Matsuura Aya…simply the best.

Ayaya's latest concert release arrived a few days ago and I finally had a chance to watch it today. I always look forward to her concert releases as that special Ayaya energy is always present in them…perhaps something that has been somewhat missing in her recent releases. I however do love her current ballad "stage" of her career but I do understand the flip side of this as it would be beneficial to her solo career if she were to be allowed to incorporate both a more mature image while also mixing in the occasional upbeat & fun release! But I do think that it would still have to be done in a somewhat different kind of way as Ayaya's current age probably wouldn't allow her to release…another "Momoiro kataomoi" or a song along those lines. But indeed "mature" need not be strictly ballads of course.

A wonderful aspect of Ayaya's current concerts is that fans can truly be treated to the best of both worlds. And what I mean by this is that Ayaya's set lists typically include numerous early favorites and when you mix in the fact that her vocals have matured so much over the years and with her at a peak of sorts right now…the performances of older classics are given a wonderful vocal makeover. Ayaya has truly always been a gifted vocalist as evidenced from her debut single "Dokki Doki! Love Mail" and in time her craft has just grown and devoloped into a truly unique beacon in H!P. Her range and the nuances of her vocals are just on a different tier from the rest of the H!P family…that not being a negative towards anyone else…just different. The first dilemma of a solo artist when in concert stems from their ability to create an aura of stage presence…a dynamic that isn't as demanding upon group ensembles and units as their performances aren't dependent on a single performer alone. And anyone who's watched any Ayaya concert will probably agree that she entails all the qualities needed to "own" the stage and connect with the audience whether the venue be large or intimate, something that she's displayed time and time again over the years.

Ayaya is also unique in H!P in that her shows always feature a live band and have been that way for quite some time now. The extra dimension that a live band brings to the atmosphere of a concert versus recorded backing music simply cannot be overstated! Interestingly there was a time when idol groups regularly employed live bands…many of them being a set cast of musicians who toured with the groups on a regular basis. Some even featured band names back then as they were really an extension of those idol groups in the largest sense. The extra energy created on stage with the presence of a live band is undeniable and with that also comes the possibility of improvisation…the true inner beauty of live band performances. Think for a moment if you could witness a jazzy arrangement of songs such as "Aruiteiru"…"Mikan"…"or a folk arrangement of "Kanashimi Twilight" or perhaps "Semi." The possibilities are endless as the art of improvisation can take songs out of their skins and breath a whole new life into them. Another great aspect of the presence of a live band on stage with an idol group is the interaction between them as playful circumstances become a regular occurrence….and truly in time the idol members do become endeared to the musicians as if they were part of the group…or should I say are part of the group in this dynamic.

Ayaya's "Concert Tour 2007 Autumn Double Rainbow" DVD has a running time of approximately 113 minutes and among her newer songs are also an abundance of her older catalog including such favorites as "Dokki Doki! Love Mail", LOVE namida iro", "Hyakkai no kiss", "Tropical koishite~ru", "Momoiro kataomoi", and "Yeah meccha holiday." The concert opens with Tanimura Yumi's incredible "Egao" and in case you weren't moved or impressed by the single version or would just like to be blown away again by her vocal prowess here's the clip from the concert. Ah! did I mention that she's the best!!! Immaculate vocals!!!

Haha "morningberryz" was already taken at YouTube when I tried to register so I added Jeff Gordon's #24 for good luck! ^-^ Hmmm…how is this possible as I thought that "MorningBerryz" was such an unusual name! :O And to prove that Ayaya still possesses her inner child of performance joy!…here's her performance of…the very song that made me into an Ayaya fan originally, "Momoiro kataomoi" which is from this same concert DVD! Enjoy!

And just in case you haven't seen the original pv for "Momoiro kataomoi" here it is….Ah! so cute!!!! And catchy!!!! (^o^)

Hmmm…well I was thinking that since H!P is yet to release "live" album recordings that these would be okay as I've extracted the audio from these 2 DVD clips and made them into mp3's. I usually encode them at 320 but strangely the program that I have only allows encoding up to 256, so they've been created at that size. 😛 I hope they sound okay! 🙂 I'm still using Big808Monkey's account…perhaps one day I'll create my own account…I really hope that these sound okay! Let me know if they don't and I'll try re-encoding them.

Click here for "Egao" Double Rainbow concert DVD version.

Click here for "Momoiro kataomoi" Double Rainbow concert DVD version.



Buy the DVD too! ^-^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to Matsuura Aya…simply the best.

  1. CK says:

    I ordered the DVD yesterday, now I can't wait to get it! One of my favorite "Live Band" moments for her is on the Shanghai DVD when she accidentally begins singing Momoiro no Kataomoi while the band is playing Kiseki no Kaori Dance…funny!


