I woke up at 5 am this morning to some startling news from Strawberrie who read on H!P's official website that Manoeri will be graduating from both the H!P Eggs as well as Ongaku Gatas in order to pursue a solo career! :O Wow this was quite a brief tenure that she had with Ongaku Gatas as they've released only 1 album and 2 singles so far…and somehow I always had this impression that Gomaki's graduation from Momusu to start as a solo artist was a bit early but really she was in the group for quite awhile in comparison, from '99 till late '02. This is indeed exciting news for all manoeri fans as she will no longer have to share stage time or pv time with other members. Her marketability speaks for itself as she's largely regarded as the most popular Egg…although I did learn recently that Nocchi also has garnered a sizable fan base as well and I really can see her becoming a solo artist too in the future and having great success as it!

The first question that comes to my mind is what kind of image UFA will push for her to have and since she's still very young I'm really hoping that they stay with the "J-Pop" format instead of heading straight into a more mature r&b style. I just think that a much cuter image would suit her so much better at this stage. Gomaki was also very young when she first debuted as a solo artist and UFA stayed with a cuter J-Pop image up until the release of "Uwasa no sexy guy" her sixth single in early 2003 and as naive as it may sound I would hope for Manoeri to retain this cute "J-Pop" image for much longer before heading into a different style which would seem inevitable at some point. For me what remains as one of my favorite Gomaki releases while she was still in her "J-Pop" stage is her single "Te wo nigitte arukitai" and if you haven't seen this pv before you must watch it! It's so cute!! And she has some special guests too in it! And the tree looks very similar to the one used in the pv for "Ganbacchae!" 🙂 With the right songs and approach there is so much potential to work with when it comes to Manoeri and I think that fans will welcome this news very enthusiastically! Congratulations Manoeri on your upcoming solo venture and I wish you all the success!! (^-^)

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14 Responses to 真野恵里菜。。。もう卒業して?!!

  1. Saburo says:

    FWIW, the announcement on the H!P website:http://www.helloproject.com/newslist/gatas_0803021700.htmlTsunku's comment:http://www.helloproject.com/newslist/gatas_0803021700_tsunku.htmlFinal concert as an "Egg" is March 29. Get ready for a shashinshuu release thereafter!Couple thoughts:– Does this mean she can't come to Hawaii later this month for that FC tour… Oh wait, is she even on the soccer team?– Is there now a vacant seat available in the Ongaku Gatas? n00b or H!P veteran? Ayaka, anyone?


  2. Andra says:

    I was actually quite shocked to read these news… My full support to her, but this was so… unpredictable? I REALLY didn't see this coming.
    Also I cannot understand why she has to graduate from Ongaku Gatas, couldn't she do both? I really hope this doesn't mean anything bad to OG, they're my favourites at the moment and I really want them to continue as long as possible! Manoeri was after all one of their most promoted members in a way. I wish she wouldn't graduate. Though maybe Sawacchan will now get more attention. 🙂
    …Also I'm a bit bitter that Yossy never got a solo career. 😦
    But I really hope to be able to see Manori succeeding like Ayaya. 🙂 Her vocal abilities might not be as good Ayaya's but she has a lot of charisma as we've all been able to notice since last September. 🙂


  3. mizunohi says:

    I was pretty shocked by this, and I agree that it seems a bit too early, maybe it was the plan all along and Ongaku Gatas was just to help with the transition. I doubt that H!P would force a sexy image on her at her age and considering her image in Ongaku Gatas, but I doubt she'll be like Koharu either 😛 Maybe a Berryz-type or Ayaya-type sound? or continuing with Ongaku Gatas-type music? I think that would suit her best, but I don't know much about her so I can't say for sure 😀 It looks like the next generation of H!P is starting!


  4. strawberrie says:

    I think it would be better if her and Nocchi became the next W. I miss duo's like GAM & W. H!P needs another one.


  5. Hotaru says:

    I was very surprised when I heard this news! "What about Nocchi??" went through my head XD. I just hope she makes the best of it. Although, I also wish she wont be attached to an anime.I also hope she keeps a "Pure Jpop" style when going into her solo artist career.


  6. March 29th is so soon! Hmmm…I don't think she was scheduled to appear with the FC event here in Hawaii but I need to recheck the poster details to be sure. If Ongaku Gatas is planning on adding a new member after she graduates Ayaka sounds like an ideal choice!


