Arashi 2008.04-2009.03 Calendar

The most wonderful sight greeted me when I arrived at home today…well in my mailbox as Arashi's "School" calendar had finally arrived! I can't stress enough just how wonderful this release is!!!! Well let me just say that it's by far the best calendar that I've ever seen!! Haha and I own a scary amount of calendars which I've collected over the years. Funny me never throws them away ever! 😛 First of all I couldn't believe just how heavy the box was when I first picked it up and upon opening it I found that the calendar and cookbook are both housed in an extremely well made box! This is the first Johnny's school calendar that I've ever ordered so I really had no idea what to expect in terms of its design or size. The outer box has a nice glossy finish and has about the same thickness as Aichans special release "Ai shashinshuu zenshuu"'s slipcase! The dimensions of the box are approximately 8 3/4" x 6 1/2" and feels like it weighs at least 3 pounds if not more! 

Both booklets are beautifully presented with the calendar being mounted in a outer casing which the orange stretchy nylon wrap helps to keep closed. The Arashi cookbook features a textured cover which resembles that of a table cloth and a nice feature of both books are that their flat spines are specially designed to allow both of them to be laid out completely flat no matter which pages are being viewed…and this came in really handy when scanning the pages since no damage is caused to their spines when laid out in this fashion. The calendar is extremely thick and includes 119 pages!!…and every single pair of pages features either either a photo on one side or a gate fold style photo covering both pages. So basically no matter where the calendar is opened up to, there is always a photo or photos being featured! Often times with Arashi album releases we fans are left to wish for more photos of the group members…well this calendar & cookbook will completely satiate any such desire!


The pages are made of thick high quality paper and more importantly the styling  & photography are absolutely amazing!!  While stage outfits can sometimes be questionable on occasion, every outfit and the overall art direction of this calendar's production is sooo perfect! Beautiful…stylish…imaginative! The art direction includes an array of color, black & white, and photo collages which often presents the aura and look of a high end clothing catalog collection with the extra element of candidness and fun mixed in nicely. And as any Arashi fan knows!!…yes they can pass as models too!  Really this calendar is as much a shashinshuu as it it a calendar and it's so well done!! ^-^ Also featured in the calendar are individual member  2 page interviews and here are a few excerpts:

Ninomiya Kazunari

Q. How do you think people see you?

A. As a good person. You see, nobody ever tells me I'm stubborn or contrary-ever! (laughs) No, I think it's fine for people to have their own opinions of me, I can say that because I don't find myself at all that interesting… Although of course in the end I'm like everyone else. I can't deny that I like myself the best. When I watch myself on t.v., I can't help but think, "that guy is the best!" And I love it when people praise me. But it's not like I go out of my way to make people laugh- I'm not that type. I must say though that my mom always has a good laugh at the funny things we all say.

Born June 17th

Matsumoto Jun

Q. What compliment makes you most happy?

A. "There's something I liked about that." I'm happier to share a sense of liking something but now being able to say exactly what was good about it than to know exactly what's interesting or funny. When someone shows you a great work of art or a compelling piece of entertainment, you can feel it deep inside- you just know. Sometimes you feel excited and think "wow", and sometimes you feel a little intimidated  or frustrated. But you always know.

Born August 30th

Ohno Satoshi

Q. What is something you'd like to accomplish, even if it takes 10 years?

A. Can it be something I'd like to do my entire life? That would probably be a hobby. I've liked drawing since I was little, and it's only gotten to be more enjoyable as my interest has increased. Last year I took up fishing as a new hobby. No matter how much I fish, I never get sick of it! There are various kinds of poles, so even a bite from a small fish is a good time. But I think the coolest thing is to immerse myself in a drawing and deep going until I get to a certain point…and then to finish up an enjoy what I've created.

Born November 26th

Aiba Masaki

Q. Name the two things that most give you strength.

A. I guess I'd say people, more than material things, I'm not sure…it's hard to limit it to just two. Of course my friends and family are a source of strength and support, and I feel that way about my parent's dog, too. I guess for me the two things would be Arashi and time off. I'm not really the kind to share my worries with my friends, but when we're having fun together the answer to whatever problem I"m dealing with will often just sort of dawn on me. Even if I'm not looking for the answer just then. That's why time off, time to relax, is so important.

