mikey says:

    Right after your love offering to Kamei, you couldn't resist those baby pictures either, could you!! :PWonder what Baby MB looked like? ^^


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    I soooo love Mako and Ai-chan's "Aisha Loan de" <3.O_O Konkon did Papa ni niteiru kare? wow, I have to find that… It's one of my favorite Momusu songs since I saw it performed by the 10th anniversary unit… Love the funny lyrics =P Especially when it goes "
    Don't get along too well with him, okay, Mom?"*goes look for it on youtube**comes back*She's as cute as always ❤


  3. strawberrie says:

    I just love Yossy, Ai, and KonKon's version of Do It! Now but I don't see the point of buying the DVD since it will be only thing on there I like. I actucally gave up and ask Ohta to order a JunJun T-shirt for me. Maybe later I will find the DVD Magazine on Ebay cheap again. Hopefully……… I can't wait to get all my money from The Sims 2 selling. Hopefully I sell all my games while I'm on break.


  4. semified says:

    Thanks! I'm going take the Do It Now mp3 file! XDDDDDD


  5. Rad♂ says:

    "Do It Now" was always Konno's favorite song, but the original PV I never cared for. Amazing how these otehr versions of the same song make it look and sound so much different, and often better.


  6. mizunohi says:

    "Dounikashite Doyoubi" (Makochan & Kamei version) is definetly my favourite Best Shot clip 😀 They are so funny together and their reactions to the animals are priceless! I love how Mako "encourages" Kame's apparent terror of mice and bats 😛 That version of Do it Now is really great, Konkon really shines, but I can't help but think that Yossie seems very….akward… in her pink dress :PThe blue screen clips in this series are so funny for me, it seems as if they were maybe planned and designed by the members involved.
    I think each preformance of Furusato brings in something different, unique to that member so I find it hard to compare them. Nacchi has a very pure sound for the original…more homesick than heartbroken, Yaguchi seems more mature…like she more understands the "love" portrayed in the song, Tsuji seems so "inexperienced" (it's hard to find the right word for it…)… like it would be after a first love…, Aichan….it's hard for her…she sings it more like someone in love, not hurt by it….if that makes any sense…, finally Gakisan…she seems like she's singing it more as to her mom, asking for guidance towards a kind of love she doesn't understand yet… the baby pictures are so cute too 😛


  7. Those are some of the best things about the "Furusato" pvs!! All of the growing up photos!! Some of them looked so different when they were younger while others you can really tell it's them! ^-^


  8. Ah! the bowling is really cute!!! I'm still not sure which volume to feature next. Konkon's version is so great and in a lot of ways I actually find myself liking it better than the original. I love the pv too! Aibon's version of "Dadidudedodadi" is really a great version too and as an extra bonus the music track is a new one as well. It seems that a lot of my favorite Best Shot pvs are spread out among the different volumes which makes it difficult to decide on the next one.


  9. I hope that you can get all of your funds together to purchase all of the H!P merchandise that you want! ^-^ A Jun Jun t-shirt sounds great!! Haha I was thinking that they should have some sort of banana logo on there as well! 😛 This is really a great version of "Do it! Now." 🙂


  10. There are 3 other versions on the other Best Shot volumes but this version may be my favorite! ^-^ Yossi, Aichan, & Konkon's vocals really blend together well.


  11. I really feel the same way too and I really wish that Up Front Works would consider continuing this series. There are so many other great songs new and old that the current Momusu lineup could add their own special touch to! ^-^


  12. Haha Kamei's bear reaction! (^o^) It really is funny how Makochan is so brave and Kamei is the exact opposite! Hmmm…you're right…Yossi in a pink dress is a bit strange when you consider her personality. I kind of see Mikitty in a similar way but maybe not as strongly. She has a really cute clip with her dog that I'll post up later. Each volume has one blue screen pv and in some ways I would feel sorry for the members that got these versions as most of the making of involves still poses and not much else. But they still are cute clips and I've found a way to love them as well! And just seeing Mikitty posing all cutesy is great enough!! That's a really great analysis of these Best Shot "Furusato" versions! Nacchi's will always be my favorite but all these newer versions do bring something new and special to the song as each different member has a different approach to it and you've worded it perfectly I think. The pvs are so great with all of the growing up member photos! Such a great idea that they had for this song's video! I'd really love to hear a Jun Jun version one day! And I wonder if there are bananas somewhere in her baby pictures? 😛


  13. wu-san says:

    OMGOMGOMG!!! thats the arrangement they used on Rika's grad for sukidayo! the one I love to bits! awww, shame you couldn't do an audio because they're talking…anyway, made me smile watching it, and Rika with a hammer = dangerous you know 😛


  14. I would extract the audio file from the DVD concert version but it's part of a medley and I haven't any idea how to isolate just that section. This arrangement really is great and I really wish they weren't talking over it so I could make an mp3 for you! Haha Rika with a hammer is <3!!! 😛


  15. wu-san says:

    it's ok. If it's too much hassle to record, dont even make a fuss over it k :P. I'll be alright. I suppose I'll apperciate the song even more, in that I don't have an MP3 of it sadly. They really should've made a cd for these song versions. Ah, as much as I loved the 'song before bedtime' vibe that came off the original 'sukidayo', the complete 360 with this arrangement really had me bopping up and down in delight. Hmmm, Rika could be the resident fixer upper in H!P. That'd be pretty neat.


  16. Okay today I finally figured out how to trim video files but it being part of a medley…would you still want it as a mp3? I'm working on a little something for you right now but it may not be done until tomorrow. I hope you have time to visit! ^-^


  17. wu-san says:

    oooh! what's this 'something' for me? I'll be waiting 😛
    Ah! really?! if it's not too much trouble I'd love the mp3 of 'Sukidayo'. Thank you.


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