C-ute’s “LA LA LA 幸せの歌” シングルリリース と つんくのテクノラブ。

It seems like this release has been out for such a long time due to its early appearance in uploads all over the internet but it was actually just released a few days ago on February 27th and somehow I've managed to survive the overwhelming temptation to hit play on Youtube all this time until my copies arrived. And the accompanying PV DVD single isn't even out until March 5th…just a couple of days away (Japan time). It's times like these that I can find a real appreciation of the inclusion of one of the pv's versions on the LE's release since the original pv's yet to be released but while that may be true….really a nice photo booklet is still what I truly would have wished for to accompany this release. And the main reason for this is…just look at the jacket photos!!!

The members of C-ute have never looked so elegant as they appear in this photo shoot! The photos have a real "softness" to them with the gentle lighting and gentle pastel look of their outfits and the beautiful sky background on the covers almost seems to blend in with the purple of Erikachan, Chisatochan, Nakki, & Airichan's lavender dresses. Once again I'm finding myself taking a liking to the appearance of the RE's cover a bit more than the LE's cover artwork and while the photos are indeed similar, I really like the gallery feeling that the frame in the RE's cover presents for this release as it somewhat adds another dimension to the overall elegant look of this release. Ah no photocard!…it does appear that UFA has been holding out on us more and more recently. Okay they do include these serial numbered event cards which I unfortunately cannot attend :P….but really what's with the web site's name?!!!!!! Someone English speaking should really tell them just how bad this sounds!! :O "p4you.net…." That's just really scary!! And bizarre!! :O!! Surely they could've chosen another letter or number as I can't imagine that the rest were already taken! 😛

Okay now onto the most important thing…the song itself. My initial thought when seeing the appearance of this release was…dare I say…it may be a C-ute ballad! But on the other hand with a title like "LA LA LA Happiness/Fortune song" it would need to be something very upbeat! More and more with H!P's releases branching out so much I find Tsunku's involvement to be a bit scarce at times but when it comes to C-ute & Momusu he has remained true….penning both the lyrics & music as well as acting as producer on each of their projects. Tsunku has been embracing his inner techno child of late and "LA LA LA shiawase no uta" lives and breathes this genre's touch once again. "LA LA LA shiawase no uta" is a bright and lively track but somehow it lacks any of Tsunku's trademark hooks which I'm really accustomed to. The song is instead rather straightforward and possibly a bit too simple for its own good. While I don't dislike this song by any means I just feel that it's lacking any moving or "dramatic" qualities which usually draws a listener in and finds them singing and humming along. It's true that some songs on occasion have taken a few listens in order for them to really hit me but it's now been on repeat on my laptop for quite some time and the overall feeling of this song hasn't changed at all. Hmmm…I'm trying to remember the last time that I felt such a letdown from a H!P single release but I can't remember at all…but that of course may be due to me being so easy to please in general! 😛 Hmm…even "Hana wo pu~n" with all of its oddness…something that I did embrace, had so much more character and structure than C-ute's latest effort….haha okay it is a strange song but it did possess so many hooks and so much fun in it! 😛 I don't know if it had more due to the outstanding coupling with song "Futari wa NS" but H!P's best "nose" single sold extremely well!! Well I loved both songs…hmmm but I'm getting a bit off track here. 😛 I'm probably in the minority when it comes to loving H!P's wacky "nose" song so much but did anyone notice that it actually out sold even "Tokaikko junjou"?! Was it the power of Kohachan's charm + the adorable little Maimai…hmm the recent results from Paul's H!P member/group polls would indicate otherwise which is a bit puzzling but I have to believe that their combined charisma and charm escalated those sales at least in part!  I'm using the word 'letdown' here but I must emphasize that I don't dislike "LA LA LA shiawase no uta" but rather just expected a bit more and having this release follow "Tokaikko junjou" perhaps has added to that pressure that much more. Tsunku wrote such a gem with "Tokaikko junjou" and their fans really embraced this single with the numbers speaking for themselves! It's true that a pv can really add appeal to any release and luckily they've included the "dance shot ver." with the LE CD as I'll be having to wait until about the middle of this month for their PV DVD single to arrive as it's grouped together with a few other releases that aren't due for release until later.

While I'm yet to watch the original version, the "dance shot ver." of "LA LA LA shiawase no uta" is a cutely choreographed dance routine which is almost cheerleader like….with the overall "formations" used and when they're all in line with their arms on each other's shoulders and executing their side to side kicks it really just gives me this feeling! And with the visuals the domination of this song by members Maimichan & Airichan vocally becomes even more evident. Nakki's & Maimai's "spotlight" moments in the "dance shot" version of the pv are a really great touch and I thought that every member should have gotten that attention as well as that would have been nice to see. 🙂 While the set is a simple one the usage of lights and shadows working with a soft lit atmosphere bathed in gentle lavender all help to create an ideal backdrop for the beautiful outfits that are being worn and all members are styled so glamorously making this pv so appealing.



Here's the original version of the pv which I haven't watched yet….hmm…the "dance shot ver." doesn't appear to have been uploaded yet and silly me doesn't know how to upload it. 😛

The coupling with song "Saikoukyuu no enjoy GIRLS" is more of a mid temp dance song with just a dash "techno" in its personality mostly stemming from its keyboard's intro and breaks. While this song doesn't have the feeling of an a-side it does possess a slightly more interesting arrangement than the title track but is more or less also a simple song at best. One thing though is that "Saikoukyuu no enjoy GIRLS" does have a couple of hooks in it albeit not major ones and I can imagine that this song will do well when in the atmosphere of a live concert performance.