  7. I totally had the same reaction!! And it didn't help that I had just gotten up after about 10 hours of sleep the night before! With her overwhelming popularity in Ongaku Gatas it is really puzzling as to why they would have here graduate from this group as well as the H!P Eggs…I think she possibly could have remained in Ongaku Gatas while venturing into a solo career but that would mean so much work for her on the other hand. I love Ongaku Gatas so much too and maybe they'll add a new member…possibly another Egg or another "veteran" member? Hmm…we'll just have to wait and see but I too really do hope that they continue on! :)There was so much speculation about Yossi getting a solo career after her graduation from Momusu and it would've been great to see! Maybe she'll head into that direction in the future…we can hope! :)Yes! best wishes and success to Manoeri in her solo career!! She has all of the attributes needed to succeed and I think she'll be very successful! ^-^


  8. I'm thinking that after UFA saw just how popular she is probably due to overwhelming fan club response and merchandise sales at concerts and in stores they maybe just felt that it was time to launch her solo career while the timing seems "perfect." I'm surprised at how early this seems but if they keep with a suitable image and sound for her this will really work well I think. Well actually I don't think that there's any way that she won't be successful…she's just too popular for that to happen! 🙂 Hmm…I don't see her following Kohachan's solo career in terms of types of songs or image either but something perhaps a bit more like Berryz Koubou as you say or maybe even in the line of the style of Gomaki's "Te wo nigitte arukitai" release. Ah but you're right Ayaya's early releases would be the absolute perfect style for her to venture into!!! That would suit her so well!! Now I can't wait to hear her first single!! 🙂


  9. Haha that would equate to 2/3rds of my imaginary Momoni unit! ^-^ Manoeri & Nocchi would be so incredible together as a new duo unit!!


  10. Hmmm…I'm also thinking no anime for Manoeri but instead a straightforward solo career filled with J-Pop goodness!! Nocchi possesses all of the attributes needed for a successful solo career as well…so I really hope that she gets her chance soon! The true "Battle of the Eggs" will then be on!


  11. wu-san says:

    I actually wanted her to at least carry on with OG, as musically I think they're what the first three gens of momusu would've sounded like if they progressed their sound gradually, instead of reinventing all the time – which I suppose is a given with changing members and it made for some truly diverse past songs. However, I think it's a real shame for OG to loose Manoeri. I know it'll give the other eggs more of a chance, but still, OG without a manoeri? oh well. *goes to cry*
    Joking Joking XD. I'm not gonna cry. So they're sticking gomaki in OG as a replacement right? that's what I heard :P. No No, she might unsettle the group, especially now…and I dont see Yaguchi in this collective, for some bizarre reason. Nono? I don't know why I want to stick an elder in here. Wait! Makitty!!! lol. She's too bad ass though, and she should accomodate time for her pal Ayaya if GAM get the green light again. ok I'm just blabbering now.


  12. I thought too that she could've remained in Ongaku Gatas while still having a solo career. It would help to keep her more visible too I imagine although I do anticipate UFA to really push her solo career strongly. And some have pointed out just how popular she is in Ongaku Gatas and if this will hurt the group's overall popularity. I really do hope not as I love all of the other members in this unit and their releases are a nice return to a more classic J-Pop sound in a sort of a way. Hmm…out of the remaining Eggs I adore Nocchi & Sengoku so much!! Haha I even ordered a Sengoku t-shirt set along with Manoeri's. Speaking of which….wait a minute..by the time I receive my Manoeri "Ongaku Gatas" t-shirt set it will already be outdated as she'll already have left the group?! :O I didn't think about that until just now. 😛 Hmmm…a replacement member…………I can see another Egg taking her place and so many to choose from but if it were to be an older member than well how about Nacchi! Haha I'm so Nacchi obsessed!! 😛


  13. wu-san says:

    I agree, Manoeri having a duel career with OG and going solo would've been great PR for OG. I imagine OG to remain strong without her though, hopefully, because for me, the energy from the group stemmed from the fresh appraoch to their songs, and actually some old faves coming into the limelight again. Plus, the one positive thing like you've said before is it gives other eggs a chance.
    haha, Nacchi in OG! now that'd be something a little bit special. Throw in Ogawa too. I'd love to see her back with KonKon.


  14. Ongaku Gatas' style of music is really a healthy thing for H!P and I'm still wondering if they'll decide on adding another deserving Egg or perhaps a "veteran" member. Or they may decide to stay with the remaining lineup as that wouldn't be bad either. Manoeri is so much a face of the group and it's just difficult imagining them without her but I think they'll be fine. I just UFA doesn't quit on them!!We really need to start building our own units and then send them to UFA for approval! 😛 "SuperMoni" would be comprised of: Nacchi, Rii, Sengoku, Maimichan, Nakki, Mikitty, Kamei, Aichan, Nocchi, Gakisan, Momo….wait too many members! 😛


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