Berryz工房 “Dschinghis Khan”

Okay so I've finally managed to put down Arashi's calendar & cookbook just long enough to see what had arrived from CdJapan yesterday…:P….and I was quite surprised to see that the box was so long! It's been quite awhile since CdJapan has sent me any promotional posters so seeing that they've sent me an Amurochan poster with her new single release was a really nice surprise! What's impressive about her new single release "60s 70s 80s" is the inclusion of not one but three pvs!!…as each new track has its very own!! Also in this shipment is C-ute's new album "3rd~Love Escalation!~" which incudes a first press DVD containing a live performance of "LA LA LA Shiawase no uta" but the real treat looks to be the 7 solo close up versions recorded live at Yokohama Arena! And now I can finally watch the original version and making of segments for "LA LA LA Shiawase no uta" as old as this single seems…as the PV DVD release has also arrived. Ah I keep saying this but I really wish that UFA would return to their old way of releasing both their singles and PV DVD singles on the same day so I wouldn't have to wait so long! Haha so Smap is once again not pictured on their new singles' cover…well I'd usually refer to this as a marketing blooper but I guess when you're Smap and so well established there really is no need to appear on your covers…although it would've been nice I think. 🙂 Their new single is titled "Sono mama" and the cover artwork appears to emulate a computer message or possibly a text message rather. Smap singles have become few and far between lately so I'll take what I can get!! And last but definitely not least…in fact it's going into the player first is Berryz Koubou's new single "Dschinghis Khan"!! ^-^  Ahhhhh!!!…wait my Blackberry says that Arashi is releasing a new album!!! Haha I'm going to have to return to this post in a few minutes as their limited editions go out of print so quickly!!!

Okay I'm back…Arashi's new LE album has been secured! ^-^ I can relax now. 😛

Okay really?!! ""?!! This is so bizarre and scary at the same time and I've taken a photo of it this time so that you know that I'm not making this up! 😛 I even have a strange sense of humor but really "p4you"…it must be stopped!! :O 

I'm so happy to see that the album artwork is quite different for the LE & RE singles as I've ordered both and I'm still trying to decide which I think looks better as I really love the look of them both! Lets see cool soothing melon background…or scorching fiery Berryz on fire background…okay I think I'm leaning towards the scorching fiery Berryz on fire cover a little bit. And with a cover like this I'm half expecting the original pv to include fiery scenes of BK displaying power reminiscent of "Iroppoi jirettai!!" Haha I already know that I'm probably not going to get my wish though. 😛

But these outfits are soooo cute I think!! There's a nice fluffy delicateness to them and the green skirts look wonderfully silky! What you have to love about BK's outfits of late is how the designers are giving each individual member their own personal design while keeping the look and theme of their outfits the same in general. Hmm…I like Momo & Chinamichan's designs the best but the margin is really a slim one as I do think that they all look really great. Momo's feisty personality is well represented in the fact that she's showing the most mid section…uh…or perhaps UFA was just running low on material after Kumachan used most of it! 😛 Haha I'm kidding but it really is quite noticeable don't you think? But on the other hand this would make Miya the most reserved of the group as indicated by her outfit's unique design…okay I'm over analyzing clothing…time to move on. 😛

  So once again my saving grace is the LE's inclusion of a version of their new pv which had it not been included, would have otherwise had me waiting until later this month when it's finally released. Generally speaking, next to the original versions, the "dance shot ver." is typically the next best version to watch to help one fully immerse themselves in a new release and often times the "dance shot ver." actually exceeds the original versions which may or may not be the case here as I'm yet to have a comparison. What caught my eye first is that the pv runs only a little over 3 minutes! :O

