「Featured post」~And now for a heart to heart with the producers of HM@… <3

With HM@ ratings down and the all new “Berikyuu” show on the horizon bringing the promise of something great, I’ve been trying to think of a few ways in which HM@ could improve their show! 😛 Starting with…

…if Mikitty or any other member(s) can’t be on the show for whatever reason at least allow a card board stand up of them to stand in like they’ve actually done before! And on occasion this could also help to….um even out the teams in case an odd number of present members should arise in an episode!

Bring back the giant foam puzzle games but instead of using photos of animals or celebrities use some photos of Tsunku & Seven House instead!! :O

Bring back the skits but remember to include Kamei as Hikawa Kiyoshi…

…and super fan Konkon!

Bring back the news segment with Yukosan as the lead newscaster…ah 10 seconds till Kamei tirade!!…Just like old times!!! (^o^)/

Invite every member of H!P onto the show once in awhile…

…and be sure to have another epic gem for them to perform together!

Be sure to have stationary bikes on set at all times just in case a Berryz race breaks out again!

Bring back the “Bu~rabura” games!!…because there’s just no other way to scare Mikitty with general household goods! :O But be sure that the real Mikitty is present as the card board one just doesn’t seem to react the same way. 😛

Bring back Japan’s version of King Diamond because no one else tells funny bear stories quite like him! 🙂

And the drawing games should be on schedule at least once every month because Kamei has so many more masterpieces within her imagination to share with all of us…that’s a….hmmm…….it’s a……..

…….it’s Spiderman!! :O

And notice how its eyes follow you no matter from which angle in the room you stand!

The Mona Lisa has nothing on this drawing!! 🙂

Just checking…but the BK race is still in progress!

And don’t forget Reporter Kyamei! “Nyan nyan.” The ratings just shot up 500%!!

That wonderful Kyamei/Yukosan chemistry has left a void in my heart! “BAKA”…can you feel the love? ^-^

Bring back the world class athletes!!…

…and let the mayhem begin! :O

And now we finally know that it takes 3 tug of war champs to take down 6 Musume! :O I’ve always wanted to know!

And HM is just never complete without lots of eating! Remember the great soba eating contest?!!

All seemed to be going well…

…and little Marippe showed everyone who was boss…well until…

…the real eating professional showed up and…uh ate the show…all the food and…

…well the look on Konkon’s face says it all. :O

We also need more bean bag tossing because I’m sure Momusu’s technique will have been perfected by now…those 2 guys are in for a world of hurt this time!!

Kyamei, Kyamei, Kyamei, Kyamei…just in case anyone’s forgotten! 😛

Just be sure that Rikachan’s ready this time as there could be another take down if things get out of hand!! :O

Well she did get her…uh revenge when the no blinking contest ensued soon afterwards!

They’re making my eyes hurt just watching them!

Ah the H!M Academy teaching idols to not only better themselves but also opening up doors to the world of the infomercial…operators are standing by…blue plunger anyone? Rikachan not included! 😛

And how about more flash back clips of that mean dancing sensei!….her wonderful memory is getting a bit fuzzy…

…well seeing their faces reminds me about all of the pain included…on second thought maybe not! 😛

And dangling every day objects above blindfolded idols’ heads is all fun…

  …and games…

…until a pineapple hits Reinachan in the head! :O I absolutely love her reaction here!! (^o^)/

And on the occasion that the producers run out of ideas for games for the show they can always bring back the dangling buzzer first song phrase game which can never get old!!…

…just be sure to know what song is being played before you hit the buzzer!…

…Mikitty! :O

And if that’s not exciting enough there’s always the split torture quiz game where any of your opponents’ correct answers lead to more pain! :O…

…and more pain!…

…and more pain! :O Seriously who came up with this?!! I’d like to see the producers try doing the splits just based on principle! 🙂

Far less painful would be the reemergence of the monomane series and this one had a wonderful twist to it as members were randomly chosen by the H!M wheel of mayhem to act out fellow members’ secret biddings! There’s simply nothing like seeing the usually tough Mikitty emulate the writings of Sayumin’s diary!

Ah love!!! ^-^!!