Born December 24th

Sakurai Sho

Q. What sort of fun things have you done recently?

A. I've got to tell you, I love my job. When you think about it, I've had some pretty wild experiences. I've been floating out at sea on top of some drift ice. In my job as a television host I've had the chance to meet people that I wouldn't normally get to meet, and I've gotten to see things that I wouldn't normally get to see. Recently I was able to travel to South Korea to cover the presidential election there, and I had fun talking with university students my age. I've always been impressed with something the rapper Shingo2 said: "Never mind people from other generations in your own country. Focus on people in your own generation from foreign countries." Right now, I feel like I'm accomplishing exactly that in my job.

Born January 25th

Okay so the calendar's already so incredible!!…but what really intrigued me even further when I decided to order this set was the inclusion of a cook book. At first I was wondering if it would turn out to be some sort of generic booklet faintly tied to Arashi…but that's definitely not the case!!! First the booklet's construction itself is even slightly more impressive than the calendar as its outer covers are coated with a sturdy textured material which feels like an actual table covering and all of the pages are on extremely thick glossy paper and in full color! This cook book has such as wonderful personal touch to it as it includes actual favorite recipes from each Arashi member!! And with that some really fun and candid photography fills all of the pages surrounding the recipes and recipe photos. This is the very best cook book that I've ever seen!!!….well I don't actually own any other cook books…wait no I do…I have a "Friends" cook book somewhere….somewhere….haha as you can guess I don't actually cook that much! 😛 Okay so Riida features a menu with fried noodles w/ spicy eggplant, shrimp sticks, and stir fried chingensai with black vinegar. Nino's menu features fried chicken, spicy fried potato, salted butter toast, and strawberry juice. Shokun's menu features stewed pork & potato bowl w/ green pea savory custard. Aiba's menu features Hawaiian hamburger steak bowl ("Hawaiian!! ^-^), garlic nuts, and meat ball with spaghetti. Matsujun's menu features tomato & basil sauce pasta, mini-grilled steak with mozzarella cheese, and Italian-style soup!

Ah but the true beauty of this Johnny's calendar release lies in the photography and I found myself wanting to scan both entire books but that would be crazy right?! But I did scan quite bit of them! Enjoy! ^-^

First some scans from the calendar…after a few you may want one too! I'm thinking that there may be some available on Yahoo! Japan Auctions as like so many other Arashi releases, it's already out of print.

Okay I was just about to add 20 scans from Arashi's cook book but photobucket is going through some site maintenance right now so it looks like it'll have to wait until tomorrow when I get home from work. Speaking of cooking I really must learn how to cook! 😛

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26 Responses to Arashi 2008.04-2009.03 Calendar

  1. maomai says:

    thanks for this!! i ordered mine from yesasia and i was so happy when i found out they shipped it out early but i live in the UK so mine hasn't arrived yet ;_; but its nice to not only get a preview but to also hear about the details and the quality (i've never had a johnny's calender either) i REALLY want mine now XD i keep calling my parents when im out just incase the postman brings it :3


  2. dellie says:

    thanks for sharingggg!! ;__; I should've bought a copy too


  3. Wow! -They put a lot of thought and care in the making of this fantastic looking set! I was going to ask if you'd tried out any of the recipies yet, 'till you said something about needing to learn how to cook.
    Sorry I haven't been around lately, but my computer had issues again. I discovered, just this morning, that my flash payer was corrupted. -I reinstalled a new one, and things seem to be working better now. -Weird, huh?
    Did you get a chance to hear our new song?


  4. ryusa says:

    thanks for sharing this!!!!!^^
    hontou ni ureshikatta!!!
    arashi saikou!!!!\(^o^)/


  5. MyMelody5 says:

    Thankyou for sharing!!
    It sure looks gorgeous! but I dont have enough money for it… T_T Plus, like you said it's already out of print… ;_;


  6. wu-san says:

    Aiba's looking fantastic. I mean, really. I think he has a habbit of wearing an old man's face sometimes, but I generally like him a lot, and seriously, digging his vibe on the calender.
    You have a way of making me want to buy lots of things MB!
    Already out of print!?? lol, I'm not suprised. I'm sure they'll re-issue it though, somewhere down the line I'd think…maybe?