So where's the Tsunku fire that we've heard so many times in his previous writings and has he just been stretched too thin with so much work on his plate? While I really don't think that the latter is true, both of these songs have the aura of "album" tracks….wait "album" may not be the best description here as I tend to find sooo many gems on albums. I'll just call them a bit more "ordinary" and especially when you consider the diversity and creativity that Tsunku is known to possess without question! Hmm…and theres' always the possibility of the original version of the pv inspiring this single to a new height of appeal…but that'll have to wait until later this month when my their PV DVD single arrives. 🙂

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20 Responses to C-ute’s “LA LA LA 幸せの歌” シングルリリース と つんくのテクノラブ。

  1. Mikey says:

    p4you?!? :PEasy to copy videos to VOX. Instead of Youtube or something, On left side you can select file from your PC. of course, you have to create a file that VOX can accept…Hey! MB is uploading to VOX now! Does that mean you got unloader to work for you?? Or, shall I say "u4you"… ^^


  2. Hotaru says:

    p4you…??? The dance does seem a lot like a cheerleader routine…or a "Poms" routine… (At my school, we have Poms, who do…basically dances like the LALALA Shiawase no Uta dance…except its normally to bad techno remixes to recent songs or bad 80's techno…) Well…at least I'll be able to dance to it randomly at lunch and not look like a complete freak XD.


  3. strawberrie says:

    Instead getting the single I just pre-order the limited edition of C-ute's album. Lucky for me my dad offer to pay for it after my big shopping spree.


  4. Mikey says:

    deja vu – talking about taking pictures of racing… nice little article about great Daytona 500 picture… and how it was done! 🙂 HEREHope you are feeling better! ♥


  5. The name of this website is sooooo bizarre!!! They really need to change it. Ah the problem is that I probably don't have the right file type to upload videos here. Actually I didn't get the uploader yet but have figured out another way that sort of works.


  6. The serial numbered event cards that they've been including with H!P single releases recently have this website address on them and it has to be one of the most strange and bizarre names ever albeit I imagine unintentionally chosen by them. Haha they really should change it though! :O That's cute that you'll be able to dance to this song at school! It really would match a cheerleading squads' routine too!


  7. Ah "3rd Love Escalation" is being released in just a few days on the 12th! I'm wondering what the LE's bonus DVD will include…I'm guessing live clips or alternate pv versions or maybe a jacket making of segment.


  8. Mikey says:

    What video file type do you have? Is it one that works with Youtube? Ripping software for DVDs should be able to make nice AVI files. Then your can verify them with Windows Media Player that comes with Vista. Can't use Blackberry files 'cause they are optimized for tiny display and would look horible on a PC LCD screen. It seems like the software I found for your BB is a whole family. Perhaps they have a version for ripping to PC file types and sizes? 🙂 I need this too! ^^


  9. strawberrie says:

    The limited edition DVD includes close-up versions of each girl performing LA LA LA Shiawase at the 2008 Winter Concert and also one including all of the girls.


  10. I'm going to need some new software as nothing that I have can be uploaded. Well at least I can watch movies and videos on my laptop so I'm happy about that but saving them to disc isn't possible right now.


  11. Thank you for the details of the DVD strawberrie! It sounds like a version of some fan club DVDs which feature an entire concert with the focus on a single member the whole time…this could be really fun to watch! 🙂


  12. Rad♂ says:

    Loved this song when it was done live at H!P Winter 2008 at Yokohama Arena. The PV seems less impressive for some reason, and the outfits were just plain strange, more like what Berryz would wear! Plus, one too many "La La Las" for me! Still, I think C-ute is the greatest of all the units right now!


  13. Mikey says:

    I'll find us some good software then! :)I'm pretty excited to think of all the stuff I have squirreled away, in the "vaults" like my F.I.R. performance and PVs and stuff like A-Mei Chang… and my original Mai-K stuff! 🙂 "La La La"! 😛


  14. snow-flower says:

    Lol. They look sooooooo adorable…wish I wish as cute as the last japanese girl…Hhahahahaa


  15. Maybe if I saw this song performed live it would help me to enjoy it better…it's actually been awhile since a single didn't impress me to much. I mean it's okay but just not…hmm…strong enough a song I guess for them…especially at this stage in their careers. I haven't watched the original version of the pv yet as I'm using a lot of willpower to hold out until my PV DVD single arrives later this month with an order. I actually like these outfits and I think they're c-ute! 😛 Haha soooo many "la la la's"…perhaps Tsunku had a case of writer's block while composing the lyrics and just thought…."well…La La La would work…" Hmmm…it's hard to say how I'd rank the 3 main H!P units right now…well if I had to then I'd probably say Momusu & Berryz Koubou are equal and C-ute is hot on their heels!! ^-^


  16. Ah little Maimai!…she is so adorable! I hope that she and Kohachan continue their collaboration together as "Futari wa NS" is such a great ballad and I even love their wacky "nose" song! ^-^


  17. Saburo says:

    Coming next week: this year's Rakuten Eagles support/fight song:3月20日(木・祝)発売℃-uteシングル 「越えろ!楽天イーグルス」http://www.rakuteneagles.jp/news/detail/94.html


  18. Wow does this mean that there's going to be a special Rakuten Eagles single sold only at their site? I'm going to have to ask Ohta for his help if that's the case!! I wonder if they're going to get sign printed baseballs too? C-ute is going to be so great in this role and I can't wait to hear their song!!


  19. Saburo says:

    Looks like the CD will be sold at the Rakuten website but I'm sure other online stores will have copies too.
    I am also certain that there will be a multitude of Golden Eagle-related goodies being marketed up the wazoo! Especially since C-ute is a NAME group (Record Taisho, babyyy!!)


  20. Looks like I will be asking Ohta for his help with this one! It's not listed yet is it? When are you leaving for Japan? Tomorrow?


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