  2. strawberrie says:

    Matsuura Aya voice is really beautiful live so sad she is slowly getting push in the background because Tsunku fronts the Wonderful Hearts more. I hope GAM comes back soon.


  3. maiZe says:

    I'm ashamed to say that I've fallen off a little bit when it comes to following Aya's work. I dropped out of the H!P world for about 2 years (some time after 'Zutto Suki De Ii Desu Ka' released) and was pulled back in by Berryz Koubou. But Aya remains my overall favourite H!P member because of the reasons you listed above. Her stage presence is amazing, and she really can hold your attention through an entire concert all by herself. I enjoyed Aya's releases from the get go, but I have to say that I fell
    in love with her when I saw her perform an acoustic version of 'Love Namida Iro' in 2002.Reading this article has really stirred the Ayaya fan in me. I must now go and watch the concerts I have missed out on.


  4. Mikey says:



  5. Ah I'm so happy that you're getting the DVD too!! She has so many great concert DVDs and I think I have all of them…or I could be missing 1 or 2 of them… anyway 2 other favorites of mine which feature live musicians are her "Concert Tour 2006 Haru Otoan no namida" which has such an elegant setting with matching arrangements!…and I just love the classical string section and pianist that accompany her on stage! And her "Concert Tour 2006 Aki Shinka no kisetsu" which has such an incredible band complete with brass section!! I usually don't care for medleys too much but the one on this concert DVD is so amazing! I think it really illustrates just what a live band can bring to the table as every song was rearranged wonderfully! 🙂 Haha I remember that from "Live in Shanghai"!! The audience was so great too…they just loved and adored her so much! The venue….was it the "Ark"? was such an intimate setting for the concert and the audience really got involved…they even knew all of the words! ^-^


  6. I'm really wondering the same thing about GAM as now that Mikitty has at least resurfaced musically albeit it doesn't really seem like a H!P release it does seem to open the way for them to resume their unit. I'm a bit torn though when it comes to GAM and as much as I love their sound and the coupling of Ayaya & Mikitty…it does seem to put Ayaya's solo career on hold for the most part and I love her solo works so much…I guess even more than GAM's releases when I really consider it. But it'd be great if both could co-exist at the same time without affecting the other.


  7. Hello maiZe that's a cute name! ^-^ That's so great that Berryz Koubou brought you back to H!P fanhood! They really do have that kind of special power!! 🙂 That performance that you linked really says so much about her. Not anyone can command such stage presence in such an intimate arrangement and Ayaya really is unique in this way in all of H!P. And the live band makes sooo much of a difference!! With the possibilities of new arrangements and this one's really sweet! Wow 6 years ago…she looks so young here doesn't she! She has so many great concerts to choose from and if it's okay for me to suggest a couple I'd pick her "Concert Tour 2006 Haru Otona no namida" and her "Concert Tour 2006 Aki Shinka no kisetsu." And her mini DVD release "Suna wo kamuyouni…NAMIDA~stage live~" is really beautiful too. Moritaka Chisato's "Watarase bashi" is performed so wonderfully too! Hmmm…do you have her "Naked Songs" CD? It comes with a bonus DVD which has some great intimate live studio performances and this disc may actually be one of the best if not the best overall bonus DVD that H!P has ever offered with one of their album releases….arguably of course but I really think so! 🙂


  8. I wish that the video was clearer on Youtube but sadly that's the best that I can upload with the program that I have. I guess it's okay though. Is that excessive as I'm so used to encoding mp3's at 320 ever since I realized that I can tell the difference when they're encoded any lower when I play them in my car. Haha you probably don't believe me but I really can! 😛 But on home stereos it's not as noticeable but I still like to encode them as large as possible just in case the disc finds it way into my car one day.


  9. Mikey says:

    All videos on Youtube are converted to flash video for streaming, so you're mileage will vary. (There is an option in Youtube to force higher resolution, but that only applies to watching from your PC) . VOX does the same thing. You might find a video site that supports higher resolution and better sound and then use the Embed function in VOX to display the video… That's really wild, with all the background noise in cars that you can tell the difference! I always knew that you were a quality-oriented gal! 🙂 Since mp3 format only supports up to 320, you don't have to worry about re-ripping later anyway…There are standards like FLAC that are *lossless* formats. They are much bigger than mp3s, but 1/2 the size of wav files ripped from CDs… Best way to extract the last ounce of sound quality… You better get 160gb iPod for that! ^^


  10. Rad♂ says:

    I'm not afraid to say that Ayaya is the most beautiful singer I've ever seen, or heard. It was a mind-blower on DohhhUp! when she donned the maid outfit! I nearly had a heart attack!


  11. So true…so true!!! Ayaya is really in a class by herself vocally in H!P and so so beautiful!! ^-^ 'Maid outfit'? Cosplay?


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