Okay…"Dschinghis Khan" I've been treated to so much background information about this release as it's a cover tune from the 70's something that I wasn't aware of before and if you check Paul's Hello!Blog here he has written up some really in depth background information covering this release. So after hearing that this cover song is kind of "out there" and maybe even questionable as to why it was chosen I was a bit worried about what it would sound like and now today I'm finally listening to it for the first time in every sense as I've managed to not hit play on Youtube all this time as well as the fact that I've never even heard of the original version before Paul mentioned it and that version too I've managed to use will power against the temptation to listen to it beforehand. So what do I think? Hmm? Well…at first it was "interesting." And then it was "cute." But then it was a bit "strange." The first thought that I had was just how much this song doesn't sound like Berryz Koubou in that the vocals just don't really sound like them and it wasn't until about a minute and 20 seconds into it where Risakochan has a solo line that had I been blindfolded while the pv was playing, this would have been my very first hint that it's indeed a BK song. Don't their ensemble vocals sound so different on this single?! While solo vocal lines can be great and yet discriminative at times within units towards particular members, "Dschinghis Khan" seems to make a point to avoid that for the most part as unless it's my imagination or perhaps I just haven't listened to it enough times yet, the solo lines in this song seem to be much fewer and duration wise much much shorter. And to say that this song sounds slightly like Momusu's "Koi no dance site" is an extreme understatement!! Haha Tsunku must have without doubt been listening to the original version of this song when he wrote "Koi no dance site" all those years ago…it's just way too similar in structure and those distinctive "U~Ha!"s and laughing all included!! :O So now I'm imagining that when Paul was watching the t.v. show that inspired the original version of this song…somewhere in Japan Tsunku was doing the exact same thing! 😛 The funny thing is that after awhile the melody does become infectious as it does actually have a nice hook to it all the while being slightly strange. So now the original inspiration of a small sliver of Tsunku's musical genius has been discovered and being that he most likely chose this cover song for BK to remake I'm thinking that he must have indeed wanted all of us to know exactly where the inspiration for "Koi no dance site" came from originally. Not a bad thing as music over the years definitely transcends and inspires new generations in genre, ingenuities, sound development, and overall style. Tsunku is and will always be in my eyes an extremely gifted song writer/producer as he's shown time and time again just how creative and imaginative his works can be as his realm of musical writings have taken us full circle in a sense as he's drawn upon so many styles and genres over the years all the while adding his own unique touch to his writings along the way. Now I'm just curious to know just where the inspiration for his classic "Chokotto Love" came from…well if that too was inspired by some other work. So "Dschinghis Khan" has been on repeat on my laptop for some time now and I'm really in love with it!! Really in a sense this single resembles what Berryz Koubou might have sounded like had they existed back in the early days of Momusu & H!P and anything from this early period I really regard highly in terms of not only creativity but also the very strong appeal that these songs possess.

The coupling with song "Darling I LOVE YOU" (BK version) hits you like ska on Red Bull during the verses while a nice heightened melody forms in its choruses. The melodies are sweet and flow nicely over the amped up song structure in sort of a clashing style of sorts and one thing is for sure, this song begs for a live performance!!!!..and with so much energy in it's arrangement one can only imagine a frenzied stage performance…is anyone else dreaming of a live band accompanying BK on stage for this one?! The song has such a sweet element to it as each section of the arrangement is distinctly different…(my personal favorite of a Tsunku song possessing these traits is "Souda! We're Alive" which in many ways I think is one of his most creative songs)…starting with an explosive intro…the verses then are smooth flowing which lend themselves perfectly to a built up pre-chorus which down shifts the tone a bit adding a "thoughtful" feel in a nice array of quick vocal lines all leading up to the optimism that embodies the "wide" open chorus' savory melody….haha sounds like I've been drinking too much Red Bull, but truly I'm Red Bull free! 😛 I'm thinking that the coupling with song could have been this singles' title track instead but perhaps it's "Dschinghis Khan''s odd flavor that best suits this releases' front running song as it surely will garner more attention for better or for worse and with this thought I'm really looking forward to seeing what the first week of sales bring and what the final totals are. With their previous gem "Tsukiatteru no ni kataomoi" becoming their best selling single so far surpassing 31,000 copies, I'd say that "Dschinghis Khan" is up against some tough competition and a lot to live up to! 