Okay enough already! (^o^)

And monomane can be priceless especially when members are asked to act out their own scenarios after embarrassing a fellow member with them…in a kind of this is how it should’ve be done or at least that’s how it looked in my mind! 🙂 Konkon goes patriotic!…

…Marippe feels the wrath of Kamei’s humor!!…


…Aichan is made to disco queen out Kaorin’s act


…all bets are off when Kaorin shows everyone just how a real disco queen moves!

Too much Saturday Night Fever maybe…and perhaps it’s a good thing that I’ve never actually seen it. :O!!!

Yukosan should also return as host of the show…

…as limiting her to only newscasting could make her angry! (^o^)/

The show will also be needing a good dose of Kamei’s odd poloroid game where she tricks unknowing fellow members into strange shots while hers are…

…cute & adorable instead! 😛

And be sure to award lots and lots of Kamei PR time to the winners…note the odd Gakisan beard that Kamei’s trying to give her…

…and I’m not even sure what’s going on here! ^-^

And quite simply, no one does giant real person board games like H!P! And while we can’t have a chess style Aibon vs. Nono rematch surely a Kamei vs. Sayu one will do!

And this time when the head to head match ups occur, Aichan just be sure to actually know the answer before buzzing in! ^-^…

…or you may upset the King! HM@ should “free” Aibon too in the process!

And I’d love to see a basketball court built onto the new set…

…as this would allow the unique wonderful awkwardness of Kamei’s free throws to be seen over…


…over again! (^o^)/!!!

And bring back the celebratory kiss as we see King Nono place one on Kamei for her free throw efforts! ^-^

Did I already mention bringing back Reporter Elizabeth Kyamei?! I can’t seem to remember… 😛

And HM@ has forgotten about the use of wonderful stage props such as George Michael’s 1:45 shadow!

Just remember LOTS of Kamei all the time!!! Soon I’ll be checking myself into Kyamei Anonymous to get some much needed help!

And while the interview segments are a must I’d also love to see the return of wonderful guests such as Wheely Willy!

❤ Chu! ❤

And Kyamei’s uncanny ability to always ask the right questions!…”Willykun what’s your favorite color?!” ^-^………..


……..He said “pink.” Kyamei’s favorite color too! ^-^

Meanwhile back in the studio…Yukosan:”Ah how I wish that I could’ve met Willykun too!” <3!! 🙂

….Konkon: “I met him! <3!!!


And in place of the show’s animation intro let’s have cute poses instead! Ah kawaii!

Ah kawaii!!!

Ahhhh kawaii!!

Aichan! Eh?!

Ah kawaii!


Ah Kawaii!!

Ah kawaii!!


Ah kawaii!!


Ah kawaii!!! And now for the cutest pose of them all!!!……

……AH KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But shortly after………….Kamei’s pose was met with a verbal onslaught by her fellow members! :O Poor Kamei!

Keisan like?!!! :O Say it isn’t sooooo!! 😛

Please forward to UFA for evaluation and in use of upgrading their show or to help in getting me the right kind of strange obsessive fan counseling that I need! 😛

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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33 Responses to 「Featured post」~And now for a heart to heart with the producers of HM@… <3

  1. broomhead says:

    I agree with every suggestion you have MB. Haromoni@ would be a lot better if it went back to being Hello!Morning.


  2. Mikey says:



  3. Mikey says:

    You know… she does look *a lot* like you! @@ Are you really Kamei pretending to be this Hawaiian fangurl??! ^^vlcsnap-97170.png


  4. HarimaKenji says:

    Best post ever.I imagine these screenshots were taken from episodes that aired around 2004-05, since I haven't seen any of them after a certain point (and I haven't seen 2005). But I can't remember the "nyan nyan" Kamei, and I should… Well, one more reason to watch them all again I guess. And I'm missing some episodes, so that's probably why.I thought Haromoni@ still had some chance before they started really going for the MouTube format, now I just gave up. Still watching it though, for the rare GakiKame video.