  7. snow-flower says:

    Hahahahah..I've never seen such a calendar before. I want one. LOLLLLLLL


  8. This is so exciting as you're getting your first Johnny's calendar too! I was pondering about it for a short while and then I was thinking wait…I must have it! 😛 I'm so happy to hear that Yesasia is still taking orders for this release as Cdjapan is already out of stock. Ah you're going to be so happy when it arrives!! It's so well done and beautiful!! ^-^ I hope your calendar arrives soon!!


  9. Ah you already know that Yesasia still has it available! ^-^ Sorry about my poor scanning skills…well actually lack of them! 😛


  10. Yes I'm so impressed with every thing about this calendar release! And since it's my first Johnny's calendar I really didn't know what to expect at all but I'm so blown away by it's design…photography…just every thing! ^o^ Haha I can only cook a few dishes…somewhat well. 😛 But I will be trying to learn as I really should spend more time in the kitchen…that's really sad isn't it? I'm happy that you sorted out your pc issues as I'm so aware of them! I'm so sorry that I was so late in hearing your new song.


  11. Ah I'm so happy that you liked these photos too! I wish some of the scans turned out a bit better though. I totally share your enthusiasm!!…Arashi is love! ^-^…and yes Johnny's best group! 🙂


  12. Not to tempt you too much!…but I've heard that it's still available at Yesasia. ^-^


  13. I'm sorry to tempt you wu-san! 😛 You know you want an Arashi calendar too! 😛 I've just heard that Yesasia is still taking orders for this calendar but that was yesterday so I'm not sure if it's still available as Arashi has a very strong tendency to sell out very quickly! Whenever they release something new I'm so afraid that I'm going to miss it and then I have to search Japan auctions which can be pricey sometimes. Their single, DVD, and LE album releases go out of print in a matter of just hours!! :O In all of my years of purchasing J-Pop I've just never seen any group or artist sell out a release this quickly…it's amazing!!! But scary at the same time as I want a copy too! Okay after Matsujun who's your next favorite member? 🙂 And another scary thing is that they rarely have re-issues… :O…as I've seen a couple of their older singles re-issued but not much else. Arashi is just so popular and for very good reasons!! ^-^


  14. Johnny's makes such wonderful calendars as I've just learned as this is my very first one!!! Now I'm wondering if I should have ordered a Tackey & Tsubasa one too.


  15. It's quite a set!
    I used to be a restraunt cook a loong, long time ago. -It's kinda turned me off to the whole idea of cooking, but I've just gotta eat! 😉 I tend to keep it easy 'tho.
    I should clarify: My computer is now working fine for a slow, and dumb Pentium 2. -I will not be happy until I can upgrade!!!!!!!!!
    Hey, there's never a big rush to get over to hear a song. -I was just checking in with you. -If you check you know where, you'll see that I sent it to you before posting it on my blog, because you've been so nice, and so cool to me!
    -I'm glad you liked it! I'll let you know when we get it cleaned up better!


  16. waku_waku says:

    OMG, this is A LOT! thanks for your hard work and most of all for SHARING It!


  17. waku_waku says:

    OMG, this is A LOT! thanks for your hard work and most of all for SHARING It!


  18. Ah you must know how to prepare so many meals then I imagine! ^-^ (sighs)…I really must learn to spend more time in the kitchen. Thank you for the early preview and again I'm so sorry that I was so late in getting to your site. 😛 I'm happy that every thing is working well and I'm wishing with you to get an upgrade soon!


  19. I wish that I could take better scans and I hope that these look okay! Thank you for your comment waku_waku! ^-^


  20. I know a few…
    -Luckily for me, my wife prefers to do the cooking!
    Hey, for your patience with me, the preview was the least I could do for you! -I'm glad you got it, I'm glad you liked it and no woories about the time it took to come tell me!
    You will also be the first to preview it's remake when we get it done, k? -I'll send it to you know where.
    Thanks! -If I don't get a new computer soon, I'm going to wack out!!!