"Dschinghis Khan" is a type of song that really benefits from the visual aspect as the song alone may have a tendency to remain strange to some and the "dance shot ver." of their pv delivers just what the offbeat song doctor ordered. The whole look of the pv is fantastic with a slightly old style stage serving as the backdrop and setting. Also the inclusion of many many little "fans" in the audience bouncing around and moving about in directed chaos adds a nice extra element to this pv's appeal for sure and I really love the background artwork…especially the red rectangular "snail" like design near the bottom which reminds me of classic oriental ramen bowls which often wear this exact pattern along it's rim. ^-^ There's sort of a amusement park feeling to the stage and really with the red curtains opening at the very start of the pv this indeed must be the feeling that the director was going for in a sense.

The dance choreography is well tuned to the song and in some way it may actually be better than the song itself if that makes any sense at all! 😛 "Dschinghis Khan" is basically a happy and somewhat "wacky…but in a good way"…type of song and likewise the choreography is filled with a free flowing arrangement that delivers so many nice hooks! Rii also being featured centrally makes me smile as well! Is she getting more adorable by the day?!! ^o^ And if that was really Momo's solo line by herself as the pv would suggest….her voice suddenly sounds so much more mature! Could this really be true? I'm going to miss her ultra cute…ultra high voice if this is the case! :O Visually I must mention Chinamichan in this pv as the sometimes mislead UFA Hairstylist have finally got it right on her! And while she's always been really kawaii!…with this added compliment you can really see what those said hairstylist have been depriving her of for so long it seems. I've always expressed how much I think Kumachan possesses the qualities of a model and her facial features continue to mature in a fashion supporting this and it's very evident in this release! I also love that the singles' cover outfits are being worn in the "dance shot ver." as I think they're so wonderfully cute and well designed which only makes me look forward to my Momo & Rii banners that much more as they're wearing these very same outfits…hopefully they arrive soon from Ohta!

So in closing, "Dschinghis Khan" while being a slight detour in BK's musical path and a bit "different" is nonetheless a very enjoyable release! I really love it for what it is and in a way it revisits some of Tsunku's earlier writings albeit it is a cover song not actually written by him and with all of these new elements being introduced with this new single it'll be very interesting to see the sales numbers after a couple of weeks after which point things seem to settle. This single's definitely getting some in car playing time for sure! ^-^ Oyasumi!



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17 Responses to Berryz工房 “Dschinghis Khan”

  1. strawberrie says:

    I just order the regular edition instead. I won't get my copy of C-ute's third album (limited edition) and Berryz's Koubou 16th I believe (regular) until next weekend when I go home for spring break. I decided to send it home so I can have something to look forward to when going home besides sleep LOL.


  2. Mikey says:

    Now you can watch Berryz on your 'Berry! Berry Berry good!! :)I've been meaning to ask you. Do all the girls go to a company school and live in dorms and such? They seem very bonded in those "making of" videos. You would make a great Dorm Mother for them! You wouldn't spoil them, would you?? ^^


  3. The RE's cover is really pretty I think and the melon green has a nice soothing effect making for a nice background and match to their skirts. Everyone looks so pretty too! Those will make great homecoming gifts and something to really look forward to! Ah yes sleep!…a hobby of mine which I don't get to indulge in enough.


  4. strawberrie says:

    Yeah hopefully my JPN & SOC homework isn't too much of a load. Mainly mu SOC since its a three page essay (which is a little harder than last time).


  5. Haha that's a lot of 'berryz'! ^-^ When new groups are formed UFA sends them to get dance and singing lessons which are really grueling and tough experiences for them. Everything is covered so there's lots of footage of these classes and it's sometimes difficult to watch because the teachers are soooo strict and I think they're even mean at times to them. But I do understand that they need to be strict, it's just really sad sometimes to see them singled out and disciplined. When Momo started it was so heartbreaking to watch but she was so strong and endured and persevered through it all and it's so lucky because Berryz Koubou wouldn't be Berryz Koubou without her! And they do travel a lot together when they tour, hold special events, film t.v. shows, appear on music shows, etc… and I imagine that a lot of bonding occurs then too for sure. And with the next generation…the Eggs being groomed to be future idols the bonding really starts early for them now. The only time that this doesn't really apply is when new members are chosen through Japan wide auditions which have been typically held for new members joining Momusu.