  5. snow-flower says:

    eating contest looks fun. LOL hahaaaa. first time hearing no blinking contest. hahaaaaa


  6. mizunohi says:

    I love how Morning Musume can even crack me up with some screenshots 😛 I'm praying that we get more of this in the future, they're so good a making a fool out of themselves! Most idols have such a strong "image" you can't see what they're really like, but H!P just kind of puts it out there and yells "Look at us we're crazy people!" XD It shows the dynamics of each member and what they're really like. It takes away that "mechanical" produced aura most idols portray, and it's what really drew me to Morning Musume and allowed me to love them and not just their music!
    I love the idea of bringing in some of the older members such as Charmy and Yuko! (Maybe we'll get Charmy through the loss of Biyuuden!) They are so experienced in the idol world they can give us a laugh while helping the younger members really evolve! I noticed that the newest generations aren't as comfortable on stage as the older generations, and I think the lack of a show like Hello!Morning really effects that. If they can gain confidence in front of a camera then they can develop their personality and shine much stronger on stage! Moutube could have some potential if it become more of just a segment and gets the members involved, and adds other games and skits to it! The member's videos are not bad, but I think more "expression" is needed. It's slowly improving with new outfits, more participation and more videos from the members. Just replace the king with Yuko, or alternating hosts, and things could get quite interesting!


  7. Hmmm…we can dream can't we! ^-^ I was really giving HM@ a fair chance I think and I have enjoyed many of the episodes but I just feel that they need to implement a new format to energize the show….especially now with "Berikyuu" being set to begin. At least we can enjoy repeat viewings of our favorite H!M episodes on archive! \(^o^)/


  8. Ah!…you were watching me upload these one at a time?! :O I'm just kidding!! 😛 Hmmm…Kamei…..well maybe you could say that I'm slightly infatuated with her…Okay I adore her soooo much but I was trying to hold back the whole time really!! 😛 After Nacchi she's definitely my favorite H!P member!!


  9. HarimaKenji I've missed you!!! ^-^ I'm definitely not worthy of those words but you make me smile so much!! (^o^)!! I'm just naturally goofy at times! 😛 I hope that someone has these episodes still available somewhere…maybe DJ Waffles? I don't think that I have enough bandwidth to upload them myself but I hope you can find them. H!M was such a phenomenal show and at least we can all look back at them from time to time and smile and laugh! Ah I've been trying to stay interested in HM@…really trying to hang on but then I just end up watching old H!M instead. 😛


  10. The H!M game formats were so original and often times rather off the wall but you really had to love them all!! Haha we all know of staring contests but a no blinking contest is so funny! ^-^


  11. Mikey says:

    VOX shows that you last updated. But no new post! So, I see new pictures being added to your library… Detective Mikey making elementary deduction that MBchan is loading up for blog post soon! I try not to comment on the pix as you post them. Much will be revealed in your post and not want to bug you when you are busy – I try to learn patience!! ^^Kamei is mega-kawaii and I must say looks a lot like our MB – It's not hard to imagine your daughter one day looking exactly like her! :)I notice best picture is number (lucky) 13!! @@


  12. Haha isn't that cyber stalking?!! (hides!) Did you just kick me again?! :O No but really I do appreciate your patience as it sometimes takes me forever to do something. 😛 Hmmm…"Jayci" looking like Kamei….haha I'm really serious about that name! ^-^


  13. Mikey says:



  14. The other day I just found myself looking for this one clip of Kamei which I still haven't found yet but hopefully will soon as it's my favorite!…and I just began watching old episodes as H!M was so great!! I really miss it so much and I wish there were a way to bring it back somehow. Watching episodes lead to taking screen caps and then my wacky mind took over for the rest. 😛 It actually wasn't supposed to be this long but since I still haven't found that Kamei moment episode that I was looking for the episodes and screen caps just started to pile up! :O Ah you've really stated it perfectly! Shows such as H!M was such a great vehicle for H!P members to shine in all of their "this is me" glory! And it is indeed an honest approach without much walls between the fans and the member's personalities. What's funny is the the producers of H!M actually seemed to love it when odd things occurred as you can notice that when a blooper like incidents occurred on the show they usually wouldn't edit it out and instead emphasized them greatly! It's so true what you say!!…the aura of H!P is so much more than music and in some ways the music can sometimes play a secondary role at times which is really a great dynamic that they have. I think that fans really love connecting in these ways and seeing them as real people and not just celebrities that they love and respect. More great points on how H!M helped to groom the older members who were lucky enough to be a part of it before it ended! Everything about the show really helped new and veteran members develop and develop further. The skits I imagine where a great way to help them break into musicals and acting in movies and t.v. shows and just generally get over stage jitters…even in concerts. Haha how could you tell that I'd love to have Yukosan back on the show! 😛 Rikachan would bring a lot too as she's been regarded as a nurturing member by some of the younger generation so surely your feelings are correct. Ah that's such a great idea to rotate hosts!!! Bring back Yukosan, Keisan, Nacchi, & Rikachan along with new hosts. I'd also love to see them bring back Hello! Morning Academy!!! ^-^ Some of the absolute best episodes of H!M involved this series! 🙂