  21. wu-san says:

    ah of course, you've mentioned about re-issues with Arashi goods before :S
    Oh well. I really do want this set though, as I have now grown quite attached to them. Makes me wonder how much of their stuff I could get my hands on if I went buying crazy 😛
    My fave after MatsuJun? hmmm, I respect Sho because I actually think he's got a really nice, if rather raw singing voice. I mean my fave Arashi song is his 'cant let you go'. I dont actually enjoy his rapping though. I think thats just me. I also loved his performance in 'Honey and clover', just because the film was my kind of thing. Really, it's got that stark 'lost in translation' quality that I can fall for.
    But generally speaking, I suppose I'm a Aiba fan after Jun. Aiba was in a much loved jdrama of mine, and he's a bit of a dork offstage, in a nice, down to earth sense. I dunno, I think he's still keeps his toes on the ground in a sense. I think you mentioned that to me when I was still a passive Arashi fan. I think Aiba wears clothes the best too…I just think he looks good in a lot of things. hope that's a good enough answer. An early Nino should also get afew mentions.


  22. Johnny's has a way of enticing fans into parting with lots of their money!!!! It's kind of frightening when you really think about it! 😛 Ah "Can't Let You Go" is such a great song!! And Shokun's voice is the most raw in the group and haha I know that you don't particularly care for his rapping and while I'm not really a fan of the genre I just find myself so in love with his style. It's like his rapping is somehow different from anything else out there…haha it's probably just because I love Arashi's sound so much! 😛 "Honey and Clover"…I still need to watch that movie…I have it but it's just waiting for me. That's such a perfect assessment of Aiba's personality and where it lies in the group as a collective. He really is the most grounded member in the group and you have to love that about him for sure! Ah I did mention that to you before? I ramble so much that I can't remember. 😛 Ah poor Nino! Just kidding! 🙂


  23. zdorama says:

    Damn! I think after seeing this entry, Car might be pretty sick that she didn't order the Arashi Calendar when CD Japan first sent the announcement!! Frickin' awesome packaging!


  24. I'm so used to seeing the standard poster type of Japanese calendar that I was so surprised when it arrived. They really did put a lot into the production of this calendar and I wonder if it's like this every year for Johnny's calendars. Every pair of pages has photos and it's really amazingly shot. I hope that you got to see their cookbook/photo diary too as it's posted right after this because Photobucket started to do some site maintenance right when I was in the middle of writing this post. It was really funny!…well maybe not at the time…I was like Eh?! :O I can't believe that Yesasia sold out so quickly too as they usually tend to have it still being offered for pre-order a few days after Cdjapan runs out. That's always my and I believe many other fan's safety net! So that's a bit worrisome to know! This seems to be a normal thing with Cdjapan when it comes to Arashi in particular as it looks like when the initial rush of overwhelming number of pre-orders hits their site they shut it down and mark the release as "Out of print" but it seems to always get listed as available again later the same day. It's happened a few times now for their most recent LE releases which seems strange. But you'll definitely be getting the LE! Haha you just reminded me about Rieko's video collection which looked…by the case's condition to actually have been used as a desk stabilizer! 😛 But I'm sure they could find an Alfee video to replace it right away! \(^o^)/


  25. wu-san says:

    Ah, I still prefer sho's singing voice to his rap :P. 'Cant let you go' was a great song for his vocals, and if I ever get into Arashi mode and start listening to them, that song will always be on.
    I still think Aiba's singing voice is sometimes a little weird for me. Sometimes it works really well, especially in the harmonies, but then sometimes I dont like it so much. But he's great off camera so I forgive him.


  26. Hmmm….I'm still holding onto a sliver of hope that Shokun's rap style will gradually grow on you. The main reason being that I really really am not a fan of rap for the most part although I do own a few older rap albums so I think that there's always hope…no pressure……..but umm you must love his rap! Just kidding…really! 😛 But Aibakun has the most original vocals in the group really. As my friend zdorama once put it perfectly…he sounds like a Japanese Randy Newman…it's really true and amazing, the similarities in their vocals! Try listening to any Randy Newman song…maybe one from a favorite movie soundtrack and watch your love of Aibakun's voice grow! \(^o^)/


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