  6. Gambare!! And remember to get some well deserved rest too! ^-^


  7. Mikey says:

    That's really interesting to know. It's not just a job – it's an adventure! ^^I'm trying to stick mainly with the Berryz right, now. Trying to learn the names of them all would make my head explode, I'm sure! Momo, I know on sight now anyway! 🙂 See what a compassionate person you are?


  8. Mikey says:

    look at this picture: vlcsnap-38534.pngDon't you expect Mothra <queues Mothra's Song> to coming rising up from the foreground?! No? It's just me then… ^^I betcha' those kids in the audience where really excited! 🙂


  9. paul.thomas says:

    The covers for Dschinghis Khan are both really great and both quite different styles, one firery and aggressive and one cute and calm, I've oredered the limited edition version, but I'd have to go with the regular edition asmy favourite cover, the melon green background really goes well with the girls clothes and just general look. I can't wait to get my copy in the post, I wasn't going to order the Single V but the more I watch the PV up on Dohhh Up, the more I want it to watch a better quality version, Momo looks so amazing when doing her solo line in that version, I think I may have to put an order in. The UFA hairstylists have done a great job with Chinami's hair, she looks so good, why did they not give her this style of cut sooner??


  10. There will be a pop quiz covering all of the member's names in Berryz Koubou! Just kidding!! 😛 But recognizing Momo is a start! LOL! "Mothra"! I've actually never seen Mothra but I know what it is and Momo seems to be pointing at something incredible heading their way! Maasa looks concerned too! 😛


  11. Mikey says:

    I'm shocked that you don't know your Japanese Monsters! 😉 I was going to send you a little clip of Godzilla's roar for startup sound when booting up your laptop, but now… ^^Part of the problem is that I see them at all stages of their careers… wee ones, to almost grown. You guys have been following them most of their professional lives. Plus, wearing identical outfits… the lame excuses go on and on! :)I should make some MB Identification flash cards! I hope you aren't as stern a teacher as the Egg school's are!! :OTerrabyte drive looks like Tuesday delivery now! 😦


  12. Both covers are really great but I'm leaning towards the fiery Berry a little bit more but the 2 covers' contrast really works well together. 🙂 Ah but you had to get the LE for the "dance shot ver." of the pv for sure!! Soon Momo may be challenging Rii for the top spot again as she was my previous favorite BK member after Miya was initially when I became a fan of BK from their "Piririto yukou" pv! When her new shashinshuu arrives there may just be a cute-off battle here! They finally have a style that suits Chinamichan so well! Her hair used to be really long when the group first started but between all 3 looks this current one wins out without question! Now someone hide the scissors!! 😛


  13. Mikey says:

    I think we need to find a site that supports higher resolution and better sound than Youtube! (I know that they are out there!) Especially now that you have such high quality sourcing…Your quality thing is rubbing off on me! 😉


  14. Mikey says:

    Check this HERE video quality and upload time… Stage 6 is an interesting option too. Something to think about. 🙂


  15. Mikey says:

    Just found out that Stage 6 is closed! :(But check this spectacular National Geographic page here (of Hawaii) 🙂


  16. Ah but the similar/identical outfits are really a long standing part of J-Pop culture. I imagine it's culture shock for you! The videos are quite grainy and I'm wondering if I raised the resolution or bit rate would it improve the quality or does Youtube downgrade the quality regardless? I do notice that some Youtube clips look better than others so I'm thinking there must be a way.


  17. Mikey says:

    Yes, you are right about identical outfits. Even the school uniforms seem a little odd at first. But more and more American schools are adopting them now. (Well, not the sailor suit type) ^^The videos *have* to be streamable over a wide range of connections, so some loss is inevitable. I have found Youtubes' statement about what constitutes the best possible source formatting. I will send to you shortly. Something else we could do is to also store the originals on the Internet, like you do with mp3s now. So people that wanted to take the time could D/L them for their ultimate viewing pleasure! ^^Do you have a Japanese School Girl outfit hanging in your closet?? 😛


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