  15. Hmm…you don't remember? I was talking about my future daughter like…uh Sayu and the reasons for "Jayci"! Haha I know that's kind of wacky but it really can't be helped! 😛 (looks at E.T.)………so it was you? :O I sometimes have posts carry over into two days although that never is the original plan….ah bedtime arrives so quickly it seems!


  16. Ines says:

    NICE. :p

    I must admit, that's a very well-chosen collection of screencaps you
    have up there. GJ! And you've definitely carried your point across, lol.


  17. Thank you Ines that's very kind of you! Well (looks around) this may be the dumbest question that I ask today or maybe just one of them…but what is "GJ"? I'm been trying to figure it out and if I go to sleep not knowing it may drive me bonkers…well that sounds weird doesn't it?! 😛


  18. Ines says:

    Ah, don't worry about it~ GJ a shorthand for good job. 🙂


  19. Okay I'm going to flush myself down the toilet and then go to bed!…well maybe not in that order. 😛 I really need to invest in a booklet of acronyms if such a book exists.


  20. mizunohi says:

    Kame is always one of my favourites to look out for in the H!M episodes, I especially liked her Eric Kamezo – my favourites being when she offered Sayu's bunny ears as a special "limited edition" of their new single (I can't seem to remember which one…) and when she was "Yankii" and totally faild at being "cool" XD I'm always shocked when I screencap something and end up with so many @_@ I don't know where they all come from!
    You are so right that music is more a seconday role in Morning Musume. Even when they are preforming in concert they aren't "perfect", they make each song their own and do some crazy and random things from time to time 😀 My very first reaction to Morning Musume was "wow they really look like they're having fun!" (that was for the Sexy Boy PV) They give me someone to look up to and think that I'd like to be just like them, they seem so real it doesn't seem impossible either! (I don't think you could say the same about someone like Koda Kumi or Britney Spears) Their postive image always puts a smile on my face and can cheer me up no matter what!
    The H!M Academy is great! I love the childrens games, and how enthusiastic Charmy is when most of the members seem like they're thinking "why are we here?!" I always though that clash made every episode worth watching. They had the english lessons (not ayaka's.. the one where they tell a story about an emotion) then too right? I love that episode! The "refurigita–" from Kame was priceless 😀 One of my favourite segments was the "impressions" where they had to dress up and do wild impressions. Throw in a dangling household object to scare the crap out of everyone and you're got a great show! 😀
    on a side note: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=sj6GVUKORSY&feature=related a "slightly altered" Kame clip 😛


  21. Haha can you tell that I'm so Kamei obsessed?!! 😛 Ah Reporter Elizabeth Kyamei may always be my favorite character of hers…well unless they do revamp the show and bring back her character once again…then there may be some new competition. :)That really does serve as a great draw towards them…their realness and how fans can relate to them much more than other artists/groups. Your first reaction says it all and it's great that you see them this way and had that exact first impression. So "Sexy Boy…" was the first Momusu pv that you saw? I really love the dance choreography for this single too! Yes! that episode with…I think his name was something like "Thane"…haha I could be way off though..I'm trying to remember…but anyway that episode is of legendary proportions!! It's right up there with the great "Bakajo" test! ^-^ There's so much replay value in having these episodes too as I find that I can watch them over and over and it's still so funny! Nacchi really freaked me out when she didn't know that Mt. Fuji was the tallest mountain in Japan! :O And her drawing of the street sign was creepy funny! Gakisan was so young back then and her answers were so adorable and well you couldn't blame her for not knowing a lot of it because I don't think that she would have gotten to learn that in school yet at that point. But in the end Kamei was the best…her "hand in cheese", "refurigita"…it's so cute that she couldn't pronounce it right even after hearing it broken down into syllables. 🙂 Ah wait I'll have to check the clip that you've linked here…


  22. That is too creative!! At first I was like eh?…LOL it's the helium HM@ episode combined with some startling cat footage! :O


  23. semified says:

    Rofl, you are so Kamei-biased. Half the post is filled with Kamei screencaps. I propose you call it the Kyamei Musume Show. Eh~~I was never creative.=P


  24. All of those Kyamei Anonymous meetings don't seem to be working…(hides…watches another Elizabeth Kyamei clip and her "Love Hello!" DVD…)…eh! really I wasn't doing it again! 😛


  25. CK says:

    I know this is what everyone around IW has been clamoring all along, to essentially bring back Hello! Morning. Everything great about Hello! Morning is what is missing from HM@. I'm totally with you on this one MB! Uber-Kawaii screencaps!


