Coming soon: Momo vs. Rii 写真集バトル!!

Well actually it may just turn out to be some photos and me rambling. 😛 But I'm always so excited when new pbs arrive! Also in this order along with Momo and Rii's (well actually Rii's pb arrived a few weeks ago but has been hiding out) latest shashinshuus are Rikachan's "Kaza Hana" and Reinachan's retrospective collection "Re:" which is of a similar format to Aichan's "Ai" which also comes housed in a slipcase and is substantially thicker than the average pb. Interestingly both Momo & Rii's latest releases are also being treated to upcoming special extended making of DVD releases, both of which can be ordered through Ohta by request and look to have a running time of at least 45 minutes each!! Ah it's already time for sleep or rather already past it!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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13 Responses to Coming soon: Momo vs. Rii 写真集バトル!!

  1. paul.thomas says:

    So jealous right about now! HMV have emailed me saying that they're waiting for the suppliers to send more copies of Momo's book, I've also finally got around to getting Risako's PB as well, I'm really looking forward to flicking through both and I have to agree with your 'vs' title as for me I think this really will be the decided on who is my favourite member, Momo has risen so quickly in my rankings I'm thinking that this PB could push her to the top.I look forward to seeing some shots of Reina's PB, I was going to put an order in for it with HMV along with Sayu's if YesAsia still couldn't get Sayu's back in stock, but they managed to a couple of days ago, which was a relief I need a Sayu fix!


  2. HarimaKenji says:

    =O 45min, that's a lot for a making of…I'm definitely cheering for Momo in this battle, she's definitely one of my favorites between the Kids right now. Thank God this isn't Momo x Maimi, that would give me some trouble.


  3. Zush says:



  4. strawberrie says:

    That's funny….YesAsia is currently in stock of Momo's photobook but I'm waiting on my funding from selling my sims 2 games before buying anything.


  5. Mikey says:

    That would be cute if they could dress them up in rubber Godzilla outfits, and let them battle it out! ^^ I'd even settle for rubber sumo outfits… Let the battle begin!! :PThey are both mega-cute! I'm afraid to buy even one, 'cause where would it stop??? ^^


  6. I hope that HMV gets her pb back in stock soon! On a positive note that means that it's selling!!! Sounds like you'll be having a shashinhuu battle of your own when they both arrive! ^-^ For me it's quite difficult because originally after Miya was my favorite BK member when "Piririto yukou" was released it was Momo at #1…but then it became Rii and now they're quite close as you say but Rii still holds a slight edge…however Momo's pb may just change things although it's going to be difficult to say. Haha we're thinking the same here! :)Sayu's last pb is really adorable too and I think that I have some photos of it somewhere on this site. I'll be trying to get some Reinachan "Re:" pics up after the Momo vs. Rii battle.


  7. Whenever I hear about these special making of DVDs it always makes me wonder why every H!P shashinshuu doesn't have them as surely there must be a lot of extra footage left over after they produce the 10-12 minute pb DVDs. It's not a Wani books thing though so that indeed may be just a different publisher's idea altogether. But still it could be possible for all releases I imagine. Haha that would get quite expensive though so maybe it's best that it's a sort of a limited release idea right now accompanying only select pbs. Hmm…Momo vs. Maimi…that would be extremely difficult or even Rii vs. Maimi!


  8. That's so true! They're truly both great and it's probably just going to turn into a fun photo fiasco of sorts! 😛 I can't remember the release date for Rii's special making of DVD…


  9. I love that!…Momo > Sims2… \(^o^)/ Yesasia always seems to come through when all other sellers are out of stock!


  10. Hmm…H!M used to have a really fun padded sumo body suit game segment which stayed around for awhile! I really miss it! Well they're both really little so I don't know who'd win in that scenario! ^-^ Well then you'd have to join me in those H!P Anonymous meetings that I attend weekly…although I have to say…they're really not working at all. 😛


  11. Mikey says:

    [ciò è buono]


  12. Hotaru says:

    Wow! You are very lucky to get to order these photobooks, if I could, I would order Reina's "Re" simply to own pictures of her dressed up like a bunny (which I think she is in this photobook?) 😀


  13. I still haven't gotten to open it yet but now I'm looking forward to Reina bunny photos!! ^-^ H!P shashinshuu releases are so endless right now! Just a few years ago their pb releases were quite spread out but now they're being released every month it seems! Gakisan has a new photo book coming out on April 23rd and Kamei has a retrospective collection being released early next month!


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