  26. mizunohi says:

    I just kind of sat in shock when I saw it… it's very unexpected 😛


  27. mizunohi says:

    Kame has always been a favourite of mine as well, she's just irresistable!
    I actually came across Sexy Boy while watching Minimoni vidoes (One of my friends told me about them) so really my first H!P song was Telephone RINRINRIN 😛 I saw the dance shot the first time and my first thought was "AH! They all look the same!" Only Mako, Kame and Reina stood out for me (mostly for their hair, but Reina stood out with her "over-exaggerated" dancing :P)
    "legendary proportions" is perfect for that episode 😛 I think it's even more enjoyable for the fans that know english 😀 I feel their pain though, I enrolled in an advanced Gr.11 Japanese course this year, and I only knew some hiragana and very basic vocabulary. At least I am most improved in the class 😛
    The Bakajo test and the Kusojo test are epic to "legendary proportions" 😛 I loved the continuing quarrel between Okamura and Yaguchi XD Okamura is so funny with the girls. It's so perfect almost that in the end TsujiKago claim the crowns and Konkon gets a chance to show everyone that she has her own talents! I noticed that the "less popular" members rocked the Bakajo test 😀 The jumprope in the Kusojo is another one of the really defining things of Morning Musume, they just kept trying so hard! The "preformance" at the very end is priceless 😀


  28. Ah if only HM@ could reinvent itself and bring back some of the great aspects that made H!M so great! ^-^ I was actually looking for a particular episode and as I was going through some older ones searching for it I just started taking pics of some of my favorite moments from the show and somehow it turned into a post. 😛 Sometimes I specialize in strangeness as well! Funny thing is that I still haven't found that episode and I must keep searching.


  29. I'm afraid that I'm Kamei obsessed but in a good way!…although the doctor says that there's little hope in removing this obsession. 😛 I've actually read quite a number of fans say that Minimoni was there introduction to H!P, Momusu, and everything else that is H!P. It really shows what a substantial and great unit they were and just how much appeal that they had for all fans! "Minimoni Telephone rin rin rin" has such a fun pv and I can see how it lead your interest further. LOL! 'over exaggerated dancing'! It's so great that you're taking Japanese courses!! And to be most improved!! \(^o^)/ I used to learn from my grandmother and then when I took classes I would bring J-Pop songs and with the sensei's approval I'd pass out the lyrics so that everyone could understand the songs. Sensei was really kind to allow me to do this as I imagine that it wouldn't be allowed in most other classes. I had everyone listening to Mr.Children and then some other favorite artists. 🙂 Ah it was so great to see Konkon shine as the smartest of all Momusu members and LOL! King Nono! :O There's this other show that I've seen and I can't remember what it was from at the moment but Momusu was challenging Bob Sapp the giant! And while they couldn't beat him in any physical challenges when they started to play a mind challenging video game Konkon was chosen to challenge him and she really kicked his…uh mental butt!!! ^-^ Even Smap has done a similar jump rope challenge and they too had a really difficult time completing it! The later you enter, seemingly the more pressure is on you!


  30. HelloWorld says:

    A fellow Kameist! Too cute.


  31. o(*´∀`)o゛♥~! A~h! you *adore* Kamei♥ too!…arigatou ne! ^ ^I miss Hello! Morning so much (´⌒`。).


  32. HelloWorld says:

    Our Turtle has a shining spirit… and she is very talented! I like to hear her laugh at her own jokes where as all other musumes are looking like…. (^(^)'


  33. Hai~ hai~! I so agree…and Kamei♥ has such an honest laugh ne~o(*´∀`)o゛. She's so open with her emotions all the time as nothing inhibits her…here's a little *adorable* clip here. ^ ^


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